29 November, 2021


Rupee Is Down: So Is Siri-Wicky Regime

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

MahindapalaPoint No:1: The momentum generated by the historic January 2015 presidential election is being exhausted, and that the minority government appointed for the sole purpose of executing the 100-day reform programme is drifting aimlessly.

Point No:2: The current balance of power in the institutions of the state is incongruous and unsustainable, with a President elected in 2015 to undertake thoroughgoing constitutional reforms, on the one hand, and a Parliament elected in 2010 under entirely different circumstances, on the other.

Point No:3: The mandate (given to the President) requires not only substantive reforms but also a transformation in the way government and governance is conducted. It cannot be squandered because of political indecisiveness or expediency, repeating the mistakes of the past……

Point No:4: There is a rising perception of crisis and instability, which cannot be allowed to take root. The economy cannot afford this lack of political direction for much longer…..

These four factors read together means that the SiriWicky regime is well on its way to a political grave of its own making. But before anyone should jump to the hasty conclusion that I am the author the four points cited above please note that none of it was written by me. It was culled verbatim from a statement issued by the pro-Government NGOs, a.k.a Civil Society. The four critical conclusions were identified by a raft of NGOs including the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (Radhika Coomaraswamy), Centre for Policy Alternative (Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu), National Peace Council (Jehan Perera), J. C. Weliamuna etc.

Sara JehanThese points are contained in the statement issued by the Civil Society under the title, The Urgent Need For Fresh Parliamentary Elections, on June 5, 2015. They are asking the President to hold elections because the “rising crisis and instability” cannot be resolved by the two arms of the state – the Presidency and the Parliament – as both are “incongruous, unsustainable” and dysfunctional.

In other words, the steam has run out of the Siri-Wicky regime and it is not going anywhere except into an unmanageable crisis which is bound to cause chaos. At the root of the current impasse is Wickremesinghe because he is the one who has been calling the shots while President Maithripala Sirisena is waiting on the sidelines, having handed over the government – a minority one at that – to him. At the best of times Wickremesinghe could not even manage a majority government. He was sacked by President Chandrika Kumaratunga when he was chatting smugly with President Bush. Expecting him to manage a minority government is like tying a single donkey to manage a carriage which is normally drawn by six thoroughbred horses. The Siri-Wicky regime is stuck in the present morass because the President is seated in this carriage drawn by a single donkey hoping to arrive at his destination called Yahapalanaya.

In any case, Wickremesinghe is used mainly to cheap juck-muck politics. riding in bullock carts, as he did once to protest against the high cost of living, banging pots and pans. He was never built of the solid Senanayake material for national leadership. Or for Yahapalanaya. Or even for national reconciliation. In the past he has managed to scrape in only for short term stints. Take for example his current position. He was appointed to head a minority government in a hostile Parliament. It was never going to be a viable entity. But Wickremesinghe made a bad situation worse. He began to act like the leader of a majority party persecuting the majority in the parliament. And then, predictably, he got what he deserved : a no-confidence motion.

The contrasting styles of leadership are quite apparent: Mahinda Rajapaksa is a dynamic magnet that attracts people even without power. Wickremesinghe repels people even when he has power. This sums up the fatal flaw in Wickremesinghe. The Siri-Wicky regime is undermined by the short-sighted, arbitrary, dictatorial style of politics of Wickremesinghe which always boomerang on him. Throughout his career he has consistently been a liability to the nation, to his party, to the people and now to his president. This makes him a born loser. He goes for short term benefits which blows back on him. He thinks he is smart but he comes a cropper each time he exceeds his capacity to handle power. His biggest crime was the CFA which he signed with Prabhakaran without consulting the President, Cabinet, parliament, party, or people. He thought it was a master stroke of a political genius worthy of a Nobel Prize. That was abominable misuse of power. Predictably and justifiably, he came crashing down and he has never recovered from that betrayal of trust.

With all that experience behind him one would expect him to act more cautiously and go for consensual and flexible politics. Instead, he leaps, with both his feet, to a Gestapo-type of rule, armed with a FCID ( Financial Crimes Investigation Department) to persecute and put in remand members of his own “national government”, though in the opposition, who are in a majority in the House. He was virtually cutting the branch on which he was sitting. How long can such an asinine rule last?

