29 June, 2022


Rajapakas’ Continuous Coaxing Of The Chinese Ruffles Indian Feathers

The Rajapaksa-regime’s desperate need to be in China’s good books has resulted in a significant loss of land as land transfers have been agreed upon to two Chinese firms as charges for their projects in Sri Lanka, the weekly Sinhala newspaper Ravaya has reported.

Mahinda Gota BasilIt has been noted that a Chinese firm has requested for the ownership of the 198-acre land in Gampaha, claiming the expressway construction under the build-operate-transfer (BOT) scheme is not profitable.

The Ravaya report also states that another Chinese company has requested for a large land area in return for constructing a dam to prevent coastal erosion along Colombo South Port to Moratuwa.

Despite pledges made by the Rajapaksa-led UPFA of not allowing a single inch of land to be sold to foreigners, it has already sold 10 acres from the Army headquarters’ premises in Galle Face Green to the Shangri La group and has agreed to handover the ownership of 1/3 of the Port City that is currently being constructed in Colombo on land reclaimed from the sea to another Chinese firm.

Meanwhile, the weekly English newspaper – the Sunday Times reports Sri Lanka’s continuous coaxing of the Chinese has ruffled feathers of Indian authorities. ST Political Column titled ‘UPFA loses friends and influences disasters’ states that Indian External Affairs Minister Swaraj had raised issue with her Sri Lankan counterpart Peiris over a decision by the Government to permit China National Aero-Technology Import-Export Corporation (CATIC) to establish an Aircraft Base Maintenance Center worth 40.3 million USD in Trincomalee, pointing out it violates the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987.

The Column exclusively reports that the project aims at producing indigenous aircraft and will also provide for a large housing block in the picturesque Marble Beach to accommodate the Chinese crew.

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    So what is wrong with this Land Transfers and Chinese Connections? only thing is our Saddarmadveepa Chakrawarthi will have to visit Seychelles at least twice a month to check his bank balances. It seems that Sashi Weerawana, Leftist Wimal Weerawansa’s wife also can have a good time in Seychelles.

    Dengue Sira is famous for running without cloths, but see this Boralugoda Sunaka Rajaya is wearing anything?

    Mahinda’s Car, Gota’s Petrol, Basil’s Driving. Suba Anagathayak.

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      “Saddarmadveepa Chakrawarthi will have to visit Seychelles at least twice a month to check his bank balances. It seems that Sashi Weerawana, Leftist Wimal Weerawansa’s wife also can have a good time in Seychelles.”

      Are you alluding to something that is vital to the survival of this island?

      You know something that we don’t know. What is it?

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        The United National Party (UNP) said today there was a trend where black money including money swindled from development projects was deposited in Swiss banks through Seychelles because Switzerland was tightening its laws.

        It said that though all funds deposited in Swiss banks were not ill-gotten lucre a large amount of such funds were deposited concealing the true identity.

        UNP parliamentarian and well-known economist Harsha De Silva said the amount of funds deposited in Swiss banks under Sri Lankan addresses had decreased in recent years because of strict laws adopted by Switzerland while deposits through Seychelles had drastically increased.

        “The population in Seychelles is slightly more than 90,000 but the deposits under the addresses of that country are worth about 3,000 million Swiss Francs last year, which is higher than the accumulated deposits under Sri Lankan addresses,” he said.

        Dr. De Silva said most of the addresses in Seychelles are of companies which are registered within another company. (Lahiru Pothmulla and Yoshitha Perera)


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      Mahinda’s Car, Gota’s Petrol, Basil’s Driving. Suba Anagathayak, oba samata Aba saranay. !

    • 1

      Lapariya ,

      Please be informed , Dengu Sira’s name has been changed to Aba (Mustard) Sira !

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    MaRa junta is selling Sri Lanka little by little to China to fill their pockets with commissions on the projects.

    China has so much cash from making and selling almost everything to the world: It buys the largest chunk of the US debt, and Sri Lanka is borrowing from China to have a party for the junta. In return Lankan land becomes China’s!

    When the party is over, Sri Lankan fill find part of their land in China’s hands.

    Can there be any better rulers than these?

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      … and Chinese Language will be the official language of “Chin-Lanka” with reasonable of Sinhalese for the modayas!

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    China enjoys the reputation of not being a colonial power. However, thanks to the Rajapaksas it will come to own Sri Lanka through the purchase of real estate. Bensen

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      China has got a bridgehead in Trincomalee airbase built by Britain. Slowly they can move inland, and they start connecting the lands they own now – bingo! they will have their colony, where Chinese writ will run supreme.

      Indians are bloody fools – they will be like a dog that let the squirrel run up the tree and kept barking at it!

      Our lion king is really crafty, both a lion and a fox wrapped in one not a dog like Injuns.

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        India lost the plot a long time ago.

        It ceded sovereignty of Sri Lanka to the Chinese long before the 2009 war. The decisive blow against the LTTE came from the very accurate multi barrel rocket launchers that were donated by the Chinese. The Indian contribution to the war effort was all talk (all fart no shit).

        Well in the scheme of things, Sri Lanka becoming a Chinese colony is not such a bad outcome at all. Being under any colonial rule is so much better than being subject to horrendous Sinhala governance. The common man since independance have known neither peace nor prosperity. The sooner the Chinese take over Sri Lanka the better – not only for the minorities but to the majority community as well. After all the so called majority community are victims of Sinhala Buddhist misrule as well. The majority are such a pathetic lot, being sucked in by cunning politicians and culture vultures who ever so successfully incorporated Mahanama type skulduggery as well.

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    Hey Phillip! awake! The Borulugoda Lion’s offspring is now being likened to a dog – “Sunakaya”. Well Well ! had the old Lion been alive he may have agreed as well!

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