26 May, 2022


Religious Leaders Cannot Be Trusted To Reform MMDA: Women’s Action Network

Women’s Action Network (WAN*) is appalled and deeply disappointed by recent statements by Rizwe Mufthi, President of the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama (ACJU) in a recent interview, that the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) is “perfect in the present state” and does not require changes. With religious leaders invoking tradition to block fundamental rights, WAN calls on the State to step in and ensure that Muslim women and children are not second-class rights holders in Sri Lanka.

Rizvi Mufthi

Rizwe Mufthi and another senior member of the ACJU are members of the Committee on Muslim Personal Law Reforms headed by Justice Saleem Marsoof, which was established by the then Minister of Justice in 2009. As Committee member, the ACJU has been part of the deliberations for the past 8 years to introduce reforms to Muslim personal law. Mufthi’s recent statements raise significant concern that the ACJU has misled the Committee and the Muslim community, whom they claim to represent, into believing that substantive legal reforms to the MMDA were being deliberated.

Rizwe Mufthi’s statement does deep disservice to the efforts of the committee. It also does deep disservice to the expectations of Muslim women and girls who have faced and continue to face injustice due to the MMDA.

WAN is of the firm belief that it is both the MMDA and its implementation that allow for unequal and unjust treatment of Muslim women and girls, such as allowing child marriage, treating adult women as minors to strip their autonomy, restricting women from state-salaried positions such as becoming Quazi judges, setting forth unequal divorce provisions for men and women, allowing unconditional polygamy, among other concerns.  Contrary to the ACJU’s statements, the problem is not merely one of implementation, but problems with the law itself.

WAN has met with ACJU on multiple occasions to share these concerns, alongside Muslim women’s groups in our network and directly affected women, including survivors of child marriage.  At each of these meetings, ACJU representatives expressed concern and vocalized their commitment for reforms of the MMDA. This recent statement runs counter to previous commitments, raising doubt as to whether ACJU’s commitment to reforms is genuine. We are disheartened by Mufthi’s comments, which do not reflect the views of affected Muslim women.

The recent statement coupled with ACJU’s inaction towards reforms are a clear indicator that ACJU cannot claim to represent the interests of the entire Muslim community, which is diverse in ethnicity and religious ideologies. The ACJU’s extreme and rigid position on legal reform shows the regressive nature of their perspectives. WAN is of the firm belief that actors who are unable to win the trust and confidence of its own community should be disqualified from serving on a Committee meant to usher in positive changes.

WAN also notes that in the recent past ACJU’s and other Islamic religious groups’ position on the MMDA has been used to justify attacks against any pro-reformists, especially Muslim women who work closely with those whose fundamental rights have been denied by the MMDA and Quazi court system. ACJU’s extreme and rigid position has also radicalized Muslim youth, making them believe that the MMDA reflects Sharia law and therefore cannot be touched.

The ACJU’s recent statements show that it is not guided by the best interests of Muslim women and children but rather, are standing as a roadblock to Muslim women’s equal rights and access to justice in Sri Lanka. Given this reality, WAN calls on the government to intervene and lay down non-negotiable conditions for reform, such as setting a minimum age of marriage for all citizens at 18, and ensuring state-salaried positions are open to women, among other issues. With much anticipation for promised reforms, the state must do its duty for all its citizens, including Muslim women and girls.  It is time for the State to act like the State and protect the rights of all Sri Lankans, including Muslim women and girls, from those who seek to allow injustice in the name of religion!

*WAN is a collective of 8 women’s organizations working in the north and east.

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    If anyone seeking common LAW,it’s simple get merry under the common LAW of the country and approach the civil courts for disputes and divorce.no body can dictate the terms.(MMDA is accepted as it’s in the constitution,who require that,let them adhere to it.secular man made LAW and religious LAW not compatible each-other).same as Thesawalamai,Kandiyan LAW etc.(there is big hue to stop recruiting little kids for Monk-hood ,as well legalizing prostitution,LGBTQ etc by same groups)

    • 26

      “Religious Leaders Cannot Be Trusted To Reform MMDA”


      Question does not arise. SL aspires to be a LIBERAL DEMOCRACY. Not a blood-thirsty, primitive THEOCRACY.

