21 April, 2024


President Sirisena’s Official Song For 2016 Removed From You Tube

In the face of growing public criticism the video of the President Sirisena’s Official Song for 2016, has been removed without any reason being offered. Since President Sirisena is featured in the set in all likelihood he not only commissioned the production but also would have given the green light for its broadcast.

MS Offical songThe song released on the occasions of the first anniversary of President Maithripala Sirisena assuming office seeks to promote him as some kind of modern-day reincarnation of King Parakramabahu the Great.

The song commissioned by the President or his media team, is a throw-back to the reign of his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa who was likened to King Dutugemunu, in song and by association film. Ironically, the lyrics condemn sycophants and hosanna-singing even though the entire production is but a celebration of sycophancy.

Sirisena, in his election campaign, strongly condemned meaningless and expensive self-promotion by Rajapaksa, but has in the past 12 months indulged heavily in the same practice.

A song praising Mahinda Rajapaksa immediately after the defeat of the LTTE claimed that the then president was a blessing to the nation and indeed consecrated by the gods themselves. In this music video, the same sentiments are expressed, except that the visuals actually have astral entities literally descending from the heavens to shower blessings on King Parakramabahu. The attempt to equate Sirisena with this king who ruled from the president’s ‘home town’ Polonnaruwa is unmistakable.

Sirisena’s ‘royal’ ambitions seem to mimic those of his predecessor, with two major differences. Whereas Rajapaksa’s fascination was with Anuradhapura and Dutugemunu, Sirisena’s fixation is with Polonnaruwa and Parakramabahu. Also, whereas Rajapaksa’s ‘royal’ flirtation took off only after 4 years into his term, Sirisena’s has kicked off one year after assuming office.

Click here to watch the song.

President Sirisena’s Official Song for 2016 – Numba Ape Minihek – the deleted video;

Someone called Pissu Raja has posted the video again; Watch it here;

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Latest comments

  • 5

    The political leadership should understand that they are public servants and self portrayed image building should not be a good characteristic of a good leader. So far, Sri Lanka has not produced a good leader who committed themselves to bring people together and to bring the peace that is needed to this Nation. So far, the leadership brought rivalry among communities, hatred between religions and divided the people in terms of race, language, religion, and status.

  • 8

    Batalanada’s UNP Police draws the first Sinhe- Le in Embilapitiya.

    The blood was spilt, because the partying Dalits refused to give Yahapalana Cops free booze.

    What a way to celebrate the first anniversary of Sira’s betrayal of the Nation to Western powers who are with the ex LTTEERs ,

    Our Dalits will be glad for this withdrawal.

    Because King Parakarambahu would have cried ,if he was around to see the White Judges arriving to jail the brave Soldiers who liberated the Nation from Thamil Terrorists, and create separate Homelands and remove Buddhism as the State Religion.through Batalanda’s new Constitution.

    • 0

      Kaha Sumanaya,

      Not Batalanda UNP Police but it is thoge Rajapakshage Police that did Embilipitiya. [Edited out]

      • 2

        Hello, Silva, are you in a good healthy mental condition? Its well over ONE year now. The current govt of Sri Lanka is running by My3-RW duo and supported by Mangala, CBK, Champika, Anura Kumara, TNA etc., not by Rajapaksha’s any more.

  • 6

    Sri Lankans abroad may have reported that foreign states showed ridicule for such videos on U Tube.
    This type of public praise extolling a leader does not happen in real democracies/countries except may be, in North Korea.

  • 4

    ‘Monkeys praising their own tails’ – not recommended for hypocrites, so some ‘wisdom’ from outside that inner circle must have prevailed!

    Wonder what part those recently appointed Presidential Media Advisers played in this fiasco??

  • 3

    RE: President Sirisena’s Official Song For 2016 Removed From You Tube

    Now we can’t even have some fun on u-tube.

    What is next to be removed? Theory of Evolution? Brassieres?

    Ken Miller on Human Evolution


    Uploaded on Feb 14, 2007
    Dr. Ken Miller talks about the relationship between Homo sapiens and the other primates. He discusses a recent finding of the Human Genome Project which identifies the exact point of fusion of two primate chromosomes that resulted in human chromosome #2.

