17 August, 2022


Ranil Gives Mahinda One Week To Topple The Government

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has thrown an open challenge to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, giving him one week to topple the Yahapalanaya Government.

ranil-wick“I will be going to Switzerland for one week, so, Mahinda has a week to bring down the government,” Wickremesinghe told reporters today. His comments come in the wake of a statement made by the former President that he will return to rule Sri Lanka in 2017.

Wickremesinghe will leave for Switzerland mid this month to take part at the World Economic Forum in Davos from 17 to 20 January 2017.

In December, Mahinda Rajapaksa vowed to topple the current government and reclaim power. Speaking to foreign journalists, Rajapaksa, who is currently a Member of Parliament said, “I don’t want to be the President, but I can still rule the country, without being the President,” he said, hinting at hopes of becoming Prime Minister.

He also expressed his willingness to work with incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena.

Rajapaksa added that even though the current coalition government enjoyed a two thirds majority in Parliament at present, there is a strong possibility of ‘change’ in the future. “Conflicts are already brewing within the SLFP and UNP, and this country can’t go on like this,” he said.

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  • 86

    When are you going to punish the wrong doers and rouges that have bled us of our hard earned taxes ?Also tell the international community to help SL to locate the stolen wealth by all politicians of the past, without an exception. Follow the example in UK.I just saw a sitting MP walking to a super market and will this ever happen in our dirty Darmadeepaya full of rouges?

    • 34

      During my student days, we live in hostels. There were guys in the hostel, that stood against to do any kind of vandalistic acts, if for example meals or house cleaning were not met with their expectations.

      Likewise, a man as a sepatagenarian -former President of SRILANKA seems to be adding his thoughts to the press today.
      Prevarications allow him fall even much deeper.

      No presidents in this country were criticised by anyone somuch: it is the freedom given by the currentregime on one hand. And just therefore, former state leaders should behave well before the press.
      Then only people will continue repsecting them.

      • 16

        Davos is the rich mans club! Hope Ranil can ask for reform and tracking of the funds looted from Sri Lanka by Mahinda Jarapassa family and cronies to pay off Sri Lanka’s massive National DEBT that is crashing the rupee and the economy!

        Please use this overseas jaunt to ask the IMF and World Bank to track down the funds stolen and stored in off shore banks in US and Europe and Panama that were stolen and looted from third world countries like Sri Lanka.

        IMF should be tracking financial crimes not loading VAT taxes onto poor people to pay for the financial crimes of the rich.

        IMF is increasing poverty, INEQUALITY and CORRUPTION and WARS in the world by up-side down, trickle up financial governance.

        • 23

          Yes. This is becoming a joke all the taxes are slowly being increased instead of investing the criminal regime, its criminal network and recovering the stolen money!!?

          We won’t stand to be taxed for the crimes and robbery of our country by these criminals!!

          • 10

            They will tax the users of alcohol, tobacco, telecom and mobile services to recover the money and let the criminals safely hide their stolen monies…

            This is how this government plays its “Game of Shape” (cover up) for the criminal network…

    • 40

      Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

      RE:Ranil Gives Mahinda One Week To Topple The Government

      “In December, Mahinda Rajapaksa vowed to topple the current government and reclaim power. Speaking to foreign journalists, Rajapaksa, who is currently a Member of Parliament said, “I don’t want to be the President, but I can still rule the country, without being the President,” he said, hinting at hopes of becoming Prime Minister.”

      Thank you Sir. Finally you are calling the bluff of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies. Their math is so poor, that Wimal Modawansa who advises Mahinda Rajapaksa says 2/2 =0.

      The following week please start prosecuting the criminals and if found guilty, please hang them, just like monk Somarama was found to be guilty and hung.

      What are you waiting for? Is Gon Sirisena the Problem?

      • 24


        I have a strong feeling that Ran3 is the problem and NOT My3 !

      • 12

        Amarasiri, when would you be away from your prefixes

        A) Gon, B) Para C) IQ

        Learn to respect Mr President -that is least you can do.

        I know you could be someone who comes from a science background – sounds knowing DNA and even MitoDNA research and the outcomes that can be applicable in entropology related conflicts (like you lately added the relation of Sinhala AND Tamil genetically…etc

        You the like guys – should remind how RW came to power, would that ever be possible if Mr Sirisena did not risk the common candidacy – his situation was beyond all explanation if one would rewind it and study them.

        I too am no happy with today s stalemate situation in terms of not having done enough to punish the HIGH PROFILE criminals (Rajapakshes), butthe situation is thousand times better than had been under MR .. I would say.

        • 6


          “You the like guys – should remind how RW came to power, would that ever be possible if Mr Sirisena did not risk the common candidacy – his situation was beyond all explanation if one would rewind it and study them. “

          Well aware of this. Amarasiri was among the 6.2 Million who wanted MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa AmaNa MaRa out. Un-Fortunately, Sira has turned put to be Turncoat.

          What do you do to children when they do not behave?

          What do you do to members of military when they do not behave and found guilty? Not in politics? Impeach? Will the Parliament do it? South Koreans did.


          A court-martial (plural courts-martial, as “martial” is postpositive) is a military court. A court-martial is empowered to determine the guilt of members of the armed forces subject to military law, and, if the defendant is found guilty, to decide upon punishment. In addition, courts-martial may be used to try prisoners of war for war crimes. The Geneva Convention requires that POWs who are on trial for war crimes be subject to the same procedures as would be the holding military’s own forces.

