15 August, 2022


Second Victory Offers Unique Opportunity For Problem Solving 

By Jehan Perera

Jehan Perera

Jehan Perera

At the presidential elections held in January this year Sri Lanka made its initial transition away from authoritarian rule in which ethnic nationalism was utilised to deliver repeated electoral mandates. The victory of the coalition of parties led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe at the General Elections on August 17 will ensure that the changes brought about at the presidential election will be sustained. The majority of Sri Lankan voters reaffirmed the choice they had made in January when they voted in President Maithripala Sirisena and rejected the siren call of narrow ethnic-based nationalism. The main significance of the latest election verdict is that it paves the way for transition to take place in two key aspects of governance. The first is that will consolidate the changes that have taken arbitrary power away from individuals and vested them instead in systems.

The question at the general election was whether the change that had taken place after the January elections would be reversed. The sustainability of the reformist good governance process lies in the fact that virtually all the political parties have agreed that the systems of government need to be strengthened. The second important transition that the country has taken as a result of the general election is the shift away from the governance approach of the UPFA period that saw the escalation of militarization in a state that suspected conspiracies against itself and the targeting of ethnic minorities as potential enemies of the state. There is now a need to journey towards a society that is truly multi-ethnic and multi-religious in its decision making and its choices.

Maithripala SampanthanThe result of the general election ensures that the process of transition will not be reversed any time soon. Even though the UPFA challenge to the new governing coalition was very strong during the elections, now that the result is in, their challenge appears to have collapsed at least for the time being. Members of the defeated opposition are gravitating to the leadership of President Maitripala Sirisena who occupies the presidency of the SLFP as well as being chairman of the larger UPFA coalition. Bereft of a popular mandate, the twice defeated former president Mahinda Rajapaksa has little in tangible terms to offer to keep them loyal to him. It appears that many in the opposition would be interested in joining the new consensus government to be formed by the signing of an MOU by the UNP and SLFP.

Consensus Exists 

The agreement signed by these two parties after the elections is to work together for two years on several identified areas of good governance. They include addressing corruption issues, taking the country on a fast track of economic development, safeguarding fundamental freedoms and protection of the rights of women and children. The MOU reflects the consensus that exists in society regarding good governance. This can pave the way for constitutional reform which will not be controversial, and which the new government can do without facing opposition. There are several unfulfilled pledges in the government’s 100 day programme that it can start to implement. Chief amongst these would be establishing the bipartisan Constitutional Council with members drawn from both the government and opposition and also from civil society.

The importance of the Constitutional Council is that it is the body vested with the authority under the 19th Amendment to appoint the members of the various independent commissions, most notably those pertaining to the judiciary, police, public service, bribery and corruption commission, human rights commission and elections commission. These institutions of state are of the greatest importance where it concerns establishing a system of checks and balances in limiting the powers of the elected politicians. During the UPFA period many ruling politicians and their supporters ended up behaving with the impunity associated with royalty in the feudal ages. They could pillage, rape and even commit murder with no action being taken against them.

President Sirisena’s readiness at the beginning of his term of office to reduce his own powers in the national interest was an act of statesmanship that has few parallels in Sri Lanka, and even internationally. There is reason to believe that his continuing commitment to good governance will ensure that more structures for checks and balances will be in place soon. These reforms would include making a renewed attempt to pass the 20th Amendment which is about having smaller electorates more accountable to voters, and passing the right to information law which would give the general public access to governmental documents. The lack of transparency in the governmental system was brought to light during both the presidential and general election campaigns, with revelations of massive corruption in government contracts that took place in the past without any transparency at all.

Receding Force 

Another area of reform in the area of governance that will need to be tackled is that of inter-ethnic relations and the devolution of power. This was the key theme in the election campaign of the Tamil parties in the North and East of the country. Although the winning party, the TNA, is considered to be a moderate party on account of its willingness to engage in dialogue and trust-building with the government, it campaigned on a platform of greater autonomy and federalism for the North and East. In contrast to other issues of governance, which relate to central government institutions, the issue of devolution of power is one on which there is much less consensus in the country. It is to be noted that those who got the largest numbers of votes in the defeated UPFA opposition were those who took stands against the devolution of power.

