20 May, 2022


President Mahinda Rajapksa’s Willing Suspension Of Disbelief!

By Hema Senanayake – 

Hema Senanayake

Hema Senanayake

The phrase “suspension of disbelief” or “willing suspension of disbelief” is defined as follows: “The willingness to suspend one’s critical faculties and believe the unbelievable.” Or “sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment.”

This phenomenon usually takes place in a movie theater. We know what we see on the screen of the movie theater is not real. If we believe that what we see is not real then we would not be able to enjoy the movie. Therefore in the movie theater, a special mental phenomenon takes place to enable us to enjoy the movie; that is, the viewer “willingly suspends the disbelief.” This was what we did when we watched the racist and mob like behavior of BBS in recent past; we willingly suspend the disbelief of the actions of BBS and the president might have enjoyed it until the image of the country is tarnished once again after the Black July of 1983, on the 15th Sunday of June. The movie was over; sadly with perish of many lives, mayhem and the destruction of property. Black July was re-orchestrated, in this time it was a Black-Sunday in June that happened under the watch of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

In the recent past, especially after the wining of war we, the Sinhalese majority, I think including the President himself, perhaps excluding the Defense Secretary, behaved as we were watching a movie when comes to see the acts of BBS. We willingly suspend our own critical faculties and believe the unbelievable, i.e. BBS was no danger for communal harmony and BBS was playing an important role in the country. Now that behavior cost at least three innocent lives including one baby of a few months old. The country’s image was tarnished as was happened in Black July of 1983. On the black Sunday of June 15th, the war victory was turned around by BBS instigating Sinhalese to attack Muslims; many of the international community would have been convinced that this is not a country for minorities, ethnic or religious.

Gota and BBSIncreasing the damage done already, Gnanasara of BBS betrayed the country and Sinhalese once again when he said to the press that, “we are not a party to the violence and riots took place between Sinhalese and Muslim extremist.” He was telling the world that Sinhalese are extremists or there are Sinhala-Buddhist extremists in the country. The whole country rejects this notion, I think including minorities. But modern Sinhala-Buddhist extremism is a political project of a top administrator; and as we know from the world history, some political cannibals want “low intensity conflicts” to achieve their ambitious political goals no matter how bad innocent civilians suffer.

The president was proud when he say, “right to life is more important than any other right.” His gesture and facial expressions show that he really believed it. On the 66th anniversary of national independence he proudly declared what he believed on the freedom to live without any fear. He said;

“The Buddha gave a valuable lesson to the Brahman, Ambetta, based on a female bird named ‘keta kirilli’ commonly known in villages as Gomariththa (common wagtail). It is a bird that builds its nest in the soil that is overturned when ploughing. The Buddha said; “Latuki – kapiko Ambatta sake Kulawake Kamalapini hothi”. This means the keta kirilli too should have the freedom to live as it wishes in its nest. It should be the same for the Sri Lankan people. People in my country too should have the right to live freely in this country.” (President Mahinda Rajapaksa speaking at the 66th Independence Day celebration.)

Did he really mean this? Those who live in Sri Lanka and the international community now might think after the riots against Muslims that he really doesn’t believe on what he says. Let me think otherwise. At least a good majority of Sri Lankans including a good part of minorities believed that was what he truly believed. Then how did he not foresee the possible communal violence against Muslims which has been foreseen by many others, in view of the past actions of BBS.

Many professionals, writers and even Cabinet Ministers have warned that the actions of BBS might lead to a communal riot like what was happened in 1983. Even the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay had foreseen about it. “During her visit to Sri Lanka in August 2013, and in her subsequent reports to the Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner warned about the rising level of attacks against religious minorities and the incitement of violence by Sinhala Buddhist nationalist groups”.  The danger was clear and real. But the president did not see or he was made to “willingly suspend the disbelief.” Who convinced the president to suspend the disbelief willingly?

There were no communal riots in Aluthgama until the BBS held its rally on Sunday the June 15th.  In the rally Gnanasara thundered, “If any Muslim (his choice of derogatory word is “Marakkalaya) hands on any Sinhalese that will be the end of Muslims.” Immediately after the rally Sinhalese began what Gnanasara intimated. They started stoning, looting, setting fire on properties owned to Muslims and killing Muslims. Media was censored.

Well knowing the danger of allowing the BBS to hold a rally the OIC of the Police Station of Aluthgama wanted to stop the rally or at least to change the venue. It has now been reported that he was made to believe that “nothing will happen.” He being a reasonable officer might not have “willingly suspended the disbelief” but he had to “unwillingly suspend the disbelief.” Who made him to do it?

