22 July, 2024


Video: “This Will Be The End Of All Muslims” Gnanasara Says Prior To Riots

Galagoda Atthe Gnanasara in an inciteful and fear mongering speech earlier today in Aluthgama prior to the riots said that “if one marakkalaya ( Muslim) lays a hand on a Sinhalese that will be the end of all of them” to a rousing and cheering crowd.



According to the monk, the minorities are organizing themselves and he urged the Sinhalese to wake up and fight back before they get destroyed.

The crowd were visibly moved and kept cheering each inciteful statement made by Gnansara prior to launching their attack on the Muslims.

He threatened to destroy Muslim businesses at Aluthgama, Beruwala and other places. He instructed his listeners to grab any bags with Halal signs and throw them on the ground. He asked his audience to fight against the minorities. Part of the audience shouted back saying yes, they will do it. The monk called the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa a brainless person and asked whether any person with brains would appoint a Muslim to be a Minister of Justice. He told the crowd that party politics have destroyed Sinhalese and urged the crowd to unite and take things into their own hands.

“The police have turned their bayonets against us that is wrong. The Police should know what is happening in this country. We are asking the Defence establishment if the Sinhalse and the Bikkhus have ever raised a hand to one business establishment?. But this is enough. We haven’t raised our hands ( against them), not because we can’t… its not because we can’t”( crowd cheers)

He also said that the BBS was “racist”, while telling the Police officers present that they are a part of the “Sinhala Police and the Sinhala Army”.

He also said that the name of “Dharga town” should also be changed. “This is what these temporary…. this is the gratefulness that the have shown to us like Madumadhawa said”.

Jathika Hela Urumaya politician and singer Madumadhawa Aravinda had sung poetry to the crowd, asking them to rise up.

Excerpts of the speech below

To watch in Sri Lanka click here

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Latest comments

  • 5

    What does the Maha Sangha have to say about all this?

    Why the deafening silence?

  • 7

    What he preached has nothing in line with buddhism at all!

  • 7

    All are fools to believe and flow these extremist BBS, they are brain washing all innocent Sinhalese for another blood shed soon. I don’t understand why this Rajapaksha government don’t understand last 1-1/2 yrs to ban this terrorist Bhuddist group??? Its call ” Sinhalaya Modaya” means “Sinhalese are fools”
    There is no any funds or any extreme activities to support any Muslim organisations in Sri lanka or abroad,this has been observed by the intelligent service by the government.so there is no truth in that.I am sure if Rajapakshe govt allow these stupids to go head like this very soon any person wont be able to control the forces and the police.

  • 6

    This BBS and this mad monk is CURSE to Buddhism and this country!

  • 9

    I don’t understand much of what he says but from his expression and the sound of his voice, he is trying his best to instigate the crowd. He should be given his free speech rights but on one condition. Remove your robes and put on a strong and see if any one will listen to you. You are doing a great dis-service to the Budhhist religion and to the philosophies of Lord Budhha. SHAME ON YOU……

    Don’t hide behind your ropes. Be a man.

  • 6

    If I see you arround I will kill that basted

  • 6

    are they insane, i am sure no one religion allow to hate others religion, who has encourage this terrorism, this is completely nonsense from BBS… i am sure this is not the common buddism mentality.

  • 7

    Soon this guy will be vanish from this world,
    Wait and see. All the innocent people will be
    killed for nothing just because of a meaningless
    speech. God please help US

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