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Rajapaksa To Invoke Archaic Victorian Anti-Gay Laws Against Me

By Mangala Samaraweera – 

Having failed in successive witch hunts to discredit me since I parted company with the President in 2007, the Rajapaka regime seems to have embarked on yet another attempt to incarcerate and silence me by preparing to invoke an archaic Victorian law of the Sri Lankan penal code against me.

 Mangala and the President

Mangala and the President

The cat burglar who was caught red handed by the police on New Year’s Eve  with some alcohol stolen from my house and confessed in the Police statement to breaking into my house forcibly has now been turned into a ‘Star’ by the state media and the state sponsored private media. This young man, an occasional casual hand in my household until he was admitted to a drug rehabilitation centre some time ago by his family has now been brought in front of the cameras to hurl obnoxious and baseless allegations against me in keeping with the conspiracy to invoke Section 365A of the penal code which has never been utilised in recent times.

My private life, though private has never been a secret. My mother, my family and friends as well as most of my Parliamentary colleagues including my constituents whom I have represented with love and dedication for the last 25 years have appreciated my honesty and for never allowing my private life to get in the way of public service. However, today the Rajapaksa regime, in preparation for provincial elections to be followed by Presidential elections seems to be hell bent on destroying me using the confused hallucinations of a misguided youth.

If the Rajapaksa regime thinks that I could be intimidated and silenced by such conspiracies, they are sadly mistaken. Attempting to invoke this archaic law in direct violation of the Commonwealth charter, whose current custodian is President Rajapaksa will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he is not suitable to hold such a post and that Sri Lanka is now rapidly moving away from the fundamentals of a modern democracy. In fact, the Rule of law has deteriorated to such an extent, that a simple police complaint made on behalf of an opposition politician is used to sling mud and as a means of initiating a witch hunt against him while killers, rapists, drug lords and money launderers with blessings from the highest, are allowed to continue their criminal activities with impunity.

Under the Rajapaksa presidency, the country has been sucked into a black hole of intolerance, hypocrisy and despair. This in fact makes me more determined to fight against this dark and evil regime with more vigour and dedication in the months ahead.

*Statement by Mangala Samaraweera M.P. – 22nd January 2013

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    Quote Ben Hurling

    “Anuruddha Ratwatte was one of Mrs. B’s brothers”.

    This is incorrect.

    Anurudda is H.L Ratwatte’s son. MP for Mavanella in 1947-52. DN Dalada Maligava in 1961
    Mrs B, Barns Jr, Seevali, Mackie, Patricia and Clifford are Sen Barns Ratwatte’s Children from Balangoda who had binne marrage to Mahawalatenne Kumatrihami.

    The rest of the comments are Ben Hurling’s openion only which is as good as above judgement. Ben please learn to “Pujathi Pujaneeyanan”
    Sisira Weragoda alias Korala Thune Gamarala

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      Sisira Weragoda,

      For your information the Mahaiyawa Ratwattes mentioned above are really Paranagamas. The siblings of Loku Deiya and Podi Deiya took the Ratwatte name because their mother was a Miss Ratwatte. The male Ratwatte contracted a marriage of Binna from Kalawewa, where he took refuge leaving his Ancestral house at Ratwatte Ukuwela after a particular incident to escape the Law.

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        Is that the area near Kandy town on the way to Katugastotta?

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          Yes it is. It is also in the vicinity of the famous burial grounds in Kandy. What better place to send these vermin of society who are still worshipped by their ever-bending sychophants for all the mischief when in power.

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      Im disgusted by all this talk about ancestry and heritage. In todays liberated world, Who cares who is who. Suckers, every one of them, despite their big big names and titles. Adigars and dissawes and mudaliyr and so on. One is born every second.

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        Nari Sabri,

        Midi ambul is it?

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    “Sirima Bandaranaike’s father Barnes Ratwatte Disava (b:1883 d:1957) and his brothers Adigar Cuda Ratwatte and Harris Leuke Ratwatte Disava (b:1900 d:1964) are sons of a Abeyratne Banda Ratwatte of Mahaiyyawa. However Abeyratne Banda’s father was a Paranagama and not a Ratwatte and as such these families shoud normally go as Paranagamas and not Ratwattes. However, the two brothers and the sister of Abeyratne Banda have gone as Paranagamas.
    The connection between the above three Ratwatte brothers – British appointed chiefs from Sabaragamuwa and the Ratwattes of the Kandyan court who were from Udasiyapatuwa in Matale is not very clear. However although there isn’t a village named Mahawalatenne in the gazetteers of the Kandyan province, there had been a village called Metiwalatenne (probably a pottery village) in upper Dumbara..”
    Note: The above extract too is not all correct, Mahawelatenne is few miles from Balangoda

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