21 May, 2022


Rein In Your Family – UNP Tells President Rajapaksa

The UNP in a strong statement issued in reference to the several recent controversies that have occurred in the country involving Rajapaksa kith and kin, has called on President Rajapsksa to rein in his family.

colombotelegraph mahinda rajapaksaThe UNP statement that was released today, has referred to the recent slip up that occurred following the defamatory article published in the Defence Ministry (MoD) website that almost erupted a diplomatic row between India and Sri Lanka, pointing out the Ministry has made a fatal error in failing to recognize that opinions published on its official website is reflective of the government opinions.

The UNP has pointed out that although this is a fact that is true of all official website and social media sites administered by government agencies across the world, it is hardly surprising that the MoD would fail in this regard due to the severe politicization and rampant incompetency and nepotism that has triumphed over experience, ability and basic intelligence within the Ministry.

“Also, the government and its mouthpieces are accustomed to having their say, often in the most uncivilized and brutal terms vilifying other governments, the UN and its officials or local political opponents,” the statement notes pointing out, this situation has arisen out of those responsible for such crass actions rarely having to face repercussions of their deeds.

The UNP has gone on to describe the inquiry ordered by the President into the incident as ‘ridiculous and farcical’ since many inquiries ordered by the Rajapaksa-regime particularly into violations committed by the military has been made into farces as seen by the killing of three innocent young boys during Weliweriya clashes.

“Will he inquire into the conduct of his brother and powerful secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa?” the UNP questions adding there is little choice left but to surmise that these writings are actually reflective of the thinking of the Secretary and the Minister in charge of the MoD.

Furthermore, the statement notes that President Rajapsksa is in an unfortunate situation where he has lost control not only of his brother, the de-facto Minister of Defence but even his young offspring whose ‘illusions of grandeur and blatant disregard of the norms and traditions of civility are setting new precedents in the impunity and indulgence afforded to inexperience young political adventurers’ as seen through the recent controversy that erupted involving Namal Rajapsaksa visiting a girls’ school to promote rugby among schools girls.

“We appeal to all religious and community leaders in this country to take note of this degradation of values and unprofessional juvenile handling of matters of the state. The time has come to end this circus,” the UNP has remarked while adding the President can no longer continue to call himself the ‘loving father of the nation’ when he and his kith and kin are intent on destroying the very values Sri Lanka once embodied.

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    Dear UNP,

    “The UNP in a strong statement issued in reference to the several recent controversies that have occurred in the country involving Rajapaksa kith and kin, has called on President Rajapsksa to rein in his family.”

    Is this a joke? Just Curious.

    Why not ask the Rajapaksas to rein the Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” Terrorists who violate the fundamental rights of its citizens.

    • 2

      Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP are shameless! They have just woken from their stupor of 10 years when the Mahinda Rajapaksa family – sons and brothers- took every single post and asset while the Sinhala Modayas clapped! During this time only the TNA protested..

      It is only since the JVP’s Anura Kumara did his EXCELLENT research and spoke in the parliament of morons and published the list of Rajapaksa cronies in the Ministry of External Affairs that the UNP has now woken up!
      The UNP clowns are still doing thier fact finding missions but no facts are evident! THe UNP is a joke and sinking ship and Ranil Wickramsinghe a corrupt and shameless fraud.

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    UNP – In the Land of Native Veddah Illegally Occupied by Paras.

    Rein In Your Family – UNP Tells President Rajapaksa

    It is not only the family. All the Shills, the criminals and other cronies- Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera,

    Bringing inept persons into SLFS hurting country: Sobitha Thera


    SATURDAY, 09 AUGUST 2014 06:05 E-mail Print
    The head of the National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ), Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, yesterday claimed that the Sri Lanka Foreign Service was a chaotic mess and that the wrong people were being awarded posts in the Foreign Service.

    The Thera said that only intellectuals and those who have knowledge of the Foreign Service should be appointed as ambassadors if the country wanted to improve the image of the country and to be in a position to clarify and rectify the situation when there are allegations against it. “What has happened today is that accomplices of ministers, defeated politicians and criminals run the Foreign Service. For example, a former Police Chief who resigned after taking the responsibility for killing a protester at a rally in Katunayake was appointed as the ambassador to Brazil. The appointment, it seems, has been given to him as a punishment,” the thera said.

    The thera also gave another instance of ineptitude that had crept into the appointments to the Foreign Service. He said that an individual who had been prevented by a court order from taking up a government job and exiled was recognized by him when he went to Abu Dhabi once, where he was the ambassador. Another officer responsible for the Ratupaswela killing had also been given a post in the Foreign Service,” he said.

    The Thera claimed that no proper method had been followed when appointing these delegates to plum positions abroad and that these persons were ruining the image of the country abroad.

    He said that while such shenanigans were continuing to bring the country down in the eyes of the international community the government had entrusted two companies based in the US the role of uplifting the country’s image. “That’s public funds that the government is wasting. That’s why we are raising our voice against it,” he said.