The issue of ethnic nationalism continues to be alive in the country even though the inability of the UPFA to make it a winning formula at two successive elections suggests that it is receding as a force. It has been in existence since the 1950s when the SLFP was formed and utilized the power of language-based ethnic nationalism to trounce the UNP at the general elections of 1956. The past ten years of UPFA rule was primarily based on ethnic nationalism with the general population being constantly exposed to a barrage of anti-minority propaganda. Therefore there is a need for the government to commence an immediate programme of public education on the issue of inter-ethnic relations and the options for a political solution that would address the roots of the conflict. This could be done alongside civil society organisations to prepare the ground for future reforms that are necessary to resolve the conflict in a sustainable and mutually acceptable manner.

In the meantime, efforts to win the trust and confidence of the ethnic minorities need to continue. The visit paid by President Sirisena and former president Chandrika Kumaratunga to the former war zones of the East to give back land taken over by the military to the people shortly after the election indicates that the government is on the conflict-resolving track. The fact that President Sirisena is both on the side of the government and opposition presents a unique opportunity for problem solving. It will mean that when the government and opposition sit together to discuss how to deal with even contentious problems, they will be sitting together and not necessarily as adversaries. They will not be engaging in negotiations in which one side must lose in order for the other side to gain, but in problem solving where each side’s concerns are taken into account so that all sides can gain. This must not only be a wish, it can become reality.

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    It is wishful thinking that there will be a smooth government with TNA sitting as the only opposition. What we have walked into is a typical Bangladesh type of situation. There will not be a workable government in place until the next election or one of the parties engineer a good defection of MPs. From the looks of it I will give RW one year to squabble with his coalition and the SLFP Appachi Malos. After UPFA with the blessing of MY3 will form a stable government with UNP, SLMC defectors. Mark my word. RW is not a consensus builder he will piss off his own party members to break off.

    • 6

      Jehan, what makes you think that a ‘second victory’ will be any better for problem solving than the first? What about the 50 Billion Rupee loss we incurred in the Bond scandal?
      Well said Patriot. RW is a master in shooting his own goal. We all know RW’s MIT-brilliance in problem resolution and alliance building (s)kills ;) Hope you get my hint.

      • 1

        Let us not forget that Politicians, political parties and political culture is the fountain head of corruption in Sri Lanka. Politicians wine and dine on our taxes and make deals and play palace politics in the Diyawenna Parliament of corrupt clowns.. They need to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the people.

        Jehan Perera, Bad governance within political parties is the root source of the rotten political culture in Sri Lanka. Civil society needs to see that there is a Chapter on Good Governance within Political Parities and a code of conduct for Politicians in the New Constitution of Sri Lanka – as in many other countries – to keep the uneducated criminals in parliament accountable.

        1. End cross over culture that promotes rent seeking and politicians jumping sides for perks. If they cross the house they lose their seat and need to be re-elected.
        2. Required asset declaration and Educational achievements of at least a BA degree from a recognized university for every politician.
        2. Retirement age limit for politicians of 62,to give younger people a chance to contribute.
        3. To End family rule and dictatorships within political parties, party leaders must retire after 2 defeats and groom younger generation
        4. National lists are for talented intellectuals and youth who can make a contribution to the country and so career politicians should be banned from National List.
        5. Political parties need to have one third seats for women.

        Jehan Perera, Until this generation of politicians is gotten rid of there will be no Good Governance. Ranil has been the UNP dictator who has the record for loosing elections and being Prime Minister 4 times because he never handed over or groomed a successor. Meanwhile the king of criminal corruption – Mahinda Jarapassa – is back in parliament with his racism and corrupt practices to pollute the political culture, and then Sirisena who gave jarapassa nominations to lead the SLFP rather that tell the truth that the SLFP is full of corrupt thugs and Educate the Stupid SLFP masses who voted for all Jarapassa’s criminal cronies is now pushing for a joke of a National Govt..

