21 May, 2022


Rajapaksa Third Term SC Opinion: Judges’ Dissents Not Recorded And Forced To Sign

Few days after the secretive ‘Opinion’ obtained by the President, the Supreme Court sources disclosed internal clashes over the intemperate and political language used by the De facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris to write the “Opinion”, Colombo Telegraph reliably learnt. The judges were told by Pieris that this opinion will not be known to the public, and therefore judges are free to write any opinion to the President. Among the questionable paragraphs the following shocking statement is also included;

De facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris

De facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris

“It would appear that having regard to the fact that a two time victor at a presidential election has garnered the popular support of the majority of the people as a political leader at successive elections, such a mandate holder should not be fettered with the sanction of a bar for a third time in accordance with the vision of that time. The imposition of such a disqualification is anathema to popular sovereignty as recognised in the determinations of 18th Amendment. It would appear that is was in these circumstances that the legislature thought it fit to remove such a bar in a manifestation of its commitment to take the nation to great heights on the anvil of reconciliation and reconstruction.”

Mohan Pieris has throughout the ‘Opinion’ criticized the critics and the academics who advocated against the President’s third term. He said they were “public debaters and self appointed educators and intellectuals living in ivory towers”.  Several legal experts who have had an opportunity to look at the opinion, have expressed their dismay over the language used by the judges, and have confronted few of the judges who have signed the ‘Opinion’. Many of them have disassociated themselves with such parts of the ‘Opinion’. It is now learnt that the request of 4 judges, who wanted to have an open and oral hearing were ignored sarcastically, pretending that he (Pieris) the only constitutional expert in the country. He has also not given time for Judges to discuss the written submissions filed before the Supreme Court. On 10th November, when the judges met for a few minutes, the De facto Chief Justice had started to dictate the order, which appeared to have been prepared a few days ago and judges were given a print-out to sign a few hours later, a judge told Colombo Telegraph.

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    “It would appear…anvil of reconciliation and reconstruction”, the para in bold type. Not even in the heyday of Hitler’s might did any Nazi subdued judge disgrace Germany and the judiciary with such a theory. When the time ripens, Sri Lanka will constitute her Nuremberg.

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      RE: Rajapaksa Third Term SC Opinion: Judges’ Dissents Not Recorded And Forced To Sign

      “It would appear that having regard to the fact that a two time victor at a presidential election has garnered the popular support of the majority of the people as a political leader at successive elections, such a mandate holder should not be fettered with the sanction of a bar for a third time in accordance with the vision of that time. The imposition of such a disqualification is anathema to popular sovereignty as recognised in the determinations of 18th Amendment. “

      Interesting Argument. Basically says. Ff the people want it, let them have it.

      For Kings and Queens, there are no term limits.

      Looks like the “King” wants to rule as long as the people want him.

      So The People need to dispose and change the President.

      So, where is the Common sense pamphlet, to be distributed to the people?


      Common Sense (pamphlet)

      Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

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        The citizens of a country get the leaders and politicians that they deserve – and vote for.. The Mahinda Jarapassa family is a corrupt virus that is destroying the Sinhala Buddhist nation State and body politics from within its Bowels!
        Ranil Wickramasinghe, the other morally corrupt petty Dictator of the UNP is equally vile..

        Long live the Miracle of Modayas!

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          “Long live the Miracle of Modayas!”

          Indeed the Land of the Modayas.The IQ of the Modayas is 79, Sri Lanka 79.


          So, does it mean that in the and of the Modayas, even the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court are Modayas too?

        • 1


          This is what JVP’s Mr. Tilvin Silva is saying. So not all are Modayas.

          Need to convert the Modayas to non-Modayas.


          We hear the ‘swan song’ of capitalism, let’s get ready to sing the ‘song of victory’

          Capitalist rulers have discarded all ‘patriotic’ garbs and have started dancing in the nude. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is attempting to contest for a third term in stark nakedness. He has no clothes of patriotism or democracy and the Constitution or the laws of the country are not relevant to him. All institutions have been made submissive to get the verdict he wants. What are being displayed are not victories of capitalism but its crisis. What we hear is the ‘swan song’ of capitalism. Let’s get ready to sing the ‘song of victory,’ said the General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva addressing the 25th Commemoration of ‘November Heroes’ held at Viharamahadevi Park yesterday (13th).