    The Thera expressed these views at the launch of the website of the National Movement for Social Justice in Colombo.(Lahiru Pothmulla)

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    Mr Rajapakse is a prisoner of his own making. He seems to have lost the ability of a sitting President and control of the country. Some one he trusted has taken over the nation, gradually, leaving him helpless. But it doesn’t make a big difference since all are crooks who are not fit to sit on top or lead anything, let alone a country. Just couldn’t believe the things these thugs are doing ! This is a cursed nation and that’s all sums it up.

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      Long time no see, where had you been ? We will have no good at all so long ballige putha governs us. I really dont know why the stupid people go on voting him .. though they are clear of the multiple crimes and frauds being continued by his administration.

  • 12

    The best way of giving immunity to crooks and war criminals is to appoint them diplomats. So, we see the great war criminal and thug Rajapakse appointing his criminal henchmen diplomats. He wants them to enjoy the perks while the going is good as he and his family do enjoy power while the going is good. They can only dance for so long.

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    One can expect the present day UNP to occasionally perform what is expected of a responsible Opposition. This Statement is timely. It is not only the UN and India the ill-educated and ubiquitous Gothabaya Rajapakse offends but also much of the country.

    UNP’s statement”We appeal to all religious and community leaders in this country to take note of this degradation of values and unprofessional juvenile handling of matters of the state. The time has come to end this circus” should waken up our many Mahanayakas living in the comfort of their abodes while the country is slowly burning to cinders. It is no longer only the safety and conveniences of the Mahanayaks that is in danger but the present and future of 20 million plus in the country. The Mahanayakas cry hoarse the Sangha came out to save the country whenever it was in danger – in the past 2,000 years and more. Why not now? Are they waiting for glittering invitation cards? It is sections of the Sangha that divided the country from 1952/56 onwards. Let them unscramble the omelette now.

    In fairness to the Ven. Sobita Thero, at least he has done his part.

    Frank N. Stein

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    Percy Mahinda Rajapaksa(PMR) came from the root.There are no question of his intelligence & capacity of leadership. But his siblings kit & kin totally spoil the game & bring the PMR to ground. Next threat is to his family next generation of Namal. He won the historical war, never a leader can do another century. But the same year had with the dispute with all commanders who lead the war due to his sibling brothers poor advice & never had diplomatic relations. The same war lead to intentional court case. War is more penetrate to minorities, which is actually brought the happiness & safe to minorities. The way done the celebration, state media direction & hanging on unprofessional politician like Mr.Douglas .At least can appoint a civil servant like former Jaffna GA Mr. Fernando as governor can do lot & approach to tamil communities. Very shame to hear government failed to work with the professional Chief minister.They are going to loose good professional co-cabinet members. Mahinda very soon will find the end with his sibling’s poor advice.

  • 6

    This sorry Nation has to be liberated from the “Jathiye Maha Adambarakara Ambaruwa” and that should be done by the main opposition. Schools Girls and others will take care of other “Ambaruwo’s” in the family as Girls Students in Sirimavo Vidyalaya chased out that synthetic Lawyer Ambaruwa from the Collage.

  • 3

    It is high time that MR curbs (code-of-conduct-made-every-Wednesdays-at-
    breakfast, at Temple Trees) has lead to this news today [Edited out]

  • 5

    I predicted sometime back that there is a SL way of curbing MR tactics –
    namely “hooting”. This is very effective. Recall MR was 1st hooted but
    not silenced, in Jaffna. SB was hooted out by Students. Namal was hooted
    out of a Girls college recently. Now the frustrated First lady in Kandy!

    UNP can take the lead from here on – go Green!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Where is Sajith Premadasa in all these demands? Sajith has become a Rajapakse Golaya and creating trouble for UNP. Its time all UNP members should openly condemn Sajith for his sabotage of UNP efforts to win the coming PC elections.

    • 3

      Ranil is made the mistake. There are lot of senior members in parliament he brought this silly sajith & gamini Athukorala to front.Only solution to sack the Sajith & his group. JR won the election without Senanayake family support. UNP failure start is from R. Premadasa.

  • 2

    Does the cretin in the photograph color his pubic hair as well?

  • 1

    This is a desperate appeal to the Bodu Bala sena and Ravana Balaya to support the UNP Christian Faction lead by Ranil Wickremasinghe .

    How pathetic is to justify that by playing the man instead of the ball?.

    Political satire is good for the Western Democracy which these Elite and their Intelligentsia buddies worship like their Religion.

    But for our inhabitants to crack even a joke about a politician who is well know for corruption is Haram.

    And the Christian Faction of the Opposition UNP wants the religious leaders of the great majority of the inhabitant population, to punish the Govt and its leaders , who have protected them from Terrorism for nearly five years now,and given them a a few creature comforts as well along the way.

    Nice try,,,

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    Like in an ancient Sri Lanka Folk tale, this regime is the Kingdom of Kekille. The King, siblings and offsprings are all Jokers. Their supporters/spokespersons/lapdogs are all Begalhamuge Sathypalas (Courtesy Freddie Silva song).

  • 0

    High time! At last it has been said

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