2 July, 2022


Sarath Weerawansa Further Remanded

Sarath Weerawansa, brother of Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa was ordered to be further remanded by the Colombo Fort Magistrate till September 21. He was ordered to be further remanded after the FCID informed the courts that they were still conducting investigations and hence requested that the suspect continue to be in custody.

Sarath Weerawansa

Sarath Weerawansa

Weerawansa was arrested and initially remanded on September 1 for allegedly misusing state vehicles during the previous government. Earlier, Mohammed Muzammil, the spokesman of Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front was arrested for misusing vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term. He is currently out on bail.

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    jim softy the dimwit

    Is this man related to you as I noticed his father has a deep, deep, deep, South Indian name (Sangli Karruppan)?

    • 5

      This man on the picture above should hate his brother to have fallen him to this level.

      Next days, people voted for Buruwanse will be facing the same.

      This is what happens when social scum raises their heads being close to rebel leaders like Meeharaka Rajakaashes. At the time, he was called to parliament, Wimal was not even bigger than a fly found on a Meeharaka, but he was made that big to this date, so is the case with Rohith Chain robber former Driver.

    • 2

      Probably low caste S.Indian heritage. Behavior is certainly low class. They all think they were entitled to privileges that they did not earn through honest means. Wimal has gift of the gab but hides his corruption behind his jingoistic bombast pretending to be a patriot. Look at his wife! gosh, have you seen Wimal’s wife? There are what we call thraada people. MR surrounded himself with sycophants. Some of them of course let him down: Look at Mervyn. This Mervyn is an uncouth savage. He was at one time with AB and abused and insulted Mrs. B and CBK. Then he went on all 4s and worshipped CBK and called her a modern Vihara Maha Devi but CBK knew better but did use him. She kept him at arm’s length but used him. MR was too foolish and trusted Meryvn too much. He became MR’s pimp and go-to man for every blackmagic, soothsayer and also for other things. Thraada people.

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        “Probably low caste S.Indian heritage.”

        What is your problem?

        Are you suffering from p***s envy?

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      Sarath Weerawansa, brother of Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa.’

      RE: Sarath Weerawansa Further Remanded

      Are you paying for board and lodging, or is it that the tax payers have still to pat for it?

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      Native Vedda


      Where is Wimal now?

      Is he in hiding? Is he hiding in the bunkers?

      No demo for Ban and no fast even in the corridors of Manhinda’s safe heaven.

      The Weeravanse’s have swindled enough and they can’t go on fast unto to death because they can’t enjoy the loot if they die.

      Who would have bottle fed Wimal, if he had gone on hunger strike in the Galle Face Green? Even Mervin Silva or BBS’s pandithaya Gnasara would have dared to come forward.

      I am waiting for the day Wimal is arrested and face due justice.

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        Dankottuwa Manike

        “Who would have bottle fed Wimal, if he had gone on hunger strike in the Galle Face Green? “


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    KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

    Is this man related to you?

    Weerawansa’s father has a Tamil name, Sangilik Karruppan. What is yours?

    Don’t tell me you too are Alahak KoNNara.

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    I certainly am not a fan of this sleazy politician but to bring up his caste — true or not — is truly shameful. It puts these commentators in the same league as a certain cretionous ex”-journalist” who often writes in this medium.

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