          Making the commemorative speech Mr. Tilvin Silva said, “We are gathered at the open air theatre of Viharmahadevi Park today to fulfill one of our class responsibilities. We are here to commemorate our beloved comrades including Comrade Rohana Wijeweera and Comrade Upatissa Gamanayaka who were wrested from us 25 years ago. A day like today in 1989 the enemy murdered the founder of our party Comrade Rohana Wijeweera, the General Secretary Comrade Upatissa Gamanayaka and many other beloved comrades and expected to terminate the journey of the JVP. During the 25 years we have been able to build our party a powerful party not only locally but also internationally. This party we protected and built has become the strongest challenge to capitalism in this country. We have crushed all attempts of the enemy to destroy our party and have brought it victories as a powerful political movement in this country. We have defeated the objectives of our enemies. Now the challenge before us is to fulfill the objectives of the comrades who were wrested from us in 1989. Their objective was to destroy the wretched capitalists system and create Socialism in this country. We expect to fulfill their aspiration with our own hands. Even those who attempted to destroy the JVP then have started asking for the leadership of the JVP now. The biggest victory we could give our dead comrades is to bring victory to the struggle to achieve Socialism. The past belonged to the enemy but the future is for the masses. We have nothing to lose. However, Rajapaksas have a lot to lose. They would lose their thrones, castles, power and wealth that have been stolen. We have only our lives to lose but a world to win. We have to add the determination and valour of November heroes for our efforts.

          The capitalist class, capitalist rulers and capitalist system are in crisis today. Rajapaksas have got terrified. That’s why the presidential election is held illegally. They are scared that they will lose power. They have jeopardized their alliance by attempting to hold a sudden election. The JHU has one leg away and leaders of the SLFP say various things and pass hints in meetings. The crisis is with the regime. The LSSP and the CP are in crisis. We invite members of the LSSP and the CP who do not go behind Rajapaksas but have faith in Socialism to rally with the JVP to achieve Socialism in this country.

          Capitalist rulers have discarded all ‘patriotic’ garbs and have started dancing in the nude. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is attempting to contest for a third term in stark nakedness. He has no clothes of patriotismor democracy and the Constitution or the laws of the country are not relevant to him. All institutions have been made submissive to get the verdict he wants. What are being displayed are not victories of capitalism but its crisis. What we hear is the ‘swan song’ of capitalism. Let’s get ready to sing the ‘song of victory’.

          We, of the JVP march forward on the path shown to us by November Heroes gathering Socialist forces. Today the crisis in capitalism is so acute that when a question is sent to the judiciary the answer that is expected too is written on the other side. We are not surprised by this. If the ruling class itself destroys the judiciary, the place anyone has to go seeking justice, what can we do? As one of our comrades asked “Rulers, if you break you own rules, what can we do?” we cannot do anything if Rajapaksas themselves defile the dignity of the judiciary.

          Comrade Rohana Wijeweera, who was taken away from us 25 years ago, has taught us good lessons regarding the judiciary of capitalist system. In his written submissions to the Criminal Justice Commission after the 1971 uprising Comrade Rohana Wijeweera states, “I have my own experiences regarding the legal process of the capitalist system. According to my experiences I have no faith in this process. However, I strongly believe in justice.” We too say despite having no faith in the rule of law, we have faith in justice. We say to Rajapaksa that the JVP is prepared to take this issue to people’s court. Comrade Rohana Wijeweera further states, “I can understand what justice is. I know what it is. During the short time I have lived I’ve come to understand that in the prevailing social system law is one but justice is something else. In this society law has no justice and justice has no law. As such, when looking through class viewpoint as a Communist the simple and clear truth is I should oppose not the judiciary sector which is only one part of the structure of this social system or to this bill but for the whole social system. It is what I do every day.” As such, we should oppose not this court but to the Rajapaksa regime that brought down the judiciary to this level. It could be resolved only at the people’s court. We can assure that we are prepared for it.

