21 May, 2022


Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Autocratic Behaviour Criticised

Several United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) parliamentarians have highly criticised the autocratic behaviour of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in Parliament and Speaker Karu Jayasuriya’s biased actions.

2104Ranil wickramasinghe_2JUPFA Gamini Lokuge speaking on the matter said that Wickremesinghe’s recent antics in Parliament was akin to “a bull in a China shop” expression.

Lokuge cited the Premiers behaviour in a recent incident where he acted in an arbitrary manner while bypassing parliamentary ethics in announcing a decision to take up for debate several financial regulations on government spending, without prior notice to the “House”.

Meanwhile UPFA MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara says that he is planning to lodge a complaint with the International Parliamentarians Association based in Geneva about Wickremesinghe un-parliamentary conduct.

Nanayakkara says that the Premier is subjugating MP’s rights to express their views freely and also acting in a manner disregarding the reputation of parliamentarians.

The UPFA MP is planning to attach video recordings with his complaint to the Geneva based IPA to prove his allegations.

Meanwhile Dinesh Gunewardena, the leader of Mahajana Eksath Peramuna says Wickremesinghe is becoming a dictator in parliament.

While expressing his disappointment over the actions of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Gunewardena says that the Jayasuriya has not taken any effective measures to stop Premier’s antics.

Gunawardena says that the Speaker has so far failed to maintain discipline in the House and urges the Speaker to take immediate action to arrest the situation.

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  • 39

    Ane huka, Lokuge, W.Nana (Pakaya)!? Are these the people who want freedom and dictatorless parliament? Have they forgotten the time when they had abandoned even their wives and daughters and sent them to Mahaindaya and the gang to [Edited out] them ins out? My foot!

    • 21

      WHOEVER whaever being explained, right at the moment as it the way moving forward is thousand times better than today than before 8th January.
      Listen to parliamentary talks – RW makes it clearly that everyone should see it right to behave well. Previoulsy they the speakers being Rajaakshes allowed most nobal place – as it is said to turn a place worst to Pettah market.. all these were with the approval of President. Today, the levels achieved are really really not comparable.
      Alone the entourages and others have become to few people.. alone there the state save millions. People are not grateful to any good moves.. that is the nation of any uncivilized dominated cutlures such as hours.

      • 0

        Google Translator?

    • 26

      Lokuge, have you forgotten the rush to get the 18th amendment through, with no concern for the people or the then opposition?? Vasi, Jelly Back Dinesh, et al get lost.

  • 37

    Mr. Vadudeva Nanayakara, while you are in Geneva complaining , please show them your video clip where refer to the PM as a “pakaya” . How un parliamentary is that?

    Also why do you want to go to the West to seek justice anyway as you have criticised them in the past for interfering with SL affairs?

  • 21

    Lokuge is suffering from a forgetting syndrome. How much his Appachchi has spent even without informing the Parliament for his own personnel requirements, and these idiots just kept quite. All the bills debated now are for the public requirements. Ranil can be autocratic to keep such self seeking idiots, who are hell bent to defeat the financial bills aimed at generating revenue for public requirements at bay. Their guru and his cohort were autocratic to the whole country and hence Ranil becoming autocratic for a good cause is OK. Nana, better attach copy of the video of his own recent behavior in Parliament for the International Parliamentarians Association to better understand who’s behavior in Parliament is more acceptable.

  • 13

    All of a sudden Vasudeva believes part of the Capitalist system “International Association of Parliament” in Geneva. This is no different than his double standards of Parliamentary privileges of Mahinda era, OHCHRC, Justice, etc etc. IAP in Geneva can give them a lesson on effective opposition with constructive criticism in place of meaningless conspiracy theories.

    When you have a set of wining and complaining kindergarten kids who doesn’t remember what they said yesterday and make conflicting statement, A etcher with a can is needed. GROW UP FOLKS and BE AN EFFECTIVE OPPOSITION.

    • 0

      You ask him where his children were educated, to which university they went and where they are now.

  • 12

    Pissudeva, also don’t forget to attach a video of your behavior in parliament where you called RW a pa….ya. you bloody lunatic hypocrite.

  • 4

    ” take up for debate several financial regulations on government spending, without prior notice to the “House”.”