      Anybody unhappy with that situation? Please do EMIGRATE to either IRAN or SAUDI ARABIA. Do take both Rizwi and Fazl with you.


      • 8

        You seem to be missing the Wahabi and Salafi point of view: They aim to turn SriLanka to a Muslimstan

        • 3

          Ben Hurling and Banda,

          “You seem to be missing the Wahabi and Salafi point of view: They aim to turn SriLanka to a Muslimstan “

          The Wahhabi , Salafi, Tauhidi, ISIS and clones follow the Devil Satan, Iblis and the Saudi Wahhabies and their funded agents like ‘Ulama” Mufti and SLJU are extended agents to make Sri Lanka, another Devil, Satan following land .

          All the Satan, Iblis followers must be confined to Saudi Arabia, and the great wall put around Saudi Arabia to contain all the Devil Satan following Wahhabies and their cones, until they self-destruct themselves..

          Yes, all the Wahhabi Ulama and Devi agents should be shipped to Iblis Saudi Arabia.

          Hadith of Najd


          Scholar from al-Azhar: Wahhabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn of the Devil that Muhammad Predicted

          Published on Jun 2, 2013
          Yusri Rushdi al-Sayyid Jabr al-Husni, a Sunni Muslim religious scholar from the world’s oldest and most prestigious Islamic school, the Honorable al-Azhar, has stated that Wahhabis who are also known by other names such as Salafis, Najdis, and Horners, are in fact the Horn of the Devil, a term used by the prophet Muhammad in reference to a satanic faith that shall come out of Najd (Saudi Arabia).


          • 2

            Mr. Amarasiri, I do not know whether you are a paid agent of Shia or you yourself a Shia. The meaning of Najd is Fitnah (tribulation) and Prophet Muhammed said, “There would appear eruption and afflictions, and from there would come the horns of Satan”. In fact he was telling about the Fitna that would erupt. So Najd do not refers to a particular place but this Fitnah will occur around Mecca and Medina. In fact division brought about by Shias occurred there but carried to far away places and now having a foothold in Iraq and Iran. Fitnah (innovation and tribulation) is spread everywhere now. Now think about the things Muslims do in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and other countries. Although they are Sunni Muslim they have innovation like Saint worshipping, that is going to tombs and requesting the blessing of whoever buried there. In India Ahmadi sect erupted and follows their leader as last prophet buried there (similar to Sai Baba). So these Shias, Ahmadis, Suffis and other sects are people of Najd. Prophet Muhammed said only to worship Allah ( who do not belongs to this material world or a dead human) and even worshiping or asking blessings from Prophet Muhammed tantamount to Fitnah. So the Horn of Satan, that is the eruption of Najd everywhere as predicted by Prophet Muhammed. Wahabi helped to get rid of these Satans so they branded this as Wahabism with the western help. So is it wrong following pure Islam?

      • 2

        Ben Hurling,

        You stupid bas.. for anything and everything you pieces of sh.. calling to go to Arab countries?
        Are you sick? You think if there is a chance people will stay and live in this ‘sh..holes’, rather than going to those countries?

        Liberal Democrazy? You piece of shi…might be living elsewhere as a modern slave enjoying currency differences selling your own dignity (if you ever had such things).

        You dumb bas.. first come back to SL, and then we both can go out to our origins and I will drop you in Bungladesh

        • 5


          Sounds like you are unhappy with getting your sorry bottom deported to either Iran or Saudi Arabia.

          May I offer you following bouquet of peaceful & prosperous Sharia driven Islamic states to EMIGRATE to:

          Make your choice today itself!

          Bon Voyage!

          PS: Iran BTW is not Arabic, but Persian. Thnx.

    • 4

      It is unfortunate that Muslims cannot marry under the General Law, General Law is not applicable to Muslims. Please see the provisions

  • 9

    And some Muslims shouting form the roof tops “Muslim virtue that women got more rights than most other women.
    Wouldn’t one like to be the fly on the wall at this so called Religious leaders home to observe how he and his male members treat females.
    It would make mega hit of a Reality Show.

  • 3

    I do not like Risvi. But he expressed the right thing.

