6 July, 2022


Thajudeen Murder: Senanayake And Perera Re-Remanded

Former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake and former Crimes OIC of the Narahenpita Police Sumith Perera who are in custody for concealing evidence over the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen were ordered to be re-remanded till September 21 by Colombo Additional Magistrate Nishantha Pieris.

Anura Senanayake

Anura Senanayake

The ongoing investigation has however suffered a setback after the British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science ruled that the CCTV footage of the killing is unclear hence they are unable to reach a conclusion over the murder.

In May, Senanayake was arrested by the CID following several days of questioning over the murder. The arrest was made after the Perera shared vital information to the CID over the cover up of Thajudeen’s killing. Thajudeen, the former Havelock SC captain, was killed in Colombo in May 2012 in what appeared to be an accident, but it was later ruled as a murder, with the accident staged.

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    This man should be sent jail for all crimes he has perpetrated.

    Then he will one day return with all the stories related to Wasims murder. Until then Rajakashe offsprings can roam and use their foul mouth against the investigations being carried out.

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      Former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake and former Crimes OIC of the Narahenpita Police Sumith Perera,

      RE: Thajudeen Murder: Senanayake And Perera Re-Remanded

      Murder is a crime.

      You two Should be punished.

      It could be by hanging or imprisonment for life.

      Why not fess up, tell who the other conspirators are, and commit suicide, and make it easy for all, and you may end up in a better afterlife, like Angulimala..

      Angulimala was ruthless serial killer who is redeemed by a sincere conversion to Buddhism, he is seen as an example of the redemptive power of the Buddha’s teaching and the universal human potential for spiritual progress, regardless of one’s background.

      • 7

        RE: Thajudeen Murder: Senanayake And Perera Re-Remanded Murder is a crime.

        Under the lead of MAHINDA RAJAKSCHE

        Murder was a joke
        Use foul langague in public stage was a joke
        Stealing and vandlism were jokes
        Rabble rousing was a joke

        Even attacking Children and Women were jokes

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        Angulimala episode is biggest FIB in Buddhism. Angulimala is considered a studious brilliant student who through obedience committed 999 killings. It is naive to believe that Angulimala was brilliant not to understand that committing murder is a crime. Therefore he can not be a brilliant student, but a dumb idiot. To kill 999 people and just wipe it off by being ordained as a Buddhist priest, just like that, is beyond Buddhism as the doctrine does not have the power to absolve crime of an individual.

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      It is believed if all crimes to be studied, you need to remand the key policists…

      but what have we revealed sofar ? Nothing actually.

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    How long these two innocent men(until proven guilty) can be kept in custody, whereas the experts look at the CCTV footage say with the image captured, they couldn’t arrive at a conclusion to say what happened was a murder.

    These extra ordinary loyal men of Rajapakse counting on him, who knows in return of the days they spent in prison, they might be handsomely rewarded, maybe one of them would be IGP?.

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    Senanayake Re-Hospitalized.

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    these are the [Edited out], master is namal,yoshita and gota,mr,basil

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