        Let us not forget that these politicians, one and all are, the fountainhead of CORRUPTION and violence in Sri Lanka. Sirisena to cap it all has brought through the national list – foul mouths like Dilan Perera who insulted the former CJ in filth and S.B Dissanaiayake who is an insult to Higher Education. These all have various records for corruption, losing 25 elections and not standing down, preaching Yahaplanaya but nominating corrupt criminals.

      • 3

        apparently there are to be 51 Cabinet ministers in Sirisena’s famous national government to protect and keep all the corrupt and racist clowns in the SLFP happy, while the minorities and JVP is marginalized from government!

        This is an utter joke and travesty of good governance!
        Civil society good activists should go on the street and protest. There should be only 10 cabinet ministers because having so many Ministers means that no work gets don because of the FRAGMENTATION in institutions and policy and planning.

        51 Cabinet Ministers and deputies is a violation of Good Governance. There is absolutely no need for a national government and a cabinet full of Sirisena’s corrupt SLFP cronies and National List MPs!

    • 8


      So, you have taken over from Dayan Jayatilake. Wish you all the best. Any sound advice from Dayan?

  • 12

    “This must not only be a wish, it can become reality”

    Certainly yes this is a blessed country , by all the gods.

    Some idiots ruined this but it’s very temporary.

    • 7


      “Some idiots ruined “

      Yes you are correct.

      Senanayakes, Banadaranayekas,….

  • 4

    Yeap. You are spot on Jehan, another looser after having a dream education.
    problem solving will be unique in a sense with MY3’s loosers taken into the Parliament though the back door by the Mr. Yahapalanaya who have very religiously kicked the voters in their teeth.

    Yahalapanaya can chop, cut, undercut or do any thing immoral to their politicians BUT how could the Yahapalanaya kick the voter in the face who sent these politicians packing home????

    When the Umpire has declared a batsmen out, Yahapalanaya captain recalls under mining the Umpire’s decision


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    I agree this second victory offers unique opportunity to solve problems.

    Both UNP and SLFP have to visit their past ( from 1947 and 1955 respectively ) and learn proper lessons.
    Both have been the main players who provided political leadership and ran the country as single party or coalition of parties.
    Both parties were totally responsible for creating youth rebellion both in the South and the NE. JVP and LTTE were their creations. So were corruption, cronyism, disregard for law and order.

    Don’t forget the number of times both changed the constitutions, made amendments, changed the laws, and also alienated the minorities or made them second or third class.

    Both are for the first time joining together. The first problem they have solve on an urgent basis Is to expedite all the corruption cases, murder cases, abuse of power cases within 3 to 6 months. Then every thing will fall in place. When all bad politicians are out of the parliament , the rest of the problems however difficult can be solved. SL can then progress fast.

    Why are they so slow in tackling the first problem. 8 months have gone. Make use of this 2nd opportunity and be firm with the culprits.

    • 5

      The MoU between the UNP and SLFP has reduced the chances of nvestigation into corruption and murder.

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    ”The visit paid by President Sirisena and former president Chandrika Kumaratunga to the former war zones of the East to give back land taken over by the military to the people shortly after the election indicates that the government is on the conflict-resolving track”:

    They went to Jaffna on 23 March and distributed documents of some land to be returned. How the recipients and the Minister for Rehabiliatation were treated by the army is a sorry story. The President is not seconded by the occupation army.

    Howlong are we going to treat the Tamils so insincerely?