          Mr. Rajapaksa is doing a solo run. It is ugly and shameful. Why doesn’t he come for the contest on a legal plane? If he has the support of the people and the astrologer’s auspicious dates are powerful he could enter the contest on an equal plane. However, if he runs on that condition he would not be able to run even 10 meters. This is why he takes the illegal turn.

          In city limits not even a banner for a funeral is allowed due to the environmental law. However, Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa turns a blind eye for his brother’s campaign. This is an injudicious period in our country. Laws are not justifiable. No one can expect justice from law. The working masses, students, farmers or women cannot expect any justice from this system. Now the President has become insane with power. He doesn’t care for the law. During the past 67 years we have seen rulers like the present one who have attempted to act illegally. Another rule following the same policies cannot give justice to the people. He cannot solve issues of the people.

          Now, there is talk to defeat Mahinda. It is the game they have played for 67 years. Comrade Rohana Wijeweera said people scared of the devil jump to the sea and then afraid they would be drowned come back to the devil. This was what had been done throughout these 67 years. In this crisis anybody who breaks in would become a dictator. They have to wear JR’s clothes. Anyone comes after Mahinda too would wear the same clothes. People’s real victory could be achieved not by changing individuals. It could be done only by chasing away both this unjustifiable system and those who defend such a system and creating a new social system. The JVP is prepared to give leadership for such a task.”

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      “The danger of oppression is not just being oppressed, it’s becoming an oppressor.”

      • 0

        In Sri Lanka the oppressed are singing ‘loke uthum rata lankawai, lankawai, siri lankawai.’ And the oppressor is beaming from ear to ear from under his dyed moustache.

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      RE: Rajapaksa Third Term SC Opinion: Judges’ Dissents Not Recorded And Forced To

      “Few days after the secretive ‘Opinion’ obtained by the President, the Supreme Court sources disclosed internal clashes over the intemperate and political language used by the De facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris to write the “Opinion”, Colombo Telegraph reliably learnt.?”

      This is what JVP is saying and agitating. More materials for Common Sense Pamphlet.

      It’s a dirty game, we do not accept the ‘opinion’
      WEDNESDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2014 22:25


      The President is playing a ‘dirty game’. He used the judiciary to get the viewpoint he wanted. As such, we do not accept the opinion given by the judiciary. We would continue the struggle that says ‘Mahinda cannot’ until the last moment,” said the General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva at a media conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (12th). Attorney-at-Law Sunil Watagala was also present.

      The General Secretary of the JVP said, “The President asked for an opinion from the Supreme Court whether he could contest for a third term and whether a presidential election could be held after 4 years of his 6 year term. The Supreme Court has forwarded its opinion stating the President could. President Mahinda Rajapaska has got the point of view he wanted. However, there was no inquiry to put forward this opinion. The point of view was given in camera. Other parties were not given an opportunity to submit oral submissions or present evidence. The government that did everything behind closed doors publicizes the opinion that was given. Why did the government that did everything secretly came out openly with the opinion only? The President used the court to weaken the public opinion that was building against him. Lawyers, social activists, political parties had built a massive standpoint in the society that Mahinda cannot contest for a third term and the presidential election cannot be called before his second term ends. The media of the government states the judiciary has given a verdict. What has been given is only an opinion. No legal process was followed to give this opinion. As such, legal action could be taken if necessary. What was carried out was not a transparent and a just process. Mahinda Rajapaksa used the court for his petty interest. As such, the JVP does not accept this opinion. There are several reasons for this.

      We put forward reasons why Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa could not contest for a third term and the presidential election cannot be called after 4 years of his term on articles that appear in the Constitution. These arguments have not been challenged. They are still valid. There are others who put forward the same viewpoint. Former Chief Justice Sarath N de Silva, the Bar Association, Prof. Suri Ratnapala confirmed this point of view. Also, this point of view is corroborated by the Constitution and the interpretation ordinance. If this has a public importance other parties too should be given an opportunity to express their views. Despite there is a huge dialogue going on in the country, no opportunity was given to express views. The court and the President did not take any step to provide a just opportunity to any party. The Bar Association was sent the letter asking it to submit written submission only on the 5th. 6th was a holiday. The request was to submit written submission before 3.00 p.m. on the 7th. The President of Bar Association Mr. Upul Jayasuriya asked for some time to submit submission. But this was not granted.

