21 May, 2022


Republican Constitution And Executive Presidency: Review, Revise And Retain

By Rajasingham Narendran

Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

The Executive Presidency instituted through the 1978 republican constitution and subsequently amended eighteen times (are there a few more on line?) has to be faulted for myriad failures in Sri Lanka’s democracy and governance. The Executive Presidency of Sri Lanka is a badly designed institution within a badly designed and subsequently further distorted constitution.  It is probably the strongest office in the world! The constitution of 1978 was designed to bestow unbridled power on one man- Junius Richard Jayewardene– to do everything but change a man into a women and vice versa, and ensure  permanent governance by the UNP. JRJ was an insecure and unprincipled man, and  a dictator by nature.  In the process all other institutions , the parliament, judiciary and public services, were deformed beyond recognition and made subservient to the Executive Presidency.  Accountability, rule of law and everything else that defines good governance had been comatose, even before the election of the current president. The impunity bestowed on the Executive Presidency, has reached and polluted every mound and crevice in Sri Lanka. Democracy has become a sham as a result. Governance is no doubt at its poorest.

A nation that had universal franchise 83 years (1931) back- much before other British colonies in Asia- and had a vibrant democracy at independence (1948), has since the 1978 constitution, sold the sovereignty of its people to elected tin pot dictators.  The 18th amendment introduced by Mahendra Percy Rajapaksa-a power hungry, pompous and unprincipled person- and his absolute disregard for constitutional norms, principles of governance even as laid down and ethics have dealt a death blow to our democracy. He is a small man gifted with oversize shoes, which he enlarged further. He has stumbled badly as a result.

The questions we have to ask are:

  1. Is the concept of a Republican Constitution wrong or is OUR republican constitution deliberately designed wrong?
  2. Is the concept of an Executive Presidency wrong or is OUR executive presidency deliberately designed wrong?

My answer to both these questions is the same. The constitution and the executive presidency within it have been deliberately designed wrong. They have been designed to elect a monarch, to whom all other institutions and the people are subsidiary and subservient.  The present monarch is intent on institutionalizing the monarchy in the form of familial rule.  The president and his family who have given themselves pseudo-democratic legitimacy through various devices that breach moral and ethical principles, rule us with an iron fist, hiding malafide intent with smiling faces and what Nilantha Ilangamuwa (Sri Lanka Guardian. August 5, 2014) quoting Walter Lippmann chooses to call ‘Manufactured Consent in a current article. The concept of manufacturing consent is not an innovation of the current government, but has been practiced by all governments before it, though this government has made it a very sophisticated exercise.  Money power, hired muscle power, mob squads led by yellow clad thugs, white vanning, murder, media manipulations , the police and armed forces, the parliament and the judicial system are being used as never before to manufacture this apparent consent. The manner in which Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake was removed from office will forever stand as an example of this manufactured consent! The manner in which the two third majority was constructed and the 18th amendment to the constitution passed is another. There are a multitude more. What was manufactured consent is now being steadily morphed into ‘consent by the quiet and silence of a morgue enforced by blatant use of pressures of various types. We are being made into the four monkeys that do not see, hear, speak or show!

The parliament we have elected is controlled by a majority that owes personal allegiance to the president and his family for various reasons that are not above board. It is also mediocre and is designed to make even the most qualified mediocre. The higher judiciary has become a kept institution and dare not stand up to the president. The lower judiciary of course has lost its backbone and independence, and is mostly mediocre.  The public service and police service are under the total control of politicians and their mafia. Political patronage extending from recruitment, promotions up to retirement and beyond has rendered our public service mediocre, inefficient and corrupt. Public servants have become self- servers, time servers and bootlickers of politicians. The police service has been corrupted beyond imagination and is a handmaiden and doormat of politicians. Every other institution including the education sector, have suffered a similar fate.

