16 August, 2022


Not A Time To Reject Democracy And Replace It With Authoritarianism: Friday Forum

The Corona Virus pandemic is not a time to reject democracy and replace it with authoritarianism in the name of strong leadership, the Friday Forum said on Tuesday.

In a hard-hitting statement the group of academics, retired public officials, senior lawyers and other professionals warned that world history had shown that a Governmetn elected through huge majority can soon transform itself into an authoritarian regime in the name of the people.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

“Democratic governance can never be confused with the domination of the majority, for democracy requires respect for the fundamental rights of every citizen and not just a majority,” the statement from Friday Forum noted.

The Friday Forum also criticized the fact that persons convicted of serious criminal offences or charged with such offences in ongoing court proceedings have “ have smoothly transitioned into holders of high public office, even as advisors to the President.”

“Presidential pardons have been given to persons convicted of murder, when appeals have been dismissed by the highest judicial authority, the Supreme Court of our land. All this has undermined the confidence of citizens in the justice system, and the Rule of Law,” the statement added.

It also warned about the recent notice by the Police about the threat of arrest for criticism of officials responding to the public health crisis saying it raised serious issues on citizen’s rights to freedom of speech and information. The Friday Forum said the threat had gone unnoticed by the media and the Bar Association.

“Citizens’ rights to freedom of speech and information have been recognised in our Constitution and court decisions as essential to ensure that the public can find out the true facts, and that decisions on public health are made with due consideration for the lives and safety of everyone. Indeed the Constitution under Art 15(7) and 14 (A) gives the Supreme Court the power to review administrative decisions restricting these rights on the ground of public health. This is to ensure that the State power of regulation in a public health crisis is not abused.,” the Friday Forum noted.

See full statement below:


The Covid19 pandemic has impacted all our lives, across national spaces and oceans. Leadership from political authorities, the President and the Minister of Health, and the dedication and commitment of medical professionals in the public health system at all levels, have helped us to respond to this crisis much better than in some developed countries. The private sector has also contributed by maintaining services for non-Covid19 patients, and supporting the public health system’s response with their professional expertise. The military and the Police have made their own important   contributions in helping the government to implement public health policies and programmes.  Most importantly, we as citizens have in general followed government guidelines on social distancing.  Our combined efforts have helped to contain the spread of the disease, and created spaces for removing or revising lock downs and curfews.

This positive experience also places a responsibility on us as citizens to reflect on national concerns that continue to be relevant, if we are to respond effectively as a democracy to the political economic and public health problems that we face today, and can expect in the future. Commentators in other countries have focused on the fact that this experience also gives us an opportunity to re-imagine our development priorities. This is vital in areas such as health, education and housing, climate change and environmental protection, and use of technology including IT, to improve the quality of life of the People.

Critical issues of democratic and accountable governance must be discussed in public and private fora, and continue to engage our attention.

The Friday Forum suggests that the following matters are of especial importance to all citizens:

1. Continuing commitment to a system of Parliamentary democracy introduced 70 years ago.

This is not a time to reject democracy and replace it with authoritarianism in the name of strong leadership. The response to the Covid19 pandemic has shown us very clearly that effective political leadership can be given, especially in a time of national crisis, when it is combined with space for the contribution of relevant stake holders in making decisions.

World history as well as the post independence history of Sri Lanka shows how a government elected with a huge majority (a 2/3) can soon transform itself into an authoritarian regime, in the name of “the People”. Democratic governance can never be confused with the domination of the majority, for democracy requires respect for the fundamental rights of every citizen and not just a majority. A central concept is that all people are entitled to respect for all the rights guaranteed in the basic law, the Constitution of a country.