  • 3


  • 2

    The election is over. TNA’s results are considered victory for it. Rather than it is its victory, TPNF’s failure makes TNA victorious. TNA wanted 20 seats. After 65 years of democratic and armed struggle, not just having achieved nothing, but had lost their provinces to iron fist handed occupation of army had let the Tamils to express their election fatigue and weary of struggle to restore their right, in this election. Disappointingly, the poor turnout of North-East Tamils to booths have given only 16 seats. Whatever has happened, it is not going minuscule TNA’s job. A solution has to be sought before the entire North-East turned into low cast Sinhala Buddhist, just the way the Amparai, Trincomalee, putthalam and negombo turned into, but just a few years ago. For 65 years of losing their employments, education status, properties, life, freedom to openly tell their Tamil names and never ending rapes of their women, forced disappearance of male members, tortures, Forced loss of self-esteem by slavery for illegal jobs, cultural corruptions and moral corruptions by short cut money making methods of drug and alcohol sale by occupying army has to be stopped not continuing any more. That is a mountainous job, that is, a successive losing of 65 years has to be turned around.

    The election in the south has created a mixed up situation. None of them have won the election. This is for the advantage of Sinhala Intellectuals. In other words, New King halted the wipe out of SLFP, like the time it happened after the Sirimavo’s tyranny government in the 1970s. At the last minute, he staged Old King to appeal the Sinhala Intellectuals and Sinhala Buddhists. The current SLFP’s MPs team remains as half of it bought out UNPyers by Old King during the last government. Understanding this composition, New King made sure that the 2015 election winners in SLFP is not being only the “bought out UNPyers” and causes a bankruptcy of opposition to UNP government. So, now, a part of the SLFP is going to government as straight crossing or through National government arrangement and other part will function as the oppositions, in case if there is any solution proposed to Tamils’ National question. As the game opening batsman, once again, the fraudulent talk of National government has started within the UNP and SLFP. This national government is not a “Two parties government”. It is a “Buffer Solution” to automatically adjust the government side number of the MPs to neutralize the Tamil question while advancing the Sinhala Intellectualism with 2/3 majority. Once more, it is not that they are going to drag the Tamil national question with the excuse of no single party has 2/3 majority, but like in the last National government, with the 99.99% support, they will have their constitution further tuned up of protecting the President, Prime Minister, cabinet and the parliament from voting pressures of Tamils. Neither of them needs the TNA to form a government or oppose the government.

    The complication of the solution to Tamils exacerbated further by the disagreement between the two major external players on this issue. From Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s time, Reagan’s administration has designated Tamils as Mrs.Gandhi’s supporters and thus they are anti-American. Even as recently as last two months ago, when Secretary Kerry visited Sri Lanka, he discarded PM Cameron and PM Modi’s examples and was not willing to visit north. He gave a speech that the wiped out Tamils’ liberation movement at Mullivaaikkaal was a happy moment to America. He sarcastically laughed at the CM CV’s presentation to him about the Tamils’ problems as an unpleasant home work for a primary level school kid. But the promise extracted as a condition to help in the war by Ambassador Black from Lankave government was, as like with all other promises, let to fly in the air by the Lankan government. Robert Blake informed the Congress as America has been cheated. India, after the demise of Mrs. Gandhi, started to see TN and TE as one single unit. They perceived any freedom to TE will automatically liberate TN too. They were not willing to see the example of Taiwan resisting the call from the main land to unite. The same case is with West Bengal-East Bengal situation. After the war, India’s help was not reciprocated by Lankave. A couple of times Manmohan Singh publicly accepted that as Lankave was not respecting their word, they were not able to do anything for Tamils.

    Disagreement between India and America went further; India insisted Lankave to implement its 13A (or 13+) as the solution. America stood for Lankave’s freedom to decide it on a negotiation with Tamils. Same case in the UNHRC too. In the last peer reviewing meeting, India refused to call any action on Lankave. India and America were going for continuous tug-of-war about Lankave on the war crime. America started UNHRC resolutions. India was reluctant to support and modified in favor of Lankave, or/and even opposed or played neutral. America works with UNP. India works with SLFP. India treats UNP as its enemy. SLFP treat America as its enemy. This was obvious in the last election too. America backed up UNP. India backed up the New King faction of SLFP under the leadership of New King. (China funded to Old King faction, but it was purely for a landing right in Lankave, not as a political policy setup.) This has been a blessing for Lankave’s Sinhala intellectual governments. They kept breaking the promises given to America and India the same way they broke the promises with Tamils. So, India and America, who came to Lankave with the name of helping Tamils, turned against the Tamils and punished them many folds more than Lankave. From Mrs. Gandhi’s to Sonia Gandhi’s time India has been actively involved in TE Tamils problem. Noticing this, America has been, unlike other world democracies, disallowing the Tamil refugees entering its land. In contrast to America, Canada and England realized the real situation of Tamil in TE by analyzing the massive number of the files of refugees who started to appeared in their countries from 1983.

