20 March, 2023


Police On The Hunt For Culprits Who Staged SAITM CEO Shooting

The SAITM controversy took on a new twist today, with Police accusing SAITM CEO Dr. Sameera Senaratne for staging a shooting, and the police launching a man hunt to apprehend two of Senaratne’s close associates for helping him stage the shooting.

Sameera Senaratne

In early February, Senaratne was shot at when he was leaving the institute, but he was left unhurt. Today, the police announced that the incident was in fact staged. The police came to this conclusion after arresting a suspect from Embilipitiya who was involved in the incident.

According to the police, the shooting was staged to depict that the life of the SAITM CEO was in danger, in the midst of increasing protests against the institute, by university students and the Government Medical Officials Association (GMOA).

Senaratne, together with a close friend of his, who is a Pradeshiya Saba member, and a driver had staged the shooting. Both the driver and the Pradeshiya Sabha member is currently in hiding.

The suspect arrested from Embilipitiya has been remanded by the Kaduwela Magistrate till March 13. At the time the suspect was arrested, he had with him a 3.8 revolver which is believed to be the weapon used in the shooting.

South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) has been rigged in controversy, apart from groups protesting against the standards of the education offered at the medical institute, several body parts, believed to be of murdered ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen, which had gone missing was also recovered from SAITM last year.

In early February, two men travelling on a motor bike wearing full-face helmets opened fire at Senaratne’s car who was at the wheel at the time of the incident, which occurred near SAITM at Malabe. He did not suffer any injuries despite the attackers shooting at him at close range.

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Latest comments

  • 4

    One time social oriented respected profession.

    Now turning into be unionised political money making entity.

    You could see padayatras,get blessings from Asgiriya,give announcement to govnt give opinion on day to day matters of the govnt.

    Recommends the candidates for election …

    Now political future in the hand of monks and greedy doctors.

    • 9

      Don’t worry Kugan. he is not a Doctor. He call himself a doctor. A doctor is a person who treats patients. Sameera is an administrator. Therefore, he cannot be called a doctor. Please do not insult doctors. By the way, Ph.D. holders (not bogus ones) can also be called Dr. even if they stay at home without doing anything because they are a learned people and therefore respected in the society.

      • 2

        It says CEO Dr.sameera senaratna.
        We don’t know fake or Phd but we can see how greedy they are they go for strike not worrying about the sufferings of the people.

        They should make law govnt doctors can’t practice in any pvt hospitals,after all we pay for their profession,if the orrhers happy to pay for their studies let them to be.we need more doctors though .
        Rid of the silly cut off marks system.by the way now software are in use for medicine time is changing.

      • 1

        So what qualification does this “Pal Ra” have?
        Most probably he is a “Lonhalunu Laduru Balla” (LLB) degree holder.

        He should come out in the open now. that Rajapakse is being worshiped!

    • 15

      Rajapakshes not only killed Thajudeen Rugbly player, but played also with his dead body parts .

      How cruel they should be.

      Anyways the focus of the article is SAITM whose existence was marketed without an approval taken from srilanken medical council.
      As if medical doctors coming from outside world are given authority to practise as medical professionals in the country. Anyways, if all these professors that gave lectures to those PMC students should have questioned the recognition of the college ? Why and what went through their heads over the years ? These should have been the basics if any college being introduced to a country, that should be accepted by responsible bodies. In terms of SAITM, SLMC should have approved it… after that only, the college can even put their advertisments , announcement about the enrollments of the students. However, as if a supermarket was opened, they the idiots form all various sides have worked, and by today, it has become a dillamal problem.

      The issue related to shooting why the bugger low life to have organised it by themselves.. to get the attention is beyond undrestanding. I really dont know why these men thought before being got shot…. what is behind that ?

    • 2

      I have a question. When using prefixes to names, many European countries behave in compliance with the respective guidelines.

      But the partiucular CEC of SAITM is reported to have no approval from LANKEN SLMC. Nevertheless particular men to use the kind of titles is often seen in srilanka.

      Even notorious Mervin Silva was also named using Dr titles. What kind of name/title usage related guidelines held in the country ?

  • 14

    What a drama!
    Mr. Dr (Drummer)! Did you study drama in Russia? SAITM is not only a joke it is a shame to medical field not only in Sri Lanka but in the entire world. You are tarnishing the good name of Russia too!
    People are suffering since real doctors are on strike to safeguard the standards of the profession! This institute should be taken over by the government and handed over to the Medical Council to improve the standards. Students who had no entered through backdoor (should sit the GCE (OL and AL) again before sitting any of the institute exams. If failed they should be given their money back and sent home!