However, the larger question that concerns me is whether the Soulbury constitution of 1948- the Westminster style constitution under which we attained independence and the republican constitution of 1972 instituted by the Sirimavo Bandaranaike headed leftist coalition were ideal and provided us better quality governance. The Soulbury constitution was stripped of its soul and vision on many an occasion. Towards the end of its life, it was rendered an empty shell for all intents and purposes. Its institutions were also politicized or paralyzed. The 1972 constitution legitimized and institutionalized the damage done to the Soulbury constitution.  It was a document designed to satisfy the objectives of the coalition government of the day to have its way, come what may. This was despite retaining the Westminster model at its core. The checks and balances that were on paper to strengthen democracy, were also degraded under this constitution.  The 1978 constitution was the natural outcome of a process that empowered politicians at the expense of other institutions and further advanced to the extent that one politician was made a constitutional dictator- an elected monarch, who had the choice to be a benign dictator or a malignant one. What we have now is one who is malignant, but has the immense ability to pretend otherwise.

What our politicians have demonstrated is a singular inability to function within the empty but illusory words enshrined in our constitutions. Those who we elect to govern us, do not want to be constrained by the boundaries set by any constitution.  We have tolerated this and have permitted constitution making the job of our narrow minded and self-seeking politicians, who had no exalted vision for this country. Constitutions are mere pieces of paper for them. It is a fig leaf to hide their hideousness.

We have lived with the Executive Presidency and a full-fledged Republican Constitution for 36 years- for little longer than half the period we have been independent. A whole generation has grown under it and knows no other.  We have got used to how it functions and know how it has been abused.  If permitted, the informed sections of our citizens have the knowledge and background to contribute to reforming the Executive Presidency and the constitution that it is part of.

We have to evolve further our constitutional framework. It should be a brief visionary and principled document that can withstand the test of time and be capable of being interpreted according to evolving societal values, the future that is unfolding in myriad ways quite fast and a population that has very high expectations. It should be the guiding light as we go forward and capable of having its batteries recharged time to time by interpretations that suit the times by enlightened persons who man our Supreme Court. This process should have no place for nibbling rats and poaching mongooses. It should a process to evolve persons to lead and serve us, according to a vision formulated in our constitution.

The problems that need to be corrected/ instituted in our present constitution are:

  1. The power of the Executive Presidency should be clearly defined and fenced, without the office being rendered ineffective /impotent. The purpose of this office should be to make the executive branch effective, fast and efficient in carrying out government policies, with accountability held supreme.
  2. A cabinet that is nominated by the President, but is approved by the legislature and can be questioned by it. The members of the cabinet must be outstanding elements in society or the legislature. However, those in the legislature should leave it to join a cabinet
  3. Cabinet size and ministries should be clearly defined.
  4. The president while being Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and the head of government, should not hold cabinet office. He should preside over cabinet meeting and with the advice of the cabinet formulate national policies and initiate budget proposals and legislation.
  5. The president should not be the leader of the political party with which he is affiliated.
  6. An independent legislature that has specific and defined functions, which would permit its members to function independent of party affiliations and the executive presidency. The legislators should be answerable to the people who elected them, more than to the party they are affiliated with.
  7. A powerful committee system in the legislature.
  8.  Qualifications in terms of education, experience in public life and unimpeachable character for those who contest for political office.
  9. Ban on crossing over to another political party, once elected from one party.
  10. The absolute independence of the judiciary, with a clear and objective system for impeachment of Supreme Court judges.
  11. The impunity that the executive president enjoys has to be removed. He and his cabinet should not be exempt from the demands of law and constitutional dictates.  There should be no room for the executive president to pick and choose the constitutional provisions he will abide by.
  12. A clear separation of powers in terms of the executive presidency, legislature and judiciary
  13. More straight forward procedures to impeach a president, without this process being misused.
  14. The proportional representation system to be combined with a first past the post system (as in Germany)
  15. The power of the President to fix the various election dates should be removed. Election dates should be constitutionally pre-determined.
  16. Re-institution of the system of by-elections to the legislature and the
  17. Independence of the public service should be assured.
  18. Independence of the police service should be assured.
  19. Restriction of the armed forces to their only mandate- security of the country.
  20. Absolute equality of citizens as individuals and guarantee of their rights to safety; security; linguistic, religious and cultural identity; wherever they live.
  21. Assured minority representation in the cabinet.
  22. Creation of an office of vice-president.
  23. Clear devolution of political and administrative power to the provinces and ceremonial role for the provincial governor, who should be appointed by the president with the consent of the chief minister and approval of the legislature.
  24. A bicameral legislature, where every province has equal representation in an equivalent of a Senate, regardless of population size and with powers to vote down any legislature that it deems unacceptable and intrudes into the domain of intra-provincial governance. A veto power for any province as a collective can also be considered.
  25. Remove the right of the president to dismiss the legislature.
  26. Amendments to the constitution to be approved by 2/3rd majority in the legislature, 2/3rd majorities in all provincial councils and finally pronouncement of acceptance/rejection by the Supreme Court.
  27. An independent election commission.
  28. Strong anti-corruption objectives.
  29. Definitive restrictions against majoritarian governance.
  30. A provision in the constitution that would make hate mongering a major criminal offence.
  31. Unalienable provisions to enshrine human rights, people’s rights and media freedom.
  32. Depoliticize the central bank, as a national institution.