    Not just India or America, nobody, even China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan….. can be missing to recognize that there is a ethnical conflict exists in Ceylon and an active political solution has been sought by Tamils from as early as 1917. Nations opposed the Lankave’s war. So, 20 Nations participated to suppress Tamils and wipe out the rebels. Three UN Special commissions have or panels have investigated the war of 2008-2009 without any tangible help for Tamils. There are Tamil refugees all over the world. Rather than risk their life on the way and stay locked up and droop in the foreign prisons, if possible, refugees would have opted to select “no fight with majority race” in their own country. So, there cannot be a suggestion of “go and co-exist without fighting with the Majority Race”.

    The latest and the last of negotiations TNA attempted with Old King during period of 2010 to 2012, under the pressure of India, did not yield any fruit. At the start TNA allowed the Old Royals to come out with a solution. As nothing had come out, TNA, said to have, submitted a written proposal. After, practically passing two years of time, in 2012 January, Government withdrew from negations, one sided.

    There was an agreement from Sinhala leaders to make Sir Pon Arunachalam as member of Western province for state council. Sinhala Intellectuals broke it and distanced them from Tamils. They broke the promise they gave to Soulbury. They broke two pacts with SJV. They broke the Pact with Rajiv. They broke the promise they gave to Ambassador Robert Blake. They broke the joint statement they gave out with UNSG in 2009 May. They broke the agreement they did with Indian Foreign Minister Krishna, Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for 13+.

    It was not single a man’s (SJV) decision to go for Federal Government in 1949 or Self-determination in in 1976. These solutions evolved in time from the response of Sinhala Intellectual Governments, through 50:50 and other proposals. Two pacts by SJV on Power sharing through “Federal Government “, Indian Government’s 13A and 13+, Chandrika-Neelan constitution (- destroyed by Ranil’s’ UNP), all party recommendation by Professor Tissa Vitharana, Oslo Agreement and the TNA’s proposal during the last negotiations have not gone anywhere. The progressive ethnic cleansing and genocide actions taken by Sinhala governments are multi-pronged like “1. Organizing and conducting periodical pogroms, 2. repeated promise breakings (as afore said), 3.dividing and subduing the Tamils by state laws like Indian Pakistani citizenship acts, Sinhala Only, Standardization, nationalization of Tamil schools 4. From 1961 bring Jaffna and other Tamils area under military rule, 5.continuous engineering of split into Tamil society, Tamils political parties, and in their social structure, 6. Forceful control over Tamils lands’, natural resources & forceful Sinhala colonization 7.denial of government jobs, 8. Overtly and shamelessly blowing up of anti-Tamil feeling to win the election,9. Denial of sharing the common constitution to Tamils by refusal to implement 13A and implementing 6A, 10.denial of Justice by refusal to impartial War-Crime, Genocide investigation and denial to return Tamil refuges in India and other nations ….. . .

    75% of the Island people are majority race. None of the other races can reach proper 10% in the parliament. Irrelevant of Tamils problems, buying and selling of Sinhala Muslims MPs for corruptions nepotism, illegal and murderous activities, long existed in Lankave’s parliament culture. JR tried halt it; but failed. By this short cut method, never there was a problem of getting 2/3 to solve Majorities’ wishes in Lanakve like Changes of two anti-Tamil, pro-Buddhist constitutions, 20 amendments with special highlight of 6th A & 18A, Divinukuma to marginalize the 13A, impeachment of oppositions leader, two Impeachments and two summary dismissals of Supreme Court Chief Justices , (there were dismissals even without voting)….. There was never a problem in the parliament to have 2/3 to do their matters, but not even simple majority can be obtained to attend Tamils matters.