    • 2

      You don’t neeed to rely on the stupid system of final exam on ALevel the experience nurse can do a lot than mind reading the whole books one.

      Need reform the system,pizza hut asking for 3 passes in alevel to make pizza/sell any justification.

      And the law makers don’t have any qualifications at all.

      Close down the air port for 3 months doing 9 to 4 work on tarmac,should have do it in 24 hr circle put three shifts give jobs make the usage of machine and save a lot time.

  • 3

    The truth so far surfaced has come to light resulting from the surrender of a drug addict living in Biyagama. He surrendered stating that he was the shooter and produced the weapons too. In addition he stated that a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs was the agreed for the contract. This confession was found to be false. However this is how things happen in this country. These type of people are called, in common, “Billy Boys”. The important thing to note here in these types of crimes is the “Involvement” of Politicians, both local and central political field. No “Underworld Gangs” could ever survive without the “”Political Underhand Patronage” . A good example is how Duminda Silva evaded being presented in courts today to appear in another case. The prison doctors have certified that he is not “fit” to appear while a special panel appointed by the Courts said he is in good health to come to courts. Now the Minister of Health ordered that all the doctors of the prison be transferred out. Just imagine how this “Cancer” of “Political Patronage” has invaded the highest body of Professionalism.

  • 4

    CT is very good at posting craapy titiles.

    Police has told already, that shooting was a haux by the CEO of the medical collelge business.

    I can not believe the minister and the president of the previous govt agreed to set up a business with high education.

  • 1

    jim: I think CT,like many other media, both electronic and print media have reported this so called “staged shooting” and such incidents must be reported for public awareness.So I think CT has done it correct. Already this CEO of SAITM has been relieved of his duties and another such a “BIG WIG” of this institution has voluntarily gone on leave after that “Thajudeen” murder investigation commenced. Just imagine the “conglomerate” type “Mafia” operation set in motion by Politicians at the highest levels hand in hand with the “Professionals”. Where are we heading and what and how are we going to come out of it? The situation is scary. Isn’t it.

  • 6

    Doctors r not against private medical education. They against for substandard medical institution like SAITM.
    there is no software to diagnose the illness. Plz don’t show your stupidity by postings comments like this.

  • 0

    Please.. Don’t tell me SAITM boss tried to shoot himself…

    Is it that bad.when he has the backing of Yahapalana Heavy Dr Rajith and Dr Ranil’s God Son behind him through thick & thin.

    Although the God Son had to take a massive Bank Loan to pay for his Missus MBBS.

    Cruel isn’t it?.

    Even dear daddy told the media recently that Ranil’s God Son almost single handedly rolled the Great Man, and the former uncle.

  • 0

    Clearly, at this juncture, to attribute this shooting as a staged one fits in with current state of affairs in the controversy of SAITM vs GMOA and others. That is to point a finger at SAITM opponents for the shooting. But the million dollar question is how the shooting was done so that the man in the car escaped unhurt, unless of course those who shot are darn good marksmen trained very well to use the weapon they used.

  • 0

    It’s a good sign, the Police is being independent, new era is emerging, history is changing.

  • 1

    What a joke

    a rogue embracing a rogue

    • 0

      Are all Senaratnas bad and mad?

      Listening to Chatura certainly gives the feeling he is mad and bad fr the country.

      Listening to Rajitha gives the feeling he is a liar and mad joker.

      This Senaratna tops both of them.

      They should all be in jail.

  • 1

    The CEO is not a registered doctor!! although he calls himself so!!
    2. H should be arrested by the police and prosected!!!
    3. The Academic staff who has nothing t do with administration should not be attacked
    4. Why should the poor students be victimised!!

    we did have corrupt leaders that doe not necessarily mean that we should close down parliament!!!

    • 0

      it is down right hard to believe that the academic staff were not aware ..for their silence speaks more than words .they commit the fault of aiding erratic actions …Academic staff face the students for debate and discussion and must face the reality of sharing information to broaden the minds of medical students to nurture and foster correct attitudes that look at people as total human beings in a humane manner may be this person staged a drama for a cause for we all sympathize with the victim . ..this is all part of the political world ..and the caravan passes ignoring the barking of the dogs who barks may be to protect the cause of public funding or may be to show the public where it went wrong ..maybe for future reference .

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