      Normally, in our country panels of five or seven judges of the Supreme Court are appointed for judicial processes. For this instance all ten judges of the Supreme Court were deployed for this instance. What has been done is that Mahinda Rajapaska has played a political game to suppress the public opinion that was building against him so that he could move along a despotic path. This president has no ethics, law or transparency. He is playing a dirty game. As such, we do not accept the opinion given by the court.

      This is not an isolated incident. It is a deadful step that shows a pathetic future. Our country is moving towards a semi-military despotic family rule. The President commenced this move in 2010. At the Parliamentary election he asked for a 2/3rd majority. The masses did not give him what he asked for. Mahinda Rajapaksa played another game then, spent money, bought a group of MPs elected from the UNP and formed an illegitimate 2/3rd majority which was used to adopt the 18th amendment. Now, some say they are ashamed for raising their hands for the 18th amendment. The President did not use this 2/3rd majority to solve economic issues, the national question or to abolish the executive presidency and bring in a new constitution. This illegitimate majority was used to further his power. The 17th amendment was nullified; the limit for the presidential term was taken away. However, the haste in attempting to adopt the 18th amendment left loopholes so that he could not legally contest for a third term.

      In 2010 people voted for Mahinda knowing that he would not come for a third term. For, the 18th amendment was not adopted at the time. To go for the third term a referendum should be held. The Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayaka was removed using an impeachment to avoid this referendum. After removing Ms. Bandaranayaka Rajapaksa appointed one of his pals to the Supreme Court. He has got the result today. The judiciary at present is one that has been tamed by Mahinda Rajapaksa. Anyone who has faith in law and order in the country and democracy would not accept the opinion given by the Supreme Court.

      People had some regard for the judiciary. However, the likes of Mahinda have defiled everything holy. This is the low level Mahinda and his people have brought the judiciary to. At the Uva PC election the court gave a decision advantageous to the government by allowing relief to be distributed to people in Monaragala District. However, the Court failed to take a decision to make available this relief to people in other areas in the country.

      The judiciary has been made a place where Mahinda can take any decision. The incumbent president has become insane with power. He is scared that he would lose his power. As such, he is prepared to do any unethical, illegal act.

      There is no presidential election yet. We expect that it would be announced. Mahinda is still having this date in his mind and using all state power, resources and officials for his campaign. Mahinda Rajapaksa has begun the campaign on his own and has run half the race. Contestants from other parties have to think whether they would contest or not. The ‘Araliya Dansala’ hass been opened and posters are put up throughout the country with public money for the campaign. Mahinda has deployed police personnel for his election campaign. Posters are put up by personnel of Road Development Authority. The law of the country is blatantly violated. Despite Gotabhaya Rajapaksa doesn’t allow to putup obituary notices in Colombo city, Mahinda’s cutout are displayed everywhere. There are cutouts with Mahinda Rajapaksas finger prints. Normally fingerprints of criminals are displayed. The President who has allocated Rs.9590 million holds state festivals every day. Hence, we say the President is carrying out a dirty game.

      The government that baosts of democrfacy doesn’t allow the opposition parties to hold a rally to come out with their views. The People’s Movement for Democracy wanted to reserve Hyde Park and Campbell Park for a rally and a demonstration. However, another individual has been given the parks through the Municipal Commissioner. Ven. Rathana Thero too was not given a ground to have a meeting. Hence, it is very clear what is going to be held is not an election but a plunder.

      Police, security forces, judiciary and Parliament have been taken over. This is not an ordinary situation. What is going to be held is a unilateral election. This situation must be defeated. As we do not accept the opinion given by the court we would continue with the struggle that states ‘No third term for Mahinda’. We would mediate to build a strong political power. Hence, we tell the masses not to accept the unfair opinion. We would continue with this struggle to the maximum level. If an election is called ignoring our agitations the JVP would take a decision on the circumstances at the existing time.

      The Commissioner of elections is bound to hold an election if eh President requests him to do so. However, we have told the Commissioner of elections not to hold an illegal election. If an election is called without considering what is right legal action has to be taken. However, it is the same judiciary we have to go and everyone knows the verdict we would get.

      Mr. Sunil Watagala speaking to the media said, “We did not get an opportunity to present evidence or submissions. Not even the Bar Association was given a fair time to make submissions. The government used parties favourble to it to submit written submissions.