          Most navies have a standard court-martial which convenes whenever a ship is lost; this does not presume that the captain is suspected of wrongdoing, but merely that the circumstances surrounding the loss of the ship be made part of the official record. Most military forces maintain a judicial system that tries defendants for breaches of military discipline. Some countries like France and Germany have no courts-martial in time of peace and use civilian courts instead.

        • 1

          Mudianse Mahhatayo,

          “Amarasiri, when would you be away from your prefixes

          A) Gon, B) Para C) IQ’

          Unfortunately, there is data, observations, evidence and support for the prefixes,

          A) Gon, B) Para and C) IQ.

          It is kind of like “It Moves” like Galileo had to utter, based on data, observations, evidence and support for “It Moves”.

          Galileo said ” The bible teaches us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go”

    • 32

      Mahinda’s interview itself enough to arrest him and charge him for plaaning to topple the democratically elected government? It is very clear that he is speaking of military coup or international military coup to toople the Govt? Mahinda put Sarath Fonseka in prision with forged evidences but there is an open evidence against Mahinda. I am sure Ranil should put him immediately inside the bar and take away all civil rights.

      • 12

        current intelligence officers are wiser than had been under Rajaakshe goons.
        No coup or the like will be easy in lanken context.

        So I dont worry aboutthat. Rajapakshe behave like crabs in hot water today. Numerous allegations levelled at each of them have put them down. So that is why their retaliative reactions.

        Just becasue of the fact that GRAND party SLFP could be partiioned, Mr Sirisena seems to be away from taking any bold actions.

      • 5

        Take away civic rights! Ajit, are you in your right sense?

        Is it because of the following that you propose so?

        Homagama Diyagama Sports Ground
        International Cricket Ground, Galle
        International Cricket Ground, Pallekele
        International Cricket Ground, Sooriyawewa
        Peliyagoda Over Bridge (World record. In 60 days.)
        Over Bridges, Dehivela, Gamhapa, Veyangoda, Nugegoda.
        Colombo Port extention
        Oluvil Port
        Hambantota Port
        KKS port
        Colombo South Harbour project
        Arugambe Bridge
        Irakkandi Bridge
        Kinniya Bridge
        Sangupiddy Bridge
        Manampitiya Bridge
        Mattala Air port
        Iranamadu Air port
        Uma Oya project
        Yan Oya project
        Basnagoda irrigation project
        Morana irrigation project
        Veheragala irrigation project
        Rambaken Oya irrigation project
        Mannar Yoda Wewa Development project
        Moragahakanda Project
        Welioya Project
        Kekiriobada irrigation project
        Udavalava left bank project
        Broadlands hydro power project
        Moragolla hydro power project
        Katunayake High way
        Matara High way
        Outer circular hight way
        Nothern Rail Track
        Mannar Rail Track
        Coastal rail track developed as high speed
        Hambantota and Colombo city development plans
        50,000 jobs for Graduates
        Science Labs for Schools
        Dutch hospital renovation
        Renovation of Galle Dutch hospital
        Floating market, Pettah
        Nelum Kuluna
        International Conference Hall, KKS
        Internatoinal Conferance Hall, Magampura
        Internatoinal Conferance Hall, Arugambey
        University, Uva wellassa
        Acquitic University
        Economic centres in Thabuthegama, Narahenpita, Piliyandala, Welisara, Ratmalana, Embilipitiya, Veyangoda, Homagama etc.,

        Lists goes on and on. Need more?

        Hating and criticism are two different things. But, a hypocricy does not see the difference.

        • 22

          max moron

          Wish you a happy moronic new year.

          “Lists goes on and on. Need more?”

          Thanks for the list.

          I will be grateful if you could supply us with other lists.

          Now let us have a schedule of kickbacks/backhanders that clan and cronies made out of all these projects, and the degree of completion , quality of each projects and their utility.

          Will you also let us have a summary of other income generating wealth creating activities for the clan, for example defense related supplies?

          Let us also have a list of names who were made to disappear between 2005 and 2015.

          Where did the clan dispose VP’s gold and disposal value?

          Could you also give us a detailed list of those civilians who were killed between those 2005 and 2015.

          • 13

            There was no president in this country who beged to put his own name on the banners or plastered boards than MAHINDA JARAPAKSHE.
            In the days of UNP after 1978, they too did lot more to the country but the ministers name were there – not that of president. This man Rajaapkshe commanded all others to put his name even if a toilet was repaired in remote village. That is how he got poopular.
            In the same time, he made each every citizen debtors forever.
            Today, as one who left after abusing the funds of others, the bills are left to be paid by the successive govt.
            It could have been fair, those were fair parts of the bills, no even their bills came up from SEX parties even are on the lists.
            Ballige putha et al, went safaris taking plane loads on the costs of people. There the pragmatic leader had no a little brain to see how it would affect on the poor of this country.
            This country is in an economic crisis. should be made clear to the world.
            That can only be reocovered by going through austerity programmes as Greeces is today forcefully directely to.

          • 7

            Vedda, am not a genius to know the kickbacks or backhanders. It is up to FCID or any other legal institution to unearth them, if there are any. Just like most of the stupid haters who does not know nothing about constructive criticism, um no someone who goes by the assumptions. The list that I have mentioned is there everyone to see, touch or feel. You too are welcome to do so.

            Again, um no a registrar of deaths, births and marriages to have all the “data” as you demand me to reveal of “killing”s.

            But I know one thing. Prabha and terror gang had gone. A sizable underworld is no more. At least, up to Jan, 15.

            Gold question is very puerile for you to ask. Leave such stupid childish questions to Leelavathi, Samuel Jayaweera, Sam Fernando, Sunil, Nimal etc., who might certainly say, the waste of yahapalanaya also is taste!

