21 April, 2024


Ravi K Diabolical Liar; Four Different Stories On Penthouse-Saga

Member of Parliament Ravi Karunanayake, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Lotteries who tendered his resignation from his ministerial post last Thursday, diabolically lied and withheld crucial information when providing evidence at the Bond Scam investigation.

So far now on four separate occasions MP Karunanayake has provided four different accounts pertaining to the details regarding the renting and purchasing of the controversial penthouse at the Monarch Residencies which eventually forced him to occupy the back benches in parliament.

In his quest to quash crucial evidence to the ‘Bond Scam’ investigating Commissioners, MP Karunanayake went on to claim that he had no knowledge of the financial dealings pertaining to the rental of the penthouse that he and his family lived in.

The entire lease amounting close to 9 million was paid for by a company named Walter and Rowe which Arjun Aloysius and his father Geoff are both Directors. It is a fully owned subsidiary of the holding company of Perpetual treasuries. MP Karunanayake was the then Minister of Finance during the period that the Bond Scam scandal was executed.

However it is important to state that the resignation of the former Minister Karunanayake from all held ministerial portfolios are based on money laundering accusations and the conflict of interest surrounding his occupation of the penthouse that was rented and paid for by Arjun Aloysius’ company.

Meanwhile almost immediately after providing evidence at the Bond Scam investigation MP Karunanayake spoke to the media and told them that the owners of the penthouse were his relatives. However a few days later he went on to give a much more detailed version of the entire penthouse saga in in parliament during his speech last Thursday.

Why could he not provide all of this information to during the time he gave evidence to the Commissioners? What was he trying to achieve by saying he had no knowledge of the financial dealings to the rental of the penthouse?

The controversy of the penthouse saga commenced exactly over a year ago when it was first brought to MP Karunanayake’s attention by Joint Opposition MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage. It was on the 9th of June 2016 that during the initial ‘No Confidence’ motion debate against Karunanayake that MP Aluthgamage asked him as to who was paying the US $ 10,000 rental for the penthouse he was living in at that time. MP Karunanayake side stepping the question replied by saying “instead of bringing false allegations and assassinating my character, please prove it”. MP Aluthgamage then said “If you deny what I am saying is false then quickly get all the details pertaining to the rental of this apartment faxed to us right away. We have another hour and a half to go before this parliamentary session ends. There is plenty of time for you to do it”. (See the Hansard – Page 777 )

This clearly defines that MP Karunanayake was of the knowledge that there was controversy surrounding the penthouse he was occupying at that time where the rental for such was been paid by Arjun Aloysius, the Chairman of Perpetual Treasuries.

How come then he never pursued to seek more information on this topic especially as it was brought to his attention that there was a serious conflict of interest in this regard?

However a year on whilst still claiming his innocence MP Karunanayake went on to tell the Commissioners during the Bond Scam investigation that he was not aware that the rental for the penthouse he was living in was paid by Arjun Aloysius. He claimed he would have never lived there had he known.

See below the full question and answers of MP Ravi Karunanayake during the Bond Scam investigation:

Regarding the apartment, Karunanayake played complete ignorance. He said that he did not know how the apartment, which he currently lives in at the Monarch residency was paid for.

He said he never asked his wife nor his daughter as to who paid for it. He said that it was not “his business”.

Justice Prasanna Jayawardena said he was amazed that the family could live in a single house and the Minister being the Minster of Finance didn’t ask as to how the apartment was paid for.

Karunanayake first said that he came to know about the Aloysius’ connection with the apartment following Anika Wijesuriya‘s testimony. Later however he admitted that he knew about it since June 2016 when Mahindananda Aluthgamage brought the Penthouse up in parliament.

Grilling of Ravi by Dappula De Livera of the AG’s Department:

Q: Did your wife visit the premises before you rented it.

RK: I was told that she did

Q: She went there alone?

RK: I don’t know.

Q: Did she tell you that she met Arjun Aloysius in the premises

RK: No

Q: She did not tell you that Mr Aloysius came in and discussed matters with Miss (Anika) Wijesuriya in the presence of your wife.

RK: No. All I know is that Miss Wijesuriya was the former girlfriend of Arjun Aloysius.

