20 May, 2022


Pro-Rajapaksa Lawyers Collecting Signatures For Letter To BASL Opposing Intervention On Hejaaz Hizbullah’s Behalf

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is mobilising a group of pro-Government lawyers to write to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka in order to prevent the professional body from acting to secure the rights of attorney Hejaaz Hizbullah Colombo Telegraph learns.

Hejaaz Hizbullah

The lawyers are to draft a letter to counter some of the urgent calls for action by the BASL signed by 200 lawyers on behalf of Hizbullah who has been detained illegally for nearly two weeks.

The BASL has maintained a deafening silence on the illegal arrest and detention of a member of its association apart from an extremely cordial letter handed over to the IGP the day after Hizbullah’s arrest.

Shockingly the BASL has not moved a muscle since to secure Hizbullah’s rights both as an attorney and a citizen of Sri Lanka. The President of the BASL is currently one of Sri Lanka’s top criminal lawyers and a long time teacher of law Kalinga Indatissa PC.

Under Indatissa the BASL became an advocacy arm for the Rajapaksa-led SLPP in the run up to the presidential election in 2019 opposing everything from the MCC grant to the pardon for Royal Park Killer Shramantha Jayamaha who has fled the country and intervening in the fundamental rights applications against the Easter Sunday attacks.

However the Association has been extremely slow to react to situations where its own membership is being targeted by the Gotabaya Rajapaksa administration for harassment and now illegal arrest.

Angered by growing pressure over Hizbullah’s illegal detention both locally and internationally the President has secured support from friendly lawyers who are circulating a counter –letter to the BASL with a spate of accusations against Hejaaz Hizbullah and towing the Government line.

The Lawyer’s family has filed a Habeas Corpus application before the Court of Appeal but no progress has been made so far. (By Chinthika De Silva) 

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    So, Chintika,
    Only the lawyers who are enemies of the president should be allowed to write a petition?
    His so-called ‘friends’ don’t have the democrati right towritea counter petition?
    You and your rules of democracy and ‘yaha’ palanaya!!!

  • 15

    This is betrayal from your own colleagues. They are willing to risk their professional reputation, and even ignore the rule of law, just to be in the good graces of the vindictive Rajapaksa’s. They are also signaling their willingness to accept racism, injustice, and the demonizing against one of their own, who like a doctor before him, has been arrested without proof of any crime, and based on fake news, and racist gossip.
    He has not been given proper legal representation, a proper hearing, and held in custody, without basic rights. Shame on these Rajapaksa servants, who are willing to sell their souls to please their masters, while they go against what their own profession has trained and taught them.

  • 6

    The BASL raised issue with the pardoning of the Royal Park murderer who was imposed the capital punishment by the courts. The Royal Park murderer was granted pardon by the former President Sirisena. But the BASL has been keeping a deafening silence since the present President granted pardon recently and released the army officer who was convicted of murder – brutal killings of 11 human beings. It is obvious that the BASL is either suffering from selective amnesia or mortally afraid of the present President, or drenched in racism as the victims of the cases are belonging to minority communities.

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    These swabasha lawyers who are the lickers of the rajapuka clan if requested by the rajapuk’s will even sell their wives partners mothers brothers sisters and even their own sired by accident children to appease to the sordid sick desires of their lord’s cum masters.
    The respected Muslim lawyer is held in illegal hora detention even without being given access to a lawyer his family and not even to a cat or a dog.
    This being the case it clearly proves to one and all that there’s no valid guilty finding case or two against this gentleman of a lawyer.?
    With the general election, just a toot away due to the money-grabbing as usual conduct of the rajapuka’s they will arrest more monied members of the minority communities along with innocent bystanders on the most unbelievable made-up charges.
    All this to obtain by hook or crook a 2/3rd majority.?
    Thanks to the manner that they siphoned off the funds collected under the kallathoni’s name which has already been transferred to Mr. 10% and the other petti hora’s the dream of this resounding majority will be only a huja barai case of a wet dream.?
    The Lawyer’s family has filed a Habeas Corpus application before the Court of Appeal but till to date, there has been no progress of any sort.
    The said fundamental rights application has met with a tragic demise as what usually occurs whenever these unholy pariah devil’s infidels take pleasure in harming the innocents with mouth-watering glee.
    In anger, R. J. the one & only with balls to stand up fearlessly for the innocents.

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