            Civilian killing. Are you a believer of zero death in a bloody conflict that one party was a band of murderous, barbaric terrorists? Read Thamalini for more info Vedda.

            Yes, Happy (moromic) new year to you too.

            • 4


              Well Said

            • 6

              Well said MAX –

              Can all the hate mongers prepare a list of all what the other Presidents before Mahinda had achieved –

              The best part is no one of all these Wattiammas see anything wrong with Yahapalana jokers who are still blind folded and do not know which way to proceed

              • 2

                You should go and lick the back side of Max, perhaps he will then change. Please Rabok, have a check going to your Psychologist. Else leave it. You guys are like weeds that we never cant get rid of. Hate mongers of the nature are now revealing who had been behind thing. You will get to know more about them BBS and Rajaapkshe Nemesis in the months to come. Those rascals will go down as no other leaders in entire south asian region. That is our wish, we even as sinhalayas that respect only the good genetle sorta of people will never stop fighting against Rascals and their supporters basta.

                • 1

                  Oh!! Leela Empty headed donkeys like you do not deserve a reply – However I have to say one thing – Learn to look at thing with an open mind – if some body had done some thing good for the country – learn to appreciate it- because of die hard Green and Blue idiots in this country this country will never progress – we have to think only of the country and its survival as a one single country – not the political party – of course MR had his own short comings – but he also did lot of good things to up lift the dilapidated infrastructure of this country – unfortunately he did not have a proper vision or plans or funds to improve and diversify the industrial sector / agricultural sector / education system etc. etc. of the country and also he could not attract enough FDIs . One of the main problem he had during his time was the continuous pressure inserted on his Gov. by International Human Right bodies – his Gov. had no peace of mind to do anything peacefully because they were on his neck on regular basis – abolition of GSP / fear of sanctions / many elections — to make the matters worse for him he always failed to deal properly with rascals , thives , drug dealers, smugglers around him properly because most of these guys were the guys who supported him during election time – so these rascal dogs ruined him in style – I do not think he even had proper advisers to guide him correctly – most of them were useless “Ahindas” who had helped him during election – Yahapalanaya also happily following the same path – because they did not have plans or guts to go against the system which is completely corrupt and useless — To pull this country out of its present hopeless situation – we need a tough leader – who may not be politically right but who will have guts to clean the system ruthlessly – may be someone like current President of Philippine and a second in command like Lee of Singapore

              • 2


                “Well said MAX – “

                bull s**t Rabok

        • 12

          Maximoron, I believe you should have received our PUNNAKU parcel lately addressed to your Gurus Amude – as provided to me.

          I never thought that Punnakku could react the way you have given here.

          You the kind of INTOXICATED MEN are the real curse of this country.

          For the accuracy, I added the realities of the toilet projects to have built by YOUR ATHIGARU, I were among the powerful authorties, I would have put him jail long ago. This man MR derserve no freedom: Much of the realities will be revealed near future. Thajudeen families and other human disasters MR directly mediated will send him NON-STOP to hell.

          Homagama Diyagama Sports Ground – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          International Cricket Ground,- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Galle International Cricket Ground,- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Pallekele International Cricket Ground,- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Sooriyawewa Peliyagoda Over Bridge (World record. In 60 days.)
          Over Bridges, Dehivela,- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%

          Gamhapa, Veyangoda, Nugegoda.- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Colombo Port extention- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Oluvil Port – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Hambantota Port- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          KKS port – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Colombo South Harbour project- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Arugambe Bridge – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Irakkandi Bridge – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Kinniya Bridge – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Sangupiddy Bridge – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Manampitiya Bridge – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Mattala Air port – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Iranamadu Air port – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Uma Oya project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Yan Oya project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Basnagoda irrigation project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Morana irrigation project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Veheragala irrigation project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Rambaken Oya irrigation project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Mannar Yoda Wewa Development project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Moragahakanda Project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50% Welioya Project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50% Kekiriobada irrigation project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50% Udavalava left bank project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Broadlands hydro power project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Moragolla hydro power project – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Katunayake High way Matara High way Outer circular hight way Nothern Rail Track Mannar Rail Track Coastal rail track developed as high speed Hambantota and Colombo city development plans 50,000 jobs for Graduates
          – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50% OR Even More

          Science Labs for Schools Dutch hospital renovation Renovation of Galle Dutch hospital Floating market,- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%

          Pettah Nelum Kuluna International Conference Hall,
          – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          KKS Internatoinal Conferance Hall,
          – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Magampura Internatoinal Conferance Hall, – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Arugambey University,- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Uva wellassa Acquitic University Economic centres in Thabuthegama, Narahenpita, Piliyandala, Welisara, Ratmalana,
          – earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%
          Embilipitiya, Veyangoda, Homagama etc.,- earned PROFIT TO THEIR POCKETS 50%

          • 2

            Leela you certainly does not deserve a response as your such a dumb idiotic woman. Seems, you too have a portion from their “50%”. Otherwise you cant say that in a firm tone like that.

            • 8

              Please learn to respect women in general.

              Your mother is the first woman in your life.

              Then the others. Rascals planted germs in your as nothing can reverse.
              But the days ahead with leadership of gentle decent leaders you will have to say good bye to rascal cultures.

              You may be protected by the moutaneous perks/blood money offered to you, but all that will work on your second and third generations too, like sun rises and sun set.