Q: Miss Wijesuriya said that when your wife visited, she called Mr Aloysius and he visited the place.

RK: I don’t know that. I am only privy to what my family has told me.

Q: Are you aware of the existence of the company Walt & Row?

RK: No

Q: Do you know that Arjun Aloysius and his father are directors of this company?

RK: They are directors of many companies. That’s all I know. I do not know who is owning what.

Q: You did not know that this apartment was leased by Walt & Row from Miss Wijesuriya?

RK: No. I need not know.

However, the AG failed to ask Karunanayake as to what he did after the questioning in June. The Penthouse was brought by Karunanayake’s connected company much after July.

Justice Prasanna Jayawardena asked if it was rational to think that his daughters and wife did not know that there would be a conflict of interest by using the money of Aloysius who was already in the middle of the controversy following the Bond auction in 2015.

Karunanayake said his daughters and wife “don’t know politics”.

“You are a very close family isn’t it”, Commissioner Jayawardena asked Karunanayake. “Yes of course with God’s blessings, came the reply”. And the following ensued.

Justice Jayawardena: We know you are a family man.

RK: Yes I am and I thank God for that.

Justice Jayawardena: We are very happy that you are.

Justice Jayawardena: Now you were aware that your family was looking for an apartment? You said that you were aware of it and looking for a close by place because public citizens like you and me spending considerable amount of time in the traffic?

RK: Correct.

Justice Jayawardena: Now let’s look at the document of the apartment. It says there were two apartments amalgamated. It has 4000 square ft.

RK: I believe it can’t be 4000 square feet. It should be around 2000 square.ft

Justice Jayawardena: Did you ask from whom your family is renting the apartment?

RK: They told me that the owner of the house is Anika Wijesooriya. I was satisfied.

Justice Jayawardena: If you knew that this house was leased out by a man connected to areas under your purview, would you have not moved in to this apartment?

RK: I definitely wouldn’t have moved in if I knew that.

Justice Jayawardena: Are you telling us that for nine months, your family did not tell you that there was no lease agreement between your family company and Anika Wijesooriya?

RK: They told me the house was of Wijesooriya’s.

Justice Jayawardena: Your family knew there was no lease agreement signed with the owner of the house?

RK: I do not know that. But we reimbursed the money, to an ‘accountant’ of a company.

Justice Jayawardena: You said your family paid the rental to Walt and Rowes?

RK: I don’t know,they said it was to an accountant.

Justice Jayawardena: They had to know the lease agreement was with this company because it clearly says so in the agreement. Your wife and daughter are educated people so they must surely know there is a conflict of interest?

RK: No. They are not in the political arena so I don’t think they are aware.

Justice Jayawardena: So you are saying that they did not see anything wrong with their house rent being paid by a company which is connected to the stock market, the Primary market and the Excise Department?

RK: No. I didn’t know.

Justice Jayawardena: It is publicly known that Perpetual Treasuries Limited, Perpetual Capital Holdings and Walt and Rowes Associates are interconnected. So are you seriously telling us to believe you when you say you are unaware of these close associations which concern you?

RK: Yes. I was not.

Justice Jayawardena: So this entire agreement you were not aware of?

RK: No.My wife and three children are perfectly capable of running the company and this was purchased by the company. I did not know anything and completely absolve myself from having anything to do with it

Justice Jayawardena: From where did you get an odd Rs 10 million of money to pay for the apartment?

RK: My wife and daughter were responsible for it.

Justice Jayawardena: If such payments were done bank statements will be available?

RK: Not necessarily.

Justice Jayawardena: We are normal people we don’t carry 12 million rupees in cash. So I just want to know how this was done.

RK: It was done through my company.

Justice Jayawardena: I looked for these payments in GLT ledgers and other records but nowhere information relevant to these payments appear.

RK: The Chairman of the GLT told us to buy the house and he will pay for it.

Justice Jayawardena: We have heard from the evidence that Chairman Lakshmikanthan brought 70 million in cash to the GLT. Do you know from where this money came?

RK: No, I cannot say. All I know is that he is a leading financial analyst.

Justice Jayawardena: You should be aware of the money laundering and such, so it is important that this money should go on record.