I am sure many more problems and solutions can be identified. The process to do so should start now, as a public exercise. However, in the process the ability of the executive president and his cabinet to get the right things done and quickly respond to the issues of an important/ urgent nature, should not be emasculated. He/she should be able to convince the people on the need for what he/she does, without manufacturing a consent by silence, as is being done on a grand scale now.

I have come to admire the constitution of the USA, which has stood the test of time and proven capable of responding to the needs of an ever evolving country. It is capable of self-correction, when aberrations occur. It has been also able to secure the rights of all its citizens to a very great extent and create a national identity that transcends the boundaries of its diverse population. It is the most progressive and liberal nation on earth. It is a country where creativity is encouraged and rags to riches stories are aplenty. It is a country where public debate is managed in an atmosphere of liberty, freedom and free expression, within boundaries set by law.

Our present constitution has many features of the US constitution in a half-house way. It is now time to go the full hog and adopt many of its features that are built on eternally valid principles and stood the test of time, into our constitution.

I recommend the following documents be read:

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  • 4

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    Good thoughts. However, the para -Sinhala “Buddhist” racism and Nationalism gets in the way.

    It was the para-Sinhala B”Buddhist” racism and nationalism that is the curse of lanka, the Land of native Veddha.

    So Unless the temple the Church and the Mosque are separated, like what US, France and Turkey did, all the different Constitution swill be overshadowed..

  • 4

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    Will the new Constitution protect the Native Veddah, the owners of Lanka from the Para Sinhala and other Paras?

    Message by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on the occasion of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on 9 August 2014


    Sri Lanka: Survival calls on UN to stand up for Wanniyala-Aetto 13 March 2013


    The Vedda Tribe


    Many Wanniyala-Aetto have been fined for hunting in their forest. Some have even been shot dead. © Survival On March 15, the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) will discuss the human rights record of Sri Lanka, during which the country is likely to come under severe criticism for serious human rights violations, and be called to account by the United States. However, amidst the international criticisms of Sri Lanka, one community remains largely forgotten – the indigenous Wanniyala-Aetto.

  • 2

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    RE: Republican Constitution And Executive Presidency: Review, Revise And Retain

    Will the ISIS, ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op be a better model for Chaos?

    ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op


    Read on…

    William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant whose internationally best-selling books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages.

    For days now, since their dramatic June 10 taking of Mosul, Western mainstream media have been filled with horror stories of the military conquests in Iraq of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, with the curious acronym ISIS.

    ISIS, as in the ancient Egyptian cult of the goddess of fertility and magic. The media picture being presented adds up less and less.

