27 June, 2022


Sibling Wins, Patriarch Celebrates & Minorities Stunned

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

Is there a more precious gift a family patriarch, who himself a former ruler, could expect to receive on his 74th birthday, than to see his own brother becoming the supreme head of the country he ruled? The victory of Gotabaya Rajapaksa (GR) as the seventh president of Sri Lanka was an unforgettable birthday gift to his elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR). On the 18th of November, while the new president took his Oath of Allegiance, not in front of members of the legislature, but in Ruwanwelisaya Stupa, a historic Buddhist precinct at Anuradhapura, his family patriarch, MR, celebrated his birthday, the day after. What a joyous coincidence and what a heavenly omen! In short, to the Rajapakse clan, this victory and the one to follow soon at the next General Elections are a double bonanza to mark the dawn of a new era. But, what about the country, its economy and the masses?

Ethno-Religious Divisions Deepen

In spite of all the colourful manifestos published and circulated among voters and outlandish promises made to them, the one issue that undoubtedly decided the winner in this contest was ethno-religious nationalism. Bitter and lingering memories about the civil war, its pestering wounds yet to heal and the shock of an Easter infamy inflicted by a bunch of Muslim lunatics in April this year, all were marshalled by the ethno-religious Buddhist nationalists to create and present an image to the Sinhala public that the two minorities are a clear and imminent danger to the security of this nation. While politicians of the two minorities, Muslims openly and Tamils silently, hoped for a 2015 repeat scenario when their votes decided the winner in a tightly fought presidential contest, and threw their support behind Sajith Premadasa (SP), who did not even carry the full support of his own party leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe, an uncompromising but ultra-nationalist section of the institutionalised Buddhist clergy spearheaded a campaign to deprive the minorities of that privilege and rallied Sinhala Buddhist voters behind Gotabaya, who in their view will be the man to save Buddhist Sri Lanka. (It was more than a coincident that almost immediately after the Easter bombing, GR announced that he would be the man to take care of the security of the nation). Sections of both main stream and social media in cahoot with Buddhist business interests also joined that campaign, which in the final analysis emerged as a battle between the Buddhist majority and minorities. While SP won handsomely in the Tamil and Muslim concentrated Northern and Eastern provinces, GR registered victory in all others. On the whole, he won by an absolute majority of 52.25%. In this victory, Buddhist nationalist campaigners has given a clear message to the winner that this is a totally Sinhala Buddhist country, and that he does not need the support of any minority to govern, a disturbing message indeed. Unlike the previous presidential elections, this one has deepened the ethnic and religious divisions in Sri Lanka.  The victory of SWRD in 1956, which also saw the energetic role of political Buddhism, pales into insignificance when compared to the victory of GR.  Minorities are obviously stunned and are forced to rethink of their political strategies to cope with a rejuvenated Buddhist supremacist wave. Even though the words of the new president, spoken immediately after taking his oath of allegiance, ‘to uphold the rights of all citizens, create a country where all religions and cultures can coexist’ are somewhat soothing to a fearful minority, there are many hurdles he had to cross if he were to deliver on this promise. One can only wish him well.  

Issues of Governance

Attempts are already underway to make MR the Prime Minister and to revisit the constitution to amend or re-amend in order to empower the new regime to undertake any change it wants,  except, as the father of that constitution said, to make a man woman and vice versa. In one of my previous pieces to this journal (“The Coming Duumvirate & Economic Challenge”, 5 Nov. 2019) and published a day later in FT, I alluded to the possibility of personality differences and clash among members of ruling families. In monarchical regimes, both in distant past and in recent times, such clashes had led to palatial revolutions, patricides, matricides, fratricides and even coup d’etats.  Even if one dismisses such extreme outcomes, one cannot totally ignore the destabilising effects of personality clashes in family ruled regimes.

GR is known for his military style discipline and for being a taskmaster. The way he cleaned up Colombo when he was attached to the Ministry of Defence is proof of these qualities. He has promised to form a technocratic cabinet, but an essential prerequisite for technocracy is meritocracy. The technocrats should be selected on the basis of merit. If he were to deliver on that promise, then, one can expect the size of that cabinet be a lot smaller than what this country had witnessed in recent times, hopefully less expensive and therefore more productive and highly efficient.  A government run by such a cabinet can be expected to be free of corruption and nepotism, the two evils that has ruined this country and bankrupted the treasury. The big question however is, whether his brother prime minister and members of the clan would allow GR a free hand to undertake such fundamental changes. What are the constraints?