    • 2

      Did not I tell you then, These guys will screw up the economy,
      Port city under construction stopped and talking
      Mega polis to Colombo district?
      Mega city to the whole country?
      Next Singapore?

      Create a small industrial zone and create 1000 Jobs!
      This my challenge to this Gon palana government.

  • 7

    These people who spent time and create these types of stupid songs to praise the president are kind of vultures. They do almost anteing to please the president for their survival. We thought, these stupidity is going to end with the so called yapalanya. Well we are wrong. These people who praise the president still live back in medieval age not in the modern world. Theses are the types of idiots who were behind MR as well and basically destroyed him. As somebody commented, only other country we see these types of parsing of the leader is in North Koreia.

    • 3

      Ding Dang,

      “These people who spent time and create these types of stupid songs to praise the president are kind of vultures. They do almost anteing to please the president for their survival.”

      It is survival. Bow to the New King, New Boss.

      Yes Sir, No Sir, All Right Sir, I will do it Sir, I will spread my legs Sir etc.

  • 6

    What a jackass!

  • 6

    Please clean up the place first, Mr. President. President’s Media Group is determined to make the man so unpopular, by the looks of this.

    • 4

      Rohan: “President’s Media Group is determined to make the man so unpopular, by the looks of this. “

      Do you wonder why???? After all he recently appointed two of MR’s sycophants (sickkos) to “advise” him on Media!!

      How dense can one get???

  • 3

    Now everybody can understand there is no difference between Sira and Mara, Mara being crude unadulterated vice whereas Sira is sort of lamaka ginthaka type where he does everything Mara did in a dakkoth buwa nodakkoth ebuwa manner. But we UNPers are extremely happy that RW means and does business in a thorough professional way. Just imagine what would happen to Sri Lanka had RW was not around today!

    • 1

      Great logic you got there mate.. haha you gotta be kidding me! It was your precious RW who made my3 president in the first place! Now you are saying that you are happy RW is still around? Really? After all, your RW never cared about the country. His record of betrayal keeps increasing with the highlight on millenium city incident. Ofcourse you people got selective memory when it comes to “RW”. And yup, RW sure is professional. That’s why he got the central bank bonds scam out of the memory of the public so fast, you couldn’t finish saying “maithreepala sirisena”. Seriously.. How dumb are you?

  • 0

    Congrads, Colombo Telegraph. One more sign your voice is being heard, and perhaps feared, by the errant ones in the Yaapalanaya regime. What a comically self-serving exercise that audio-visual was.

    A son of a poor farmer from the paddy fields of Polonnaruwa must enthrone simplicity and its fine values. He should show the country and the world the simple and non-indulgent ways of living and governing. Trying to get his misfit children to fast-forward their delusional social climb to uppity and High Society is a vain and futile exercise.
    Aiyo Sirisena has more urgent, important work to do to lift the poor in the country out of increasing poverty by fine tuning the economy.
    Mahinda Rajapakse and his corrupt regime destroyed that Middle Class the UNP nurtured and built during 1977-1993. Now that middle class has been condemned to become part of the poor. Thanks to Mahinda R and his more than 40 thieves, he made the country one of 2 classes from 3. The rich and upper classes comprised of his vast family and bootlickers on the one hand and the other – the poor and the destitute. That large middle-class was simply made to vanish. What an achievement of a decade of arrogant and uncaring familial rule.

    The Rajapakses will now concede “you cannot fool all the people all the time”

    Ranil, CBK from outside and Mangala are working hard to reverse the misfortunes of the past decade that has ruined this country to its knees. Aiyo Sirisena must help in not complicating things, with his limited intelligence and abundant cunning, he cannot contribute to the
    hard work done by the other trio to usher in unity and well being to the country and all its principal citizens.


  • 0

    Did you read the statement issued by the Secretary to President Sirisena.There is no official song you fool and why are you still critizing the present Government.Are you still the mouth piece of Dutugamunu who ruined this country for over 10 years by sucking the blood of the poor Sri Lankans to fatten his and his family’s purses.It is a shame on your web site and why don’t you pack up and keep shut!!!!

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