Up to last year, there was a consensus that we must abolish the Executive Presidency, and move towards a system of governance with an elected Parliament, a Prime Minister and Cabinet. This was not accomplished before the last Parliament was dissolved. We need an assurance that Constitutional reform promised by a newly elected Parliament will strengthen democratic institutions for accountable governance, and incorporate even stronger guarantees on fundamental rights, that include access to basic needs. All parties must guarantee to us citizens that they will not transform themselves in to an authoritarian government through electoral majorities. Democracy must never be confused with government only for the majority, and justified in the name of the “popular will.” Democracy recognises that the State must exercise power in governance, but also defines the limits of those powers in the interests of all the People. This is the balance that a written Constitution strives to achieve. Constitutional reform proposed by all parties at this election must guarantee to us voters, that this balance will be maintained.

2. We have witnessed in the last few years the crumbling of a once respected legal system, where citizens claimed and enforced their rights against abuse of State power. The People have become familiar today (even during this terrible crisis) with arrests (often without charges) successful and unsuccessful bail applications, and political interference with police investigations. Persons convicted of serious criminal offences or charged with such offences in ongoing court proceedings, have smoothly transitioned into holders of high public office, even as advisors to the President. Presidential pardons have been given to persons convicted of murder, when appeals have been dismissed by the highest judicial authority, the Supreme Court of our land. All this has undermined the confidence of citizens in the justice system, and the Rule of Law.

We must demand that Constitutional reform addresses this cancer, and reinforces the independence of the judiciary, protecting them effectively from political interference. We as voters must demand that we will not tolerate and legitimise the breakdown of the legal system that we have witnessed.

3. If these objectives are to be achieved we must, through our votes, send the right people to Parliament. Proposals to recall the dissolved Parliament are met with a public outcry -“we do not want these same people back again!” However sadly, the same people associated in the public mind with massive corruption, buying crossovers in Parliament, abuse of power in governance, and criminal negligence in protecting the lives of citizens because of petty political concerns, have again been nominated by political parties as candidates. If these people return to Parliament can we expect change? We must exercise our votes to reject these persons who have over and over again proved their incapacity to work for the People. We must elect candidates from any party, who can help us to begin a journey on the new re-imagined path of progress and development that our country desperately needs, at this time.

4. The government has placed important responsibilities on the military, in responding to the crisis. It is in the nation’s interest that the Military support the civilian administration and the public health system. However we must remind ourselves that they cannot acquire a status that goes beyond that role. It is also very important for the nation that the media should act responsibly at this time and not undermine this standard of democratic governance. Similarly the police are accountable for exercising their powers and responsibilities with respect for the fundamental rights of citizens. Our Supreme Court has reiterated this position over and over again in their decisions.

The recent notice of the Police Media Unit on arrests for criticism of officials responding to the public health crisis on the internet raises serious issues on citizens’ rights to freedom of speech and information and seems to have gone unnoticed by the media and the Bar Association. Citizens’ rights to freedom of speech and information have been recognised in our Constitution and court decisions as essential to ensure that the public can find out the true facts, and that decisions on public health are made with due consideration for the lives and safety of everyone. Indeed the Constitution under Art 15(7) and 14 (A) gives the Supreme Court the power to review administrative decisions restricting these rights on the ground of public health. This is to ensure that the State power of regulation in a public health crisis is not abused.

5. The President, when he took office assured all of us that he is the President of all the people of the country and not just those who elected him into office. This statement demonstrated the political leadership that this country needs, to heal the wounds of conflict embedded in our past. We must remind ourselves that the manner in which the State and private media and some health officials publicised the ethnicity of Covid19 victims, their families and locations, has encouraged racism and prejudice in our communities. The insensitivity with which the practice of burial of the deceased in Muslim communities has been portrayed in the media is deplorable. Cremations of these persons, and other victims has been publicised in TV news bulletins with total lack of respect for the dignity and privacy of the victims, their families and communities. Funeral rites are important for all our diverse communities, linked with closure for the loss of loved ones. If the State wishes to regulate these practices on medical and scientific grounds related to protecting the public from the virus, decision-making must be based on consultation with faith and community leaders, and a representative body of medical professionals. The government’s unfortunate lapses must not be repeated. This is the time to give critically important political leadership in rejecting religious and ethnic extremism, promoting unity and empathy for each other, in our collective interest.    