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    Look there is no clear cut text neither in Quran Nor in Hadith to say that under age girls should be marry ..
    Marriage is not an obligation rather permissible act ..
    What these Mullahs going to do is copy cut some out dated practice of 7 century Arabia into modern world ..
    Western world gave voting rights for ladies only 70 years ago …but Islam gave all rights for ladies ..we can not force them marry …they have freedom to choose husbands..they have freedom to have education and to works..
    Ladies are not a consuming property like good
    .they are half of humanity ? What is wrong with this Mullah..
    ACJU is a dictatorship…how could it has one leader for 20 years …who dominate it and which groups? It needs reformation now ?. Take good people into them?

    • 6

      Lankan no 3.
      This mullah is a tribalist and should be completely ignored, he belongs to the preislamic age when female babies were burried alive.
      There are a significant number of present day Muslims with the same mindset..
      Things need to change.

  • 6

    No name for leader or secretary for WAN. Anonymous?

  • 3

    If those rules are divine rules which is in the Quran, then there is good in it. There should be a reason in having laws in such manner as the Almighty knows what is best for human beings than the humans themselves. Human laws are time bound and keeps on changing, but divine laws are not. The problem does not start at the MMDA laws but from the community itself. First of all we need to see if there is a system in the Muslim community to educate both men and women how to get marry and lead a successful life. What is the role of the husband and the role of the wife in a wedded life. Do we have such courses to educate them? it is a big NO. The ONE AND ONLY hated thing by the Almighty although He has made is permissible is Divorce. If we have proper education for the couple how to lead a life, then it is immaterial whether you have the existing law or need a revision. The starting is wrong so how can we expect the ending to be right?

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    It is time educated Muslim women, who can contribute to this issue, came forward and advised those who intend to change these primitive laws, that have only resulted in Sri Lankan Muslim women struggle and suffer. Men with extremist thinking (similar to the Taliban’s) and who pushes for stone age laws, should have no say in this matter. A serious issue like this needs the input of educated men and women, leaders of this country, who have represented women, and their rights, to come together. The nation’s laws that support women and children should include the Muslims too. The country has many educated, scholarly leaders, among the Muslim women, whose input will be welcome, and it is their opportunity to help make these reforms. People should not be intimidated by the old thinkers, who presume that Saudi Arabian laws are what Sri Lankans must adhere to.
    Saudi Arabia, stones people to death, do not allow their women to drive, and were not allowed to vote until recently. That by itself should make Sri Lankan Muslims reject wahabism, and their primitive laws.
    It should make people wonder how much of Saudi money eventually shape the thinking of ultra conservative Muslims.

  • 11

    Time up for a complete clean up of this corrupt set in ACJU.

    they are messing up big time by trying to be “Jack of all trade” and end up letting down the community big time.

    within 6 months two major blunders done by ACJU leadership misinterpreting the Holy Quran

    1) The Face Veil sermon from the Puplit of Colpetty was a total misquote and out of context .

    2) MMDA ruling is also a similar misrepresentation

    Sharia is not the word of Allah or what is stated in the Holy Quran, Sharia is a law and the meaning of law in arabic is Sharia, these are laws that is passed looking at the circumstances and situation within the jurisdiction covering the need of the country which is slated as the law of that land extracting authentic sources and situations within the context of that time. .

    One cannot have a Sharia system for Muslims, Common law for others which we Sri Lankan Muslims are privileged to enjoy, what the ACJU is trying to do is that, they are going to lose this freedom by trying to be too smart.

    what will be the impact if Sri Lanka sanctions there can only be one Common Law and any other legal systems are null and void within the jurisdictions of Sri Lanka?

    what will the ACJU do ?

    will they all move out to Saudi ?

    even if they do move, will they be entertained by Saudi’s?

    Pls Mufthi and gang, let this community live peacefully with rest of the ethnic groups in harmony.

    Stop the Arab culture which has invaded this Country during the last 20 years and let live the Muslims as Sri Lankans with a Sri Lankan culture and identity.

    Great damage already done for Muslim youth by isolating them from the rest of the citizens of other faith by secular education and Madarasa culture

    the way you guys are conducting your affairs, there are doubts how the future generation going to co exist with others in Sri Lanka.

    pls do the change within or someone else will make the change which could be a stressful transition to you guys

    this is just the beginning of the turning point of ACJU and its leadership change process

    Over to you to decide how do you want the change to happen

    Peoples patience has its limits, and even the Prophets crossed the limits when it came to patience.

    so watch out, your exit door is not far away !