The size of the legislature has more than doubled from 95 elected and 6 appointed representatives, between 1940s and 1972, to the current figure of 225 of whom 29 are unelected. The increase in the size of population is the primary reason to increase the number of parliamentary representatives. However, the quantity and quality of cabinet members depend on the quantity and quality of the representatives. The low educational qualifications of a large number of current representatives, their inability to even comprehend the essentials of complex problems facing the nation, and the unethical behaviour of these members are all an index of a continuous deterioration in the quality of our politicians. Given this situation, how will President GR create a technocratic cabinet, introduce meritocracy, clean up corruption and nepotism, and increase performance efficiency unless he brings such technocrats through the backdoor or set strict quality conditions at the outset for candidates contesting the General Election from his party? Will his brother PM, who is a populist and a man for the gallery with readiness to bend rules to favour his supporters and cronies agree to go along with the demands of a disciplinarian president? Only time will tell.

Economic Challenge

Ballooning budget deficits, continuing trade deficits, falling productivity and rising debt burden both public and private, have made the economy the victim of callous mismanagement. The wealth gap has widened so rapidly and the pain of living has become so unbearable to a vast majority, that suicide rate in the country has been noted increasing. The president’s promises to reduce tax burden and provide inducement to investors are to be welcome, but they have to be part of a co-ordinated economic plan, which is not there yet. The neoliberal open economy paradigm has to be revisited to make certain fundamental changes to fit Sri Lankan environment. In the meantime, public expenditure needs pruning, but how can that be done amidst all welfare promises dished out by MR and company during the campaign?  The task facing the new regime is monumental and measures needed to rectify the situation have to be comprehensive and systemic, and not uncoordinated and spasmodic.

Economic growth and development are not simply the function of mathematical models and some combination of micro and macroeconomic variables. They are, in the final analysis, the product of people participation. There is no better asset to an economy than its people. This reality must be understood by policy makers. In a plural society like Sri Lanka every component of that plural make up must be energised to participate and benefit from the growth game. This is the secret behind the success of tiny Singapore. Singapore economy was built by Singaporeans and not by Chinese. Likewise Sri Lankan economy has to be built by Sri Lankans and not by Sinhalese Buddhists alone. The president may not have received many votes from the minorities, but they have to be brought in into the growth equation to achieve economic prosperity. To marginalise them in order to satisfy the hegemonic desires of ultra-nationalists is to deprive the economy of invaluable resources. 

From Latin America to Middle East and from Europe to Southeast Asia, public unrest caused by economic injustice and denial of political participation and absence of basic human rights, is spreading. There has been a growing fear among groups of intellectuals, thinkers, writers and journalists in Sri Lanka about a looming authoritarianism under the GR-MR duumvirate. Subtle authoritarianism with participatory democracy, economic justice and rule of law, as in Singapore and some other Southeast Asian countries has no doubt produced economic miracles. Bereft of those positive and harmony enhancing complementarities political authoritarianism alone will end up in perennial disharmony and economic disaster as witnessed in parts of Africa and Latin America. 

Politics of Minorities

This presidential election has taught one valuable lesson to the Tamil and Muslim minorities, and that is, neither of them jointly nor separately have the capacity and strength to decide the political destiny of Sri Lanka in the future. As mentioned in one of my previous articles in this journal (“Political Buddhism, Presidential Race & Minorities”, 25 October 2019), there had been a “tectonic shift in the Sinhala mindset” after 2009.  It was this shift that produced the Buddhist supremacists and it was their campaign and message that primarily ensured GR’s victory. Ethno-religious nationalism has taken an aggressively supremacist turn at least among some sections of an articulate Sinhala Buddhist public, which is extremely intolerant towards ethnic minorities playing a role in national politics. These supremacists will no doubt carry a disproportionately heavy weight in the administration and policy making of the new regime, in spite of GR’s promise of egalitarianism.  How should minorities respond to this new challenge?                                   

Ethnic minorities with exclusive ethnic parties can never find satisfactory solutions to ethnic issues in post-2019 Sri Lanka. They have to continue their struggle but by joining hands with other cosmopolitan political groupings that are deeply rooted within the majority Sinhala community. Without empathy from the majority, minorities will be left out in political wilderness. Among the forty-eight percent who did not vote GR, the vast majority were Sinhala Buddhists who, like the minorities, were also stunned at the outcome. They obviously did not agree to the racist propaganda spread by the supremacists. 