Prof. Savitri Goonesekere, Dr. Usvatte-Aratchi and Prof. Arjuna Aluwihare

On behalf of:

Mr. Faiz-ur Rahman, Mr. Danesh Casie Chetty,  Dr. Radhika Coomaswamy,  Prof. Camena Guneratne, Dr. A.C. Visvalingam, Bishop Duleep de Chickera, Prof. Gameela Samarasinghe,  Prof. Gananath Obeyesekere, Prof. Ranjini Obeyesekere, Mr. Tissa Jayatilaka , Rev. Dr. Jayasiri Peiris, Mr. Sanjayan Rajasingham, Mr Chandra Jayaratne , Mr. Priyantha Gamage, Mr. S.C.C.Elankovan, Mr. Dhammapala Wijayanandana, Mr. Javid Yusuf, Mr. Prashan de Visser & Ms. Shanthi Dias

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Latest comments

  • 13

    Jayampathi Wickramaratne and gang back at work.
    You people failed 2015 experiment my dear.
    Please go back to your cages and let professionals to run the country.

    • 11

      S. C. Passqual

      “Jayampathi Wickramaratne and gang back at work.”

      When did they stop working. Unlike you and your thieving gang those people who have their country at the centre of their heart work all the time, non stop.

      “You people failed 2015 experiment my dear.”

      You rotten people failed not only since 1948 and preparing to fail many years from now on.

      Corona has given you lot another opportunity like the war and Tsunami, smash the state, grab and run.

    • 14

      Dear SCP,
      Jayampathi etal are telling the truth. If you cannot understand the truth it is your problem. There are no professionals in the Government. They are the same old Criminals, racists and corruptors who destroyed this nation and its democracy. It is true that it was a failure by previous President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil for not taking legal action against those criminals, corruptors, racists and murders. Since 75% of the population is Buddhist Sinhala who are trapped in the racist agenda of Mahinda Family it is easy to get majority in an election. But the nation lost its unity, freedom of speech, rule of law and justice. You will only realise the consequences of your racism and dictatorship when thousands of Sinhalese begging on the street once dictatorship starts its dictatorship. For example, a young Sinhalese boy was murdered when he was protesting for a glass of drinking water for his community.

  • 29

    The path of no return for Sri Lanka.

    • 16

      A total waste of effort & time with these one tracked horuma boruma rajapuka clan who along with their fellow criminal sex-starved crooks will only desire to have their unscrupulous ways in getting what they desperately want by hook or by crook.
      Democracy a word respected in most parts of the globe is only a joke to these uncouth morons and all they want in life is to seek political power which will then enable this cheap patta houru’s to further squeeze the already Kota Uda economy dry.
      They desperately seek a 2/3rd majority at the upcoming general election which if obtained by hook or crook will enable them to dump the 19th amendment into the thrash can bring in the already set up military dictatorship and ensure for generation after generation that the rajapuk’s will be the only ones using the royal commode.
      What a bastard of a dastardly thought.?
      It should never be allowed to happen.?
      Cheers, am ready to join lock stock and barrel for the fight with all pistons firing to boot these rajapuka’s into the bog in the cesspit. R. J.

      • 1


        “A total waste of effort & time with these one tracked horuma boruma rajapuka clan who along with their fellow criminal sex-starved crooks will only desire to have their unscrupulous ways in getting what they desperately want by hook or by crook.”

        Would you tell this to Shenali Waduge and her stupid followers in her face book, if you have b****?

        • 2

          yes, I have had the balls to tell that and added further factual to the manner in which this once upon a time now ageing beyond any form of resemblance or beauty.
          I even magnanimously invited her to be my Facebook buddy of a buddy but to this second have had no response nor a reply rejecting my invitation.
          Cheers, keep up the great intelligent to the point sharp shot hits. R. J.