RK:The money came from the Chairman. I had nothing to doubt.

Justice Jayawardena: Just because the money came from the Chairman, that does not mean the money is clean. Sakvithi was the Chairman of his company.

Justice Jayawardena: We have given you every opportunity to tell us what you want to say. What you are basically telling us is that “I knew nothing”.

RK: Yes, I knew nothing until the agreement was signed and until concerns were raised.

A short while later MP Karunanayake speaking to the media after giving evidence stated that Nahil Wijesuriya was his relative and that it is common knowledge.

Meanwhile whilst addressing parliament last Thursday and prior to tendering his resignation from all official Ministerial posts, MP Karunanayake went on to provide a more detailed version pertaining to developments that surrounded the controversy of his rental and ownership of the penthouse at Monarch Residencies.

He claimed that the owner of the Penthouse Anika Wijesuriya and his daughter were school mates. He also stated that Anika Wijesuriya was reluctant to rent her penthouse to a politician and it was decided by them to request a common friend of theirs Arjun Aloysius to rent the penthouse on their behalf. MP Karunanayake then went on to state that his daughter reimbursed the rental monies paid by Arjun Aloysius on their behalf. He then confirmed that a few months later his wife and daughter decided to purchase the penthouse from Anika Wijesuriya. For that he said his wife Mela and daughter Onella obtained a bank loan from Seylan Bank. (Jacqueline Senanayake).

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  • 56

    No point flogging a dead horse. Just focus on the biggest culprit Wijedasa Rajapakse. He is has single handedly robbed the people’s revolution on the 8th of Jan 2015 and the biggest rogues are roaming free.

    • 21

      Yes, Gune, it is time for public attention to turn elsewhere (investigate the Rajapaksa clan etc) PROVIDED:

      yes, provided that we can trust the Attorney General’s Department to investigate in such a way as to ensure that Ravi K. spends at least a few years in a jail under the normal prison conditions. He deserves no better!

      President Maithri will have to work very hard to convince us that he has balls. He must also firmly reject the “Judas-advice” of those who suggest that he contest the Presidency again in 2020. He will be 66 years old early next month. He may be physically and mentally fit to continue in active politics, but when all circumstances and possibilities are considered he ought to completely retire from active politics. Then he will be able to achieve the status of a much respected elder statesman, and however wrong things may go in the country, he will be respected – and hopefully as happy as a human being can be in this media dominated world where each day brings news of a new catastrophe.

      The chances for a new leader in 2020 succeeding in bringing peace and reconciliation will be much greater that those of Maithri. By retiring, he will keep our goodwill in tact; by continuing, he will lose our respect.

      Now, investigate all those about whom there are suspicions.

      • 7

        Dear Sinhala Man,

        Further to your excellent piece I’d venture to say that the tactic deployed by the UNP would be to wait for the dust to settle, before inducting Penta through another back door into the cabinet or some such high place in government.

        THis will become manifestly easy if public attention is diverted elsewhere.

        What is necessary therefore is to focus on others as well giving equal prominence, but keep the pressure on Penta continuously.

        It is important for Civil Society to remind those governing us, we haven’t forgotten.

      • 0

        in 2020 Maithri at 66 can retire a good suggestion, but Ranil by then will be much older than that shouldn’t be the replacement it will be a terrible diaster

    • 33

      Conduct a full investigation into one C.Y.P. Ram and Wijayadasa Rajapaksa of the UNP. You might find something interesting there!?

      • 23

        Reinstate the former Director General of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption (CIABOC) Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe so that The Rajapaksas Criminal network is exposed and punished…

        2 year we have been fooled with these delay tactics enough is enough…

        This time around giver her the full support from both the #FCID, and #INTERPOL so that real meaningful investigations can take place and the criminals punished…

        • 3

          Silva: The first assignment after reinstating – investigate the corruption and money laundering by Ravi K. He will spill the beans when the heat is on. She has to the best of my knowledge completed the investigations into MR et al and was to take the next step when RW with his rainbow friend in charge of Law and Order had her moved back to AG’s Department.