Similarly, the most shocking result, from this author’s point of view, was the abject performance of the progressive party NPP, represented by Anura Kumara Dissanayake (AKD).  Of all the candidates, he was the only one who was relentlessly advocating a multipronged and comprehensive agenda for the country’s economic recovery with readiness to settle the ethnic issue. He was also the only candidate who was advocating a plan to redistribute income and narrow the wealth gap. However, in the avalanche of crass communalism, his voice was also swept away. 

The time has come for minorities to look for a better future and plan their strategies to face the forthcoming parliamentary election. Although SLPP’s victory momentum cannot be stopped, it is important that it should confront a formidable opposition in the parliament, at least “to keep the bastards honest”, as one Australian politician once said. As a prerequisite, all ethnic parties must be dissolved, and Tamils and Muslims should work in alliance with progressive forces amongst the Sinhalese. 

Finally, NPP should reorganise itself, widen its reach among all communities and resume its campaign without delay to counter the new challenge. 

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Latest comments

  • 26

    As a Sinhalese Buddhist., I believe the state should not aligned with any religion in a multi ethnic society like ours.

    Whatever the Pohottu lickers and pimps like M. Ranjith or Murali the chucker says that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist country is debatable with 30% of its citizens belongs to other religious or ethnic lines.

    GoRA have started bad in selecting A’Pura for his inaguration and this shows how racist these guys are.

    Divided Sri Lanka has gone to the very end with Rajapaksas marketing the racsist agenda during the election and his country was taken to the state that is no return.

    • 11

      Matilda Ellepola

      Blame should go to JRJ for making a ministry for Buddhism & that resulted in making ministries for other religions as well.

      Earlier we had cultural affairs ministry for the matters connected with religions.

      Once something is introduced it’s difficult to do away with that.

      However it’s our tradition to select a religious place like Ruwanwali stupa for swearing in for a new leader so what’s wrong in having that place.

      It’s racists that link selecting Ruwanwelisaya to historical story of Gamunu & Elara.

      It’s not Rajapakses who marketed a racist agenda in the election, it was Tamil & Muslim political leaders did so by instigating their voters to vote for Sajith, siting its advantages of having a grip over him.

      How can we accept the fact that Gota was voted by Sinhalese people only, when ethnic identity isn’t mentioned I the ballot paper?

    • 10

      Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country
      Thailand is a Buddhist country
      Saudi Arabia is a muslim country
      France is a Christian country
      ‘USA is a Christian country

      Get freaking used to it. If you cannot leave to a communist country that is your only choice

    • 2

      Dr. Ameer Ali.

      RE: Sibling Wins, Patriarch Celebrates & Minorities Stunned

      Thanks for your essay.


      Gotabaya Rajapaksa got about 65-70% of the Sinhala Buddhist votes and about 10 to 15% of the minority votes, to get 52%.

      Gotabaya Rajapaksa: 70×0.7+ 30×0.1 = 52 percent.

      In 2019, it was Sinhala Buddhism only issue, was exploited by the Rajapaksa family. The Wahhabi-Salafi “Islamic” Terrorists certainly helped. Never mind none of the Buddhists or Muslims go to Nirvana, Nibbana or Haven. It was all deception by the Monks and the Ulama. The suckers, mean IQ 79, gobbled it all.

      So, 70% percent of Para-Sinhala Para”Buddhists” voted for Gotabaya, and he went to Ruwanvali Saya for the oath.

      However, it is not as clear cut as it is. Buddhism was not the issue during 2015. It was corruption and dictatorship. Democracy from 2015 to 2019 did not reduce corruption. Yahapalanaya continued corruption and committed corruption, and in addition protected the former crooks and criminals, while allowing the criminals to commit more crimes. Ranil W and Sirisena did not do the jobs they were elected to. Nobody was in charge. Law and order was slack, the racists ran rampant.

      Sajith was further tainted by this baggage. However, still he was able to 42 prevent of the popular vote. If it was Ranil, he would have got much less.

      Ranil has become the curse of the UNP and the country. There are news reports that Ranil is is planning to resign from the PM post , due to pressure. He should give the leadership of the party to younger Sajith, 52, and retire. The old guys will likely die before Sajith, unless white-vanned.