  • 29

    The (self-perceived) elites of Colombo have come out again! They are clutching at straws, as usual, to find problems with the popular mandate that kicked out the Yamapalana fraud.
    Sirs and Madams,
    Your interpretation of democracy, a version dictated by the neocolonial forces of globalisation, is a nasty version used by the globalists to undermine strong governments in the developing world. People like Uswatte-Arachchi and Ganannatha Obeysekara have been foot soldiers of these thieves for many decades, in their respective fields. It is notable that people like Mr Jayantha Dhanapala have left the FF coterie.
    Distorted interpretations of democracy is an item in the bag of tools, used by neocolonialists to keep the masses in the developing world (as separate from the elites like the Friday Forum members) in poverty by denying them of strong leadership who are good managers capable of independent thinking and having vision.

    • 16

      Man Wake up !.
      Democracy is not to elect the leaders. If they sworn in, they have to respect the constitution. These are basics that are known to 10 year olds but not to Rajapakshe rascals. Those who play housana for them have their reasons to do so, because Rajapakshes would not care about any norms, but let the thugs be promoted and continue the loot as was the case upto 2015. Ballige puthas should be punished by CORONA rather than any other means, so that we can see a future free from BPs.
      I become allergic just when I think as to why the people fall on their tricks being played on them tehse days.

      Over 1200 millions of US dollars have been among the sums that the govt received all these daxyxs, but the buggers such as that CHIAN draggers – aka Raththaran makes every efforts to say that no nothing is received by the govt yet. How blatant liars these ballige puthas have been. Who are they fooling this way ?

    • 11

      Okay, ladies and gentleman, it is time for us to agree with the rulers making our staple food be “grass”. They the punnaku drinkers, paved the way the looters to govern this country. Today Rajaapakshes criminals do whatever they think is right, but by sending people in starvation day by day.
      From the day after tomorrow they would illegally abuse the consolidated funds that would not be permitted to use for the nation without the approval of the parliament. According to their arguments, they can still use it, but the provisions stand against their says. This way, their man, former president sirisena abused the constitution and ended up being a dog that made every effort to hide his tail behind the leg. This time, an another man of STUPID sirisena nature, repeats the same mistake. How stupid the nation should be according their focus, even to allow huge blunders of that nature.

  • 17

    Friday Forum says, ‘The Corona Virus pandemic is not a time to reject democracy and replace it with authoritarianism in the name of strong leadership”

    Does this means that there is a time to reject democracy and replace it with authoritarianism, if so when?

    Could not the Friday Forum advocate democracy always at all times ?

    Not simply democracy, but participatory democracy always under all circumstances?

    Do not give opportunities for dictatorship to creep in ?

  • 19

    These opportunists would not see it. That is why many in social media seem to be supporting them further. I wonder why the people let easily manipulated.

    Those were the days, even far poor afros were manipulated easily. Now with even tram services being introduced to Adisabeba, the growth rate of Ethiopia is rapidly going up with european markets are filling with their product. If you would buy flowers , some vegetable and fruits in europe, most of them keep coming from Ethiopia today.

    I see while our ballige puthas focus their power greedy tactics, those countries in Africa have been doing their best. They dont care about anything but to raise their heads.
    We have lots of chances if BPs would not be the leaders, to join hand with other nations. So long tribal mentality bearers like Rajapakshes are the leaders, not many would even look at us.
    Just imagine, yesterday on, Rajakashes have started making public statemetns to mislead the nation by saying that no funds were received from any countries. Actually, going by RTI they should tell the nation, the size of the funds /grants/aids etc the govt received. In the end, the people would have to pay them all by their taxes.

  • 15

    Would there ever be a correct time to reject democracy and replace it with authoritarianism!