    • 17


      i agree with you,but get rid of wijedasa,jail ravi and jail all those other bastards who wijedasa is protecting.Also jail the mastermind and other UNPers involved in the bond scam. .A new prison may have to be built ,so be it can be called political prison,where anyone associated in politics only are held.Locate it in hambantota.They can fraternise with each other,have mock parliaments etc but not come into society until time done.That way srilanka is set to leave the poorhouse one day and a reasonable standard of living for the average person assured.

    • 2

      But that is the nature of so called buddhist dominated srilanka.
      #There nobody would know why the people are like animals.
      In the same time, many that would stand against Ravi would not say a single word against MR being not captured yet for his high crimes.
      GR being not captured yet for his high crimes.
      NR being not caputred for their all various crimes.
      SR being not captured for not having even given her interpretation for the calculated murder of Rugby player, whose age would not be over from her own sons.

      Why people behave not propotionally but being biased to media men? or anything else ?

    • 0

      Absolutely! Avant Guard Wijedasa Jarapassa is the most corrupt crook in the Parliament of Morons. He is the protector of Gota, Mahinda and all the criminals of the previous regime.
      Wijedasa is following the policy of Gota: cultivating the Buddhist establishment and Sinhala Buddhist thug-monks to protect himself and the Rajapaksa family from investigation into their financial crimes and corruption. Wijedasa represents MR and family in the UNP .

      Finally, the biggest criminal of them all is Ranil Wickramasinghe who appointed RK and Avant Guard WIjedasa. RW must be held accountable for the existing CULTURE OF IMPUNITY FOR CORRUPTION FOR POLITICIANS under the guise of “parliament privileges..
      Ranil Wickramasinghe appointed Ravi K. and his foot note team to implement and cover up Grand Larceny at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. RW must be forced to resign.
      As long as RW is PM and Wijedasa is so called Minister of Justice in the Miracle of Modayas corruption will spread through the body politic and Sinhala Buddhism like an epidemic.

  • 16

    Ravi is the Master of Money Laundering…….That is why Galleon is in the Brox while his Dry Cleaner is in the Penthouse . with Mela and Oneliya………….Life is a Bitch. as Galleon would say……….

    • 4

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Ravi is the Master of Money Laundering…….”

      Since when?

      Why weren’t you appointed a roving Ambassador (remember Raju Kumarasamy) before 2015 when Badula was roaming around well I am not sure which part of the diplomatic world.

      • 10

        Dear Native…….. You are in Sync with your new Hero, the boss of the Vellala Party TNA , who is the only senior Politician to congratulate Galleon Ravi , when he told more lies at his temporary resignation speech… Besides the Singapore Mahendran’s Foot Note Brigade in Kotte, whom I believe have also been well rewarded with mini Penthouses, Land and perhaps even the Cash in Bags , like what Galleon Family Company boss couriered to pay for the Monarch Penthouse……….

  • 12

    hope the AG will still have his job by end of this year. anything is possible in this day and age.

  • 15

    When you carefully analyze the various answers provided by RK to the same questions , it’s clear he’s lying

  • 28

    The day Ravi K denied knowledge of the lease agreement of his apartment the whole WORLD knew that he is a diabolical liar. His integrity was shattered when he delayed facing PCOI hiding behind Cabinet meetings.

    However Ravi K is only one of so many diabolical liars of Sri Lankan MPs. These MPs call SrI Lanka the Primier Buddhist Country and engage in lying, stealing tax payers money and some even in adultry & murder 24/7.

    The whole world is laughing at us. It is the voters responsibility to identify there PARASITES and weed them out at future elections.

    If we the voters divide on party affiliations and vote for a particular party, instead of honest patriotic people, we can be certain that these antics will continue and ultimately people will suffer.

  • 14

    The horse is not dead, and there are bigger horses in Yahalapanya who have to flogged unmercifully!

  • 9

    We got to be realistic. Prior to this 10+ Presidential Commissions have been appointed and nothing much has happened.

    This Commission is a fact finding exercise only. It has no powers to charge anyone. At the end of the hearings the commissioners would submit their observations to the President. It could be close to 1,000 pages.

    What will the President do?
    1He can lock up the report and keep it in a secure place.
    2He can make the observations public.
    3He can pick and choose which observations he wants to act upon.
    4He can reject the whole report.
    5He can instruct the Attorney General to look into 1-2 matters and ignore the rest of the matters. Then such matters have to be referred to the Police.

