17 June, 2024


SDIG Waidyalankara’s Son Claims No Direct Or Indirect Links To Financial Scammer’s Companies; FCID B Report Says Otherwise

Asela Waidyalankara, the son of former FCID Chief Ravi Waidyalankara whose family is at the centre of a massive corruption scandal has issued a clarification about his involvement with a company linked to Rienzie Edwards, who has been accused of financial scamming and money laundering in the US and Sri Lanka.

DIG Ravi Waidyalankara

In a statement issued today Asela Waidyalankara said that his company Talos Consulting Private Limited did not have a connection to certain other entities referred to in media reports.
“I wish to categorically state my company, Talos Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. and I have never had, nor currently have, any interest directly or indirectly in those entities,” the statement from Asela Waidyalankara said.

The statement added that he was the only shareholder of Talos Consulting and that the companies list of assets had also been filed with the Registrar of Companies as per the law.
However, on October 21, 2019 the FCID which Waidyalankara’s father who is now a retired Senior DIG headed for four years, filed a B report in the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court, linking an apartment owned by Talos Consulting (the sole shareholder and director of which is Asela Waidyalankara by his own admission), to Soorya International Private Limited.

Rienzie Edwards wife Punya Edwards is one of two shareholding directors at Soorya International Private Limited. The other is Asela’s mother and SDIG Ravi Waidyalankara’s wife, Mary Basilica. According to records filed with the Registrar of Companies, Soorya International Private Limited is registered at the address 16/A2 Monarch Residencies, Galle Road, Colombo 03.
Apartment 16/A2 was bought by Talos Consulting, the company solely owned by Asela Waidyalankara in February 2016.

Mary Basilica became a director at Soorya International Private Limited joining hands with Rienzie Edwards’ wife Punya, in October 2016.

Rienzie Edwards has been indicted in a New York court on a host of charges, including wire fraud, money laundering, and impersonating officials of the US Federal Reserve. Since July 2015, the FCID has also been investigating Edwards based on a complaint forwarded to the newly set up agency by the IGP.

SDIG Ravi Waidyalankara was in charge of the FCID from its inception in 2015 till February 2019. All of his dealings with the Edwards business empire, in which investigators in the US and Sri Lanka believe was set up to launder money he robbed from clients in the US, took place while Edwards was under FCID investigation. The FCID investigation into Edwards had stalled from 2016 until Waidyalankara was sacked as FCID Chief in February this year after media reports emerged about alleged corruption and close ties to suspects under investigation by the agency he was leading. (By Deepal Banadaranayake) 

To read the B report click here

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    Most Sri Lankans are corrupt to the core. The standards have been set by the Leaders (e.g. MR). We need Leaders who can change those attitudes by example. Vote in and /or appoint exemplary individuals to the House and positions of power and authority. Then perhaps, we can expect to create a better society and see changes in the attitudes of its people.

    With a Presidential election round the corner, let’s begin by voting in an exemplary ‘Leader’ we can look up to, trust, respect and admire and who might be an example for others to follow.

    • 8

      Sri Lankan needs a leader like the late Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. I remember him visiting Sri Lanka in the 60!s for a 2 day official visit and then extended for another 2 days went all over Sri Lanka went back to Singapore and said the following in the Parliament.
      Today where is Singapore and where is Sri Lanka.
      We need honest leaders who are not corrupt, and who think Sri Lanka as their MOTHER.
      Until we find someone to Late Mr. Yew’s calibre Sri Lanka will be a ……………………..

      • 3

        Roy Lawrence,

        Sri Lankan populace mean IQ is 79 compared to Singapore mean IQ 108,

        Sri Lanka has Para-Sinhala Para-“Buddhism” , that makes the low IQ populace to prostrate to the saffron clad monks, who were abused as children, along with low IQ politicians and many crooks, who misguide and mislead the low IQ 79 populace.

        A dictator will make some change in behavior, like a sheep dog will do to the sheep, but not change The intelligence . It is going to take Evolutionary time.Since independence, with the special place for Buddhism and the Sinhala only act, the populace have been becoming more and more stupid .

    • 10

      No matter what/how GoRa promises about cleaning politics if come to power, the corruption syndicates that make up his base from top to bottom will guarantee a corruption dominating repressive regime worse than pre-2015. If GoRa win, the first thing GoRa clan will do is to take over the cabinet by force. It is true that such an effort is against the constitution but considering the way they behaved after PS election in 2018, I believe very strongly that taking over the cabinet by force is already in their plans. MaRa already said that, no matter what the constitutional provisions are, the defense ministry must be under the president! Therefore, I would like to warn the Gvt to be on alert.

      Also, about “Ambaneta Kannave’vi” statement, considering the way SLPP “seasoned” SLFP with hoots (in the US the word is Boo) before accepting them, a some kind of reprisal towards Muslims & Tamils is extremely likely.

      • 2


        Absolutely. A glimpse of this was evident during the temporary MR govt end of last year and NGR’s arrogant behaviour was very much on display during this period.

    • 6


      Ravi Waidyalankara and family who have been doing transactions with the corrupt Rajapaksa Mafia locally and internationally, have fled the country , according to the grape vines, bulath vines and Vetilla vines.

      Do these crooks think that the crook Gota will lose and therefore there is no protection, the reason for fleeing? Just curious.

