24 May, 2022


Rajitha, Arjuna And Champika Request IGP To Investigate Avant Garde Boss’ Claims

Ministers Patali Champika Ranawaka, Arjuna Ranatunga and Rajitha Senaratne today requested the Inspector General of Police to conduct an immediate probe into claims made by Avant Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi that the Ministers had solicited bribes from him.

Nissanka Senadhipathi

Nissanka Senadhipathi

Senadhipathi had claimed that the Ministers had tried to extort money from him and he had enough evidence to prove his allegations.

Senadhipathi told media that the three ministers had repeatedly requested for money from him but he had point blankly refused. Senadhipathi claimed that the ministers even had threatened him after his refusal to give money to them.

Avant Garde boss said that this was why the three ministers were trying to destroy him and his maritime security services firm.

Following the revelation the three ministers have sent a written request to the IGP calling for an investigation into the allegations. The three also refuted the accusations made by Senadhipathi.

The ministers claimed that they had no personal dispute with the Avant Garde Chairman but only had voiced concern about some activities of the firm which were against public’s interest and was a threat to national security.

The three ministers claim that the Avant Garde did not have any valid license required under the firearms ordinance to store a large quantity of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

They also charge that the government had lost foreign revenue due to authorities of the former regime handing over a share of a business-monopoly to a private firm.

The Ministers in their letter to the IGP also state that the Avant Garde entered into agreements with foreign countries and organizations without the sanction of government authorities.

They point out that a large haul of weapons and explosives being in the possession of a private company pose a serious security threat to both Sri Lanka and the region as a whole.

The Ministers also claim that the company offered bribes to some key state officials, media and politicians to ensure their allegiance in order to conduct the firm’s illegal activities without any hindrance.

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  • 11

    If I was the ministers I would sue Mr Senadhipathi for defamation. Now it is his burden to prove that the ministers are corrupt. If the ministers are guilty they would not sue him.

    Lets see who is correct !!

    • 0

      If they plan to sue,they have not said anything about it yet. On the other hand if they were to sue why bother the IGP to investigate.They should know if Senadhipathy was slandering them or not!!

  • 18

    What is the point of all probes and investigations, everything is a bloody farce.

    Look what has happened to all the highly charged probes, starting from Lasantha, Prageeth, Thajudeen murders to Millions of Dollars corruption charges. Nothing will see the light of the day, due to deals being made with MARA/GORA and all their henchmen by the New Regime.

    Only the boots have changed, the lickers are same. All boot lickers including MY3 and Ranil. All our hopes for a brighter future void of corruptions and murders has been raised to the ground. Well still there are no murders, but indications are that, murders also may be in the offing the way things are taking shape.

    They say the fear of losing power is the reason for all corruptions. Are we not seeing living examples of this, in Ranil/MY3?

    • 17

      Oh yes baby! Truth shall now come out. Expect nothing but the truth.

      Politicians from the corrupt political establishment crossing swords with the most mysterious “businessman” from Avant Garde.

      The whole affair will be investigated by the mother of all corrupt institutions in the country. The one and only Sri Lanka Police. Known for their high standards of service.

      Under the watchful eye of our Minister of Injustice Dealdasa, highly ethical AG etc. Not to mention RW and his trusted runner Sagala.

      Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the home of the clowns. Sri Lanka! Expect to be entertained.


  • 8

    This is what happens when thieves fall out – BUT, they will probably end up as ‘best friends’ after more millions change hands!!

  • 6

    Nissanka Senadhipathi

    “Ministers Patali Champika Ranawaka, Arjuna Ranatunga and Rajitha Senaratne today requested the Inspector General of Police to conduct an immediate probe into claims made by Avant Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi that the Ministers had solicited bribes from him.”


    This is a great Opportunity to go after all these corrupt ministers.

    Keep your powder dry and guns loaded to hoot at all those corrupt Ministers.

    Did the minsters solicit, or did you offer, because they would not do anything until you offered, like the customs officials.

  • 6

    The Avant Garde / RALL combine was a criminal & illegal enterprise, as around 379 illegal weapons – with identification marks erased – were found on board the ship, and these were confiscated along with the rest of the firearms.
    This fact is now being ignored/glossed over by all concerned, including these ministers.
    Where these illegal weapons are now, is anybody’s guess.

  • 10

    Oh.. these pillars of virtue want another investigation???? Lol

  • 6

    IGP:Here is your opportunity to show your “Independence” and “might” in protecting and serving the public. You know “Offering” a bribe is also and equally a crime that must be dealt with all the seriousness and we are waiting to see what you are going to do within the next few DAYS mind you not MONTHS and YEARS. Please DO NOT consult PM or President to initiate action. You are entitled to do the investigation within your official capacity. Please go ahead now and DO IT.

    • 3


      “Please go ahead now and DO IT”

      Sorry did I hear you say “”Go ahead. Make my day.? Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

  • 0

    yes.good.the officers should their duty now

    • 0

      “the officers should their duty now”

      Come on man. That is an insult to the pride of our honest Appe Andu’s officers. Tell me day our Appe Andu’s officers failed on their duty?