    You decide as to what is going to happen ???

    Do you think it is an exercise to buy time !!!

    • 1

      @Jagath: Don’t you think all what you have stated above in your message are nothing but time consuming; and, that we are running out of time?

      Quick tangible action to arrest the culprits of the Bond Scam is what we need to do now instead of trying to avail more time and trying to waste other resources of this poorly managed economically trapped country of ours…

      Dear President and Mr. Clean, please do act fast before more money laundering is going to take the country of ours further down the precipice for a no-return suicidal plunge due to blunders from the end of both you great politicians….

  • 11

    RK’s issue is a side effect of bond scam. However Mr RW’s behavior has been highly suspicious.
    1.Why he tried to hide the facts pertaining to bond scam, by appointing a committee comprised of a group of party supporters.?

    2.Why is that committee couldn’t find any wrongdoing connected with the bond scam?

    3. Why did RW advise president to postpone the parliament session before the cope report being issued?
    4. If he is so clean why he tried to clear Arjun Mahendran’s name? What is the importance of this man? If AM has done some thing wrong , why RW is unable to punish him?
    5. Why he tried to stop the truth being revealed?

    6. Why he took central bank into his ministry? ( Some times he could not trust then finance minister?

    7. Why he advised to go for auction procedure to collect funds from bonds? ( sometimes he might have thought that auctioning is more transparent than direct placement)

    The people should use common sense to find the answers for the above questions.
    However we have to protect the yahapalana government, but should not allow them to loot people’s money. If the society is organised, then the politicians can not play out.

  • 2

    The accountability of all shorts of ill-transaction initials by UNP leader of Ranil Wicks. He allow that all political rouges be in and out of UNP organization to Members of Parliament without hesitations.
    That has to EXTENTED 106 NUMBER of UNP’s newly form alliances .
    The Party turn into joyful place for types of thieves have been accommodated and give a political protections of state and Govt. privileges.
    The state law & authority has relax by given protection for the covered operations to UNP and other MPs, it does matter as long as , whatever sources of an earning money which not that immaterial to UNP leader. . The political corruptions has turn into s New Values of corrupted & grafts accepts by “governances” of Good and, which embodied into Rule of Law endorsed by UNP leader Ranil Wicks…..and while extended to his closed Comrades in Arms in Minister and Members of Parliaments.

    The revelation of CB Bond scam has shown that UNP corruptions Mindset is Mirrored politics of UNP Parliamentary Democracy? Under the” good governances” of political power of UNP that democratic consciousness has accepts corruptions is the key factor ideological governances without shameful part of politics of UNP. Indeed “best Minister of Finance in Asia” awarded by Ravi Karuanakeya is one of best example out of this corrupted lot.
    The quality-valued of democracy has gone down ,however that speak by UNP’S to a new vision of future of Sri Lankan’s life based on undermined that collaborative, connectivity of national sustainability has dead and gone for ever, last two year and half since 2015 January 8th.
    The current governing leadership of UNP’s that an irrational politics of ideas has been corrupted consciousness ours immature democracy and its people of Island!

  • 0

    Our county by and large is in existence on ” you scratch my back and I
    do yours” policy . This is in our culture. If we go to the bottom of the
    culture , parents raise children with the hope that the children will
    look after them when they are helpless at the twilight of their life and
    the religions , schools all preach and teach towards this end . IS THIS
    NOT ” YOU SCRATCH MY BACK I SCRATCH YOURS ?” It is this culture
    that has played into the hands of ROGUE elements of all sorts , not
    in heavy involvement and if the govt decides genuinely that this culture
    needs to change then THAT SHOULD START WITHOUT GIMMICS !
    cut and paste will not change a thing . A strong foundation is the
    right and lasting answer and just picking up at random is no answer .
    RK case is a RANDOM episode only aimed at political survival.