    Details leaking out suggest that ISIS and the major military ‘surge’ in Iraq – and less so in neighboring Syria – is being shaped and controlled out of Langley, Virginia, and other CIA and Pentagon outposts as the next stage in spreading chaos in the world’s second-largest oil state, Iraq, as well as weakening the recent Syrian stabilization efforts.

    Strange facts
    The very details of the ISIS military success in the key Iraqi oil center, Mosul, are suspect. According to well-informed Iraqi journalists, ISIS overran the strategic Mosul region, site of some of the world’s most prolific oilfields, with barely a shot fired in resistance. According to one report, residents of Tikrit reported remarkable displays of “soldiers handing over their weapons and uniforms peacefully to militants who ordinarily would have been expected to kill government soldiers on the spot.”

    We are told that ISIS masked psychopaths captured “arms and ammunition from the fleeing security forces” – arms and ammunition supplied by the American government. The offensive coincides with a successful campaign by ISIS in eastern Syria. According to Iraqi journalists, Sunni tribal chiefs in the region had been convinced to side with ISIS against the Shiite Al-Maliki government in Baghdad. They were promised a better deal under ISIS Sunni Sharia than with Baghdad anti-Sunni rule.

    According to the New York Times, the mastermind behind the ISIS military success is former Baath Party head and Saddam Hussein successor, General Ibrahim al-Douri. Douri is reportedly the head of the Iraqi rebel group Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order as well as the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation based on his longstanding positions of leadership in the Naqshbandi sect in Iraq.

    In 2009, US ‘Iraqi surge’ General David Petraeus, at the time heading the US Central Command, claimed to reporters that Douri was in Syria. Iraqi parliamentarians claimed he was in Qatar. The curious fact is that despite being on the US most wanted list since 2003, Douri has miraculously managed to avoid capture and now to return with a vengeance to retake huge parts of Sunni Iraq. Luck or well-placed friends in Washington?

    The financial backing for ISIS jihadists reportedly also comes from three of the closest US allies in the Sunni world—Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    US passports?
    Key members of ISIS it now emerges were trained by US CIA and Special Forces command at a secret camp in Jordan in 2012, according to informed Jordanian officials. The US, Turkish and Jordanian intelligence were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region, conveniently near the borders to both Syria and Iraq. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the two Gulf monarchies most involved in funding the war against Syria’s Assad, financed the Jordan ISIS training.

    Advertised publicly as training of ‘non-extremist’ Muslim jihadists to wage war against the Syrian Bashar Assad regime, the secret US training camps in Jordan and elsewhere have trained perhaps several thousand Muslim fighters in techniques of irregular warfare, sabotage and general terror. The claims by Washington that they took special care not to train ‘Salafist’ or jihadist extremists, is a joke. How do you test if a recruit is not a jihadist? Is there a special jihad DNA that the CIA doctors have discovered?

    Read on Using the Link


  • 5

    Well, I had a quick perusal of the proposals in point form. I endorse it on that basis.

    The one important thing missing is a fixed term for the president as it used to have. Even the US constitution curtail it to 2 fixed terms. This is key change that is needed.

    Its timely things of this nature are circulated since the govt has given the nod to introduce a new constitution.

  • 5

    Thanks Dr RN.

    “The present monarch is intent on institutionalizing the monarchy in the form of familial rule.” + friends https://www.srilankamirror.com/news/16427-details-of-anura-s-expose-on-foreign-service

    The country and the people are subjected to a serious international jeopardy due to the improper operation of country’s foreign service says the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka moving an adjournment motion in Parliament on August 06.

    He said 35 out of the 49 diplomats appointed to represent Sri Lanka are political appointees.

    He revealed that in addition to relatives and party sympathizers, former girl friends of powerful people in the government have been appointed for the foreign service and added that Sri Lanka’s foreign service has been brought down to the level of a SLFP branch.