      The recognized political parties were not given an opportunity to make submissions. As such, it is a very unjustifiable process that was followed by the government. It is the government that announced eh opinion given by the Supreme Court. As such, we do not know what the opinion was given by the Court. Hence, we ask the President to reveal the document with the opinion to the people. Hiding is not fair. The lawyers have a right to make their expressions regarding it. There hasn’t been a fair and legitimate inquiry. Whenever we get this ‘opinion’ we expect to express our views regarding it.”

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      Common Sense Pamphlet Listen… We need one to get Rid of rajapaksa


  • 3

    Now that the SC has given the all clear, has the Opposition got their act together and selected the CC?

    If not they have a bit more time time do another round of interviews to eliminate the vulnerable when the President cranks up the engine in earnest.

    Here is what he said yesterday.

    People who are now parading as the CC to abolish the Presidency are the same people who abused the executive powers blatantly, while holding the positions of power.

    They used the power to betray the country.

    They entered into harmful agreements with ruthless terrorists who ruined the economy and the country,

    They signed death warrants of 600 Policemen.

    They ordered the Police to surrender to the LTTE Terrorists.

    They confined the Army to the barracks.

    Wonder which ones in the list of candidates who carried out these abuses .

    Perhaps they might say these are patriotic acts?..

    • 9

      Sumanasekera, why don’t you also answer the following;

      who gave a political appointment with STF protection to the very person who slaughtered 800 policemen?
      who gave refuge to LTTE procurement chief KP to acquire LTTE wealth?
      who paid the LTTE public funds to help with the Presidential elections?
      Who was selling LTTE gold via Roy Dias’ wife and why is DIG Vaas actually in prison?
      Why did MARA meet LTTE in Italy (reported by CT)recently while accusing all the Tamil diaspora as LTTE and terrorists?
      Who is behind the big business takeovers of Softlogic and Dhammika Perera’s group?
      Who robed Lalith Kothalawela’ assets making 7000+ depositors destitute overnight?

      • 4


        Answers to all your question:

        Vellala, Tamil Diaspora, Father Immanual, Suresh Premachandran, Anglican, Sampandan, CVW, buddies in the west, RW, ….. ….. Jail Lallitha, Karunanithy, Seeman, Vaiko, ….

    • 3

      K A Sumanasekara
      “Now that the SC has given the all clear”
      keep fooling the Sinhala Modayas

  • 13

    Mohan Peiris, I trust you along with Nivard Cabral and P.B. Jayasundara have your bags packed and ready now that the tide is turning and in January 2015 other rats too start jumping from the sinking boat.

    My advise to the new govt (UNP led coalition is definitely going to win), is to appoint Sarath Fonseka to head a task force of 500-1000 selected persons from the Inland Revenue, CID and Bribery Commission to investigate every person associated with the Rajapakse family/govt. They should facilitate public information to come in by setting up of a public website (domain) where information on corruption, deposits of funds acquisition of assets using proxies, money laundering and other illegal acts of those associated with this govt could be sought from the public.

  • 10

    “judges were given a print-out to sign a few hours later”, It seems that no judge had courage and back bone to refuse to sign the document.

    • 0

      AMALI,are you seeking to mitigate the acts of omission and/or commision of the judciary who are driven by MARA and his vassal C.J. I suspect you to be a member of the Judiciary or a spouse.

    • 2

      It is not Back Bone or Black Van , It is THE WHITE VAN

  • 7

    Yesterday, again the President spoke of how they came from a village but didn’t lose sight of the city. Of course he is overwhelmed by its bright lights and that is why he lives in the lap luxury. Fancy dogs who live in A/C kennels and exotic birds, fast cars, super fast motorbikes, bungalows from Manhatten to Hambanotota and Jaffna. Is this kind of living representative of a man from the village.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not a classist and I love people from the village. They are a fantastic community of people. But this man MR puts on a facade of a Villager and lives a super luxury life. People like Mohan Perise live off the crumbs that are thrown down by MR and illegally approves of him to continue. What a state we are in.

