4 March, 2024


Rajapaksa State Media Editor Calls For Al Jazeera Reporter To Be ‘Locked Up’

The editor of the Daily News, the state controlled publication that has become the voice of the Rajapaksa Government has called for the arrest of Al Jazeera journalist, Huffington Post and Colombo Telegraph columnist Dinouk Colombage.

Dinouk Colombage

Dinouk Colombage

On his personal twitter account Rajpal Abeynayake who edits the Daily News and has taken the state daily to the nadir has urged the Government authorities to ‘lock up’ Colambage and ‘Groundviews’ – for what he calls “murder on social media’.

“Save Lives” the Daily News Editor says in vitriolic posts on his Twitter page tagging Namal Rajapaksa MP, Media Ministry secretary Charith Herath and UNP MP Harsha de Silva. In a subsequent status Abeynayake also tags Sydney Consul General “Ambassador” Bandula Jayasekera in his “arrest them” post.

“Lock up the scum” he says in another post.

In a recent editorial Abeynayake called social media users vultures for their updates about the Aluthgama riots and hailed the Sri Lankan mainstream press for what he called their “responsible reporting”.

“You can tell what depths the press in Sri Lanka has sunk to with regard to the rioting in Aluthgama when Rajpal is praising them for a job well done” noted one local scribe.

The Government that maintained stony silence for five days after the riots broke out in Aluthgama and Beruwala last Sunday except for a few presidential tweets has been vocal in its criticism and guidelines for how the press and social media users are to report on the violence.

Abeynayake has been leading the charge. He is being assisted by another user called Hannah Steyn who has urged the authorities to track down the IPs of journalists like Dinouk.

Colombo Telegraph learns that the state Social Media Team has already met with the security establishment to share information.

Social media users are strongly advised to use caution as these websites may be under heavy Rajapaksa Government surveillance in the next few weeks.


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    I agree, we must fear [Edited out] Rajpal. He is the mouthpiece and the chief apologist for the government and has inordinate influence over the Rajapaksa regime. He has so much power that he is publicly ordering the arrest of a journalist. I wonder why he did not go one step further and order a white vanning of Dinouk Colombage.

    • 6

      That may be his next tweet!

      Sengodan. M

    • 4

      Dinouk Colombage,

      Sinhals “Buddist” Terrorist and Anarchist and Chauvinist
      The Buddhist Sinhala, who follow the Buddha Dhamma.

      “On his personal twitter account Rajpal Abeynayake who edits the Daily News and has taken the state daily to the nadir has urged the Government authorities to ‘lock up’ “

      Rajpal Abeynayake has become the master Shill of the mara regime.

      He must be amassing a lot of wealth, but he is marked man now as the Master Shill, locally and globally. However much he shouts and lies,the Truth will prevail- read the Tipitaka.

      So there are two kinds of Sinhala and Buddhists.

      SINHALA BUDDHISTS: They are the Terrorists in Lanka, the Para-Sinhala, who try to hide the fact that they are Para, came from South India, as shown by the DNA in their bodies. They use Buddhism as a cover, as a camouflage, to commit all kinds of atrocities not taught by the Buddha Dhamma.


      They form a small but substantial fraction of Sinhala, and keep fooling the true Buddhist Sinhala who follow the Buddha Dhamma.

      1. Monk Mahanama of Mahawansa Fame -Notoriety
      2. Anagarika Dharmapala.
      3. SWRD Bandaranaika. He was a Sinhala Christian ( Fore-fathers were Sinhala Christian Dutch Reformed Church, Sinhala Catholic Portuguese Catholic. Sinhala Buddhist, Tamil Hindu – Perumal from South India- Still Para-).
      4. A host of other including The Rajapaksa and many others, BBS, Shills, killers, arsonists etc. too many to mention who stood in the way of forming an Egalitarian Society.
      Well, why did have all those Tamil killings in 1958, 1977 and 1983 ?
      5. Mahanayaka of Malwatta Chapter
      6. Monk Somarama, Monk Buddharakkita etc,, of SWRD “Fame”
      7. Rajpal Abeynayake, the master Shill of the Mara regime.

      They do the Sunday Night Sil, and do the Monday Night kill.

      At Aluthgama, they do the afternoon Sil, and do the Evening and Night kill, supported by the Sinhala Buddhist Mara State.


      All the other Sinhala, who follow the Buddha Dhamma

      1. Watareka Vijitha thero a critic of the Bodu Bala Sena

      2. Ven. Walpola Rahula,

      3. W. Dahanayaka

      4, Many other Upasakas and Upasaks Ammas

      So Know the Difference:

      Sinhals “Buddist” Terrorist and Anarchist and Chauvinist


      The Buddhist Sinhala, who follow the Buddha Dhamma.

      • 0


        I always Maintain that, FIRST, I am a BUDDHIST and secondly Sinhalese.

        Who is This JARAAPAL Abey??.

        Is that Pimp,The Guy who went after Prositutes in Geneve on Sri Lankan tax payers money?????.

    • 3

      What make the likes of Rajpal and Hudson dangerous is not the fact they are the “mouthpieces and the chief apologists for the government” but in a government full of idiots these guys are the “thinkers” behind government action. What ever the cockamamie ideas these blokes come up with the government apparatus is there to make it a reality.

      When Rajapaksas think they need really bright ideas to use in the international arena they go to Dayan, Rajiva et. al. Yeah, that is a scary picture, I know; but these are the times we live in.