    • 3

      Dr. Ameer Ali,

      Religion is the opium of the masses – Philosopher, lover of wisdom, Karl Marx.

      Gotabaya and the Rajapaksas fed the Para-Sinhala Para-“Buddhists”, “Buddhist” Opium, got stoned and voted for Gotabaya. In addition, fed racism as well . Now Gotabaya need to deliver, he has 5 years to deliver and steal for himself and the family.

      The good news is that they will all die, sooner or later, like those before them.

      What AKD was preaching , against corruption , equality, fairness etc. was immaterial for the opium addicts.

      Similarly, for the Para-Wahhabi-Salafi Satan following opium afflicts, Reason mattered very little. They wanted to get to Heaven ( is there one?) and get 72 Virgins, suckers!. Little do they know that when theydie on the Earth, like the other Earthlings, will be oxidized by oxygen, if cremated, or oxidized and metabolized by the Earthly microorganisms, if buried.

      They all have become suckers, after being brainwashed and fed opium.

    • 0

      i beleive Madam you are a racist uneducated woman., coming from a third grade Family. as a Christian i say s.l. is a Buddhist country

  • 12

    Dr. Amir Ali

    Don’t be jealous of Gota’s victory. it was people who elected him & he’s elected not because he is MR’s brother but peoples’ trust that he can rule the country well.

    • 7

      Real R,
      AA don’t want to understand SL politics b’cos he, like Kumar David, is living in different dream world! AA is trying to “radicalize” Muslims.

    • 7


      Get real man. The Sinkalams trust him but no body else. Indian Master doent trust him and that is why the Foreign Minister was sent with an important message. The World dosent trust him and that is why No Western Country Called him to Congratulate Gotha must be gutted . Poor man. No Friends except the 22 Million Racists

      • 2


        I’m compelled to take pity on you.

        Even after his victory the new president emphasized that he’s the president for everybody in SL so why don’t you trust him.

        When Tamils & Muslims are living everywhere in the island & only Tamils are living in Jaffna (others have been chased away) you charge Sinhalese are racist & Tamils are non-racists.

        On what basis you call Sinhalese are racists & Tamils aren’t racists?

        If western countries fail to appreciate democratic developments in SL it should be their civilizational problem, not ours.

  • 4

    There could be stooges among Demala and Muslim communities contemplating to tarnish the image of President Gotabhaya Rajapakse by carrying out terrorist acts. When Wahabi Muslims carried out the terrorist attack, Muslims tried to wash their hands off by saying it is the work of a tiny minority who got misled. Although majority of Sinhalayo accepted that, a section of the Sinhala community launched a campaign to boycott Muslim shops that had a significant impact on Muslim business.
    In future, if Demalu or Muslims carry out a terrorist attack, instead of saying it is the work of a tiny minority the whole community will be held responsible for such acts and punish by imposing sanctions without resorting to violence. The plug base that provide power supply to Demala and Muslim businesses is in the hands of Sinhalayo.

    • 0

      Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.The UNP President blamed the previous party and when he got president he is was is blaming his party confused power his History is merely gossip

    • 2

      Eagle Confused Eye,

      What could be done intellectually, to reform the tiny minority of Devil Satan following Wahhabi-Salafis , who attack other Sufi and Shia, Muslims , explode bombs in Churches and Hotels?

      They must be labeled Satanis, by other Muslims, because they follow Satan. Sufi Muslims do not do that. It is like Para-Sinhala Para-“Buddhists” and Buddhists.

      Amarasiri has been posting in the prescient Hadith of Najd, an Islamic Source from Bukhari and Muslim, and those Devil followers dismiss it, just like the Catholic Church dismissed Copernicus and Galileo’s finding on the Heliocentric model , and you dismissing the mitochondrial DNA data on the Para-Inhabitants in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho

      Mean measured IQ of 79 getting in the way?

  • 8

    First of all official recognizance given to Islamism by our constitution should be removed as it makes all non-believers vile animals in front of law. In Koran verse 8;55 clearly says ” In the face of Allah all non-believers are vile animals”

    • 8

      Ranjith(SPRRW) the failed Sorcerer

      Finally your magic worked, hallelujah, Gota is the president, hallelujah

      Cure for all problems, Panacea, hallelujah,

  • 8

    Remember how Muslim politicians and Tamil politcos boasted how they are the king makers and no government, no president will ever be appointed without their approval?