              Please if you have guts, let us meet incolombo, I will bring you over 75 projects and thier records to trace the bill payments adn the gaps – and current authorties are buff.. nto knowing what to so…
              Let do a forum organised by Sirasa for this ?
              I can pump the costs from the west if you accept the challenge.
              I simply want to prove the harm being done through so called development projects are much higher thanthe good.

              Alone the plane loads took to european destinations like INDIAN film makers tooured to Swiss corners for their shooting agendas, Rajakshae highly abused STATE FUNDS. For that matter alone, he should be kept in a special cage….
              War victory must not be abused taking it as the licence to rape your and your families right ?

              • 1

                Leela, um glad to meet you here in Colombo. Then you can realized how much I have “earned” for commenting here in CT.

                In the mean time, come and share your “bills” with the so called FCID and push them to bring the culprits to the law.

                Your Rajapakshe-phobia has no end. Your blind with hatred, hypocrisy, obscene etc., and certainly not worth of engaging in a dialogue.

                I think your a bigger “hera” than anyone else. Arjun Mahendran will come second to you. Hence your hurry to call your opponents ‘hora’.

                • 3

                  Please listen to the tape of Dilantha BBS to learn more about

                  Mahinda Jarajaakshe.
                  That reveals everything.


                  I know you guys that have polished the shoes of those low level politicians will never be away from the taste. But dont forget the harm being done to this nation.

                  Max, you may be a young man living in Colombo -we really wonder the manner MR thugs succeeded brainwashing you if no perks according to you was the case ?

                  Lst time my driver- revealed me a lot – but he was no like you, he had balanced thougths about the lanken politics being played by politicians. He was a man of MR towards first term. Accoridng to him, like Godaya Rajawuna – in his second term he turned out ot be a real MUGABE.
                  I have no phobia, but my sadnees is why people to be let caught by the rascals again.
                  Just two or three highways and building constructions failed to provid the youth with long awaiting jobs.
                  If the current men turning to fulfil the pledges – I have nodoubt they will make it.
                  With BBS s reveals about the gravity of BBS-MR KNOT…. and ground realities about the story behind…
                  you will get to know in the days to come.සත්ය්‍ය ජය ගනී TRUTH SUCCEEDS:
                  Those who were tortured in the name of BBS but got hidden since it was a buddhist monk movement will have to face the realities today.
                  BBS men did a good job – no longer revealed the nation what was the ground reality behind MR regime.

                  • 1

                    oho.. now BBS is a good outfit for you! And your in their side! haiyo haiyo. Tks for letting us know, once more time, what a dumb woman you are, Leelavathie!

                    • 1

                      what about to you ? How many more years youwill do so.. until funds offered to you are over ? when ?

                      BBS reveals….

                      Udaya GOnthadipila will be sinking… so as Wimal BUruwanse..

                      Gravity of the harm….is the real story…

                      So the days ahead will clear things wait – … and have a tea.

                      Max if you need more Punnakku, we can send them to the same address. No worries dear, we will help you.

                    • 1

                      I may be no so intelligent as you are, but you have been proving your stupidity all along. Please just ask your friends and all known to you.
                      The great harm MR done to this nation is irreveersible.
                      Not even hell is good for him if one would punish him considering all high crimes alone.
                      This is why I am so fed up lanken folks.
                      But we dont have any other options than fighting further.

                      So long MAXES, Bumsoftys,Sumansekarasa are the majoratarian men in this country, we will remain as no second to ugandians or somalians.

            • 2

              Max do you at all respect your beloved wife ? Or MOther ? Or Granny ?

              I dont think. You need to follow MR – he does not respect women in general. THat was the reason he himself let former uneducated first lady to engage herself with gold business – profits earned by MR and his sons. No matter how he wanted to get them and fatten his pocket … by today the poor woman and her Aunty have been caught by acts –

              We in europe were busy with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winnetou for the end of the year on the EU TVs,
              You guys will have to be busy with Granny Forest Rajakashe Hapanakam in the years to come too.
              Please get ready – a set of higher charges are awaiting on them. Days are numbered actually.

            • 1

              No worries, we can see the angers in your eyes not being able to see it further today.
              This year will show you how the leaders will be against you guys.
              Your hearts willl never press it further… some projects let them earn even over 60% … 50% is the average for all the projects.
              Believe me… fraudsters and murderers deserve no pardon. They cant abuse war victory as licence in raping your wives. Right ? Please wake up little boy.. you deserve a better future similar to what we in Europe enjoy.. wake up.. we are dawned to 2017.

          • 3

            Hee hee hee Leela
            Hell hath no fury that a scorned woman!
            Is there anything happening in SL these days? I was there for a while and I can not even find the people who voted for this government!

            • 7

              You the idiot enjoying greener pasture in UK – costing them a lot,

              please read,
              They are going to start VW plant today this afternoon

              Then two other companies.

              Meeharakas and meeharak supporters of your nature will see it as nothing can reverse by the end of next 3 years.

              Please add the toilet repairs done by Meeharaka Rajaakshe and got his name painted on the school boards.

              These low men destroyed the country as others did.

              Even today aftershocks tremour the country.

          • 2

            No wonder the Yahapalanay going nowhere when it is supported by people like you who happened to sit on their brains

            Do not broadcast that you are a born idiot by posting comments like the above

            Respect Phoo!!

            • 1

              Rabook, lifebouy can help you a lot.
              That was not introdcued by Meeharaka Rajakashe.
              Please use them free from all the extrements coated on you.
              You guys are divers of their extrement pools not allowing you guys to see beyond.
              Ane paw.
              Ballige putha has injected in you and your families all the germs as no second to Ibola virus with resistant bacterial spores. That should be the reson you guys continue supporting rascals and racists.