      You know whom they are calling. The IGP, the bright Pantham. The Kone of Illankai, Lankawe! The Old Kone appointed him after evaluating him well. One time, he and Mokan Peiris were ruling the ring. Now he is a lonely king. Millions of rape cases and Million of tortured death cases are wiggling underneath his feet to see the light of a court in a genuine investigation!

      Shame on you for being such a baby, after living in the land all these time! To whom did you vote in the last election? The Yahapalanaya crooks? That is why you mind is illusioning.

  • 0

    officers should do a clear investigation.

  • 2

    I haven’t seen any proper outcome of these “Investigations” so far done in this country. This is a waste of time and money of the public. The big fish always escape from these investigations and only the small sprats get netted.

  • 4

    Relevant question is why Senadhipathi a pro Rajapkasha man went
    a) to see the newly elected President along with the Galle MP on Jan 10th
    b) Why he has to bribe and/ or fund politicians during the august elections

    A businessman in a legitimate activity need not do all these. He was on a crook’s business. If Public Security Ordinance was invoked on January 09th, Avant Garde would have terrorised the Colombo city to retain MR and clan.

    This person and the politicians of Yahapalanaya on his payroll(if any) need to be booked in. OVER TO YOU IGP.

  • 1

    Is IGP is a servant of these three Ministers?. If they have any issues, go to a police station and make a complaint. These ministers shouldn’t be giving instructions to IGP as they are not subject Ministers for Police Department.

    “The Ministers also claim that the company offered bribes to some key state officials, media and politicians to ensure their allegiance in order to conduct the firm’s illegal activities without any hindrance” – Why didn’t they make a complaint to the Police about this?

    “The Ministers in their letter to the IGP also state that the Avant Garde entered into agreements with foreign countries and organizations without the sanction of government authorities” – AG is a private business entity. If they sign agreements with other governments and organisations, what was the issue as far as AG did not violate any laws of Sri Lanka?

    • 0


      For a moment I thought when you wrote ‘AG is a private business entity’ and then again ‘AG did not violate any laws in Sri Lanka’, that you were referring to the the Attorney General. If you did you were not too far wrong.

  • 0

    Come on Man! this another comedy!

    Where was Mr.Rajitha until the end of the Old King’s end of term. We know he is the only one opposed the 18A in SLFP, isn’t he? How is his health ministry going? What the New Prince is doing with the suppliers of the Health Ministry?

    There is a story told about RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAKAMSAR and Swami Vivekananda. Paramahamsar has been telling Naren that he cannot even touch a coin, the money, forget about getting and using it. This sounded silly for the skeptical boy. So, he wanted to test it. One day Naren put a Nickel underneath the bed spared he was doing for his Guru to sleep. Paramahansar cane to sleep at time and lied on the bed. Then he suddenly jumped out the bed and complained that something on the bed pricked him. Naren was silently standing in a corner with a suspicious look. Others checked the bed and found nothing but a Nickel. Anyway, after that was removed he peacefully slept. Naren was amazed to see the allergy of Paramagamsar to the money. He did not tell the truth immediately, but he did it eventually. After Paramagamsar, only person appeared in this sinful earth with that kind of allergy to money is Aruchuna Ranathunga. Equally he is allergic to nepotism too.

    We show Champika when the 250 million dollar project of Nuraicholai highed up to 540 million. If had touched any penny on that, the not running Nuraicholai power plant would have started to run and shocked him to ash like a 10,000 lines of lightning.

    You know the truth? Plain and simple.. Anybody who left the Old Royals at the last minute and came and formed the Yahapalanaya Government is clean and white, others are dirty and black. It is so clear Black and white.So only one corrupted in Lankawe for the time being is, Nishanka from Avant Garde. Everyone else, now, in Lankawe is another rebirth of Buddha!

    All are cut-throat thieves.Lankawe’s Parliament’s all chairs must be turned into (UN) Electric Chairs. That is how these crooks can be made to do a small, tiny.. puny sacrifice to change the Sinhala Intellectuals’ rogue Politics.

  • 0

    “If they have any issues, go to a police station and make a complaint.”

    That is quite right. Merely making statements in front of the camera for the IGP to investigate is not adequate for the police to take action. It is merely a stunt for public consumption. The implicated Ministers should officially make a complaint in the police station and only when it officially authorizes the police to act.

    I am not sure whether this was done. Making brave public statements is an exercise in deception had if the first step of officially making a written complaint to the police is not done. It is a serious allegation by the Avant Garde boss Mr. Senadhipathi against the Ministers, and these Ministers must clarify whether any official complaint had been done before making such announcements.

  • 1

    If these Ministers are lily white as they claim to be this is their opportunity sue Senadhipathy to the tune of something like Rs.500mn each.
    But,they don’t seem to be even contemplating such action and are trying to hide behind the IGP.

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