20 May, 2022


Ranil To Take Oaths

The United National Party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe is set to take oaths as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka before President Maithripala Sirisena this evening.

Rani MaithreeWickremasinghe is set to take oaths in a simple ceremony at the Presidential Secretariat. The new cabinet of Ministers is to be appointed later.

The UNP secured victory at the parliamentary polls today. Although the final result is yet to be announced election authorities say that the UNP will fall short of an absolute majority (113) by at least 4 seats.

However, both Wickremesinghe and President Maithripala Sirisena prior to the polls had reiterated that a national government will be formed after the polls.

According to UNP sources at least 20 elected parliamentarians loyal to the President will join the new government.

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    Ranil To Take Oaths

    Welcome on board, and we can hope for a better and prosperous future for all Sri Lankans without any discrimination.

    The long awaited day has finally bloomed.

    Good Luck for Good Governance from Day 1 (Jan 8, 2015)


    • 2

      I hope Wickreamsinghe will make all awareness programmes that outreach village folks from the day one on. Even if UNP won th eelection, most living on villages are still with Rajaakshe not knowing the gravity of problems created by his adminsitration deliberately. It is not easy to make them understand these things since Rajapakshe media unit has worked on spread doctored facts about any issue for such a long time. Asked why the folks cant make their mind, as I get it, they are kept away from realities of the issues. Media of the MR regime worked to consolidate Rajapakshe era for ever. Looking back people would see it right today that not the basic rights were safeguarded by Rajapakshe in terms of human rights. TNA supported parties and their rise show it clearly. Even if Germany kept the security forces for such a long time (50 years) in war torn areas, the issue should be discussed in sl since they are only sinhalese soldiers being deployed in the nothern areas. It is fair them the public not feeling that their basic concerns are not addressed yet.

  • 5

    Again Ranil piggybacks on others to be PM. Sirisena will bribe SLFP national list MPs to give 113 to Ranil. Sirisena sympathizer MPs in the SLFP must realize that they won due to the leadership of MR and not on their own strength. They should not cross over to the UNP to help UNP to form govt. This will be the biggest sellout and shameful.

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    Cograts Hon.Premier RW and Prez Sirisena.
    S/L will once again be a peaceful country to live in.

    Thank God ! Srilankans can be proud of a pretty First Lady unlike the Embalmed, out of shape Mrs.MR
    and the Ex Prez with an oversized and unkept Mustache and Frog eyes !!!

    Look at our British PM, he is a good looker and above all, educated and Smart !
    Britishers are gifted with a Beautiful First Lady in Samantha ! ( By the way she is never seen in Public )

    To a great extend, the Head of a State & the First Lady must not only be presentable, but also
    Educated and Smart unlike the Former Prez & Wife ! Remember they represent their citizens !!

    Congrats ! to all those who voted MR OUT and RW IN !!!!

    • 7

      “Britishers are gifted with a Beautiful First Lady in Samantha ! “

      Count your blessings man. We Sri Lankans have an even more Beautiful First Lady in Maithri. Samantha is in the Kalaey when compared with our beauty. See her grace and simplicity with all her ebbing beauty.

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    Now that the Lord Voldemort of Sri Lankan politics has been defeated, not just once, but twice, it offers the country the opportunity to enter a new phase of civilised politics and healthy democracy that is a competition of ideas and not obnoxious and ghastly personalities. All credit to the new set up for carrying out the cleanest elections in a long time. The country faces enormous challenges – a poor revenue base that does not cover even a fraction of government expenditures, a debt burden that consumes valuable foreign exchange earnings as interest payment, a society where the institutions of state have been severely compromised by corruption and nepotism and a general breakdown of law and order, not to mention the problems relating to minority communities in a pluralistic democracy. It will take an enormous effort and commitment to good governance and sound inclusive economic policies that are implemented effectively to overcome these challenges. That would require the proper harnessing of the only real resource the country has – it’s people and their capabilities. I sincerely hope the new government rises upto the challenge. A start has been made. Well done, the voters of Sri Lanka.

    • 10

      All credit to Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero to begin with. Gradually people started to join him.

  • 12

    Kudos Ranil,

    All praise to MY3/Ranil duo for steering our beautiful country towards salvation where all people regardless of party affiliations or religious beliefs can live in harmony, contrary to the bleak possibility of returning Sri Lanka to MURDEROUS MARA CLAN RACIST PHILOSOPHY.

    A word of caution needs to be mentioned though. Despite all atrocities exposed by media of the activities of MARA & CLAN, still a sizeable portion of the majority voted for the MURDERER AND PLUNDERER. I thought they were voting ignorantly without knowing the facts. But to know that they have still opted to vote for the MURDEROUS PLUNDERER after knowing the facts, that sends a chill down my spine as to what their motives would have been, other than to suppress the minority community under their boots.

    That is a chilling outcome of this election and that needs to be addressed and educated to them, that we will never rise as a Nation if we do not shed this racist attitude among us, be that be Sinhalese,Tamils, Muslims or Christians.All need to think as Sri Lankans. That is the need of the hour.

  • 7

    We simple love you M3. (Yes, Maithri too). Heres a BIG kiss from us all for saving us from this band of looters,rapists and murderers. Please give a kiss to Ranil also, from us. But leave Maithri alone OK?

  • 6

    Watch out Ranil and M3, that useless buffoon Vermyn Silva has been very silent now. He must be planning to be made Minister soon and would now start singing your praises. Kick the bugger in his arse if he tries to now get around you.

  • 1

    Dear Manjula, you poor thing. I know how you feel. But I think you are crying for no reason.

    Mahinda was not defeated. He achieved a noble victory. That makes 2 victories in a row in 8 months. I wish our cricket team had that kind of success. I see the look of surprise on your face. No I am not pulling your leg. Pulling legs is what MS does – not me or Mahinda.

    Just wait and see. When he reaches Medamulana, Mahinda will claim victory over the (Ranil + MS) hordes, just as he did after the last Presidential elections. So wipe your tears and smile.

  • 4

    It was a well planned victory and pls accept our congratulations,Ranil.
    This is a rare chance that you got and pls ensure good governance is practised for the next five years or more and you will be ably assisted
    by the experienced & straight forward President. This combination is a great gift given by God to the people of Sri Lanka.

    Firstly, people will closely watch as to how you are going to tackle the cases of people tainted with corruption, political murders and people’s money siphoned away from the country. Secondly call up all the players involved in the bond scam in the central Bank, including the former Governor Cabraal and have a full scale inquiry and expose what happened in the CB for the last decade and punish the wrong doers,
    including the current Governor, if found guilty. If you slack or favour
    Ven. Sobitha Thera will be after you. Wish you luck and strength to govern with confidence for the next five years.

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    RW has to wait for a long time to be appointed from the Jeyawar Dynasty by the empire.

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