              • 2

                Sama – Blind ,paranoid, brainless Idiots like you are the Kalakannis who are ruining this country – during MR era also we saw lot of them around MR – now it is the turn of Yahapalanaya to have die hard blind donkey supporters like you to fart on behalf of them – Currently Yahapalanaya and all their die hard supporters are also Farting loud – that’s all –

          • 1

            I feel sorry for you Leela – any body with an iota of brain at the right place will certainly understand You deserve Punnakku – but not Max

            • 3

              My curse on Rajaakshe are

              1) They are the ones who supported Drug dealers – we have all evidences .. even prima facie
              How many among the innocient majority suffer today due to drug problems. who to be accoutable for that menace.. may all gods be with us to help these men to be corner forever. In the hell the man should be rotten.

              2) They are the ones who grabed some lands from innocient people in SOUTH. Evidence are aviable.

              § Nothing can help us turning our mind – we will fight against Rajaakshes and JO

        • 0

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        • 1

          Bet you how YOUR ATHIGARU would have been – if he was the leader to open VW and other companies yesterday.

          He would have abused the state funds creating an extra vaganza with their media units- spreading unecessary loads of propaganda about the Haapankam of farting leader.

          Yesterday the humble leaders just opened those sites, no sky high placards… there you the dimwits should see, the greater difference

          between Rascals and really humble leaders.

          RW and MY3 HAVE NO BORU SOBANA.. no show off on the cost of poor people s funds. They save every pennig for the poor.
          Only wrong issue was bond scam bt that was complex issues. Prior to that not even economists would not have guessed the fall.

      • 1


        it is in Srilanka.

        If that was in Germany, UK, or any other european soils, they the law and order would not allow these buggers to add the kind of sabotage statements. They are very strict with the kind of statemements regardelss of the status of the person who may have added it. These men are given more powers by lanken law and order…. no wonder MR is no second to an another drug kin pin of the country. They dont arrest him for one reason which is lankens are governed not by leaders by Mahawansa -Buddhist clergy.
        That is the root cause of th eproblems.
        That is why we see guys in disguise harm everyone.
        This country is no second to Columbia today in terms of drug handlings. Who to be blamed if not MOST ABUSIVE Rajaakshes

    • 20

      Nimal, this is the new drama to fool us Sri Lankans and the International community…

      They are protecting all the Criminals this is the “Game Of Shape” ( cover up) culture Sri Lanka is popular for…

      Nothing will happen. But they will stage a few gimmicks like this to fool the public from time to time while dragging all the criminal cases.

      • 3

        Don’t worry!
        We will take unilateral action on them should they steal money from the third world as this undermines the stability of the world.
        In a few days they will arrest the relatives, catchers and agents of some African countries for embezzlement and they move on to other countries. I am glad that I was thoroughly checked for my assets for which I have worked 24/7 with all records om earnings above board, etc.
        All these refugees come here because of the unjust nature of their rulers who pitilessly rob their assets. Equatorial Guinea and Congo is such an example. You see what is happening to the rouges in South Korea ?

    • 3

      He is at the moment busy with taking challenges. Pls give him another term to fulfill his promises.

    • 15

      ‘Punishing the wronger doers’ That is never going to happen as it is part of the ‘deal’ agreed upon between the Greens and Blues; you allow us to rule and we will not punish you for your crimes. This deal was much talked about in ‘some influential circles’ in the UK just before the last Presidential elections which was not believed. Now it is happening. Can we forget that both UNP and the SLFP are known for corruption, so they scratch the backs of one and another; and the people are kept waiting for ever for good to happen to them.

    • 7

      Problem is yahapalanaya has also stolen ( one scandal), so it’s like people in glass houses…

    • 6

      Agree with Nimal and Sunil below. RW is just pissing us around, the voters, thinking that we are a lot of fools, and giving us something to talk about. He has that arrogant attitude towards the electorate. The fact of the matter is he is in complicit with Rajapakshas, and so is Sirisena. No real and effective legal action would be taken against the political criminals that looted the national assets, lest they fear that they could be in the firing line if the Rajapakshas returned to power. Meanwhile they are trying to hold power through manipulating peoples minds (and hopefully votes) through information and misinformation campaigns. But Rajapaksha have 2 or 3 more years to undermine the present government and to manipulate the people. It is schoolboy like behavior when RW challenges Rajapaksha’s bluff.

      I have to say that we should congratulate our so called leaders for manipulating news and misinformation that far exceeds the capability of Goebelles.

      • 1

        Just a matter of time before the victims of these criminals get fed up and get together with say the likes of Sarath Fonseks and assassinate a few of the criminals to get them to start taking action…

    • 1

      Yes yes Nimal, let the CB crooks go scot free and get the MR clan in side the cells SOMEHOW. Then only we can have a good sleep.

      By the way, your an insult to the innocent and humble character “Nimal” in the famous “Amba yaluwo” of late T.B. Illangaratne.

    • 2

      Are MR and RW off their heads. Joking about the sovereignty of a country. What MR said will be regarded as treason in any other country. Enough grounds for him to be put behind bars … but all Ranil does is ‘joke’ it off.
      A set of buffoons.

    • 1

      If he does that the next government will grill him and his team over the same thing.

      All governments protect the opposition because what goes around comes around!

  • 19

    KASmaalam K A Sumanasekere

    Ranil says “I will be going to Switzerland for one week, so, Mahinda has a week to bring down the government,”

    Is the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe planning to apply political asylum in Switzerland?

    • 15

      Yes the challenge is the arguments of the former. If the man was that capable of ruling the nation, why he held early elections ?