    Now it is pretended SLFP has lost the election. UNP said to be has won. It might have been only a drama to defuse the International Inquiry of Old King. We do not know the truth of it. But it does not make any change. They both are Sinhala Intellectuals parties. UNP government disenfranchised the Tamils who were living in the upcountry for a century through couple of Generations and tried to deport them, claiming upcountry is Sinhala land. But, they forcefully settled Sinhala families in the Tamil North and East starting with Kanthalai project and recognized these families as legal land owners. The TGTE, which is asking for the Separate country, has declared that the new country will have all there Languages as official Languages, like Singapore. Tamil never showed fear of other communities living in the middle. But that kind of tolerance is not with the other two communities. Sinhalese, from 1948, has been devising methods to send away Tamils from south. The Muslims, who are claiming that they are living together with Sinhalese are asking separating unit in East.

    UNP suppressed Sarania’s Murder case. UNP suppressed Vidya’s murder case. UNP suppressed Prageeth Eknaligoda muder case. Wasim Thagudeen and Lasantha cases are still limping after promises of up to New King. UNP has been claiming it broke the spine of LTTE by splitting them. Ranil went to New York and made a failed demand to UNSG Ban-Ki-Moon of not to act on UNEP’s report. UNP backed off from signing the ICC accord or the Rome Convention. After many mothers of lost children fell on his leg and begged, Ranil refused to release any one in the custody. In his twenty years of UNP leadership, Ranil had refused negotiate with TNA. Ranil, when he went to North last April, he told a principal to shut up his mouth and sit down when the principal wanted to tell the problems in his school. When he went to North, he ordered the extremely extravagant building that was started building on the captured land by Old king, to change as 5 star hotels to be used by Sinhala parliamentarians, but refused to release any of the captured lands to Tamils. This is one of his worst thing in the world, not seen anywhere, and even the West Bank Colonization of Israel is not comparable, because Israel is settling some Jewish people on Muslims’ lands, but not building 5 star hotels. In the last election, after TNA fledge its support for UNP’s common candidate, Mangala and Ranil publicly promised that there will be not any agreement with TNA, specifically no inquiry of internal or external on any leader, commander or on a soldier and including other on matters like, releasing lands and withdrawal of army, a solution beyond 13A. Now Ranil’s new position is devolution only at village level. Ranil has backed off from his agreement at Oslo.

    TNA is a party/alliance put together by Leader Pirapaharan. It was done during the height of LTTE’s military victories. TNA was selected to run independently the democratic administration of the Tamil Eelam, once the LTTE finish securing the borders of the Tamil Eelam from Sri Lankan army. LTTE, which has been relying on the power of the gun to secure the boarders of TE, relied on the brain of the TNA to build the Tamil nation. But TNA was treated as front end of LTTE by others; that is, in others terms, ruthless terrorists’ advocates. Sampanthar, the current God Father of the Tamil Nation was categorized as a terrorist and Visa to Western World was refused. During those days, at Delhi, TNA waited for one month to meet the Indian Prime Minister and returned home without any positive sign from Indian PM. Diplomats treated the North and East as Pariah’s land and refused to visit. New King was the first one taught to India and the Western world that they should meet the TNA and think about the Tamils too. Manmohan Singh found out that India can wag its tails as long as it wants but get Lankave to agree with it will not work. But about 30 years ago, Mrs Gandhi, after allowing Kachativu to Lanka with big heart, prepared LTTE and her troops against Lankave. This is what going in America’s turn too. After Robert Blake accepting in congress that Lankave cheated, Secretary Kerry has compared Lankave as another victory for his policy like Myanmar. He barely understands the difference between Myanmar’s army enforced dictatorship and Sinhala Intellectuals, democratically elected, voluntary dictatorship enforced on them to brutally control Tamils.