It has also been reported in some media that IGP was disturbed after hearing reports from his Officers in Charge of the situation in the area. Officers on the ground after explaining the situation have sought IGP’s advice to stop the BBS rally. In turn the IGP had sought advice from defense ministry officials. IGP too, it seems, was ensured that “nothing will happen.” He unwillingly suspended the disbelief. Who convinced or made him to do it?

I have no clear answer to any of those questions raised above as to who convinced all those responsible to suspend the disbelief willingly or unwillingly. But I can give you a clue; perhaps many people including cabinet ministers already have that clue. Recently, in an interview Hon. Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara had clearly said that the president is listening to his brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa than anybody else. If he put the president into the suspension of disbelief willingly or unwillingly then he could have done it easily with IGP and other law maintenance officers on the ground in Aluthgama and Beruwala.

Also we know directly from Gotabaya Rajapaksa that he willingly suspended his own critical faculties and believed the unbelievable when comes to BBS and Gnanasara. He was the Chief Guest at the opening of Meth Sevana, the Buddhist Leadership Academy of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). In his speech Mr. Rajapaksa said that he decided to attend the event “after realising its timely importance”; according to him, “these Buddhist clergy who are engaged in a nationally important task should not be feared or doubted by anyone” (Sri Lanka Mirror – 10.3.2013); this is clear evidence for his “willing suspension of disbelief.”

Now, finally after the carnage and mayhem Gotabaya might still be in a mindset of “willing suspension of disbelief.” He might still be in the theater watching the movie but we the rest of Sri Lankans are not. The horrors created by riots are real for us, bad for the country’s image internationally.

Being unable to prevent a communal riot which was foreseen by many people is no small matter. To me, communal and religious riots are worst kind of them. Such riots show the level of civilization of the country. If I were Gotabaya, I would have resigned; this is my “willing suspension of disbelief”, because the country feels that if Gotabaya had resigned in the morning, the BBS would be history by evening and the country would be relieved in the night. Let us be honest and accountable for our actions especially in governance.

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Latest comments

  • 5

    The President made a formal visit to the affected town as to be expected.
    The Mahanayake of SL Security was a notable absentee? The cat is out of
    the bag and is confirmed by the writers version.

    Any inquiry will go in the direction of all previous inquiries promised
    by SLs double-speak leader. One wonders if Lalith/Sajin did not show the
    Video evidence where “H.E.” is praised in public on that Black Sunday.

    • 6

      BBS is the face of STATE TERRORISM. The patron of BBS is Gota the Goon.

      Lalith Weeratunge the president’s Secretary and CHAOS SPECIALIST promised CHAOS in Sri Lanka if a UN War Crimes Investigation is carried out. State Terrorism, owned and operated by the Rajapaksa brothers is the name and REASON for the “suspension of Disbelief” among SInhala Buddhist who think that they are the victims of the Minorities and not the other way round.

      The News papers and media that are paid off by the Jrapassa regime, are responsible for the PARANOID Sinhala Buddhist Nationalism that is the root of the “suspension of disbelief” in this Miracle of Modayas.

      Look at the Daily Mirror front page today – It talks about petrol bombs in Dharga town, but not about the Number of Muslims killed and Muslim minority shops looted. DM acts as if the minorities are the perpetrators of violence and the Balu Sena and SInhala Buddhist VICTIMS! Reversed reality indeed!
      Daily Mirror today has a huge picture of MR and nothing about the large protest by civil society against the BBS and Gotabaya at the Fort Railway station. The Daily Mirror is a rag – good to wipe Rajapaksa’s ass! Likewise Maharaja’s TV channel did not show the fort protest against racism and State terrorism. Hence the IGNORANCE AND DELUSION and MAYA in the Miracle of Modayas.

  • 5

    Dear Hema,
    you state that “such riots show the level of civilization of the country.”
    Where does our civility stand out in our entire civilization? These cowardly acts are a harbinger of our annihilation as the Sinhala race. These kind of riots show the barbarianism of the Sinhala race and the savage thinking of a society that is far from Buddhists. We just celebrated the Sumbuddha Jayanthi, new year, Vesak and Psoson as a showpiece to the world. What have we achieved? These riots are a SHAME on Buddhism and our Sinhalese race. These BBS pigs and our rulers deserve to be slaughtered for this betrayal.

    • 1

      ‘BB’ you have nailed it:-
      I can see many Buddhists converting to other Faiths which show more Loving Kindness and Compassion to their less fortunate brothers and sisters.