      He is just entertaining the gallery today being unable to live like a humble senior person. Why a man needs to fall this abusive nature ?

      I think his superstitous belief has made him an utter fool.

      We all know why he held election two years earlier, the election ended up as it was an early ejaculation in terms of his overwelming dreams to continue beocming lanken Mugabe. That alone seem to have done nothing much….

      Even today, Viagra testers (Wimal Weerawanse and his family proved it lately by the young death found in his own house- following being subjected to Viagra testing) or any other medication appearently done nothing to heal them by today.

      His behaviours are no second his condom support – Wimal Weerawanse.
      Lankens, please give a break to this guy just ignore the man forever.

    • 1

      Dear Native,

      I thought Batalanda went to check the books after the donation to Tripathi.

      Plus to see whether buddy Samare and mate Singapore Mahendran have deposited the dough in Bank Swisse..I mean the cut..

      Any way 6 out 10..Keep up the good work in the New Year because it is going to be soooooo exciting..

      • 9

        KASmaalam K A Sumanasekere

        “Any way 6 out 10..Keep up the good work in the New Year because it is going to be soooooo exciting..”

        You are looking forward to resuming in your old job aren’t you? Good luck.

        However, I won’t bet on it. Go find a job.

        • 0

          Dear Native,

          It is an Aussie PM who told his loyal citizens to work smarter not harder..You should know who he is?.

          I have a few Blue Chip Companies working for me..

          The Dividend cheques are enough to pay the mortgage on my Wellawatta Pad plus the Lunch from Sumanadisi Bakery and Dinner from Bilal..

          And a monthly rip to Pebbles Beach and 18 Holes at Eagles Link.

          What worries me whether I will have to pay taxes to Vellala Sambandan and his mates for this , once Batalanda Ranil gives him the NE Eelaam.

          • 5

            KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

            “And a monthly rip to Pebbles Beach and 18 Holes at Eagles Link.”

            I made some inquiries about your frequenting Eagles. You know what they said?

            They said

            “Oh is that the Walter Mitty character who believes he is a rich investor, into high finances, and the Nick Faldo this country never had, ………, later we found out he never touched a golf ball in his life but carries MR’s b***s.”

            Please tell us the truth.

  • 12

    Even our coconut plucker -Siripala would not make any evasive statements when ask about his business, but FORMER president is fallen to the level of the low educated men – all because of his power intoxicated thoughts.
    Let the man wish be blessed with clean thoughts free from his greediness to lanken abusive politics. As the leader who held the office lanken forces liberated the nation from terror, we still respect him, to some extent, but he should better take care of his both ends not allow further low level statments. What happened to this man ?

    • 8

      “liberated the nation from terror” .
      Wrong, he is the one who induced, infused new seeds for terror. He should be behind bars not respected. Be objective. Seems like you want to sugar coat your words.

  • 13

    We’ve given you 2 years to do something/anything positive for this country, but you’ve failed miserably! !!! So don’t stress about MR throwing you out! We will!! Just have the Local Government elections so we can show you what we think of your performance!

    • 12

      Words @

      1)What happened to Billa and ELECTRIC chair thoughts that your Guru had constantly been promoted ?

      2) With all other projects being run, also not forgetting give pay hikes to pulic sector, what dou you want more.

      3) For some invisible reasons, MR et al the crooks of all abusive nature have still been scot free.Investigations against them will show us all sooner than later.
      Just 2 years gone.

      4) The bills left by MR et al, after honey mooning are beign paid by the current men -…. dont you think you re no grateful to even mention them ?

      5) What happened to that Gingang-Kalu ganaga project and billions of funds grabed by MR et al – not leaving sufficient records for trace….. why you guys cant see the ground realities that way ?

    • 14


      We saw how the Nugegoda man was to resurrect MR at the last general election, after losing the Presidential election. Now you are hoping that through the PC elections, he will come back. Wait and see what will happen to MR in the future. This scumbag and his family will be deposited in the Political dustbin where they belong.

      If MR is so cock sure that he can topple the Yahapalana govt in 2017, he should accept the challenge. Now the clock is ticking for MR to prove himself. The count down has begun.

    • 12

      MR etal had 10 years , during the time he plundered the country sharing the wealth of the state with all his men and women!
      The country is bankrupt and need more begging bowls to go round the world.
      Remember at least RW ‘ s begging bowl will be respected by the international community .
      MR can bow and scratch the backs of his old friends from the Far East , for his own political survival and of his offsprings, but he’s not in power anymore.
      All his political somersaults will only end up miserably.

      • 8

        Please give him some Happy Pils Amitriptyline to smile in high doses or large dose of Viagra to shut his one end of the anatomy .
        We all can live peacefully.

    • 3

      @Words: “Just have the Local Government elections so we can show you what we think of your performance! “

      Better still would be for you to show us what you thought of MR’s performance! I bet you would continue your old bullshit of kissing his ‘you know what’!

      Give us a break!

      Of course this is not to condone the crap that the Yahapalanayas are foisting on us, but the scale of the ripping off and abuse of our rights can’t even be compared to the excesses of your heroes!

  • 29

    Time for MR to go home. Preferably to Welikade for swindling all the Billions. Looking like Ali Baba and his 40 thieves.

    • 11


      MR is always home; that’s what people can see. Nobody’s there to try him in courts, that’s what’s sad.

    • 10

      Prostutes caught by the sex industry some european countries are said to be no easy to be separate even if any good efforts by Social workers.