  • 2

    liar ,liar his pants are on fire
    don’t worry ranil will put out the fire and he will be back in the saddle again
    if marapane can do it why cant he
    irony of ironies if sira has to appoint another resignee to replace him

  • 3

    When will the Commission question the other leading politicians who figured in the Bond scam? PM, Malik and Cabir. In fairness to them if they are not involved their names must be cleared. If involved they should finally accountable to the “Peoples Court”

  • 2

    When will the Commission question the other leading politicians who figured in the Bond scam? PM, Malik and Cabir. In fairness to them if they are not involved their names must be cleared. If involved they should finally accountable to the “Peoples Court”

  • 3

    The Penthouse is more likely a “gift” from Alloysius for other favours rather than the Bond scam. More likely the deal with the licence to run WM Mendis distillery (bought by Alloysius from Bond money) and tax incentives.

    RAVI K did not answer the enquiry questions- MATA MATHAKA NEHE was the answer. In parliament with immunity gives a different version of events.
    No question his family paid 195 mn of BLACK money to buy the apartment.
    The irony- after resigning- he has his supporters at home cheering him and a buddhist monk praising him
    What a country.

    Ranil implicated in giving Monetery board minutes to Alloysius. Kabir Hashim and Malik will be next.
    Only salvation for the UNP- investigate fully MR clan

  • 4

    Penthouse Ravi has acknowledged that he did something wrong and it is proven that he took bribes and he involved in money laundring. Even then, there are so many to say I KNOW NOTHING RAVI DID NOT DO ANYTHING AS HE WAS NOT PROSECUTED BY COURTS. the most important thing try to understand the so many affiliated companies that PErpetual treasuries had estabvlished. There is a holding company registered in virgin islands. So, it is hidden from Sri lankan Taxes. Then there is another law firm I sppose, established under Perpetual Treasuries. Companies establish this many affiliated ompanies and register some overseas when they want to CHEAT AND ENGAGE IN TAX FRAUDS. Then think about all the politicians which gathered arounf these maga thieves – Mahinda Rajapakse, Maithripala sirisna, Ranil wickemasinghe, Galleon Ravi and there are many more. Perpetual Teeasuriies had bought houses, as newspapers say, for Ajith PErera and for Sena Wijesinghe. It says, there are about 40 MPS are connected to this. So, some one try to understand the total picture of this saga. When the corruptions are of thiss magnitude and when country is losing so much taxes country will never develp. Who the connect people in the country. Presidents, prime ministers, finance finisters, top cabinet ministers. People are struggling. All these money that they waste come from remittances and 500 of those per year come in coffins. Human misery because 500 mothers, daughters per year were killed.

  • 4

    I can’t understand why RK didn’t admit this in the first instance.
    It’s not a criminal offence for yr lodging to be funded by another. Specially if you r a politician.
    And this is Colombo, where everyone and anyone knows each other. There might be a case of conflict of interest but that has to be proved.
    I find this whole case really fishy.

  • 3

    Time for inland revenue to grow a pair. All the money gifted as rent payments and purchase payment is taxable. Forget commissions of inquiry, forget AG, just get the tax boys to collect taxes especially on unexplained wealth. This is how a country serious about fighting corruption so go about the job.

  • 4

    RK might (or not) have lied – this aspect MUST be cleared.
    There are bigger lies which are being allowed to remain with the other skeletons in 225 cupboards.

  • 2

    The Pandora box is opened and one wooden horse has jumped out and the box is shut again?

  • 0

    ravi,ravi on the wall
    who is the penty,sorry pretty one of all.

  • 5

    Wonder whether Donkey MR suffering with senile dementia or Alzheimer’s disease??
    He says he had asked the government SLFPers to join JO!!
    Is this man real?? Does he not think before Diorrhoea comes out of his mouth??
    Something seriously wrong somewhere,
    Feel really sorry for this donkey Kong!!
    When would he learn that he and his clan are FINISHED?

    • 1

      MR is not finished brother wait with fear he will be back with in the next 2 years and then you can cry.All SLFPers with MY3 will join Mahinda at the correct time.And on that day Diorrhoea will come out of ur mouth

      • 0

        Dream on !
        Why you too have state loot to bury when the mad man comes to power??