    Among the political appointees Mr. Dissanayaka revealed are:

    Sarath Kongahage – Ambassador, Germany – Former Chairman of SLRC

    Nawalage Bannet Cooray – Ambassador, Italy – Former SLFP organizer for Kolonnawa

    Gamini Rajapaksa – Ambassador, Jordan – Former Deputy Minister of the UNP government

    H.R. Piyasiri – Ambassador Myanmar – Former Parliamentarian of the UNP

    Buddhi Athawuda – Ambassador, Netherlands – Minister Athauda Senevirtna’s son

    Udayanga Weeratunga – Amabssador, Russia – Presidents brother in law

    Jaliya Wickremesooriya – Ambassador, USA – President’s brother in law

    Dikson Daala – High Commissioner Maldives – father of Pradeep Nilanga Daala, Diyawadana Nilame of the Temple of the Tooth, a close friend of the President.

    ASP Liyanage- Ambassador Nigeria – a property trader and a close friend of the President

    Oshadhi Alahapperuma– Ambassador Sweden, Younger brother of Minister Dulles Alahapperuma

    Yasara Abeynayake – Consular in Sydney – Gamini Fonseka’s daughter

    Bharathy Wijeratna – Ambassador, Turkey – Former Minister Mano Wijeratne’s wife

    Dr. Yvonne Amarasinghe – Ambassador, Vietnam – President’s close friend

    Srimal Wickremesinghe – Deputy Head, Vienna – Brother of Ms. Shiranthi Rajapaksa, wife of the President

    Waruna Epasinghe – Embassy in Washington – A son of a government adviser

    Karaunaratna Pranavithana – Consul General, Canada – former Chairman of SLRC, a defeated candidate at an election

    WKS Dissanayaka – first Secretary , Abu Dhabi – a relative of the President

    Lalith U. Gamage – Indonesian Embassy – a SLFP politician from Galle

    HNB Ratnayaka – Second Secretary, Russia – Minister C,B, Ratnayaka’s son

    Lionel Premasiri – Deputy Secretary General, Canada – Former organizer of the SLFP in Galle

    Harshana Herath – Second Secretary, Singapore – Chief Minister of Sabaragamuwa PC Mahipala Herath’s son

    Chamithri Rambukwelela – Second Secretary, New York – Minister Keheliya Rambukwella’s daughter

    Muthu Padmakumara – Second Secretary, London – the daughter of Chairman of Lake House Bandula Padmakumara

    Methsiri Cooray – Ambassador, Netherlands – President’s close friend

    Dr. Crtin Waidyarathna, High Commissioner in London – wife of Dr. Ajith Ratnayaka

    Umayangana Randeniya – Second Secretary, Singapore – Daughter of Ravindra Randeniya, adviser to the President

    Commander JM Bandara – Second Secretary, Kuwait – Bother of National list MP Janaka Bandara

    Dixon J. Perera – Consul General, Nepal – Former Secretary of the SLFP

    MI Kudukewaththa – First Secretary, Beijing – The daughter of the head of the Presidential Security Division

    Rathna Ranaweera – Second Secretary, Canberra – The daughter of the Additional Secretary to the President

    Farial Ashroff – High Commissioner, Singapore – Former Parliamentarian

    • 3


      Thanks. Let.s put a website and Organization chart of the cronies.

      Any of the connections and relationships of Kiribanda Sumanasekeras, Lorenzos, Kim Softys, Leelas and the numerous Shills and avatars?

      • 3


        ColomboTelegraph is doing a fantastic job. What about ColomboTelegraph adding an item (RajapakseFamily) to the menubar?

    • 2

      Older version of Rajapakse Government Family Tree

  • 0

    The “executive presidency” as allowed and imposed on the people of sri lanka, does not exist in any other country’s constitution.

    It confers the powers of a dictatorship which cannot be challenged even by judicial process, confers immunity to the head of state for any acts committed by him in office, power to pardon even convicted murderers, a “President’s Fund” which is outside the purview of even parliament, and never audited – and has recently been strengthened by the 18th amendment.

    This piece of legislation is an affront to civilised society.

  • 1

    Item 16:— and the provincial councils.


    • 4

      Rajasingham Narendran

      Your proposals are useful and interesting. Thanks.