      When looking at MR and his greediness to lanken politics – is similar to the situation of European Prostitutes. That is what I felt.
      Else, he could enjoy his retirement. We the country should have enough candidates to do politics. That could be seen as exemplary for the youth turning out to be poltiicians for the future of the nation.

  • 3

    See Ranil’s bravery

    Sure; Mahinda has given the promise; not to topple him in the week to come.

    Politicians do have such silly arrangements.

  • 4

    So RW is speaks nonsense again and gallivanting the world bleeding state coffers.

  • 3

    Senior politician playing bankrupt politics. I think Sri lanka is the only country which plays this kind of politics. Politicians are incomptetant. So, they criticize the previous govt in order to cover up their inabilities.

  • 10

    Being an elder statesman, he is becoming a laughing stock. All feel pity for the man. All those around him wouldn’t let him live in peace until his last days. Already he is in a deep pit but the lot around him, digging his grave faster.

    • 8

      John, what cant be the case if one would nothave shame, respect, dignified life ?

      This man was criticised to have held election being based on a prediction made by that illiterate astrologer -Sumanadasa. Now the attack is out of media.

  • 7

    Native Vedda: You asked: “Is the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe planning to apply asylum in Switzerland?”. NO. Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse has already promised him to secure citizenship in Swaziland. That is in return for the favours, including the exit from Temple Trees, (while the President elect was hiding in a coconut estate in Dodangaslanda,in Kurunegala District) granted to Mahinda since January 9th 2015 early morning hours to date. That country is fitting for him, because it is ruled by a “KING” called Ngwenyama or LION. Mr. Wickramasinghe is used to living under a “KING” for decades and no difficulty in adopting to such a rule.

    • 6


      I thought our PM is going to Switzerland not Swaziland, are you winding us up??

      • 7

        It was just MR was connected to Swaziland.

        RW and other leaders deal with Switzerland. Even one minister from Switzerland paid a visit ot srilanka few weeks ago.

        • 1

          Switzerland seems to attract and welcome stolen money from the third world like billions from Prez Mombutu of Congo.

  • 2

    Is this a mis print?.. I mean did Batalanda throw it to Bodhi Sira?…

  • 5

    Sumane – You may be correct as Batalanda Ranil may be expecting an auto
    matic promotion as Janathipathithuma ,by joining hands with opposition 50 and TNA and one by one, the rest will join him. There is food for thought in his statement.

  • 2

    Ranil is very confident that MR cannot topple the current government with South SL politics alone, I guess MR knows that as well. Only if and when the proposal to share power with provinces brought to the table will the unity of his government be tested. Not SLFP MPs, even UNP MPs might do somersaults if MR play the game for their liking as well as majorities extremists. First among would be Wijedasa Rajapakse.

    Being this long in politics, Ranil knows where the bumps are, and he will veer his Govt. away from them all making 2017 as safe as any years past. Again, this will prove the minority’s hope even in a unity Govt. is misplaced.

  • 1

    It is true that Ranil threw that challenge to Old King. But there are more twist under that, as per news. Old King was said to topple the New King by no confidence(Not Denish coup) motion. In that case Ranil will have to replace EP. That is where he wants to go for PM. Then it looks like harmless to Ranil; in fact better for him. Further, Ranil who is dying to protect Old King won’t throw an unnecessary challenge to Old King. The things or the so called stories did not stop there. Ranil was supposed to be removed and replaced by Raru, in another story. In that case Karu is not fit for EP. When these mushroom talks come out, Ranil knows none of these guys who are wearing no underwear can topple anybody, but it is only wedging between Ranil and Karu and Ranil and New King. He sense something in that more than that nobody believing toppling talk. That is why annoyed Ranil told like that.

    Anyway Ranil’s challenge is not going to do anything.

  • 5

    Ranil is acting like a child.

    Mahinda is acting like the desperate moron he is.

    Sira is playing the mute.

    The rest of the motley crew are biding their time to switch to the ‘winners’.

    What hope for the ‘blunder of Asia’?

  • 2

    It is rather odd for RW to any official business in Europe at this moment where officials are still on holidays till the end of next week?
    Perhaps they are opening the doors especially for him? Let’s wish a good trip and may he do good for the benefit of the country.

  • 3

    RW when you come from you joy ride from Switzerland , Gota will be waiting for you at the VIP lounge to take you to the The Walikada Guest house ,you could not do the honors to him while you had two years to do it ,so has decided to do it for you.

  • 0


    Anyone looking for a Clown or a Court Jester?
    Is this the genius who can put the Country & Economy Right who is in Sunglasses to hide the sunken eyeballs?

    • 7


      “Anyone looking for a Clown or a Court Jester?”

      There are lot of them inside and outside the parliament, for example Wimal Sangili Karruppan Weerawansa, GLP, Dinesh, Vasu, … Mervyn Silva PhD, Dayan, ……………..

  • 0

    Mr. PM, just leave a side bogus challenges. Hold the local govt elections instead. You will know exactly then, where are you and the so called ‘yahapalanaya’! All the best!

  • 4

    SUPERSTITION alone is responsible for being the devil’s device to divide friends ,relatives and nations ,it has been the only reason to blaspheme every good soul who walked on this earth teaching men right from wrong , uniting them with love and forgiveness , From Buddha to Moses ,Jesus ,Muhammad and the rest .

    As long as superstition remains the core belief of men , there will be no love,no peace ,no prosperity.

    Shun much suspicion, for suspicion is most of the time a crime on many an innocent individual or people, and also shun superstition that you may prosper by not harming the innocent and save you from hypocrisy in outward religious action &rituals that are meant only for men to see .