    Well We made you stunned!

    I heard today, the citizens of Kattankudy state are now buying helmets!

    • 0

      no president will ever be appointed without their approval?

      Ali Sabry and THondaman group stunned the UNP for working with the other party

      • 0

        That is what the Muslim and Tamil politicians boasted!

  • 8

    You ought to be…..

    All the Wahabi Leaders, Left Right and Centre took refuge in Dr Ranil’.s Easter Camp…

    And they were rubbing their hands in glee to get in again, with their brethren in the TNA in common agreement to force all their members to Vote for Keselwatta Kid en block with the UNP Elite as well KK’s Dalits..

    They crunched the numbers before the Election with the great hope that Bathudeen , Hakeem, Hasheem , Haleem and other the other Lot can hold their privileged positions for another 5 Years.

    I was stunned to see Rauf Hakeem in particular on Stage, acting like a Professional Artiste , portraying that they are all squeaky clean and done a tremendous job to give the suckers Good Governance.
    And didn’t know who Zaharan was,

    They went even further to imply that Nandasena and Gnnassara could have been the sponsors of Zahran and Ibrahims.
    And made Videos and Posters to distribute to the UNP suckers.

    But they never thought that One Million Sinhala People out there ,both Buddhist and Catholic would not buy it…

  • 13

    Stunned! Why?
    Accept the results; shrug off your ‘minority’ mentality which is harmful to you and this country of many ethnic groups. Don’t preach division and separation; instead preach unity in diversity. There shouldn’t be minorities or majorities in one nation. Be a member of one nation and one country. That way you can join to rebuild the country.
    Colombo Telegraph is full of sick journalists and comment writers; don’t be a part of them. If you do, you will be sick too.

    • 3

      Richmond Peiris

      “Accept the results; shrug off your ‘minority’ mentality which is harmful to you and this country of many ethnic groups.”

      And join Gota’s white van fleet and become his gang of torturers, kidnappers, executioners, b***s carriers, ………………………

      “There shouldn’t be minorities or majorities in one nation.”

      Of course every single citizen should be converted into Sinhala/Buddhist fascism, heill Gota, aye aye, sir, …………..

      “That way you can join to rebuild the country.”

      And help the crooks make wealth out of misery, the thugs including saffron brigades run riot, let murderers and mass murderers go scot-free, …………….enjoying total impunity, ………………

      Colombo Telegraph is full of sick journalists and comment writers; don’t be a part of them. If you do, you will be sick too.”

  • 3

    Ameer Ali, a small correction. It is not minority , Tamils are stunned.

  • 13

    Not all the minorities were stunned. The UNP lost the Catholic vote after they washed their hands off Easter attacks and Sinhala and Tamil Christians turned to the SLPP instead.

    • 3

      Only the Chingkalla Christians, as most of them are also racist like the Chingkalla Buddhists, not the Thamizh Christians. Mannar is a predominantly Thamizh Christian district and did not for the Goat. Thamizh Christian and others predominate in Negombo and Wattala and these two areas , were won by Sajith, whilst the rest of the Chingkallam Catholic predominating western coast voted for the Goat. Most of the victims in the Easter attack were Thamizh Christians not Chingkallams, it was mainly aimed at them and most Thamizh Christians know this and who really was the master mind behind this attack.

  • 10

    I too agree that all ethic political parties such as Tamil; Muslim parties must be disovled to make national political parties .
    UNP; SLFP; SLPP and JVP are good enough to work.

    • 2

      Yes the So called National Political parties only work for the Chingkallams and not for anyone else. SO they all should be dissolved too Eg. UNP , SLFP, SLPP and JVP They are not national at all but Chingkalla racist to the core and only look after the interested of the Chingkallams and are the real cause of all the problem. National indeed. To Chingkallams only parties representing their interests are national and all others not, as these racists are brainwashed to think that only they belong , as they are the majority and all others do not. Just look at you wrapping your self under Lankan identity, meaning Chingkallam only and advocating banning of anything Thamizh

  • 10

    “One can only wish him well”.

