20 May, 2022


President Says ‘Won’t Weaken Govt.’ But Rules Out One-Party Government

Maithripala Sirisena speaking to heads of media institutions this morning (6th) at the President’s House said that ‘as a responsible president’ he will make sure that the Government is not weakened.

He also said that there is no possibility for any single party to form a government on its own. He said that a government can only be formed if everyone came together in accordance to the number of MPs and the particular structure of the various political parties represented in Parliament. An invitation for such a union would be sent to all, he said.

Sirisena added that he is determined to strengthen the Government and move forward with all these forces.

Maithripala Sirisena

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    Edwin’s Fables – 1: Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a Jahapalana government consisting of a Past President who looked and acted like the real President, an actual ‘President’ who was nicknamed ‘Appaya’ and a Prime Minister.
    This triumvirate ruled the land for many years, which felt like an eternity of torture by the people. They tried to get rid of the rulers by lawful and democratic means but could not do so. Finally, the little dengue mosquito solved the problem for them.
    The 3 went together to the heaven to be judged by Angel Gabriel whether to be admitted to heaven or not. Of course, he did not know who was who, but selected Appaya to give evidence first because he looked innocent and harmless.
    St. Gabriel: You there, tell me about the other two.
    Appaya: That past President who looks and acts like Hulk Hogan is the one who always interfered with the government.
    St. Gabriel: OK. What about the other one?
    Appaya: He was the Prime Minister. Actually, the two were colluding with each other and messing things up.
    St. Gabriel: (Looking at the other two) Looks like you have failed the test. Actually, I have to send you to hell. But first, I will give you a week to repent. If you are really repenting at the end of the week, you will be given a chance to enter heaven.
    Saying so, St. Gabriel turned to Appaya and asked, “What was your role in all this”?
    Appaya: I was the President.
    St. Gabriel: Oh yeah? You were the President and you come here and blame others? Guards, take this man and put him in hell.

    • 5

      St. Gabriel:,

      ” Oh yeah? You were the President and you come here and blame others? Guards, take this man and put him in hell.”

      He was known among the people as a Traitor, Patholaya, Sevelaya, Pachaya and Perethaya.

      • 1

        Spot on.
        Add ” and a stupid fool, worshipping trees”.

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    There is a kavi of a “gong bana” “gale noliha vada denawa” This SB ticket will put us on a never ending merry-go-round, which if we hurriedly don’t get off will become a circus clown ocean wave from which it will be impossible to jump off without breaking necks. It has to be karma how 2 clowns without future were drawn together into the same circus. Even Maha Sangha is paralysed to stop their own rabids. Even North Korea ready for dialogue. Their solution could give us a new start to build on.

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    All this jargon he is blabbering these days does not make any sense to me.

    Actions speak louder than words, and I hear him loud and clear:

    He did his best to frustrate RW in the recent past and orchestrated a NCM against RW while conniving with MR and GR. This to me is betrayal of the highest order.

    Unfortunately all his gimmicks failed woefully. If he is a person with a shred of dignity he should beg RW for forgiveness with out jabbering like a parrot.

    The Gamarala in him still thinks he is pulling a fast one over RW, i guess.

    Little does he know that RW is far ahead of him so many ways. RW plays gentleman’s politics while our MY3 has the village flavor (Gode, as we say it in Sinhalese).

    RW is educated, exposed, enlightened, experienced, well connected, decent, dignified, from an affluent and political background, while MY3 is a hanger-on. who has been enduring hell with all sorts of insults, molestation and oppression at the hands of MR and Co. hoping and praying that he will be able to keep his “cardboard” post. RW and co saved him. Yet this is how he returns the favor.

    MY3’s supper power is hopping after eating hoppers! That is not the hallmark of a leader, it is the quality of an underdog fighting for survival. A quality that does not deserve being called President.


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    Committee Sirisena is ruining the country. He appoints committee after commitee but he is unable to make Sarath Fonseka Minister of Law and Order to bring the rogues before the Law. What is the point of having this President?

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    Advice for the President: Here is some advice for our Appa (sorry – Apey) President. When you were elected our President, I was telling my family how lucky we were to have a President like you. You started well. You pardoned a Tiger who tried to assassinate you. Then you said that you will only be doing one term and all that stuff, that no one requested – but nevertheless, you promised to do.
    But now you have become a joke in the eyes of many who supported and admired you. The first shock was when you did not attend the funeral of your own brother. If you go this way, it will be irrefutable proof that a Gamarala can never be Royal stuff.
    So here is some advice from someone older than you.
    1) Try to be respectful, at least, to the dead.
    2) Stop trying to scuttle the ship that you are Captain of.
    3) Do not try to do everything yourself. Learn the principles of management. Get other people to do what you want. For example, if you cancel the economic planning committee then you become completely responsible for the economy of the country – a mission impossible.
    4) Do not make so many course changes and U-turns. Such things may be OK in a Hollywood car chase but not for a government.
    5) Learn Upeksha and Shanthi from the PM. Just see how he behaved under extreme provocation from you and try to emuate him.
    6) Last but not least, If you eat Appa, eat it alone – not with a host. Eating Appa with someone and then being a traitor to him is like Prabha having his last meal of chicken curry with someone and sending him to death next day.

    • 8

      I agree with you 100% but what is the use? The semi-literate President is not going to read this!