    Please stop fooling yourselves and be real.

  • 0

    The Premier Minister of Ranil W…. is not a visionary leader ,that he challenging to MR that as political clown, request take power from Premiership by that time during his oversees trip for one week absences in post of Primer?

    What type of joke advocated by Ranil W…of as UNP leader? See these are the guys who are going Rule our Nation?

    How is that seriousness of politics of UNP take into the account by Ranil W…and his gang?

    We as nation far behind governances by UNP leader which compare with other democratic countries.

    There are good political reasons ,why intelligent and elites political and social follows fashion and fads of democracy under “Rainbow revolution” led by Mathripala Sirisena the practicing this craft that politics have frequently gone wrong?

    New models of and ideas naturally take political parties by storm and drive scholarly research in one direction and then to another.
    But the science of politics policies is not like physics ,where each generation of ideas of democracies successively displace the previous generation’s. Well, in fact Ranil w…is lack of vision and has no idea about new generation of democracy.

    At the best after 2015 January 9th, we have to learn how to handle the complexities of the Sri lanka and Global situation a bit better with each NEW WAVE OF BY an INVESGATIONS.

    Ranil W…is unable to picking assumptions so as to do the least amount of damage done to People of Sri Lankan to the underlying reality, while still being able to say something meaningful about consequences of different policies of Democracy of UNP’s leadership!.

  • 3

    This is the right time to take an adequate number of Members of Parliament from JO & other minor parties to get the required majority in Parliament and show MR who is in power.

  • 3

    MY-3- The best orator of our times-

    Ranil The best foreign Relations man we ever had .

    Give the devil its share and if you agreed a pound of flesh to Shylock honor it even if it is inhuman.

    This is where Comes M.R. Man of action , he neither takes advice nor orders.
    No rights ,no wrongs , no R&D , just action ,if the final result is achieved, okay and done , he also is prepared to face the repercussion of any from his actions, some may benefit some may perish .

    But that is exactly and the only possible way millennium leadership of Third world works , like adding some spice , a little bit of bigotry ,a little bit of racism , a little bit of blind eye on vices & smuggling to keep the evil happy and busy and the Minorities in the check list and remind their boundaries,practice of nepotism as a form of anchor which has today rewarded him well in times of need , even helped him back to parliament and shielded him well to the extend that no earthly being can even get close to him, even with the power of the government ,nation and the whole world with them ,Now that is being a genius politician we must admit , say what you may of his past rule.

    So Just be prepared to bear with all what is mentioned above and not to forget it is going to be a powerful autocracy government permanently when he takes over and no changes will ever happen again, the leaders may change but it will be the same group who will rule forever, he will make sure the same mistake never happens again.

    Country will develop , there will be money rolling in and out , business will be abnormally doing well.

    Unless what happen to Indonesia and Suharto happens , which I doubt very much as The Chinese are more than next to kin to him and family.

    So Just be prepared for what we know of our man. There is very little we can do and do not blame or curse the present government ,mix marriages are always a mess ,though they never talk about it, the results (begotten ones) are in utter ruins in most cases .

    So let it go, at-least for two years some minorities had a chance of playing the role of hero on stage . some MGRs, some Aladdin and the Magic lamp.

    I personally feel if the present government fails to win in majority the following local government elections , best they resign and call for general elections and if MR wins it would be good for My 3 to retire with dignity before MR’s government move the executive powers to PM. It would be far better to dissolve the parliament and call for elections than let MPs crossover and create another messy government ,at least The people will select the right MPS .in and send the rest home.

    This Local government election is the most crucial and will decide the future of Sri Lanka permanently.

  • 2

    There are Countries and cuntries , they are both are ruled in two different ways .

    One need sivas and thee other needs sivalingums

  • 0

    Ranil is well protected. Sirisena is not a scheming power hungry woman like CBK who plotted against him. Sirisena is a real buddhist. He will not be a part of plots.

    Ranil is also protected by the CIA with whom his father had close links. CIA helped his father overthrow the SLFP socialist losers in 1965 and also gave lots of support in 2015. UNP is very close to USA; Ranil is their agent along with Assembly of God man.

    MR must be having wet dreams if he thinks he can outsmart a CIA trained heterosexual intellectual giant like Ranil. No more room for corrupt sinhala Buddhists. Evangelicals and Anglicans are ruling again. No need to worry. Ranil is right to taunt his old protector and parliamentary colleague MR.

    Give Ranil and his very heterosexual macho cabinet 3 more years and we will be giving aids to Singapore. We will be that rich.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    CT says in another article:
    “And now we hear that Rajapaksa has stated that his goal is to topple the government in 2017. Well, does he have to do anything to topple the government? Isn’t the government doing a marvelous job at toppling itself?”
    Almost all of us but Ranil and My3 agree!

  • 0

    CT says in another article:
    “And now we hear that Rajapaksa has stated that his goal is to topple the government in 2017. Well, does he have to do anything to topple the government? Isn’t the government doing a marvelous job at toppling itself?”
    Almost all of us but Ranil and My3 agree!
    Mr. Ranil, enjoy your trip to Switzerland; don’t forget your sunglasses!

  • 1

    to danusia! are you suffering from amnesia?

  • 2

    My guess is MR and cronies are all going before court and possibly jail from this year. When ever Mahinda and his brothers & sons sound the trumpet , that means the charge sheet is being prepared. I cannot still understand in the name of fake patriotism along with prestitutes from mainstream media et DJ mahinda wants to show his trumpet blows as saveeee theee counntrryyy. My foot mr. Mahinda. Enough is enough.

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