    Not enough Ameer. GR extended his friendly hands to the minorities before the election. There were no takers. TNA wanted to punish Sinhala Buddhists. Badurdeen threatened instead. At the oath taking ceremony he has extended an invitation again to minorities to join with him. It is up to the minorities to positively reciprocate if they truly want to be partners in the growth equation.

    • 1


      “GR extended his friendly hands to the minorities before the election.”

      When, where, how, what for, ……………… ????
      Did he campaign personally in the North?

      During his first meet the press event he was asked about the forced disappearance of people in the North East, he thought it was a comedy show, brayed, laughed, ….. sniggered, …….

      “At the oath taking ceremony he has extended an invitation again to minorities to join with him.”

      Did he?
      He needs a multi ethnic crew to serve him as devolved hangmen, b***s carriers, justify to the world he is not ….. ….. ….

      He is a raging fascist with “Dirty Bomb” in his arsenal and ….. any time it could go off.
      Remember what happened to the lonely Field Marshall just after the brutal war.

    • 1


      What is there to grow except Kadamam

    • 5

      Hela ,

      Just for a moment , let’s talk real ! Muslims were partners in the war
      against the L T T E or not ? How was the reciprocity ? Formation of
      BBS and Ravana to deal with Muslims ? Let us be real again ! Why
      the hell does anyone want Muslims or Tamils to change their
      politics ? Are election victories and losses new to this country ? Why
      this pressure on Muslims ? Do you know there’s another side to this
      victory ? Who is Gammanpila ? Who is Wimal ? Who is Rathana ?
      And what did they do to win ? Were they distributing Ice cream to
      NOW , THE THREAT IS OVER ? Hela , take a few minutes to ponder

    • 0

      I have been living in Australia for last 30 years , but not a day I wasn’t thinking about my mother land Sri Lanka, now after Gotabaya became president fir next 10 years , I have full confidence in the Governing people in Sri Lanka and I do not need to wiry about what the Sri Lankan government doing to hamper the country witch has been a success full nation during last 3000 years. long live Sri lanka !!!

  • 3

    Ameer Ali

    This island has never had the opportunity to emerge from its past feudalistic structure and relation among them.

    When the horse trading commence (essentially to make Mahinda the executive prime minister amend constitution) number of ministries have to be increased and all horses should be kept under one roof, in their only stable, the parliament.

    The father of 1978 constitution also thought he could introduce meritocracy and technocracy into his cabinet however he ended up with Dutta Gamani, Athulath s**t bomb Mudali, Cyril Mathew, ……………

    “all ethnic parties must be dissolved, and Tamils and Muslims should work in alliance with progressive forces amongst the Sinhalese. “

    Is there any secular party that truly understand, believe in it and practise “Unity in Diversity”?
    Alienating “OTHERS” started with the public racist Anagarika Homeless Dharmapala an Aryan Sinhala/Buddhist so he thought, who loved Hitler, Japanese Emperor, ………. Now you know where the country is heading.

  • 7

    If a strong and healthy opposition is needed in the national parliament (a requisite for a true democracy) then the minority parties can rally around Anura Kumara Dissanayake instead of the UNP which is, after all one of the parties responsible in the past, for a pogrom against Tamils from the north. There are too many opportunistic politicians in both the UNP and SLPP/SLFP who only care about their thick hides and not the welfare of the people. As the author correctly points out, only AKD espoused true devolution of powers, equality and sincerity arising out of noble intentions that the opportunists are largely incapable of. Nationalistic flag-waving and chest-thumping reveal only scoundrels, not sincere citizens who care about their country.

  • 4

    When are we ever going to learn.

    Even in defeat we must be gracious in accepting that the winner has won it with a majority. We may have voted a candidate of ours who is not the winning candidate, but let us be united together and accept the leadership of the new President and extend our solidarity & support him in order to give our country a new hope that together we could build this country unitedly without division.
    Let us put away Rich & poor, caste, creed, Religion & ethnicity and as we all are SRILANKANS .

  • 0

    Is minorities on focused monitor or any superpower moves to get advantage or capable of exercising to get benefit by focusing the minority griefs global observation to ponder

  • 1

    Muslim believers has won by that UNP of Sajith by consent .5.5 Millions of voters who has been justified for 21/4 Terror attack by Islam terrorist . That may be Muslim Terrorist has won that place of their political position in Island.
    Nevertheless that UNP policy makers has embodied of Terrorism which that an integrated their political programmed . …2019 Presidential Election by Sajit-Ranil.
    Well as democracy country that Islam Terrorism been an absorbed by Sajith leadership. It is not that an identical with Western Liberalism nor mode of Parliamentary democracy.
    Its New concept of policy makers by shifted UNP leadership being to politically accepts that short-cut of policy extremism which is nexus to Globalization of Islam terrorism .