    It is at this conditions TNA is going to walk into the Sinhala only Lankave’s parliament. The very first question on this circumstance is, “is there something the learned Tamils, interested groups and experienced negotiators can tell or do something for TNA that can ease their job?” Only a silly story I heard in my childhood is coming to my mind. One time a guru gave a clay pot to one of his disciple and told him “Child go and fetch some water in this pot; we have run out of water”. The boy has started two or three steps, the guru called him back and gave three knocks on his head and told him not to break the pot on his way. The confused small boy replied, yes sir I can take care of the pot; but I don’t understand why you gave me the knocks; it is really hurting; I don’t remember of doing anything wrong this time”. Guru explained, “Say, just for the shake of talk, my child, you had broken the pot on your way, what is the point of knocking you at that time? Wouldn’t the pot have been already broken anyway? That is why I have you the knocks now.” Like that caring guru, Tamils will be with TNA with their mind and heart. But the responsibility of archiving a protection against the aggressors further deteriorating the Tamils condition and rebuilding Tamils life from where it was left in 1948 is only with TNA. The pregnant woman can cry or scream, yet nobody can give birth on her behalf.

  • 3

    PM, BL Ranil and cousin Whisky Madam are picking the Drivers of the 30 Yahapalana Gravy Trains.

    How cool..

    Just checked the past performance of BL Ranil and Whisky Madam.in their CVs. .

    Destroyed the C W E, Gutted the the C T B , after selling any road worthy buses to UNP henchmen’

    Sold Athul Kotte Prime land for LKR 1000 an Acre.

    Culled the Public Service, Threw tens of thousands of poor Sinhala Buddhist on to the scrap heap.

    Batalanada Torture Chamber took care of hundreds of good people like Thevis Guruge.

    Singed the one and only agreement with Mr Pirahapara giving him the Keys to North East combined.

    Last but not least, the Madam drove the SL Economy to the ground with 12 years of consecutive Negative Economic growth .

    12 years of Recession , Must be a record for Plant Earth.

    Wonder whether that 40 acres in Rosmeid Place is still vacant.

    It must be worth at least a cool 4 Million USD now, when my little pad in Wellala Gardens has doubled in less than 4 years.

    • 2

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “Culled the Public Service, Threw tens of thousands of poor Sinhala Buddhist on to the scrap heap.”

      Its true cruel.

      Instead she should have sent all Sinhala/Buddhist home with full pay until their death and filled the vacant desks with hard working Sinhala or Buddhists.

      Why hadn’t she culled Tamils/Muslims and throw tens of thousands of them on to the scrap heap? Under the Sinhala/Buddhists rule there must have been very few who worked for the state.

      Go to any government department, just observe what is going on. You will see at least 10 or more of them reading news papers, 10 or 15 looking at the ceiling, dreaming their next promotion and some fees paid under the table, all day along. Another 10 to 15 absent from their seat, probably in the closest bar or shopping for wife, ….

      Yet the department says they don’t have enough employees to deal with the public.

      • 0

        Correction: ‘hardly working Sinhala Buddhists’.

  • 3

    Living in dignity and giving land is another.
    To those who hold deeds for Lands need to be returned to the rightful owners.

    These Crown lands are not Sirisen’s or CBKs or Digambarans personal property to be dished out to appease the Tamils.
    This is certainly not the way.

    When it comes to agriculture there must be mass scale production of produce. In these areas where abundance of crown land is available, they must be preseverd and small satallite towns need to be established with proper infrastructure in place and people’s energies need to diverted vast fiels controlled by the GOSL for planned agricultural produce.

    There is nothing to say insicererity towards Tamils. They are placed allover Sri Lanka. The GOSL can not only pleased them and distribute crown land just because in those regions Tamil is widely spoken.

    • 1

      “Crown Land”. That is the only part you agree with Tamils.

      My dear friend, in 1972 Sinhala Intellectuals, one sidedly, have declared the Crown Lands in the North-East as චංචල දේපල of Dutu Gemunu.

      That is the part you agree with Tamils. 1972 Republican constitution is not valid on the North-East. We treat we are under Britain.

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