      What are the objectives we are trying to achieve with any constitution?

      The great late British politician Tony Benn had a few questions for those who exercise power:

      “In the course of my life I have developed five little democratic questions.

      If one meets a powerful person — Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin or Bill Gates — ask them five questions:

      What power have you got?

      Where did you get it from?

      In whose interests do you exercise it?

      To whom are you accountable?

      And how can we get rid of you?’

      If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system.

      – Anthony Wedgwood Benn

      Please consider these questions and see if your proposals adequately deal with Tony’s concerns.

      For me the last question is most important than any other

    • 0

      Someone responded this way to you now that you are leaning on:

      “Pitt is to Addington what London is to Paddington” goes a saying.

      NV has a question but you are making more than tea in your pajamas nowadays.
      Katte Pittu!
      When its time to move on move- there is nothing you can do about IPKF they would do you a million fold. Write something about birds bees etc within your field and we are ready to read it all and offer you cool constructive criticism.
      Treating animals that cannot speak is different from humans so here is your therapy for constitution.

      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.- Albert Einstein

  • 3

    Reading this article I was reminded of a well known nursery rhyme —–
    ” Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the kings horses and all the King’s men
    Cannot put Humpty together again”

    Mr Jayadevan it’s too late.

  • 1

    Don’t blame the stage if you don’t know dance.

    Srilankans doesn’t know how to govern, rule a country. Constitution is only excuses.

    With over 100 ministers, over 200,000 military, and thousands of yellow dressed supporters, any president can rule, if he knows how to rule a nation.


  • 0

    It seems there is a substantial misunderstanding of the US constitution. It too, virtually bring in a dictator. But the political maturity is everywhere outside of White House. So the outside keep it under control. Now, everybody might have come know the proposed case against Obama. It is there because a president can go ahead with issuing executive orders on many aspects. Here Republicans blame the president have abused that power. Don’t you remember the King did not have power to say “no” international inquiry and had the parliament clowns to say no for him. Don’t you remember only TNA said “yes” on that occasion but Ranil, Hakeem, JVP’s Anura Kumara, they all played double games on that bill. None of them stood up and asked why did that bill had came to parliament. The truth is, constitutions can be going anywhere, all the parliamentarians in Lanka are game playing clowns. This is type of comedy is not possible in American Congress. The opposition clowns behaved that way because they were sacred of Mahavamsa Modayas. Same time it is interesting to watch a black, who join the lonely extremists to oppose the Iraqi war, eventually won the election and proved that is not a extremist, by dipping his nose into Libya. It is not the constitution played the trick of the day there, it is the maturity of the American swing voters, who are not Sinhala Buddhist, played the trick of bringing Obama to power.

    There are no ministers. The powerful secretaries are treated like ministers. The truth is they all are president’s Goliayas. But, we all saw, just like yesterday, what happened to Susanne Rice. She was little careless to issue an statement, which was interpreted as she hides thing to save president. That caused her the chance of becoming the secretary of State.

    Instead of corrupting the the presidents, the secretaries work with the president to achieve objects. We all know when the Secretary Collin Powell came to know that he was given manufactured truth to present at UN, he left the Government. In contrast, we all know D.M.Jeyaratne, Hakeem, even Wimal after JVP left government still hanging in the government. This the nature of the Lankan society. These boot-lickers to save them from their crime, support the Royal government to do more crimes.

    Because the secretaries are pure political appointees, it flows down to under-secretaries and even down to ambassadors. But is is not in the highly corrupted Lankan style. Again, we all know why Blake was sent to Lanka. Yet it was not a personal object. Blake made mistakes; misunderstood Lankan political system; unlike Lunstead, failed to convey the truth to Condoleezza’s state ministry. Yet, I am not sure if you can list him as incompetent. He achieved the object he was sent to achieve. If one has seen the CNN’s interview with Dr. Chris Norris, which the whole world looked at and laugh for his the manufactured truths in front of TV camera to save his master, they will know the difference between American Blake and Lankan Chris Norris.