    As you have commented on MMDA where ladies are not recognized as they should be, the Ladies will rally around and show the strength and chase you guys, which you guys have sadly underestimated.

    never underestimate a power of woman – Heaven is beneath the feet of the Mother is not something to be taken lightly.

  • 5

    one again an news item without writer on the same topic… this raises the concern on neutrality of colombotelgraph…???

    Dear WAN, we know very well that you are paid for this work clear problems…it is what you all are paid for..as the agents of the western.

    first of all you do not understand the fundamental difference between ISLAM and other religions. ISLAM is complete religion .legal system is part of ISLAM.this can not be changed.

    so better do not try to create problems, do bot try to create your drama .

    the need for the change should be decided by total muslims of this country . not WAN and LAN. every other thing in the road.

    • 3


      “ISLAM is complete religion .legal system is part of ISLAM.this can not be changed.”

      You are correct. No Muslim can oppose Shariah, even if they disagree with it. Jihad is another one. Many Muslims do not approve of violence, but if the violence is against kufirs, then it is okay. What about “zakat?” Zakat is for Muslims to help other Muslims. So we can see, the goal of a Muslim’s life is to promote Islam. Unlike Buddhism or Hinduism, which center around the mental and physical development of the individual human being, Islam is much more focused on promoting the needs of the “Ummah.” In this sense, the community is more important than the individual.

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      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

    • 7

      Dear Ahamed,

      For you it can be a complete religion. Then isolate yourself on an island – perhaps the Maldives can offer you one!

      Look, I’m not an Islamophobe, but when a child is born to Sri Lankan parents, in Sri Lanka especially, there can be no doubt that such a child is a citizen of Sri Lanka. Let’s say it’s your child.

      You have brought that child in to the world and tremendous responsibilities devolve upon you. You have to bring it up. However you cannot do as you please with it. The child is a citizen of Sri Lanka and as such enjoys certain rights. You certainly cannot murder that child!

      By all means bring the child up as a Muslim – I’ve never advocated different. Educate the child in such a way that guys like me will consider brainwashing. However, you should have NO RIGHT to sell that child (especially if a girl-child) to somebody when that child is under the age of 18 – even if you call it “marriage”. I, as a Sri Lankan, absolutely insist on it. I’m not particularly a nationalist: what I’m advocating is what I should like to see implemented universally.

      You can believe what you want to – but you cannot claim ownership of any other human being – be it spouse or child or parent.

    • 0

      You have been misled big time. ONLY THE QURAN WILL REMAIN UNCHANGED. Everything else will & should. That’s GOD’s law. The Islamic legal system should be different for each country depending on the environment, circumstances of the particular community in each country. The one size fits all systems wont work. So dear brother WAKE UP. Your gonna miss the bus. Every thing is round you is changing.

      And say: “The truth has now come [to light], and falsehood has withered away: for, behold, all falsehood is bound to wither away!” – 17:81

      As for the Quran – We don’t need no mullahs to interpret it for us. We do it ourselves now.

      We have made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would pay attention?. 54:40

      Just because a person knows Arabic it is NO criteria to understand the meaning of the Quran. The meaning (Hikmah) of the Quran is given to people selected by GOD who wish to genuinely understand it’s meaning without bias. Without any Mullahs standing in between.

      “He bestows ‘Al-Hikmah’ upon whoever He pleases, and whoever attains ‘Al-Hikmah’ has indeed attained a great blessing.” 2:269

  • 11

    In much the same way as we have an Association of Doctors (GMOA), an Association of Lawyers (BASL), Associations of Engineers, Teachers, Architects, etc, the ACJU should not forget that they are simply an Association of Islamic Scholars.

    However, judging by the actions of the ACJU and the behaviour of it’s leading members, it appears that the ACJU, driven by a sense of overblown self-importance, wishes to project itself as possessing the same status in the Muslim Community as that which Maha Sangha enjoys in the Buddhist Community. How on earth can a bunch of Scholars ever achieve the status of ‘Priests’ in Sunni Islam ? No wonder the ACJU are being derisively referred to as a group of ‘Glorified Lebbes’.