  • 21

    It is unfortunate that this group of academics and senior retired public officials, most of them well past their 70’s are considered aloof, out of touch with ground realities and often seen as mere stooges of a bankrupt political class that has failed the nation. The power given to the present regime stem from the poorest people, most of them simple Sinhala people of the nominally Buddhist faith. Therefore, these suggestions, complaints and outcries about the failing of democracy in the face of a pandemic will fall on the ears of a very small minority of English-speaking people who have the time to read CT (for example). The vast majority of people hail the valiant troops and their commanders as true saviours of the land and have placed their trust in those who represent these heroes. Academics and other such retired senior officials are considered as mere flatulent layabouts who periodically emit a weak bray in the wilderness. Instead, their heroes’ spokespersons on national TV each evening are former chain-snatchers, former lorry drivers, descendants of the temple drummers, daylight swindlers and other such characters who lack credibility in a more polished or dignified environment. That is how SL society has transformed itself with the passage of time.

    • 10

      Dear Mr Pethiyagoda,
      U have articulated it as no other. I am fully in agreement with you, every word you have added above are the truth. We are speechless. Over 60 lacks people stood against the rascals, knowing that the rule would not be better to what they experienced prior to 2015. Dangerous dichotomy developing between ignorants and carers is rapdily growing in the country today. As you analysed it, those media men work only for their commercial gains even if they alone could make a real change taking the side of the general public.

      Those rural people that have no idea about democracy would not care even if we would be thrown from Democracy to Millitary leadership. For them fairy tales were painted, repeating that Rajapakshes are the only leaders to protect so called sinhala buddhism. To me, sinhala buddhism aka Buddhagama is a living form of srilankens today – that has not much to do with the true teachings of the lord buddha and his non-violence based principles.

      Just look at, the manner the looters in power distribute that 5000 bucks to the poor these days ? They simply dont care about people s feelings be hurt. Some with public servant salary are given while others such as masons, carpentors and plumbers or the like labourers have no chance to that offer. How can they provide food to their children these days is a question that nobody could answer.
      Those make every effort to run the govt without reconvene parliament, would surely have to face it now or later, that the entire world brand them as constitutional breachers.

      Tobe ccontd

    • 2

      Lasantha Pethiyagoda

      “It is unfortunate that this group of academics and senior retired public officials, most of them well past their 70’s are considered aloof, out of touch with ground realities and often seen as mere stooges of a bankrupt political class that has failed the nation.”

      Gotabaya Rajapaksa born 1949, 70 years
      Mahinda Rajapaksa born 1945, 74 years
      Chamal Rajapaksa born 1942, 77 years
      Dinesh Gunawardena born 1949, 71 years
      Nimal Siripala de Silva born 1944, 75 years
      Vasudeva Nanayakkara born 1939, 81 years
      Gamini Lokuge born 1948, 71 years
      Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena born 1945, 74 years
      John Seneviratne born 1941, 79 years

      P B Jayasundera (?) 70 years
      Lalith Weeratunga born 1950, 69 years

      I am sorry what were you saying?

      • 0

        Native Vedda ,

        Your ‘ FYI’ is ” seriously flawed as per the system that is in place
        in the paradise ! One of them is Father to Namal and the rest are
        Uncles ! And that is how we look at our ‘ Care Home’ the
        ‘Diywanna’ dwellers ! And don’t forget that we are not a country
        that throw our elders onto the streets and bus stops as some
        rogue medias report regularly !!

      • 2

        It is really sad the way these dried pumpkins -still seen as tied to lanken politics – which is not the case in the US and UK – also in Germany, Dr Merkel would not want to stay in power, even if the growing numbers beg to extend her term.

        These bitch s sons – telling something palatable but cheating the very same people on and on, … live up their propensities on broad day light. The situation is made them to continue so – who has been making it – nobody else but MEDIA mafia. Media can reveal a lot – if they collectively stand against the Untruths, Mythos, Astrological Predition and all that mislead the nation.

        PUBLIC and MEDIA together can bring this NATION forward… but these are just utopistic of my imagination – but there are lot more that are not clear to me – may well be because lack of my OWN exp in that country since 90ties.