    If the judiciary cant uphold the law its time that the people begin to uphold it. The opposing SC Judges, the bar association need to begin taking a more aggressive stance. They should have the mentality of our soldiers and lead the public to protests. We will join in.

  • 3

    This revelation of intimidation of Supreme Court judges, actions of Mohan Peiris and unceremonious eviction of ex-CJ Shirani alone is enough for the opposition to take to the streets.

    When the CJ of Pakistan was removed by Musharraf based on a political decision, the whole country and the members of the Bar association protested until he was reinstated. Why not in Sri Lanka?

    • 4


      Legal Professionals in Pakistan single handedly engineered the downfall of Musharraf dictatorship. However, it seems Sri Lankan practioners of law are a far more corrupt lot, split along what serves their personal interests. It is a terrible tragedy.

      Further, main opposition party is lackluster. Walked 100m in protest of the 18th amendment. No backbone to lead a popular uprising on streets of Sri Lanka. Forever handicapped by internal conspiracies. Packed with individuals as corrupt as current UPFA cronies.

      We are truly in deep hole as nation.


    • 2

      Fazl Muhammed ,

      you know the real reason ? there is no body to take the lead , our main opposition leader is in bed with him and totally ignoring every damn misdeed, instead of challenging MR , he is busy legitimizing every single damn day light robbery , Ranil and Sajith both need to expel from SL for a greater good , as long as both remains in SL , opposition will see these sort of actions emanating from opposition camp !

      thank god we have JVP , Ven Rathana and ex CJ on board , otherwise just imagine Ranil spearheading the opposition ? have you ever thought about Sajith’s dumbest demand of having the opposition candidate from UNP with the elephant symbol ? who is he trying to fool ? who is going to come and join under those stupid conditions ? why Ranil is asking to expedite the presidential election when the actual date is at the end of 2016 ? why doesn’t Ranil try to stop this illegal election now ? does he expect a free and fair P .election ?

      if we had an articulate opposition leader , MR would be history by now !

      PS :i wish we had an opposition leader with your courage and braveness in him/her to steer us from this miss-arable state of affairs.

      • 3


        Will make my decision in about 4 days time…. If I get bumped off in the process, please keep writing and exposing the truth.

        God Bless.

        • 1

          Who would want to bump off a punk like you?

          • 1

            Maybe you are right about the part why they should bump me off… But then if you happen to notice, this government does not have a history of zero tolerance towards dissenting writers and activists.

            It is not because of their personality, but because of what they write. If you couldn’t distinguish between the two or had you criticized my writings and opinions, I would have thought of you as an intelligent person.

            It is cowards who hide behind pseudonyms and make demeaning comments. At least I was man enough to identify myself when writing.

            May God give you wisdom.

        • 1

          Dear Fazl Muhammed ,

          Please don’t take any hasty decisions , SL politics is full of back stabbing , no one can be trusted under this prevailing conditions , take time to think , Sri lanka desperately needs people of your caliber , who knows what might happen tomorrow !

          PS: Hitler’s planning was a 1000 year program for the Germany , what happened in the end ? he had to die like a dog while hiding under a bunker , same goes with Saddam , Gadafi et al . just do a little research , history says no dictator can ruin a nation for ever.

    • 0

      This is because even in Pakistan with all their problems, they respect the law and the Constitution. In Sri Lanka’s authoritative regime, the Supreme Court is full of MaRa’s government appointees and their judgements have no dissenters. The concerned people do not protest lest they get beaten up by the government goons.

  • 8

    “The water lily can rise only upto the level of the water it is in;
    Wisdom can only match the quality of eduction;
    The wealth (not money alone) one has, is determined by cumulated good conduct (Thavam seivaar tham karumam seivaar, Avan seivar asaikutpattu);
    One’s nature is determined by background ( where they come from)” (Auvayar- the great Tamil poetess)

    What are within brackets are my explanations.

    What can we expect from persons who will stoop to any level to survive. We have to seek the explanations in their education, values and backgrond.

    Scum collect more scum around them. This is the sad plight of Sri Lanka.

    Most Sri Lankans, as individuals are a decent people. However, collectively we have handed over our sovereignty to scums and scumbugs. The result is what we see around us. We have to take the blame for this, as a nation.

    The coming election is an opportunity to seek at least part absolution.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      “The coming election is an opportunity to seek at least part absolution.”