His idea of Yahapalanaya was to create negative headlines through his persecution of those whom he described as members of “a national government”. He was, on the one hand, wooing all parties hoping to get their support for his “national government”, ONLY with him as the Prime Minister. On the other, he was summoning them before his FCID – a.k.a., the Fascist Centre for Indicting Dissidents — and packing them off to remand. He didn’t have the slightest idea of bringing a divided nation together with a more humane approach to politics at all levels. If he had shown half the sympathy he showers on Uncle Sam to the people of Sri Lanka he would have been on an immoveable branch at the top of the proverbial Murunga Tree. But in his own stupid way he went for hate politics at a rate hoping to win the next election by painting Mahinda Rajapaksa black.

So far his hate politics has backfired on him. His massive campaign to denigrate the Rajapaksas has not brought him any appreciable dividends. On the contrary, the more he does that the more the people flock to Mahinda Rajapaksa. There isn’t a single notable “difference” (when-a-suck) he has made to impress the voters that they must switch over to him either. He couldn’t even get through his pet project of transferring the presidential powers to his prime ministerial office. The 19th Amendment is still twisting in the air like a carcass in the butchers stall. The reform of the electoral system (20th Amendment) is still in limbo. So what has he achieved other than a no-confidence vote from those whom he persecuted?

Besides, the entire rationale on which the Yahapalanaya slogan won the presidential election was on the promise of creating a new moral order. All claims for a new moral order collapsed when he appointed his protégé, Arjuna Mahendra, to the Central Bank. When the proverbial hit the fan his protégé cried : “I am clean.” So is my toilet. It’s very clean.

Under Wickremesinghe’s stewardship the nation has experienced in the main only “political indecisiveness or expediency, repeating the mistakes of the past…… “ (Civil Society statement). “To make matters worse”, yesterday’s Sunday Times Political Editor said, “the UNP-dominated Government has also been somewhat tainted with allegations of bribery and corruption against some ministers and officials. This is at a time when there is some bad fallout on the economic front. The value of the rupee is fast depreciating in dollar terms. Prices of imported consumer goods are therefore increasing. Construction companies have laid off hundreds of workers after projects were stalled or were being re-negotiated. No substantial Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been recorded and the stock market remains sluggish”.

The alarm bells are ringing loud and clear. Even the pro-Siri-Wicky Civil Society which embraced the Yahapalanaya agenda with both hands are now singing a different tune. They are now predicting instability, crisis and chaos caused by “political indecisiveness or expediency, repeating the mistakes of the past…… “ They no longer talk of the “ideal society” promised in the manifesto of the Siri-Wicky regime. At the end of the 100 days they are wringing their hands in despair. Radhika Coomaraswamy must be putting her head on her hands and tearing her hair in despair.

This then is Sri Lanka’s Arab Spring that did not bloom with a single flower. On the contrary, it became a carbon copy of the preceding regime, “repeating the mistakes of the past”. (Civil Sociey). To the cognoscenti it was obvious from the word go that those who spearheaded the campaign for Yahapalanaya (good governance) could neither fulfill the 100 promises in the 100 day program, nor could they deliver “the ideal society”, as promised in their manifesto. Drunk with the spirit of their own propaganda they assumed that the transition from the prevailing presidential to a parliamentary system was a cake walk. What they refused to calculate in their obtuse way was that the clash between 2015 Presidency with the 2010 parliament. In short, though Sirisena won a majority from the electorate he could not even carry his own SLFPers with him in the Parliament.

Furthermore, they never expected Mahinda Rajapaksa, though defeated technically at the polls, would remerge as a formidable force wielding the people’s power outside the parliament and the presidency. More importantly, though Sirisena managed to the unite the minorities with the UNP he failed to unite the majority within his own fold in the SLFP. In numerical terms, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s 5.8 million seems to have undercut Sirisena’s 6.2 million won at the polls. Sirisena won the nation but lost the Parliament to an illegitimate minority.

His duplicitous politics forced him to create his own minority government when he had the opportunity to legitimately rule with an elected majority. In politics practically every man comes with his own spade to dig his own grave and Sirisena came with egg-hopper politics that became his spade to dig his own grave. He is now dependent on a minority government which is dragging him into the morass of “political indecisiveness or expediency, repeating the mistakes of the past…… “ His alliance with the UNP split the SLFP into two and weakened his own base in the parliament and the electorate. Eating egg hoppers and undercutting his leader was a piece of cake compared to going to bed with Wickremesinghe. It was like sleeping with porcupines. The SLFP seems to be rising from the ashes.