    We may talk about impeaching CJ Shirani solely by the SLFPyers. But what did the UNP do on that occasion?; didn’t they abstain in support of that illegal action? There too, only party opposed were TNA. Compare this with the republican went ahead and impeached Nixon for spaying on democrats. Then one can understand what childish behavior of the UNP opposition and the Justice Minister Hakeem showed in Shirani’s removal.

    America had the 18th amendment’s term limit in their constitutions as built in. They changed it in somewhere in the 1940s, after seeing Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and so.During that volatile period(about as long as one and a half century) none of their political leaders, even their worst ones with in them, did not abuse it like the way the very first prime minister, the greatest of them all, the father of the nations, DS did it in disenfranchising the Tamils.

    There are no leaders in Lanka. There are many children of the Lion, the Mahavamsa Modaya only there. No constitutions will work out for them. The only two viable options for Lankans. One is to bring 50:50. So the Tamils can keep the country until 1956 just the way they kept it. O second is leaving Tamils alone and Lankans are being ruled by somebody else. If England does not want to come back again, Lankans can ask India to come and rule them. India too, appears to be in a full heat for that.

  • 1

    What is the mission of a President?.

    To develop a country ,

    Economically to start with and , Increase the living standards of the population across the board.Provide peaceful environment, Infrastructure, Employment, Education, Health Care , Housing,Freedom of Worship, Freedom to live, work and travel in any part of the land,Security for the country as a whole, and the population, Law and Order, and protect the inhabitant population from racial, economic, religious or any other form of discrimination.

    These are the critical issues which matter most to poor developing nations in the Second and the Third World.

    Although some of these issues are now popping up as critical even in the so called First World.

    What are the results if we apply the Acid Test to our current President and the Presidency based on the above criteria?.

    How many items in the above list which the current Presidency has failed to deliver?.

    Shouldn’t these revisions and amendments need to focus on the failures on individual basis and explain in detail how these can deliver better outcomes without compromising the others which have provided good outcomes?.

    What we have so far are a myriad of changes,from total demolition by Sobitha, to a sort of castration by the Rainbow Riders’s Leader,and now this heavy pruning by Dr Rajasingham.

    The sad part is none of them have done any modelling to provide proper evidence of outcomes on Economic, Social,and Security aspects of the Nation, these different suggestion will bring if implemented.

    But one thing which seems to come across in these combined suggestions list is that the majority of the inhabitant population would just buy it.

    And agree to get rid of Rajapaksa, make Ranil the PM and everything will be hunky dory…

    Will it be ?…

  • 0

    Just garbage.

    Better talk about Tamil Madu constitution.

  • 1

    8. Qualifications in terms of education, experience in public life and unimpeachable character for those who contest for political office.

    I give top priority for this , and the educational qualifications should be defined, if some one can not meet such defined level , he automatically gets disqualified. in my opinion qualifications should be Masters, Doctorates ( not Kelaniya)etc., specially in the case of presidential and prime ministerial candidates, so that former librarians, store keepers, kudu dealers will never ever dream of entering politics. This should equally apply to Finance ministerial candidate and CB governor.

  • 0

    Utter rubbish. To stipulate mandatory qualifications to hold political office is against the foundation of democratic system of governance. How about mandating proficiency in english and – if degrees Kelaniya is taboo, a postgrad diploma from an american or english university?

    “Paul Keating, one of the most succesful Prime Ministers in Australia’s history, grew up in Bankstown, a working-class suburb of Sydney. He was one of four children born to Matthew Keating, a boilermaker and trade union representative of Irish Catholic descent, and his wife Minnie. His siblings include Anne Keating, a company director and businesswoman. Leaving school at the age of 15, Keating decided not to pursue higher education, and instead worked as a pay clerk at Sydney’s electricity authority. He then worked as research assistant for a trade union, having joined the Labor Party as soon as he was eligible. In 1966, he became President of the ALP’s Youth Council. In the 1960s, Keating also managed rock band “The Ramrods”.

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