      Oh and when it become apparent the government is about to get screwed and Rajapaksa doesn’t come to him for “advice” Dayan makes sure the goes and has a “secret” meeting so he can say “it is too late now”.

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    There is some truth in what Mr. Abenayaka’s massage. I think all Journos including Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Dinuk of CT and Journos of other media should follow our brave Independent Media Giants Rajpal, Champika and others. Our Hon. President openly stated that he ordered IGP to take stern action against those who indulge in hate speech and create tension. Also he asked all the people to be “San Sun” (Clam and quiet)by his twitter massage from Bolivia. Now everybody should realize that he did his best to avoid violence although by the time he comes to SriLanka every thing in Aluthgama “Sune Sun” All these because of IGP as he was searching Legal Provision to Arrest hate speakers but until now he could not find such Provision in our Law Books. While he was searching legal Provisions Muslims touched their own houses, Business buildings and throw one cigarette but towards Panadura No Limit shop. Therefore we should not blame Govt. or President or “Aparada Arakshaka Lekam” for what happened. Actually Chairman, BBS(pvt)ltd. Gandasara also tried his best to clam the both parties but Muslims could not understand the Nanasara Bana as they are Muslims. Champika Ranawaka, Nishantha Sri Warnasingha and all the other protectors of Pure Sinhala state were trying their best to avoid the tension. by the way any CT readers got any Idea about his lost Wallet in Geneva?

  • 2

    The web version of a local newspaper banned in Sri Lanka reports that the Government of Sri Lanka has made eleaborate arrangements to arrest Gnanasara to be covered on live TV. Here is the story:
    [Edited out]

  • 4

    Why did dis “Raj ‘bal’ abeynayake not call for the arrest of de goons n stf who killed innocent civilions n looted millions worth properties? Why didn’t he want to lock up de thugs with sivura who cut, mutilated n dumped ven vijitha thera???

  • 6

    Here we go, Rajapassa Arse Wipe (RAW) Rajkattapal Abeynayake rides again!

  • 5

    RAj-papal and the GOSL should read the social media, CT, Groundwies, Lanka Enews to see what most people who write to these sites to allow the Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil people to read these articles written about what is happening in SL and MR and his Offence Secratary and decide it is better to allow these for the Sri Lankans to read. If people with balance minds read some articles with negative comments, they may be be able to write the correct facts for people to understand there are two sides for any conflict. But Rajapaksa goons prevent people reading most these site a s they are. Afraid of the consequence and try to stop people read the truth or sometimes half baked in formation.

    The best way to overcome this to arrest Colabage but to allow all these sites open to get a balance opinion.

    • 0

      Upasiri de Silva

      “RAj-papal and the GOSL should read the social media, CT, Groundwies, Lanka Enews to see what most people who write to these sites to allow the Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil people to read these articles written about what is happening in SL and “

      The do not want the truth to be known.

      Through the grapevine, and social media Muslims, Sinhalese and Tamils know what happened.

      What Champika Ranawana and the statre Media is trying to do is damage control, as they see this ,may have backfired.

      So, they are trying new tactics.

      The Theta is the Moderate Sinhala Buddhists, to vote for UPFA,

      Are they helping or destroying Buddhism in Sri Lanka?

      They know the Truth is not to their advantage.

      So the truth must be told by whatever means, Newspapers, Social Media, web sites and posters..

    • 0


      Last line should read as ” the best way to overcome these problems in NOT to arrest Colabage”

  • 3

    The Daily News has become the propaganda machine for the rajapaksa’s, and shamelessly the cheer leader for the crimes committed by them. They constantly kiss up to the rajapaksa’s, and hardly covered the massacre in Aluthgama in their publication. This Abeynayake fellow is not a genuine journalist. No true journalist will call on another to be locked up, or call him a “scum”. Abeynayake is simply a government tool, who has forgotten all about journalism being free speech. He is so devoted to the rajapaksa’s, he has put journalistic qualities aside, to appease his masters, who are calling the shots here.
    Abeynayake is a disagrace to his profession. He is a pariah among professionals. It is he who is a Judas and a scum bag, who has turned on his fellow journalists, do show his bias and unprofessional love for rajapaksa.
    A guard dog.

  • 4

    The biggest SCUM being himself.
    Will get locked up or seek Poitical Refuge if Government fails.

  • 6

    I am Dinouk’s brother. He chooses to report what others won’t because he loves Sri Lanka and wants to see change and he cares for the minorities who have no voice. If you do then sign this petition:


    Governments around the world can’t stand by and allow this.

    • 1

      Appreciate your Brother’s mission. Many Sri Lankans living in SL may not know whats going on in politics, including massive corruption. Informing Sri Lankans of these activities might help them make more educated decisions at the next election.
      However, I have reservations on your statement “…the minorities who have no voice.” because there is more than required voice for them in the international arena, specially in the west. What lack is any positive aspects of the GOSL’s activity since the end of terror war. In reality, Sri Lankans (Sinhalese and Tamils living in SL)have no voice in the world arena. Have you ever seen or read a single article in the world media where they have solicited the majority Sinhalese and Tamils living in the South for their take on life after conclusion of the war? How many world leaders, NGO and Watch dogs and UN officials took any interest in doing so? Why do you think all these peace champions only visit the NE and also lay wreaths on LTTE cemeteries? Your brother should try to work on that too.

  • 1

    Dinouk Colombage is like an
    American cowboy.

    I know he wrote stories about
    the Iraq war in The Sunday
    Leader. He put his name too.
    He was in Colombo. Obvisouly
    he re wrote from reports in
    foreign newspapers

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