      • 1

        Edwin Rodrgo .

        “The semi-literate President is not going to read this!”

        Make song out of it, At least he may, yes may listen.

        Is he deaf

        • 0

          Thanks Estate Labourer and Amarasiri, I am not a song writer. perhaps a Sinhalese translation would do, do you think?

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      You missed the most important advice to this President and that is he should not lie under any circumstance.
      For this President lying comes spontaneously and he is so shameless he can later deny that he lied when th whole world knows he lied.

      Didn’t he in the aftermath of the LG election call for all the SLFP/UPFA MP’s to stand with him to form UPFA government. Wasn’t that a deliberate lie to entice the SLPP to bring the NCM which he used to twist RW’s arm in to giving in to his demand that he be made the common candidate for next Presidential election.
      The sad part is he is so stupid and blinded by the greed for power he can not see that he can not win again even with support of all the parties that supported him last time.

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    The gamarala was fetched in a brand new Bently Mulsane to a house where the old dictator met him. The Bently was imported by the old dictators money washer who got so rich so fast that it astonishes even the best New York fund managers as to how he did it. This man in the shadows is non other than the current chairmen of Haleys where probably the shadow real shareholder is non other than You No Who. AT this meeting it was decided that Sarath Fonseka will not be given the law and order ministry. Ranil was denied this appointment after moving haven and earth to address all the issues raised to block this appointment. Meanwhile the riots in Kandy and Ampara were orchestrated to get the PM thrown out by the very same gamarala in cahoots with his erstwhile former boss from whom he still takes directions for some weird reason. Immediately before this just before the LG polls a vituperative media blitz was organized by this same scoundrel of a gamarala to the blame on the PM for the CB bond scam. So to conclude the gamarala is a serpent for only a serpent will carry out the kind of betrayals this fellow has done in his life. Right now the serpent is trying to block the sacking of his minions who voted yes while still being in the very government against whose confidence they voted. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. You be the judge.

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    It is time to first pass NCM against TS and then pass NCM against MS. Let us see whether he can perform like RW this time. There are plenty of allegations to support the NCM including the blocking of justice being carried out.

  • 3

    What a joke all this has become…
    Will the dumb Sri Lankan population please stand up against these good for nothing politicians?
    Or are you all so impotent?

    • 0

      Impotency: Lankan, it is important to note that it is not standing up because we are impotent.

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    As webbed this week:
    “In his Good Friday sermon, Pope Francis has said that hell does not exist. Perhaps the servant of the servant of God who visited the isle in 2015 was denied the chance to see the other side of Eden.A joke currently doing the rounds goes like this:
    Donald Trump, the Queen of England and a former Lankan President died and went to hell. They were met by Satan and were told to sign the register. Whilst doing so, Trump saw a red phone at the reception desk.He asked Satan: ‘Whats that for’?”
    “Oh, that’s for calling Earth,” Satan replied.
    “Can I make a quick call,” Trump asked in earnest, anxious to get in touch with Stormy Daniels. “Sure,” Satan replied, “of course Universal Direct Dialing (UDD) call rates apply.”
    Trump spoke for ten minutes. At the end of the call Satan charged him a million dollars. “No prob”, Trump said and wrote out a cheque for the same amount.
    The Queen then asked the devil.” Excuse me, Mr. Satan, can I possibly call home.”
    “And where would that be,” Satan asked. “England, of course, you old fool,” the Queen replied.
    “Of, course, ma’am, “the Devil said and gave her the phone. The Queen spoke for thirty minutes. She was charged ten million pounds, which she readily paid by way of cheque, guaranteed by the Bank of England.
    The former Lankan president waited till the Queen had finished her call and asked the devil whether there will be a problem if he spoke to his relatives in Lanka. “No problem, my old friend,” Satan said and handed over the universal direct dialing hotline to him.
    The Lankan president spent two and a half hours on the line. When kept, Satan charged him Rs. Fifty for the call.

  • 0

    The Lankan president spent two and a half hours on the line. When kept, Satan charged him Rs. Fifty for the call.

    I know I know, Gamaralalage Kumarasinghe Sirisena’ phone. Yes Ajith Nivard Cabraal did not guarantee the check for Rs 50, but he guaranteed the check for $1B, the 40% to Satan to admit the sick president in heaven’s hospital. When he went up there, the Sri Lankan Airlines plane tyre loses air. So the plane is not taking back the president down to hell when he starts to feel better. :”Panam Paalatham varaikkum Paayum”. (Money is capable of jump even to the hell)

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    But it seems things are goimg the other way round.It seemed parliament will be dissolved soon

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    I thought the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was repealed by the 19th Amendment.

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    How Ranil can win:

    If he has to face anymore NCM’s, lose them. Then he will be victorious Mahinda style. If he has to face any provincial elections, lose them too. Then he will be winning them too, Mahinda style. If he faces a Parliament election, it goes without saying that he should lose it too. Then he will be winning it Mahinda style.

    The Presidential election should be handled a little differently. Ranil should not try to lose it, because it means Mahinda will be winning it in Ranil style. After seeing his performance as PM, we do not want him as President winning in any style, do we? What was the question again?

    Excuse me, I will go and take my pills now. I feel a little dizzy.

    P.S.: Our cricket team, please note.

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