The pundits of the Civil Society, who constantly claims that they alone are in possession of the final solution to all the problems of the nation, have also fallen in the same hole as Sirisena. Remember how they proclaimed that their formula of appeasing implacable and intransigent Prabhakaran was the only road to peace. That theory, of course, went down to the bottom of Nandikadal. Then they came up with theory that regime change was the answer to the authoritarian regime of Mahinda Rajapaksa. Now they are crying that the Siri-Wicky regime is “making the same mistakes of the past.” Obviously, they do not know whether they are coming or going. Prof. Carlo Fonseka is an example of the confused thinking. One day he says that the appointment of Wickremesinghe with a stroke of Sirisena’s presidential pen is an expression of “the will of the people”. The next day he challenging, quite commendably, the Financial Crimes Investigating Department, a.k.a. Fascist Centre for Indicting Dissidents, headed by Wickremesinghe, in the Supreme Court as a violation of the rights of the people.

Trapped inside a regime change that is running like a wild ass without a head or tail the Civil Society is now complaining that “the reform process itself has become mired in an ambiguous and perplexing morass of competing political self-interests”. Of course, they do not acknowledge their role in creating “the ambiguous and perplexing morass”. They are now trying to distance themselves from the genie that came out of their corked bottle. They encouraged, propagated, directed from behind the scenes, with the backing and finances of their foreign masters operating through Western diplomatic missions, the creation of the political demon that is “running aimlessly”, heading nowhere. First they crowed about their success in bringing about regime change. Now they are backpedalling. It is unlikely that they will acknowledge their stupidity in bringing down a regime without knowing what should replace it. This is the Arab Spring that they were yearning for and they have now got it, bellyful.

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    H. L. D. Mahindapala –, Mahinda Rajapaksa Shill and White-Washer

    RE: Rupee Is Down: So Is Siri-Wicky Regime

    1. “Point No:1: The momentum generated by the historic January 2015 presidential election is being exhausted, and that the minority government appointed for the sole purpose of executing the 100-day reform programme is drifting aimlessly.”

    They are dragging towards getting the Crooks, Robbers and Criminals, but do not have the guts to do the jib that is required. Pull the trigger and get the culprits heads tolling.

    2. “Point No:3: The mandate (given to the President) requires not only substantive reforms but also a transformation in the way government and governance is conducted. It cannot be squandered because of political indecisiveness or expediency, repeating the mistakes of the past……”

    You do have a point here. The problem is still to many Mahinda Rajapaksa Shills, and Cronies are there in Parliament. A new election is needed to wash them out.

    Mara Mara Chanda Mara. Mara Mara Chatu Mara

    Looks like, you have got a raise and a new Medamullsna Contract.

  • 12

    [Edited out]pala@ What bulshit you are bubbling ?

    I transfered some funds to my elderly parents from Germany today. 1EURO = 142 rupees. That means as you Rupee is not down. In last November 1Euro = 160 Rupees. If you want to attack the current regime, please come with real facts. You the like idiots would never see it right.[Edited out]

    • 1

      [Edited out]

    • 0

      The value of the Euro has fallen over the last several months, or had you not noticed, from around US$ 1.40 to as low as 1.07, though it has regained a wee bit of the lost ground. He is absolutely correct, and he is merely agreeing with what the dollarwallahs like Gehan Perera says.

    • 2

      H. L. D. Mahindapala –, Mahinda Rajapaksa Shill and White-Washer

      RE: Rupee Is Down: So Is Siri-Wicky Regime

      RE: Leelawathie Comment pala@ What bulshit you are bubbling ? Support Below. See what the 10 years of Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa has dpne to the Rupee. It was LKR 97 in 2005 When MaRA was elected, and it was 134 when when MR was retired in January 2015.


      Mahidapala, you are becoming as pad as Mahinda Rajapaksa, and Wimal Moddawansa (2/2=0) in your Shilling and White Washing. At this rate you are even going to lose most of the Modayas, Mootals and Fools with average IQ of 65, and even those below that who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa.