    1 Undeniably the leadership of JRJ-R.Premadasa of UNP had been an accommodated Terrorism of JVP since 1971 April. Since –1977 by cost of lives has been rise of sacrifices by Island youth in South of that hundred thousands in number of 1987/88/89….period of State Terrorism by UNP- Ransinghe Premadasa (ERA) .

    2 Then 1977/79 , 1981 and 1983 Black July attack of Tamil nationals in south.
    Therefor anti-Tamil set of policies & politics of UNP’s path has crated path of WAR politics. By consequences of anti-Tamil path has an open for Tamil Terrorist .
    By so claim for “Tamil- Homeland” into Civil Rights that politics has shifted to Tamil armed struggle over 30 odd years until 2009 May 18th
    As developing country we are at under the UNP-governance existence number of Three resistance movement being to different form of Terrorism ? !
    That was JVP, LTTE+ TNA & Islam Terrorism

  • 2

    You have been lamenting here for many months about Rajapaksas. Guess what. Your guy lost. Learn to live with it.

    It is always good to remember that it is the dog that wags the tail nit the other way around.

  • 0

    Nilkamal Dassanayake ,

    “When are we going to learn” ? Who is going to teach ? The subject ?
    The school ? Principal and the pupils ? “Even in defeat we must be
    gracious in accepting that the winner has won it with a majority”.
    Nil , where were you on the 26th Oct 2018 ? Dear Nil , I give you only
    two examples to explain how things work with people no matter
    where ! You should have heard of a popular saying that goes ” Nero
    was fiddling with violin while Rome was on fire ” . But this was not
    the case . Nero was busy on the street helping out people affected
    by the fire ! The proof is , violin was invented 1500 yrs after the
    incident ! A lie can travel around the world and back again while the
    truth is lacing up its boots – Mark Twain . Bush Jnr invaded Iraq to
    find weapons of mass destruction and establish democracy , this is
    what he said to Americans and the world ! Majority is right ? And the
    people have to go with this ? Democracy is now flourishing in Iraq ?

  • 0

    Dr. Ali gives me the impression that he is in state of shock. If he says that he expected a repeat performance of 2015 then he is sadly mistaken. If he wished a repeat performance of 2015 then he should have galvanized his best to make the Government that fell a better one, particularly mending its ways after the local government elections. There is no point now dissecting and analyzing the government that fell. I take exception to the statement that support was galvanized by the various Buddhist elements particularly after the 4/21 attacks. Although only two ex-officials are held in remand, it was a big systemic failure to prevent the impending attack particularly when there was advanced indications and that shook many. The affected were largely the Christians and does Dr. Ali expect them to vote the same way they did in 2015, after losing their loved ones? Dr. Ali should be conscious of the fact that where ever one walked on the street one could see the Arabization creeping into our country quite which was not the case before. Therefore who forgot in the name of freedom of the dress that we are one Sri Lankans? The reality in any given country if there is ever an issue with majority vs minority then the majority wins and that is the basis of democracy which we all accept and take the trouble to walk to a polling booth to vote. It is important to work towards an inclusive society recognizing meritocracy free from differences of any social classification. That is the best insurance for the so called majority and the so called minority.

  • 0

    The size of GR’s majority was perhaps not expected but was his victory really in doubt? Apart from other factors, the public was determined to punish the Yahapalnaya administration for its sins, too many and well known to be recalled here. And Sajith was a minister in that government and he was going to have to cop part of the blame for that. Besides, GR ran a better campaign; he made an early start, and was even allowed to set out the defining slogan of ‘national security’ as the theme of the campaign. And, really what were Sajith’s credentials? His main claim was to be his father’s son. His father is widely admired for successfully battling the odds to reach the highest office in the land, but his record as President was tarnished. So, Sajith had to also carry that baggage. The UNP grudgingly gave him nomination and thereafter the party leaders were lukewarm in their support. And as the campaign progressed we saw him make more and more extravagant promises – a sure sign of desperation. If he is to successfully lead the UNP in the future, there is much for him to learn

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