23 May, 2022


Plush Colombo 7 Bungalow For Mahinda Rajapaksa

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been given a plush bungalow in Colombo 7 by the government.

The bungalow which was occupied by incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena when he was Minister of Health, has been renovated at a cost of Rs. 30 million to suit the former President’s taste.

“Rajapaksa had initially refused to move into the bungalow as it was not fit for him because it was in a dilapidated state, subsequently steps were taken to renovate the two storied bungalow at a cost of Rs. 30 million as per his instructions,” a source said.

Rajapaksa is entitled to an official residence, security as well as a vehicle among other perks as a former President. Earlier, Rajapaksa had requested for Visumpaya, located on Staples Street Colombo 2, which the government had flatly refused and had offered him the bungalow in Colombo 7 instead.Mahinda Rajapaksa's houseMahinda Rajapaksa's houseMahinda Rajapaksa's houseMahinda Rajapaksa's house


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    The whole episode is just ‘disgusting’ that’s it.

  • 8

    in SL..politics is podi tricks…its always a case of “You scratch my back…I scratch yours”…MR protected RW for 10 long years….now RW is returning the favor…n includes ALL jarapassas…the general publuc is hoodwinked each time n everytime…SHAME ON US …

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    Why didn’t any of you shout when Former President Chandrika also got a big luxury mansion right there on Independence square and money was spent to renovate it, give her an office staff, and 80 bodyguards during the war? That place has a massive lawn too. THE CONSTITUTION deems it such. So what we are seeing here are Post 2015 cardboard heroes venting steam at Rajapakse without much thought about this specific issue. If you do not like this, tell My3 the gramasevaka who educated 2 of his children in England with his frugal salary to amend it.

  • 2

    My God! This government is providing kingly treatments to a `Discarded` President!Why not give same facilities to Chandrika who left respectably? This scoundrel does not deserve even a pension. Result of a nefarious a Deal?

  • 2

    Respectability and satellite are a world apart

    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven

  • 3

    From within the confines of this luxury house the pig will conspire and conspire to destabilize this little country.

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    UNP ruling class is adjusting to new realities of democracy are difficulties, what they promised “Good Governance” and “Rule of Law’ has been NOT that disappear perks and benefits are concern their power monger members of Parliaments, Minister, Primer and President AND NON POWER broker of CBK!

    The Perks for the politicians are concern UNP fundamentally what they are and often cannot do, what need to do even though they (UNP) know they should do. The UNP knows that need save more funds ,yet ruling party can do nothing to reduce its expenses for official cars permits and other perks as well. UNP knows that it cannot forever continues perks for Politics burcuricies and others without development of economic growth.

    But it is policies of UNP cannot give up its fight against the rapidly the ghosts of inflation and is not willing deregulated barriers of political interferences of UNP supporters and their foreign interest.

    The Perks for Members of UNP ministers has been undermined and Bonds scandal make barriers for the jump-start its economic engines since 2105 January 9th of 19 months; by leadership of UNP-Ranil W… neo-con Liberalist political -economic making unnecessary changes will be hard for every citizens but especially hard for the majority people of Sri Lankan.

    The team of UNP are more for Perks for Politicians each of UNP players rationally knows some of what it needs to do ,but UNP leader of Ranil W…cannot ACT RATIONALLY.

    Indeed UNP leader has to know institutional repairs of Parliaments and its system cannot move current policies of UNP Neo-con Liberalism. That is not emotionally the loss of leadership of
    Sri lanka is more likely to lead to Global Isolationism.

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    Perks are only for Retired Presidents as made out in the Constitution, and NOT for Rejected Presidents. Send MaRa to Madamulana.

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