  • 1

    Govt. has to move prosecuted —Ravi K on timely available circumstances of that an evidences are quite sufficient to bring criminal offence against him. AG has power to bring him before the Court of Law.
    There is NO need to be arise a political involvements. No doubt(Ravi K..) that, he has Misapproared of Public Funds ,the crime committed by Ravi K… related to Frauds, Grafts and Perks and many happy returns of Properties, Money laundering and turn Black money into legal currencies which that during Minister of Finance since 2015 January having uncontested solid evidences against Ravi K….
    An Enforcement authority of Judiciary has power to prosecuted Ravi K and others on the ground of Not only CB Bond scam, what about other crime committed by last 32 months of Ravi K… are immeasurable ?
    The shake of Law and Sovereignty of Law and Supremacy of law by vital Interest People Sovergerity, that we can procedures Courts of Law by immediate effects. This is nothing else my interest is safeguard rule of law and restoration credibility and confidence of Law of our land. …..Sri lanka. We have backed the rule of Law our soli not later than coming years.

    What ever political parties in power ,irrespective of their position and money in the name of vital interest of Democracy of >Good Governances and Rule of Law< mandate has given 2015 January 8th that enforcement authority has Grant Free hand and power by the People of Million 6.2 mandate –has every room to prosecuted Ravi K.. by AG .
    This is not against any individual or Political Parties, but is the matter principle of policy and survival of our nation's Democracy and Rule of Law. The World need Run by Rules, that is an apply Sri lanka too.

  • 2

    Oi!!! Jarapassa are you in a Fantasy world from there you continue Puking!!
    The clown had been entertaining us since he bit the dust, come on clown give it a rest you’re too old and nobody takes you seriously!!
    Don’t you get it?? When will you realise that you’re voted to be CROWNED on top of Meethottamulla Garbage pile.

  • 1

    Penthouse Ravi, would have made a top class Fiction writer, given his specialties as a “Diabolical Liar” and a “Story teller”.

  • 1

    The way this country is run is quite laughable, but if you look beneath the humour, it is pretty serious and dangerous. The behaviour and attitude of the populace is self-serving, without any care for the country. They are hopelessly attached to political parties and politicians that have mislead them for decades. Otherwise, how do you explain the supporters who have flocked around a crook after blatant lies that he uttered under oath?
    Now that one ‘UNP’ politician is caught, people want corresponding scalp from the opposition. Pandering to this ongoing heavily politicised drama, PM like a rat is saying that investigation against MR and family would be expedited. Basically admitting that ‘we could have done it much earlier, but we just sat on our backsides.’ Would it not have been easier to do it when evidence was hot? After so many years, do you think there will be anything that you can use in the courts? You have hauled the whole family in front of investigation so many times, but you could not find anything. Is this because you could not or just chose to ignore?
    This is why in any decent country the judiciary and the legislature is independent. It should be solely the responsibility of the AS’s department to investigate, purely based on the preponderance of the evidence, and file charges, and not think about who the people are. It is a department protect the serves the interest of the people, not aligned to political parties. This is a must just to be called a ‘democracy.’ If we cannot maintain the integrity of the justice system, and blame it when it has judiciously, executed its duties, maybe we don’t deserve a vote.

  • 1

    Ravi.K misaapropriated CB that comes under Ranil’s Ministry and his appointed CB Governor.
    Then Mahendran tells Mathurata Commission Ranil was aware all things that took place related to the Bond issue.
    Then the BoC under Ravi.K’s Ministry place a bid unbehalf of PTL of Aloysius.
    They also arrange a facility of Rs. 10m in (10) minutes………. Oh, my ..my………

    That breakfast meeting on the 26.02.2017 at the Central Bank between Ranil the PM, Chairman of UNP, Malik, Gen Secy of UNP Kabir and Deputy Leader of UNP Ravi.K……………………
    Was it a UNP party meeting held at CB ??

    This is peoples money………………. AG need to represent the people and solve this issue. This isuue takes preceedence over everything else.

  • 0

    Liar says lie will be exposed. Thank God Almighty Allah for your word. You have exposed the liar and got him removed by telling by himself, lie will be exposed.

  • 0

    Let us also read the story titled ‘Ravi K Diabolical Liar; Four Different Stories On Penthouse-Saga’ in the same columns and compare what Hilmy Ahamed says.

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