21 April, 2024


New UN Secretary-General To Visit Sri Lanka

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera who is presently in Geneva to participate in the High-Level segment of the 34th Session of the UN Human Rights Council met UN Secretary-General Antonio Gueterres yesterday morning (27). This was the first meeting of the Minister with the new UN Secretary-General who took office in January this year. Recalling his several visits to Sri Lanka from 1978 onwards including as High Commissioner for Refugees, the Secretary-General said that Sri Lanka is a country that is very dear to his heart.

According to the Foreign Ministry sources, Minister Samaraweera briefed the Secretary-General on recent developments in Sri Lanka in the context of reconciliation. Expressing the full support of the United Nations for the Government’s reform agenda, the Secretary-General said that he would be delighted to visit.

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    New UN Secretary-General To Visit Sri Lanka


    Is he visiting this island to see how all those war criminals are safe, well and enjoying impunity that the UN facilitated by failing in its duty to protect civilians?

    I congratulate Office of UN Secretary General for protecting war criminals in this island.

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      Dear Native,

      Trumpy is going to pull the plug on your mates in the UN HR Outfit which is long over due..

      Your buddy Navai Pillai didn’t do much except trying to save Pirahaparan and his Murder outfit.

      And get A Jaffna Eelaam for Vellala Tamils to run from Colombo..

      While hundreds of thousands perished in the Middle East and East Africa and Afganistan.

      And tens of Millions were made refugees.

      Then came the Bedouin Prince who most probably lived in the US or Paris .

      He hasn’t done much either except photo shoots with your loving Mangala Samare..

      Did he take any photos with Dr Ranil in DAVOS?.

      BTW, Samare must be drinking Lion Lager nowadays to get a”Beer Gut” like that..

      May be he gave up Whiskey after the “House Boy” nicked his Duty Free Red Label, while Samare was planning Yahapalanaya with Suren Surendran in London.

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        KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

        “Trumpy is going to pull the plug on your mates in the UN HR Outfit which is long over due.. “

        Is it a good thing for this island? Next time around where would MR go to register his human rights credential, like the one he did when the UNP enforcer Deputy Inspector General of Police Premadasa Udugampola avenging killer squads of the JVP and terrorizing the people?

        In the late 1980s MR was sharing a bed with terrorists JVP and went all the way to Switzerland to save Somawansa’s terrorist ass. However, the Hindians sent Kavo’y boys to pull him and his mates from middle of the sea.

        By the way I hear the UNP enforcer had already joined SLFP with his few supporters some months ago. The funny thing with him was that he too sought refuge in his ancestral homeland India.

        Where is your mate and MR’s other b***s carrier Rajpal Abeynayake?

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        Haha Trump openly admitted that he supports self determination. It’s going to be a problem for Govigama southerners

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    For what?

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    Pity Mangala Samare couldn’t bring him to Lanka tomorrow or at least the W/E.

    The Hom Sec could have then seen what a marvelous job Samare and his mates have done to the Nation

    Poor Pathalaya Samayoung was blasted iside the Yahapalana Prison Van, with Seven others including a couple of Prison Guards.

    Coincidently Yahapalanaya which the UN worked hard to establish came with a Bang litrrally in Bloemendhal.

    Lot of social media reckons it is the same Bang Gang who took care of Pathlaya Samayoung.

    And they say a big ass Yahapalna Poliikka from Colombo was behind the hit.

    And they call him Thamba Sujiya… Can my mate NV enlighten me on this?.

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      What have you got to say about your dictator MR/GR state sponsored operations?

      “Eye-witnesses say 11 Prisoners were Taken out of Cells and Summarily Executed by Police Special Task Force at Welikada “

      Welikada killings – Cold blooded murder Jayantha Sri NissankaMore and more incriminating evidence of summary executions of inmates in the Welikada Prison by the Police Special Task Force (STF) and a special police unit (SPU) that took place after the army commandos took full control of the prison on the night of November 9 have […]
      by Sri Lanka Brief”

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    The Joint Opposition yesterday blamed the government for not being able to kill him but allowed Khaki-clad gunmen, a private army to take him on.

    The joint opposition has a point or two given the fact that JO is reminding us the November 2012 massacre of Welikade prisoners by the STF (efficient execution) and well orchestrated two massacres during July 1983.

    Is it the handy work of Diaspora/C V Wigneshwaran in order to discredit this island at the UN?

    Were Gota’s boys enforcing certain Mafia code of conduct, say penalty for unpaid protection charges.

    We will never know until we find the right whistle blower or a super grass. Do you want to be one?

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    Here is some startling news.

    It is from Sangala Samre’s own Web Rag..which had sleuths even in Gota’s Defence Office.

    Dr Batalanda Ranil stopped in Singapore on his way back from the Convocation.

    The great man and Ranil’s mate Sagala were both there at the Shangrila ,to get medical treatment in Singapore.

    So them three went to a different hotel , Park Hyatt to have a secret meeting.

    LankeNews said they are not going to give a full transcript at this stage.

    It only said that Dr Ranil told the great man that he has him and Gota by the balls for killing Lasantha.

    And sending that USD 20 Billion which Rajitha and God Son saw with their own eyes in Dubai.

    And Dr Ranil told them his F********CID and the normal one have completed the investigations and given him the dossier.

    LankaeNews didn’t say what Dr Ranil wanted exactkl.

    Even a normal IQ dude can infer that it is o a demand to agree to give Vellalas the Homeland , please the Bedouin Prince, and fulfil the agreements with Diaspora Suren Surendra.

    I am sure Dr Ranil would have squeezed in a clause to get his Mate Mahendran off the hook too, and force the great man to withdraw his Multi Billion Law suit against the Yahapalana Finance Ministry and the Bond Casino the CB.

    Thais all good .

    I am not sure about the Yahapalana Rule Book.

    But perverting the course of Justice in normal rule book is a criminal offense for which people can be sent to the slammer for several years.

    I hope this new UN dude who has some connections to my Motherland through his ancestors will get a chance to read LankeNews after meeting and hugging Mangala Samare.

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      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Thais all good”

      Where is your mate and MR’s other b***s carrier Rajpal Abeynayake? Is he still stranded in Thailand?

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    Mr. Sec General, You need to be very careful! This man (Mangala Samaraweera) and his PM, Finance Minister and other prominent ministers of the current government are all in public’s cross-hair now for various scams, secret deals, thefts, lies, betrayal, and mismanagement! If you are an honest officer you need to be extra careful with this kind of men; they are the most dangerous in the world.

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