      WE all know now that who makes the final outcome of the decision. There is no way you can challenge this decision.Similarly the outcome of election is already is decided and Election Commissioner is there to read that decision. Unless people come to streets you cannot change this brutal regime.

  • 4

    Today’s Daily Mirror President says

    These anti-national and anti-Sri Lankan elements are looking for an opportunity to pounce on Sri Lanka and to make this country their playground.”

    Ha ha ha ha aha aha aha aha aha!!!!!!!!. Its not anybody’s play ground but his family’s. It amazing how this man twists the village mentality of the people.

    – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/56549/former-presidents-misused-executive-presidency-mr#sthash.duGSxDK3.dpuf

  • 1

    What a bunch of wig wearing hooligans ?

  • 1

    I wonder why do they have to wear the wig? You cannot become a judge by just wearing a wig!!! They must have something else for the “so called judges” who support murders, rapists, corruption, arsonist, swindlers, con people. May be they should stop calling this “supreme court”

  • 1

    Election oriented, power seeking Sinhala intellectual has taken a colossal blow on their head by the Sinhala intellectual not ready leave the power. For the observers on the side of the road, there is not anything amazing or unusual. Two thieves fighting on the sharing of the loot. The one has the bag is the victorious, for the time being.

    The 18A was brought by the, then parliament with the sole purpose of extending the incumbent’s term. The then, Chief Justice approved it. The main fight here is a past Chief Jester had jealous feeling toward the Justice who authorized it. Now, he wants to contest the intermediate period judge, in the current Justice court. This is a grudge he is holding her even after she left the post with her own problems. I don’t want to go deep into that, but just want to say, she too has, and had a clear record of approving the King’s dictatorial actions for her own benefits, exactly the way Silva did. What it means is whether the 18A like amendments needs a referendum is a legally, ambiguous question, difficult one to grasp for the average Sinhala voter, and if had been taken at the time for a referendum, overwhelmingly would have been approved the voters on those days. In this particular case, referendum is only an “Eaddu Churaikai”(a subject, for the theoretical debate for learned people, but does not come to fill up the stomach of the common man). Out of the three Justices, two are discontented with the government, but still two agree on the circumstances the law 18A passed and its offering to the incumbent to stay for more terms to manage the country. Under Democratic understanding, the lonely single justice, Buffoon Silva, now should withdraw his hooting noises, should put his tail between the legs and bugger off the palace.

    UNP, after 20 years of preparation, is trying to scheme the election rather than contest it. Their Christian leader is preaching 2500 years old Buddhist Republican Constitution with the hope of fooling the Buddhist. They are making pacts with Athurilia, Sobitha Thero like Buddhist monks. In another angle, in a desperate way, are making friendship with the ultra-communists, JVP’s Notorious judge to bring downfall to king. While arguing against the 18A on various dimensions, they are tapping CBK for the post. Unbelievable techniques!

    Those who call for CC for abolition of EP are other comedians. They are, while going for all the above electioneering tactics, trying show them that they honest, that they only ask for the Autocratic EP removed. First thing this request is appeared here is only for this election. JR extended his first term for 7 years, that almost the two term period of American EPs, but no Sinhala intellectuals challenged it at that time. JR never held a referendum; neither obtained a mandate to form EP. It has remained unchallenged until this election. Now the 18A needs those all. EP was brought only in one idea within the heads of Sinhala Intellectuals that is to make UNP as the ruling party forever. They noticed the UNP base with in the Sinhala Buddhist is pretty strong, Tamils and Muslims are bent on UNP side, so they thought, and the EP based constitutional structure is a hell bent blessing for UNP.

    They failed to recognize that the Sinhala Buddhists, in any time, outnumbers the Sinhala Intellectuals. What is this means is, in the parliament election, depending the individual candidates, the UNP can perform better because they has less of Mervyns, Thuminthas, Premachandras… But on the overall, the SLFP candidates have more appealing to Sinhala Buddhist, mainly based on the Tamil-Sinhala issue.