    • 5

      Gamini, agree with you totally but is there an uncorrupt, competent leader? The closest I could assume was Nagananda Kodithuwakku but he is a non runner in the current race. The entry barriers to SL politics is high & non career politicians have no platform to reach the average voter unless backed by a mainstream party but its unlikely that any of the main parties would promote an ‘outsider’ to rock the boat. Politicians in SL have never had it so good, so politician wants to derail the gravy train.

      • 3

        Raj, Gamini is as always trying to promote Ranil, the man who let the Rajapakses off scot free. There are no clean leaders. If there were we wouldn’t need to import foreign observers for our elections.

      • 0

        Sorry, my last statement has a word missing. It should be – ”Politicians in SL have never had it so good, so NO politician wants to derail the gravy train”. Apologise to those who found my comment confusing.

  • 9

    How about the standards set by Ranil and old Royalists like Ravi, Mahendran, Mangala ?

    Are their assets known ?

    Ranil by his endless manipulation and deviousness has set a very bad example. He says , in other words, as long as you don’t get caught you are honest !

    By his conduct Ranil has also set a very poor example of politics and party leadership. There is nothing ; failure, unpopularity, incapability,rule by small coterie, bad appointments to high positions and repeated defeat at elections that will make him leave politics.

    So what is the standard he is setting for the country and the UNP ?

  • 13

    As the veterinarian looking after Mr Edwards’ stable of horses at Nuwara Eliya and Kurunegala, I myself has been amazed by his unbelievable access to unlimited money and his even more unbelievable ways of spending money to buy assets throughout the country. He bought many properties in Gampola, Nuwara Eliya, Kurunegala, Weligama and other places under the names of friends, acquaintances and employees.
    All those people should now be worried because, the issue has been exploded by the media. Bravo!

    • 5

      Absolutely. Bringing in GR and MR will promote Sri lanka to be the No.1 corrupt country in the world. One thing is certain in the short term if GR is elected. SL will see an influx of foreign funds mainly earned illegally and held overseas by MR and GRs clan and the team observed through a rally in the stock market as the manipulator are in their professional team (Viyathmaga) before falling flat unless it is continuously massaged.

  • 10

    Sri Lanka slowly slid into becoming a den of thieves. No sane person wants to have anything to do with the country when it comes to investing one’s hard earned money in the country. The rot started with PM Sirima Bandaranaikes policy of appointing ape kattiya. This went on to be furthur refined during the JR era when the UNP did one better. But the cake goes to MR. He completely and utterly thrashed the countries ethics to a point where there is none. It came to a point where you could not buy a property because the deeds in the land registry were bogus. There were goons running around looking for houses of people who were abroad which they can sell by altering the deeds and forcibly taking them over and then selling them to some poor unsuspecting buyer. How despicable this country has become is revolting to think of. This douche bag and his family obviously missed a few tricks they should have learned from their lord and master MR.

  • 4

    The current regime has had ample time to prosecute and punish these fraudsters and robber barons . However , for reasons best known to themselves no action has been taken . What guarantee do we have that things will not be the same if they are given another chance ?

    • 4


      Politicians of SL, despite their party preferences, all belong to the same club. They look after each other, afraid their own skeletons in the cupboard will be exposed. Swapping parties for personal gain is normal. Ranil may not have benefited personally from various frauds his party members have committed during his watch but the fact that he turned a blind eye to all the illegal & despicable deeds of his mates & cronies during his premiership makes him an accessory & he can’t deny his responsibility. To cap it all, we had the biggest yob as the President who unashamedly & blatantly tried to outdo his predecessor when it came to acquiring wealth by any means. The only guarantee is that nothing will change but will increase by a notch or two.

  • 1

    the oracle
    ask ranil about it

  • 1

    From 2009 to date the “Two’ successive governments that ruled and ruling us have provided us with, “Information”, “Knowledge” and “experience” how a “Conglomerate” of “Corrupt” and “Criminal” “GANG” of Governing Bodies of Peoples’ affairs have been very surreptitiously usurped power to manage “National Wealth” and “Deceived” and “Led” us on the garden path with the “PROMISE” of prosperity and a happy life. As we stand today, the question before everyone is: “Have these “GANGS” who made that “Promise” and still “Promising” are “Sincere”, “Honest” OR “Wolfs” in “Sheep’ Clothes”? In my opinion, all the people have ample “PROOF” to say that they are a “GANG” of Real Wolf. That is why, a ‘CRY” arose within the people: “All 225 in Parliament have to be chased away”. It must be admitted, it is not all the “225” but most of them are the “STALWARTS” in both Governments. This “GANG” comprised of the “Stalwarts” in politics, “Bureaucrats” ; “Professionals”; “Intellectuals”; “Business Leaders” and most noteworthy the “Saffron Clothed” self proclaimed “Buddhist Clergy”. Yet, another question remains: ” Have we (the VOTER Population) and the average citizens, with the so called “99.5% Literacy Rating” and with the “Information”, “Knowledge” and “Experience” are DECIDED in “Electing” the “SAME GANG” or “REPLACE” them with a “NEW” people who have not been yet, even “Suspected” of wrong doing while in Politic or Administration.? As the “Election Campaign” is unfolding daily, it is observed, the PEOPLE have not “LEARNED” anything and the worse the “Media Moguls” are very busy “Promoting” the same “OLD GANG” on bringing, once again them to hold “POWER”. That is very unfortunate and heart burning.

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