  • 17

    However much H. L. D. Mahindapala kicks, screams and repeatedly bang his head on the wall or cry wolf he is forgetful of the fact that VP is no longer alive to win another election for MR.

    MR must be kicking, screaming and banging his head on the wall for killing VP.

    Source of instability in this island is the despot MR. This old codger is clanking his b***s to ward off voters from voting for good governance as he did just prior to the Presidential elections.

    It didn’t work and won’t work.

    People are stupid, no doubt about it. They are not that stupid to vote MR just because H. L. D. Mahindapala is making some silly noise from down (under).

    This old codger should know MR received only 50.29% of the votes in 2005 with a massive support from VP.

    Could anyone tell me whether 50.29% > 51.28% is right.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

    • 3


      “[Edited out]”


  • 8

    This egoistic man who think he is a Sinhalese and a journalist, put down 4 of his his own half-witted, irresponsible conclusions in point form and in the next line he calls them “factors”…. how illogical. Does this [Edited out]-Pala do it purposely or it is also his foolishness? ..
    I believe in UN declaration freedom of expression … but how much damage this kind of guy could do to a society which is already in trouble due to unending ethnic unrest, increasing corruption and lawlessness over the last 50~60 years..

  • 6

    @Mahindapalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, thanks for letting us know. Take care.

  • 8

    Mahinda Pala, the majority of people who pray for the return of the Mara are those who have illegal, criminal or fradulent deeds to hide. They fear that the nebulous of horrendous crimes will be exposed. Then there is that fraction of emotional folks of SL who have been brainwashed to blindly worship. The other fraction is completely ignorant or delusionaL to want the kings of embezzlement and dictatorship back as a leader.
    Which group do you fall in to?
    It is not about MR, it is the welfare of the country that matters. I dont think for one minute that there are any puritan SL politicians. It is better to put your money on a relatively less fradulent regime for the sake of the country.

  • 2

    Our CB Boss Mr Clean surely can afford not just a clean toilet,

    He can have a Double Shower, Mega Spa , auto Flush Toilet . All with Cold Plated Taps and shiny marble floors.

    Decorated with laser lighting to change with the moods of Mahendrans..

    And he can hire full time Janitorial staff too, with the Dosh scooped up from the first Bond issue on behalf of our inhabitants .

    Lets focus on more important issues.

    Singapore Hit on Srilanka was organized by Solheim and his Western mates with the help of the BTF and the TNA…

    It is all in Tamilnet.

    TNA is now part of the BTF,

    And GTF and Rudrakumaran are not happy about it.

    Now they are organizing the second hit. This time in London.

    And it is to “fix” the inhabitants for good.

    I mean to ensure Elite Anglicans , Vellalas to be in perpetual power with the help from the Wahabis..

    But not with too too much help from the last though..

    And make the North , the Northern Provincial Government with all the Bells and Whistles.

    The king maker of the UNP and the un Elected PM ‘s lackey, Samare is holding high level talks right now, with Surendran and TNA Abraham as the middle Man.

    Is it about Finance?.Is it about how to neutralize the TPA ?. Is it to give LTTE money to our poor villagers through Samurdhi boss Keselwatta Kid and his handler Galleon Ravi?..

    Or is it a combination of all?..Plus more..

    Wonder where our Venerable Rathne and Abiththaya Champakya are now a days?…

    • 7

      Sumanasekeram, you are back with Vellala, Anglican, Diasporian, Elite nonsense again? Majority of people are laughing at you………..look at the number of thumbs down. Are you so thick skinned? Or is this Namal Rajapkse writing? You have been like the mascot for the Rajapaksas on CT for a while. When did the elite Anglicans rule SL after Sir. John K? Even SWRD who was born an Anglican converted to Buddhism to win an election and got shot by a venerable Buddhist monk (sarcasm). Buddy Buddhism is not a religion, it is a way of life. Buddha was a great man but he never called himself God. So stop this nonsense you write and maybe go back to your text books like Chandramama or a comic book :).

    • 3

      KAS KAS;
      May be your Malaccan Appacchi Mahendran Jarapassa Thinking Now;

      ” Sheyyyyyyyyy, why I told That Bastard Gothaya to Kill the Killer Pirapaharan.
      I should have spare him to take a Pina Ride Giving him another Bribe with the help of Tirana Allas and Pimpy Vass.
      Always My Ass brain Brothers make me trouble,
      But Never mind, any how They got me some thing to stash away from 58% Moda Siri Lankan voters and Arse lickers”.