  • 8

    It is a war between COVID 19 – Democracy – Totalitarianism. Religious leaders are unnecessarily getting involved in this battle. The yes men of President are the only people who are financially benefited as if GOTS wins they will get appointed to Departments and Hgh Commission so that they can get their commissions on projects. Sri Lank has become a cursed nation It is the poor voters who are suffering from business men

    • 8

      A regligion be it christianity, islam or buddhism each of them help human beings to learn to be principled. In our country, the religions and politics have now become laughing stocks because they work together by fooling the very same people on and on. Shortly before last presidential election, most high priest of kelaniya buddhist temple made a plea about a myth – so that buddhist adherents were totally misled. Later this became to be one of the political gimmick being set by Rajapakshe criminals in order to grab more votes by hook or crook.
      That unfortunately, worked in favour of them, making them the leaders. These tactics and ones allow them to be led, SHOULD BE both curseful and condemned by the people. The media coverages done their biased services, uttered NOT a single word correcting their news telecast in the post election episode either. In a country filled with rascals – filled with slaves, what could not happen ?

      Even if the religions in general help the human beings, some wrong versions of buddhism or any other religions mislead the peoples. in our country, calling themselves buddhists, but over 90% of born buddhists behave wrong. This you will notice if you would roam in the vicinity of Kelaniya Buddhist Temple which is regarded as one of the most respectable buddhist temples in the country yet today. However, as of today, Kelaniya buddhist temple is caught by the vicious politicians and their abusive cultures, so that genuine buddhist adherents could not continue holding their prayers as done until few years ago.

  • 4

    Lasantha Pethiyagoda ,

    Can’t disagree with you Lasantha except one minor part . The English
    speaking or the desire to switch to English from both ends of the
    social spectrum has vastly changed in recent times . At least vast
    majority of inhabitants pretend to know English just to keep in shape !
    Look at the level of hypocrisy , vast majority elect their leaders who
    chest beat with anti Western rhetoric in public and courting in private
    while their grass root is madly in love with their former colonial
    masters’ English language ! One is not second to the other in betrayal !
    This is the general situation on all other issues leaving no room for
    anything good and concrete . Almost everybody’s eyes on breaking the
    till secretly or publicly , alone or together as a team !

    • 2

      Why why@

      They dont know to differentiate it. Today, even if the govt is about to make the biggest constitutional failure, people would not disagree with them. Look at the way they in social media behave today. As had been prior to Gotler’s election, no such anti-govt rhetorics being passed on SMedia ? Why is that, is that because there is no press freedom or people are scared of being persecuted ?

      Not just low level analysts, but WORLD expers made it very clear, if they would not reconvene the parliament, that will definitely be a biggest mistake a state leader could make. : But even that so called senior LAWYER Susil Silva is in the view, no point of reconvening the parliament at this moment…

  • 3

    I am with you.
    “…very small minority of English-speaking people who have the time to read CT … “
    Anti Sinhala Buddhist methodology adopted by CT contributers and commenters has been a singular failure. Reason: unconscionable exaggeration.


    • 1


      Here is another chance for the crooks to make money.
      The presidential fund stood at Rs 866 million on Tuesday evening. USA, EU, …. have donated loads of dosh for the purpose of caring for the poor people.

      How much are you planning to make during this unfortunate period of disaster?
      When do you think your Rana-viruses are going to win the war against Corona-virus.

      Keheliya Rambukwella believes Corona is nothing to those who won LTTE.
      Shavendra Silva has discovered a island where he intents to keep all illegal immigrants.
      Kamal Gunaratne was seen walking on a red carpet and while wearing a mask at Jaffna Airport. Is he scared of corona infecting him through his boots? Whats wrong with this man? Gota gave him the task of fighting Corona from his old Tank. Is he still fighting the Corona or his imaginary LTTE?

      Take care stupid man.