    This is serious.Shades of JRJ the dictator emerging from the nephew.When you do such acts you are insulting the people to whom the parliament belongs to.

    Karu jayasuriya better vacate his seat as the speaker if he is going to behave like a ponnaya.We don’t want ponnaya speakers.

    How would anyone here feel if they were told that they have an appointment today to discuss an important matter relating to them with a telephone call in the morning.Not only does it make you completely unprepared for the discussion it makes you feel like you are a nobody.We the people are not “nobodies”and when it concerns our finances we want a proper way of dealing with it in our parliament.The conclusion we make is that Ranil does not want scrutiny of our money going out of our treasury,otherwise why the rush.

    and please guys stop bringing out the past to justify the present.Did we not vote for “yahapalanaya” and only for that, which is supposed to be for good governance in the future by our governments.Is this good governanc by our PM.

    Nip these things in the bud before these fellows too lose their heads.

  • 13

    Yes, Ranil has to be like this to get the best for the country and the long suffering people. They wouldn’t be able to play games and monkey business in the parliament any more. For over sixty years since independence, they played hell in the parliament and brought the country to this sorry state. Every thing in real mess, acharu be it ethnic harmony,education, health, industry, business etc, and the politicians had a jolly time, still are, enjoying every thing at the expenses of the poor people. The people put them there to work for them and not to have fun. The President, PM and the rest in the government are very serious to quickly untangle the bad issues dragging down the country, and put it on the right course, in order for the normal folks to have a good life. The time frame is 60 months The games you played with MR wouldn’t work here with My3 and Ranil, they passed out from your school with flying colors. So watch out.

    • 10

      Our people feel that they should always criticise the other… today even any simple simon would do that thinking that it should be their duty. I think media men have to react with more responsiblities rather than just adding any hearsays to the media.

      In the days of Maharaja, he did not even allow many to react independently… he even gifted Laptops to Journalists as if some men and women distributed silredi to gain more votes.

  • 11

    Ranil wants to play the “naughty boy” for a change. Give the poor guy a chance, after all he was on the sidelines all these years.

  • 1

    [Edited out] We are sorry, the comment language is English – CT

  • 3

    The reason why Lokuge left the UNP was that Ranil requested him to settle a loan Lokuge had taken from a State Bank for Rs 50 million and when the bank was to file action he jumped to MRs lapand got MR to get the Bank to write off this loan. Lokuge is noted to double cross his mentors and when JR sacked Cyril Mathew form the Cabinet Lokuge who was Mathew’s unofficial body guard went to JR and sneaked to JR about Mathew’s anti Tamil activities.Lokuge is a snake in the grass and never to be trusted.He is now a millionaire owning a number of Hotels in Trincomalee and other places.MR sent Lokuge’s daughter to our mission in Sweden as a diplomat without any experience.

  • 7

    Well done Ranil , give these fellows a taste of their own.After all you never used a P word.

  • 6

    Oh Dinesh you are criticising your class mate and buddy of being dictatorial? Ranil is the best thing that has happened to this country and if he means no nonsense he means no nonsense. He is now taking the “bull by the horns” and trying to put this country right after years of corruption and anarchy. Dinesh you wouldnt have dared to throw these words at MR at those reported cabinet meetings would you?
    Instead of yelling at your cricket playing friend just for the sake of doing so try and give him all the co-operation in his process of rebuilding this nations image so we could become the true “wonder of Asia”
    Ranil you are the “last white hope” for this country so carry on and be deaf to this form of criticism

    • 1

      Dinesh,,,,, uneducated thief drink poison with your friend and cohort.

  • 0

    I am all in for a strong autocratic leader with the best of intention for the country.
    Can he force the justice system to streamline and get on with the cases that are going for decades.Get judges from UK to sort out our scandal in the courts.
    Stop transferring people about which is cruel which could be used by nasty politicians to punish good p[people doing their job properly.
    Get hospital and civil service efficient.
    Hold on to power by force if required if he has the welfare of the country at heart.
    Our politicians are abusing the principles of democracy for better themselves.
    Bring it it line with Singapore.
    Stop patronizing places of religion,wear proper cloths to suit this day and age and listen to the REASONABLE requests and concerns of the public.

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