      “They will not find those stolen money!.
      Brother Gothya sent his Navy Goolaya to settle every thing over there2.
      God Thirupaty, We are Out from the Danger Now”

  • 9

    CT, I write to make a humble request. Please if you MUST publish farticles by Mahindapala, can you not publish them sometime in the afternoon so that I do not need to see [Edited out] in the morning when I just start my day?

    Thank you very much.

  • 12

    Another Patriotic racist and corrupt so called writer …… living autralia with hand outs fro MR and dole from the Ausi Government. Left the country after robbing and not out of death threats by any Government Lives in another Counrty and writes about his Mother Land…. What an Irony for Sri Lankan Masses .

  • 12

    Again Mo. ..pala is back from his underground sleep in Australia. He says MR attracts people like a magnet even without power. Does he know how people are gathered throwing money.
    The misuse of power and mismanagement by previous regime has left the new government with short term financial difficulties. However, with close mangement of finance related activities they are able to manage and this position will be well solved after elections with a UNP majority national government.
    Mo..pala seems to be blind to the developments in the country during last 5 months with regard to peace, harmony, mutual trust, independent judiciary, amendment to constitution deleting the 18th and introducing 19A etc.
    Either he is blind, deaf, or does not want to see the good because he is a MR crony.

  • 8

    Mahindapala – The very fact that the four points you mention are authored by the NGOs you so love to hate (because of their objectivity and criticism of your idols, no doubt), indicates their neutrality and their working towards the goal of ‘good governance’, quite unlike you, who has a one-track mission to reinstate the corrupt regime that was voted out by the majority.

  • 7

    Whenever I read analysis by the self proclaimed smart patriots like DJ, you and other clones, it takes me back to the primary school days and the “Mahadena Muktha” stories teachers taught us to sharpen our minds so that we don’t fall prey to Mahadena Muktahs when we grow up.

    The SL voters have come a long way since the 1950 s. They have proved this with their votes on Jan 8th.

    I am glad JVP has come out with a list of names who were VIP s during Mahadena Muktha MR &Co and the crimes they committed and are currently under investigations. JVP also has predicted the out come of those investigations if they are continued without interference or disturbance by the current government or the opposition or the future government that will be formed in August.

    The current government was made possible because of the pact among various parties that was initiated by the real patriots like Sobitha and Ratna Thero s.

    Since you are one of the ” bring back Mahinda to save the country” campaigners first you , DJ and other clones must take JVP head on. I am sure you all will not and will chicken out.



  • 8

    What ever it is Mahinda Rajapakse proved that he was not worth to be either the King of Sri lanka or the President.

    So, he should keep the reputation that he was the president who gave political leadership to defeat the LTTE and he should stay away from politics.

    He and his hench men should not forget that Sinhala people are very forgiving.

    • 1

      Jim you are not as stupid as I thought you were. You are right that Sinkalams are very forgiving.
      They forgive people like Karuna and make him a Minister who killed thousands of your Babaric Soldiers.
      But never forgave innocent Civilans and slaughtered them.

  • 2

    I do not agree with most things HLD Mahindapala
    has to say and dismiss them with the contempt
    it deserves. This is because he has long been
    a member of the Rajapaksa bandwagon. Yet, I do
    not challenge in any way his right to express
    views and concede he writes so well. Though
    he lives in Australia, it is yet welcome. There
    must be more like him in our own country.

    In this instance I agree wholeheartedly with
    HLD M. Ranil W has once again missed the bus.
    When he became Prime Minister without a people’s
    mandate, he was only focused on one thing – himself.
    He wanted to change the Constitution to make the
    Prime Minister more powerful and be head of the
    cabinet. He placed his friends and college mates
    into various positions.He treated the SLFP MPs, the
    majority in Parliament with downright contempt.

    For the past many weeks the only time the Prime
    Minister of Sri Lanka has been devoting is to
    his friend and partner, Arjuna Mahendran. He is
    defending the indefensible. If there was no wrong
    doing, why did he appoint three ignoramus lawyers
    to probe the Central Bank bond issue. He was trying
    to cover up something. President Sirisena is a
    pambaya and has been just watching what is going

    Imagine if Ranil were to be elected? Corruption
    and bribery will reign. There are ministers in
    his cabinet who are making money by the hour whilst
    the economy is going down. RW is not worried. He is too
    scared to deal with them. One good example is Finance
    Minister Ravi Karunanayake.