  • 8

    I was watching the TV 1 Need of the Hour debate in which Canishka the Pohottuwa supporting Lawyer mentioned that the reason why the Govt wants to go for the election was to establish a “Better Parliament”. I am not sure if he is stupid or not, but my question is – How many of the present Candidates who are contesting the next election were in the Rajapakse President’s Govt prior to 2015 and Yahapalana Govt there after? The answer would be most of them. So what is this Canishka Lawyer talking about, wondering what he is smoking or drinking these days. Educated fools like him are the ones who are ruining this country.

    • 7

      That poor NEPAL have performed nearly 60 000 tests so far. Not a single death due to corona. And it is also not an island
      Per capita Nepal – 900 US dollars
      Srilanka s – per capia – 4000 US dollars
      Why our country as an Island failed to CONTROL COVID 19 …
      Why BP Rajaakshe let our people be infected – not having taken any steps yet today ?

      With all funds being received – it is reported 1200 millions US dollars -but not even 17500 Tests done sofar.
      Wasidewa Naki Bp, behaves today no second to Wimal Buruwanse.
      Gota has proved, that he is no different to that of SIRISENA…. nothing is done to praise with WOW… ..

      • 2

        in today s context in our motherland , it is akin to that the nation is caught by dracon .

        they dont care and respect any thing coming from the political opposition, they dont set the priority of safe of the people focusing on their health and prevention them from caught by the deadly CORONA virus.

        even Germany as a leading industrial nation, today, talk about their pride, though the recovering numbers of COVID patients in that grand nation of 83 millions of people is nearly 76% with UK, Frannce, Italy and other EUropean countries claims not even 25% so far.

        It is public secret that we the srilankens ; are an another poor and hungry nation to the world. Like frogs restricted to water wells, our bitch’s sons in power for some reasons, entetain the gulliable gawky people with their self-glorifications. They dont open their eyes at all, to sense the feeling.
        Now or later, people will have to realize the ulterior motives of the rascals in power. we the srilankens livingn outside, cant see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the progress of the nation.

        They talk high about them and their zero achievements regarding prevention steps being taken against COVID spread. This is ridiculous. But those fed with their media mechanisms, would have brains to see it beyond. People s perception has been made, that what the criminals in power are doing their best as a poor nation. This perception block the nation improving their

        • 2

          continuing .
          They dont care about the manner some other far poor nations have prevented the virus being sperad within theiir countries. They have not performed enough control PCR tests let alone today. Experts warned already weeks ago, but they just treated the thoughts and minds of the experts with total ignorance and ridicule. Minister of health had the termerity to insist that the nation would be free from COVID by 19th April. .Unfortunately, srilankens heard the rapid increase of the patients started on to 19th April and onwards. But the very same female minister, goes on and continues her incorrect information as usual even today. No her colleagues or govt seems to utter a single word against her.

          They dont care about the rapid increase and the need of performance of PCR testing WITHIN EACH population, going by the repeated instructions given by the world health organisation.

          They dont care about the 40% srilanken destitute community which are the most vulnerable portion of the nation an

  • 1

    There is little known about the Corona CVD19 virus, a respiratory disease, as scientist around the world are racing against time to find a vaccine.

    A new side effect of Corona is being experienced in few countries. The virus can eat in to the heart of democracy. in Sri Lanka for example there are symptoms that the democracy is struggling to breathe.

    The scientist are optimistic of finding a cure for Corona disease and save the man kind .
    But there is no cure for man kind in Sri Lanka from the mutant of the virus known as Rajapakse Crown.

    In Sri lanka , Corona mutation known as Rajapakse, infect citizens who are so weak to fight the Rajapkase crona. The Corona mutate it self and breed on Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhist an easy prey as a host.

    Tamils and Muslims and other minorities are found to be immune from this Crona. . The rajapakse Crona incite its host to attack the immune system of Tamils and Muslims.

    The International Community is watching the developments with interest

  • 0

    People of Sri Lanka selected leader with proven skills in implementing a sound strategy to accelerate the growth of the economy. Unfortunately, what he can achieve is limited by the pruning of the powers of the President. Which ever party wins the General Election, Sri Lanka will be jumping from the frying pan to the fire after the General Election.

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