    It is time that the Ummah ask themselves whether the moment is opportune to launch a new parallel body of Islamic Scholars to offer the community religious guidance in the third millennium in Sri Lanka.

    After all the Ummah are not obliged by law to follow the edicts of the present ACJU are they ?

  • 4

    The dogs bark and the caravan moves on. Let she who believes adhere. If not ‘there is no compulsion in religon’. To you your way, to me mine.

    • 6


      “To you your way, to me mine.”

      However, humanity demands the protection of weak, vulnerable, women, children, elderly and the poor.

      If we let you have your way, will you insist on slavery, cannibalism, medieval torture, the practice of Sati or widow Burning, human sacrifice on altars, ……. ?

      • 5

        Native Vedda, what is meant by your way as quoted by Niqab is reference to Muslims. So slavery, cannibalism, medieval torture, the practices of Sati or widow burning, human sacrifices on altars are related to Hindu religion and Paganism. Islam is Monotheism where as Hinduism and Paganism are Polytheism. So the Quranic verse say To you is your religion to me is my religion as

        Say you, O infidels!

        I worship not that you worship.

        And nor you worship what I worship.

        And I shall not worship what you worshiped.

        And nor you shall worships what I worship.

        For you, your religion. and for me my religion.
        (Quraan chapter 109, verses 1-5.

        • 1

          peternott goodwill

          “Islam is Monotheism where as Hinduism and Paganism are Polytheism.”

          Yet the so called perverted purist MEN advocate and practice medieval customs Polygamy and Pedophilia. The same rights are not available for women.

          Polytheism has been a democratic system of worship, perhaps one could call it Unity in Diversity. It allows worshipers to chose their own path ways.

          Like the Hindus, Muslims too are idolaters,worship Kaaba Black stone at Mecca. Don’t you think you are a religious hypocrite?

          By the way both paganism and polytheism are Christian definitions of others.

  • 4

    “Religious Leaders Cannot Be Trusted To Reform MMDA: Women’s Action Network”

    This itself is proof that there are flaws in the religion. It is time to filter the shortcomings to offer justice to the affected in terms of common law. This is another reason why religion cannot be considered as the basis to be made law of a state.

  • 2

    Wow!! Where are the patriotic heroes and defenders of motherland?? Please open your mouth and speak..

  • 4

    Can’t we have a common civilized marriage law for all Sri Lankans??

  • 1

    Rizwe Mufthi, President of the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama (ACJU) in a recent statement contended that the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) is “perfect in the present state” and does not require changes. MMDA allow unequal and unjust treatment of Muslim women and girls, such as allowing child marriage, treating adult women as minors to strip their autonomy, restricting women from state-salaried positions such as becoming Quazi judges, setting forth unequal divorce provisions for men and women, allowing unconditional polygamy, among other concerns. This is Rizwe Mufthi’s version of perfectness!

    ACJU’s extreme and rigid position has also radicalized Muslim youth, making them believe that the MMDA reflects Sharia law and therefore cannot be touched.

    What is the position of the Lankan Muslim MPs? Do they also think that women are inferior and pedophilia is acceptable?

    An investigative journalist must open this cabinet and let the skeletons to crumble.

  • 3

    Lets leave aside the Sharia and Islam factor out for the moment.

    The women needs a female representation at the Quazi courts as who ever had visited this place , they will know the reality and the filthy questions that are posted by these quazi and how they abuse the female party..

    Some of the Male Quazi’s are not qualified and further they discriminate and sometime abuse the woman who has come for a hearing.

    Intimate questions are asked in public and make the woman embarrassed which is a well known fact.

    there is no privacy and the woman who comes to seek justice after going thru a mental trauma of getting divorced is put to a frying pan to fire scenario due to male dominated quazi’s in this country.

    surely, if they have a equal representation of Males and Female quazi’s there will be a well balanced process.

    I am also concerned how ACJU missed to give a verdict on woman visiting Male Gynecologist, as this is much more serious when Male Gynecologists starts examine the body of a woman,

    wake up Rizwie Mufthi and ACJU we have to be realistic and practical in dealing with critical issues and just coughing out Quran out of context is the not the most prudent act .

    I only hope this post will not make ACJU to give a verdict against woman visiting male gynecologist and stir up the boiling Pot.