    Wait and see. The corrupt Central Bank bond issue will
    bring RW down. If he has any shame he should resign.

  • 9

    Dear Editor
    Only a real friend will warn anyone about bad breath [halitosis]. Others will shy away feeling they may offend.
    Similarly, no one wants to tell H.L.D. Mahindapala his writing is all bad breath – in terms of ideas and presentation as written language. Let me attempt to do so.
    1. Volume doesn’t make up for a lack of smart thinking. Sentence after sentence of meaninglessness is just that, meaninglessness, and prolonged exposure to foul breath.
    2. Even Dayan Jayatilleka seems not to want to tell his friend he has bad breath, although DJ has a commendable writing style to express his illogic.
    3. As any Grade 5 schoolteacher will tell you, an essay must have a head and tail – the head foreshadowing what is to come and the tail summing up.
    4. Stringing empty words and sentences together does not an essay make. It merely demonstrates an empty cranium, or a seriously demented one.
    5. Identical mistakes were shown in the last Mahindapala essay [Prof. Carlo Fonseka’s Cock-Eyed Logic, Colombo Telegraph, June 4], with a redeeming factor being comment No 21 by one Dionysius who told us in a hilariously laughable way that the only cock-eyed logic was that exhibited by the author.
    6. To get back to bad breath, sometimes it may have a serious underlying medical condition. Mahindapala must take English and writing classes and improve his logic if he is not to spread his pathetic odor.

  • 6

    This man [Edited out]pala just can not imagine or understand that his hero MR was rejected by almost half a million voters. He is hoping and praying that MR will re-emerge. Fat hopes! [Edited out]will be able to see what will happen to MR after the General Election. I only hope [Edited out] will not kick the bucket before that.

  • 5

    This man [Edited out] just can not imagine or understand that his hero MR was rejected by almost half a million voters. He is hoping and praying that MR will re-emerge. Fat hopes! [Edited out]will be able to see what will happen to MR after the General Election. I only hope [Edited out] will not kick the bucket before that.

  • 7

    H L D M,

    You and DJ are the only two notable propaganda gurus spreading lies and half truths with illogical arguments in the free forums against the legitimate govt. Since 8th January 2015, the judiciary is free from political interference and functioning independently. If any thing illegal about this govt you are free to challenge in the court.

    FCID is a body similar to the “Serious Fraud Office” in the well functioning democracy UK. Clearly, only the corrupts are afraid of it and want to get rid of it. FCID is not the “White vans abduction” sort of body. FCID is a legally constituted body under the law. All the corrupts of MR & Co are shivering because they knew they will be get caught sooner or a later.

    Thanks to the MS & RW govt’s respect for freedom of expression, you are free to write all your crap in this free forum without the fear of white van abduction and killed. Although you are an Australian citizen you are playing the “patriotic Sri Lankan” card to bring back the corrupt MR & Co to power with some ulterior motives.

    When are you going to you write some sensible & rational articles for the readers to appreciate and enjoy?

  • 5

    let the rupee be down as your an Aussi so it wont affect you

    let sir-Ranil be down it wont affect you as your an Aussie bloke now

    we certainly hope your pecker does not stay down all the time as then you will let down your missus big time mate ;-)

  • 6

    At least, enjoy the media freedom you have today.

    No one could have dared to write articles criticising the Rajapakse regime before January 2015!

    • 3


      “No one could have dared to write articles criticising Rajapakse regime before January 2015.”

      Now we have eenee meenee miney moe – Dayan Silva, Mahinda’s PALA and former ‘Ambassador’ Bandula Jayasekera (BIJAY)to write articles criticising Sirisena regime. Bijay has switched his allegiance to the ‘Iceland’ paper and has started blowing his own trumpet.

      • 2

        ..oops, I missed. BIJAY certainly blew his trumpet during his tenor of office in Toronto, UN and in Sydney, Australia. Also in Geneva accompanied by Rajkattapal Abeynayake !