      Buddhism seems to have become a vehicle for giving meals,(so called Dane), to these shameless Monks, and neglecting those who are more in need of their Compassion and Generosity.

  • 3


    As far as I am concerned, I am beyond disbelief. I now believe that the Sinhala gene is infected by an immovable virus called ‘racism’. Judging by the goings on during the past 60 years in Sri Lanka, there seems to be no cure for this virus. Infact this terrible virus seems to have spread to the entire Sinhala population. It is also whispered that Gotabhaya’s whole gene profile has been taken over by this ‘racist’ gene.

    It is said that those infected most by this flawed gene are attracted to each other most. Look at the photograph above and see how these monks and Gotabhaya have gathered together and making their mephistophilic smiles to the camera.

  • 2

    @BBS Rep: You are quite correct brother. Sinhalese gene is infected by an immovable virus called ‘racism’ that affect their country. But, the worst thing is, Muslim/Islam is infected with an epidemic and irrecoverable virus that affect whole world.

  • 2

    GR seems to have disappeared off the radar. Plotting Gandasara’s next move?

  • 1

    Hema Senanayake,

    You say:

    “But modern Sinhala-Buddhist extremism is a political project of a top administrator;….”

    It is not just his: It is the legacy handed down to him over 66 years of rule by Sinhala Buddhist regimes since independence; it is the set historical pattern he is following.

    Please be honest and acknowledge that most all Sri Lankan administrations have committed such atrocities/injustices to Tamils, Muslims, Christians, Malayalees and Burghers.

    It is the main political project of the Singhala ruling elite which acts as the hidden hand in all these pogroms and riots after independence against the smaller communities.

    Enough is enough it is time for the international community to invoke the R2P.

    • 1

      It is hypocrisy to point the finger at Gotabaya only:

      D S Senanayake, SWRD, Mrs B, JRJ, Premadasa, Chandrika, and now the Rajapakses did it, and continue committing atrocities to communities other than the Sinhala Buddhist, especially to Tamils.

      Even to the Sinhala Buddhists they have committed atrocities during JVP insurrections.

      The Sinhala ruling elite is rotten opportunists to the core; only a few like Wickramabahu Karunaratne are exceptions, who consider ‘others’ as equals.

      Even the so called intellectuals play to these demagogues’ tunes.

      These rotten politicians have also brain-washed the ordinary Sinhala people to commit these atrocities.

      Who will bell these Sinhala Ruling elite fat cats?

      • 0

        Thiru what you write is incomplete and one-sided. The vast majority of Tamils for example do not consider anyone of a different race or caste their equal. I have been shocked when lunching with an old teacher in Jaffna to find one of his pupils eating in the garden because he was ‘low caste’.

      • 1

        When Gotabaya was in the US did he not see how people of various Ethnicities and Religions managed to live as equal Citizens of the same Country?
        Even the current US President is the son of an African by Birth.
        Why is GR now trying to divide the People of his own Motherland?
        Has he got a massive Inferiority Complex because of his lack of Education?

  • 2

    “barbarianism of the Sinhala race and the savage thinking of a society” BBS and its goons certainly are but as a Sri Lankan I disagree with the above statement to paint every single Sinhalese with the same brush. Nothing is black and white. As such, barbarism and racism are usually in a fringes of bell curves in any population, Sinhalese are no exception. However the leadership is what makes these abominations stay where they should in that curve. The Muslims have thus far kept it very much under control but not sure for how long as it has come to the stage where there is nothing to lose. However knowingly or unknowingly the Sinhala leadership has clearly failed to control the Sinhalese version of it for reasons yet unclear. This will be the turning point for the minorities and equally for truly patriotic Sinhala Buddhists. If the Sinhalese leadership does not take control then I am sad to say it will complete the demise of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. As its clearly demonstrated by the recent activities of the BBS and affiliates, they have already very actively and publicly targeted any one who tries to stand up against their twisted ideology and will. They have targeted true Buddhists who follow the actual principles of Buddhism and voiced concern more than they have Muslims. I feel very sad and sorry to think a civilization spanning millenniums would let an peace loving elderly monk be publicly humiliated and assaulted and no one seems to care too much. What is left of Buddhism now is a bunch of people following symbolism. It is up to the true Bhuddists now to start taking control of their bell curve and force the abominations back to its corner. We may not realize it but, history will judge us as true patriots instead of another group of savages who let to the demise of Bhuddism. Stand up to save Bhuddism as per Lord Buddha’s philosophy and force our leaders to act. The ball is in the court now! We will soon see how true a Buddhist we are as a whole!