    LTTE, or even like the ones were not present in 1950s, to hold Thissarani’s theory that ” the LTTE is only one appoints EPs” true. But Bandaranake, left the powerful UNP, sidelined the leaders, surpassed Dudley who was due for the throne according the new Sinhala Buddhist customs that was being on the process of established, only with the slogan of Sinhala only became the prime minister. Latter Queen Srimavo, without anybody’s approval, appointed her as the executive prime minister by amending the constitution. JR miserably misunderstood this Lankave’s phenomena when he was creating EP to undo what Banadaranake established in the 1950s (the creation of SLFP). In fact he had reinforced Bandaranake’s achievement wrongly thinking he had enthroned UNP forever. What is this means is King does not need even SLFP to win the EP election. Kaheem, Thondaman, Wimal, Champika, Douglas, Athurilia, Richad, Mervin, Karuna and about a 75 UNP rowdies are the source of his power. I do not want to but, if you want, you can add 2000 family members who are managing this drama. Then there are special stars like Eraj, Hirunika, Malini, Thumintha Mervyn, Pillaiyan, Anarkali, Geethanchali… the list goes on. In fact, after the Athanagalle princess left the throne, SLFP is not there anymore.

    Because of this situation, the confused UNP is only indulged in techniques, rather than contesting. It is inducing Buddhist monk Sobitha Thero, Baffoon Silva, war criminal Fonseka, Jeyampathy and the like to engage in electioneering techniques. The mouth piece for this is the UNP side Sinhala Intellectual and the left Sinhala Intellectual who live in Bungalows and talk Trotskism.

    The both side are calculating well that the average Sinhala Man or woman would not get their gimmicks and games. But one interesting piece in the opinion The Chief Jester Mokan Peiris gave out, mentioned about the elections and the King wining them continuously. Though that is a comedy and it is only Lankan elections, nevertheless, King will do it in the coming election time too.

  • 0

    “…on the anvil of reconciliation and reconstruction.”

    Cambridge Dictionary definition of anvil :-“a heavy block of iron on which heated pieces of metal are made into a particular shape with a hammer”

    I leave it to the imagination of the readers to work out
    who or which is the heavy block of iron, the hammer and the intended shape and who the brainless metal is

  • 3

    All the lawyers should indefinitely boycott the courts until an open court conducts a proper legal action to reassess this ruling.

  • 2

    People of Sri Lanka prepare for a North Korea dictatorship.

  • 2

    The Black Smith is – The Sinhala Intellectuals.
    The Hammer is – the Sinhala Buddhist.
    The Anvil – The opposition
    The softened Iron – The Tamil who have been heated by parliamentary laws from 1948, communal riots from 1956, cheating on pacts from 1958, brutal army’s high boot suppression from 1961, emergency regulation and PTA torturing, raping murdering from 1971, carpet bombing and food medicine ban from 1987 and terrorism abolition from 2007.

    When the Sinhala Intellectual raise the Sinhala Buddhist high and beat the softened Iron, where the opposition Ranil Anvil make sure in the name of opposition the the Tamils not sung into sand or dirt, but take the full blow intact, there is lot of chance the Chief Jester Mokan Peiris can hammer out(or extract out) as many reconciliation as he wants.

  • 0

    regardless of who the leader of a country is,any type of bar on running for another term should be removed for the sake of the country.Lee kuan Yew and mahathir had long stints and were able to do something worthwile for their countries whereas taking a case such as obama,he is a lame duck president at the moment just waiting to finish off his term.What is the incentive for him to grapple with challenges when he knows that he is not going to have a job anyway regardless of whether he performs or not.

    On that point,and only that point i have to agree with the Cheap Justice,though i don’t agree with the words in his arse licking para.

  • 0

    Deposed CM.JAYALALITHAs thoughts at this moment must be like Tch Tch Tch…..If the Indian Supreme Court was like Srilankas Supreme Court…..
    Srilanka has now reached the status of The Miracle of Asia,thanks to our Supreme Court.

  • 1

    Why do these yakos wear gowns and wigs? Inferiority complex ?
    How much does a judge cost the tax payers for a month ?

    • 1

      The Chairman of the Board, the executive director, director programme development and the deputy director of the Asian Human Rights Commission are all lawyers and they make up the rules as they go along. Why can’t Rajapaksa and the Supreme Court?

  • 0

    You idiot, they uphold the rule of law and not vice versa

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