  • 1

    Being in the opposition for so long, UNP is bankrupt and no idea how to run a country!
    Ranil gate affair clearly demonstrated the coming color.
    They thought the west will pour money on them!
    The unpatriotic forces and village idiots like Ranjan taking down the once great party.
    NGO mafia also shell shocked by the gon palana tactics.

    Now these idiots are detroying the economy brought up by the hard work nad strong leadership.
    People now see how they falsely accused Rajapakse family!
    Every single patriotic family has to be educated to exercise their rights in the coming election to save the country from the separatist forces.

  • 8

    Someone wants to bring someone somehow, to reopen the cash flow. Poor Mahindadasa!!!

  • 2

    I think we should all be sorry the Rupee is down, not sure about Sri-Wiki.

    Regardless of its origins, I think all Sri Lankans commendably supported and should have supported the 100 day program, and would have benefitted if it succeeded. (Except of course for the provisions struck down by the Supreme Court)

    All parties will have to do some soul searching as to the lack of success rate of the 100 day program. Is a code of conduct such a taboo to politicians from all parties? Why was this not done? Why was parliament not dissolved as promised on 23rd April, the very thing that the Civil Society is asking for?

    The CPA article highlight the need of the hour:

    “..the people of Sri Lanka voted for fundamental reforms to strengthen and consolidate democracy as much or more than they voted for the winning candidate. This mandate requires not only substantive reforms but also a transformation in the way government and governance is conducted.

    It cannot be squandered because of political indecisiveness or expediency, repeating the mistakes of the past where Sri Lanka’s enormous potential has been retarded time and again due to the absence of leadership and political maturity.”

    “absence of leadership and political maturity”

    There is an opportunity for the next Parliament fulfill the wishes of the people, if only they will listen.

    We will give them six years. Here’s to Sri Lanka 2021!

  • 9

    However you meow meuw no intelligent srilankan will sway to your winging.

    Get a life HLDM.

    One good thing came out of the bad is the SLankans are more politically active .
    They have seen and heard the bad side of the last government since their downfall due to the Media Freedom now exists.
    Everything is in the open .No fear of White Vans. People like this writer / whitewasher is actually helping the ordinary man and woman to decide who to vote.
    In the January Presidential election the masses were only ignorant but they chose to vote for the Good governance and a change from nepotism. now they are well informed by the Media .

    They are not going to believe your fancy lies HLDM.

  • 7

    K.A Sumanasekera

    When your forefathers arrived here from Kerala did they also bring the science of Kalaricikitsa and the art of Kalarippayattu?

    If they did could you let me have evidence of such knowledge transfer from Kerala to this island. You might find them in Vitti poth.

    Hope you would help me with my inquiry into your past and you would not do yet another crab walk (sideways).

  • 2


    You have very correctly exposed the US and western funded NGO clique masquerading as Sri Lanka’s civil society. This so called educated elite consisting personalities such as Pakiyasothy Saravanamuttu and Radhika Coomaraswamy are now bemoaning “the absence of leadership and political maturity.”

    Were they not aware that President Sirisena is not leadership material when they all promoted him as the common candidate at the last Presidential election? Were they not aware that Sirisena lacked political maturity? What did they think was Sirisena’s past record in politics? How come they exonerated Sirisena who had collective cabinet responsibility as a Minister in Mahinda Rajapakse’s government for the so-called misdeeds of Mahinda’s government?

    Sirisena ate hoppers with Mahinda Rajapakse in the night and the next morning he stabbed Mahinda at his back. That was the character of the man these so-called educated elite from Sri Lanka’s civil society promoted as the future President of Sri Lanka.

    These civil society people are now calling for immediate Parliamentary election because that is exactly what Ranil and UNP want. And I am sure once the election is declared these civil society people will campaign for Ranil because this is what their paymasters US and EU will ask them to do.

  • 8

    Crap and crap and more crap from this mental lightweight who has now established his reputation not only as a MR puppet but a third grade journo trying to eke out a living. His dream is that if the rouge MR comes back he may have a job as an ambassador in the land of the dumb. [Edited out] keep dreaming and hoping that your royal highness will one day repay you for your servitude and sycophancy. The expression on your face says it all bringing back memories of the sordid side of humanity.

  • 7

    HLDM can cry and cry and whine all he wants to bring MR back but its not going to happen as the people are not idiots

  • 6

    Point No:5: Disregard all previous points and the rest of this article as the writer is a stooge of the previous regime.

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