  • 1

    CT readers will be interested to know that a newspaper banned in Sri Lanka reported last night:

    On 15 th at noon , Pradeep Kumara had phoned the IGP and reported , the violent situation that prevailed a few days ago had not died down , and the feelings of the people of the area are still running irrationally high. Based on reports received by him at ground level , if the meeting is allowed to be held , the already volatile situation can turn explosive. The OIC had therefore sought the IGP’s instructions to ban the proposed meeting.

    The IGP who could not discard the assistance sought by his subordinate and himself harboring fears as he himself was fully aware of the dangers had explained to criminal defense secretary Gotabaya over the phone in detail of the grave risks besetting the peace of the area and the violence that can erupt if this BBS meeting is held. The IGP had therefore asked Gotabaya to grant permission to ban the BBS meeting. Gotabaya the defense secretary alias criminal offense secretary, on the other hand had replied in the negative. Instead of giving consideration and showing concern to the dangerous violence in store for the innocent people , the criminal defense secretary had instructed the IGP not to obstruct the meeting of the BBS under any circumstance , and to give protection to the world recognized terrorist organization, and Gnanassara its demonic leader. Accordingly the IGP had given a directive to his subordinate not to ban the public meeting of BBS terrorists. Consequently Gnanassara was provided with a security detail of six STF soldiers and a defender vehicle thereby precipitating a communal holocaust – the inevitable result SL’s criminal defense and communal offense secretary Gotabaya longed and prayed for !

  • 1

    CT readers will be interested to [Edited out]

    We are sad to reveal nevertheless, so far none of the perpetrators of these crimes have been arrested. As of now Gnanasara and his drunken goons are roaming free inciting hatred and unleasing violence. Although the law compels their arrest, ironically it is seven Muslim victims who are now in police custody.

    Out of the nine Muslims killed, two were shot to death by BBS goons in Dharga Town on the 15th. There is no investigation how these murderers obtained fire arms. There has been no magisterial enquiry.

    It is well known that Medamulana MaRa started the terrorist organizations BBS and Sihala Ravaya. He nurtured and fattened them with the Government’s Secret Security Fund. The Buddhist terrorists (oxymoron? Ha, ha!!) are now wreaking havoc.

    Prior to his departure for Bolivia, the Mara instructed his criminal to use Gnanasara to create pandemonium among the Muslim community. And while his brother was faithfully carrying out “orders” he babahukumly tweeted from Bolivia “everyone please, exercise restraint”.

    Upon returning to the country, the first thing that this “concerned” President did was tour the devasted Aluthgama and Beruwala to inspect and admire the handiwork of his loyal brother. They hugged and embraced each other just like in that salivating photo readers have seen so many times on these pages and puked. Gota says to Mara “Aiye, hereafter no Sinhala Buddhist will ever vote for anyone but for you”. Mara says “Sadhu, sadhu, father will be very proud”.

  • 0

    By the Blessed Triple Gem, what have we done as a nation to deserve the curses that are being heaped upon us?

    The simply undeniable fact is that our politicians for the last 60+ years have been fixated by the Bauddha-Sinhala vote and will bend over any-which-way to win it. Mindful of this, any thug who drapes a saffron robe and spews hate is held in awe. Meanwhile, behind the high walls of the rich and learned, we tut-tut and say ‘what to do?’ and let these abominable denizens run our once-respected nation into the dust. Globally, we are securing our status as pariahs – nationally, we have now established that decent people cannot criticise the President but a rabid pretender can stand up in public and refer to the highest appointed political figure in the land in the most derogatory of terms.

    Our IGP – the independent guarantor of law and order in our land – consulted senior ministers last week and was told (by one) that the Aluthgame meeting would be a ‘passing cloud’ that would fizzle out harmlessly. He fell for it.

    What hope is there for us?

  • 0

    does anyone know of a petition drive that people can sign online to call for
    justice against these dastardly acts? I think all Sri Lankans who want peace should sign such to send the message to the leaders that this kind of impunity will not be tolerated.

  • 0

    “Panatipata veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami.” First Precept Buddhist teachings.
    Meaning:. I undertake the precept to refrain from killing living beings.

  • 0

    After 40 years in politics one cannot accept that Mahinda Rajapaksa is a gullible man. Whether he has suspended his belief or not, the simple explanation is that either he is the prime mover in this communal aggression, or he is totally inept and impotent. In either case he must now resign his position as President of this country. RESIGN MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA.

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