    • 3

      I listened to a speach by a Yusuf Mufthi who lamented the lack of Muslim female Doctors as he rightly cited the abuses by some Male Doctors. But the same Mufti silent about the ABUSES taking place in the Qadhi Panjayat…#STOPCHERRYPICKING

      • 2

        Yusuf Mufthi laments about lack of female gynecologists. But he wants complete segregation from schools up to the Uni level and also at post graduate level. We need a woman only medical college. First batch of teachers in such a medical college will have to females. Is that possible.

        ACJU will have to start a medical college only for women, taught by women. ACJU take the challenge.

  • 5

    There were many Muslim women (one name that I remember was Sabra Zahid) who wrote articles asking of for reform of MMDA. I commented as much as possible, supporting them. Yes, I hope they succeed because that would be an advance on what we now have.

    I had accepted such a humane, reformed MMDA as permanent – and I still would. Launching an operation “creep” would not be fair. However, with many fanatical Muslims like Ahamed above, I wonder if it would be possible.

    May I suggest that we support decent Muslim men like “ekelbroom” who ought to set up a rival Muslim scholars organisation with which the government will deal? To me it sounds as though some official recognition has been granted to this ” All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama” headed by this Rizvi Mufthi. It may be that they harass only those whom they consider to be Muslims, but if they don’t listen to reason I think that they ought to be banned. Yes banned as the LTTE is banned – they are more dangerous, and they have less reason to be acting like this.

    Either let them listen to educated Muslim women, and reform themselves, or else, as” Yan” says let us stop allowing any special laws for Muslims. If they want to remain in Sri Lanka let them follow the law of the land.

    Islam can clearly get dangerous. Please read this account of what the President of a country that wants to take over Europe says:


    We have many sensible Muslims in Sri Lanka. Please put these mad dogs in their place – and let us live in peace with you!

    • 5

      As usual the views of ekelbroom and Sinhala Man are worth thinking about..I don’t think the Government can be expected to do anything useful about any of these problems. It will be constricted by the fear of losing votes.
      The change has to come from within the Muslim community. I would like to see a campaign to spread two views – a) the Sharia is not Divine Law and any law that is consonant with the spirit of Islam as enunciated in the Koran should be acceptable to Muslims. b) There are no priests in Islam and the ACJU cannot be respected as an authoritative body.. It consists of “glorified lebbes” who are becoming notorious for their backward views. Time to put them in their place. – IH

  • 2

    Any comment by anybody is enough to use it against the Religion of Islam. All this stories about sex discrimination, unjust systems, orders to kill etc.etc. have been RUBBISHED by the Thousands of Educated, Mostly Women from Developed Countries Embracing this Religion after studying it in detail.After the 9/11 incident, the resultant Propaganda and the Interest in studying about it ,the New York Islamic Center recorded Thousands of Conversions. It can only have propaganda value for a short time. Then the urge to study it in detail has the counter effects. Thank You all for Trying More and More Propaganda.
    For those who are Open Minded the Center of Islamic Studies on Galle Road and Dematagoda Road Centers etc etc have facilities to understand what this Religion Teaches in Detail. How different people try to give different interpretations to suit them is another matter. The latest studies are direct from the Original Quran Which remains untampered together with a deep understanding of the Arabic Language how it was understood at that time.

  • 2

    Legislators should have the guts to take tuff decisions and amend the law to protect Muslim Women and Children. If they cannot do that then they better resign. The Youth of the country, irrespective of religious differences should take active part in protesting to bring about the required amendments. We saw this happening in the Jallikattu affair in Tamil Nadu. Why cannot the Sri Lankan students take the leadership?

  • 0

    Islam should be stopped,. it was out dated and confusing,. even the word “Allah” means “God” in Arabic,. now if you tell this to a Muslim Doctor or Engineer or Muslim Minister,. that guy will go crazy,.

    Although they memorize answers and go and get degree or perform in executive level positions,. when it comes to Allah or Religion,. they are brine washed since birth :/

    This is where the problem roots,. they think Allah only knows one language and its Arabic! they also think they must protest Allah n spread Islam at any cost or that Allah will torture them and kill them after they go to after death world, or offer them a sex service after death to their sole kind of funny stories with no logic,. should be stopped or edited out few chapters like the Vatican did with bible,.

  • 0

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