22 May, 2022


Question Number Two To Gota: Who Delivered Bolt Gun That Killed Lasantha To Colombo?

The Viyathmaga effort of Gotabaya Rajapaksa to position himself as the next candidate to run for Presidency in 2020 needs serious address. Last week we sprung question number one to him. No reply.

We ask question number two from him.

Question Number two:

If you say it was Sarath Fonseka who was responsible for the assault, abduction and torture of Keith Noyahr and the killing of Lasantha Wickrematunge, why did you not say so when you and your brother were in power and why did you not charge him (Fonseka) for such criminal acts?

The Viyathmaga entourage standing proudly behind it must consciously place their hands on their hearts and ask this question from him. Serious.

Do these acolytes know the meaning of AHIMSA? Does Gota know the meaning? Lasantha named his daughter AHIMSA at birth. He was killed violently. A bolt gun was used. Who brought such gun to the City?

His Postmortem report was fudged. His bones were exhumed after a change of government. Explain that to Ahimsa now that you wish to run for President.

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    How on earth this man known for his threats, murder, intimidation and money laundering can stand in that podium to give an economic way forward to 1000 plus people in the city ? He says state officials should be free of corruption! Holy macaroni watch again to see who is seated in the front row. The most corrupt and scandalous family members,with their friends. GOTA knows it’s the worlds trend now that all corrupt leaders who slept with one hand in state coffers will be nailed sooner or later. Look at S Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia in the recent past. Our country is getting there and most of these thieves will be jailed. It’s the new era of them destroying each other. We are following the same Asian pattern and no one can stop it. Yes some credit goes to GOTA for ending the war as a member of that heroic team. Also beautifying the capitol. Nothing more. They all are protecting each other as they want to battle it out together. But Times running out . Finally most of the people present there from the Corporate world came because they were scared of GOTA and they all know how revengeful this family is. Shame on you lot.

    • 17

      Sheriff exclaims ~ “……..Holy macaroni watch again to see who is seated in the front row…….” .
      There are the retired Armed Services people hoping to get some diplomatic posting.
      There are the lot who were there at the BBS Cultural Centre opening ceremony.
      Next row are former WhiteVan drivers and baby-elephant snatchers.
      Next row at the Karunas waiting for diplomatic passports
      and so on

  • 21

    Noam Chomsky has written a book about Failed States I.would recommend this book to all those Professionals[?] who are promoting a man who has the same psychic as the LTTE leader, aspiring to be the President!
    The Sinhala-Tamil phobia is blinding good sense! or is the Buth packet and Arrack that will decide what is good for the country?

    • 4

      Plato, few will understand good sense and be guided by wisdom. Judge for yourself the mood of our people.

      The ardent believers of any political party or candidate are driven by fanaticism and blind loyalty. As a half negro American marries into the British royalty and a black American preacher at Windsor tells the world what matters is to LOVE one another never mind the differences, we are busy spewing hatred and scorn among ourselves as we continue to muddle along backwards into the future.

  • 1

    Generally speaking, the journalists’ publications irked those in power at that time. The degree of irritation caused by the publication varied with the individual. The individual mostly targeted by the respective publications also mattered in deciding the motive for the crime. The fact remains that SF and GR were buddies at the time all these murders, kidnapping and other acts of aggression took place. Both of them have something to answer and both of them cannot be passing the buck to each other now. In simple language all are in the game. Judging from the differences in character the chances are that SF organized the attacks with the BLESSINGS of GR who either approved the action or viewed it with a Nelsonian eye. That is why no action was taken against the violence perpetrated against the journalists. Questions may be posed to GR now in fora such as CT now. But are those effective in deciding on the vote for the man by a vast majority who may not even read what is in CT. The best answer is to put pressure on the present government, which CT can to some extent, to do some people centric action so that support in terms of votes they lost at the local government elections may be gained.

  • 6

    Why is there so much hate towards Exclusively(_Sri Lanka) Moor Muslims by the Rajapakshe Family? and Gotabaya I was told by someone who knows him closely don’t like Tamils either but willing to tolerate them, ,but his hate towards The (Sri Lanka aka Ceylon Moors not others esp his closeness to Malays is very real ,his past Right hand man was a Malay a well known fact ) is very personal and deep rooted and does not even want to discuss about it.

    As for certain a guaranteed 90% Majority voter base along with some minority he and his brothers will be taking over the Country in 2020, it would do no harm to approach the man and see how if any reconciliation can be made ,which I have very little faith in,but no harm in trying .

    If what is told by many Sinhalese known to me is true ,then sadly the Moor community will have to pay a big price ..

  • 3

    Lasantha autopsy report of gunshot was false due to threat on life. BOLT GUN damage to brain by military thugs was to destroy memory of MIG. Brain surgery was carried out on him for several hours, but the ticket may be missing now. SL biggest threat today is that he will use saffron robes for his thuggery as the Sangha don’t know about disciplinary action of a collective, but only individual escape from karma hopefully, apart from division among castes. The Sinhala Buddhism of politics has nothing to do with true Buddhism, sil redi being mass robberies and scams. Nothing good in progress for nation except that potential presidents are getting obsessed about their future.

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