26 November, 2022


Sirisena Brother, Pallewatta Gamaralalage Kumarasinghe Sirisena Appointed As SLT Chairman

President Sirisena‘s brother, Pallewatta Gamaralalage Kumarasinghe Sirisena also known as P.G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena has been appointed as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom.

Following details are from his Wikipedia page;

Kumarasinghe Sirisena

Kumarasinghe Sirisena

Kumarasinghe Sirisena

Pallewatta Gamaralalage Kumarasinghe Sirisena also known as P.G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena, (Born 18 February 1962) is Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom and He is the CEO/General Manager of the State Timber Corporation (2006- To date) and also he is working as post of Board Director at Land Reclamation & Development Company Ltd. (From 18/01/2013 to date) and L.R.D.C. Services (Pvt) Ltd. (From 18/01/2013 to date) And also Mr.Kumarasingha Sirisena is working as Financial Consultant at Araliya Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. (From 2007 To date)

He was the Coordinating Secretary to the Leader of the House -Sri Lanka Parliament (From March 2005 to August 2005), Kumarasinghe Sirisena was the Working Director of State Development & Construction Corporation and Managing Director of State Timber Corporation And He served at various times as Board director of various organizations such as Mahaweli Engineering Services Ltd, State Development & Construction Corporation.


Academic Qualifications :

Bachelor of Science (Public Administration Management) B.Sc. (Management) Special Hons. Degree – Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce – University of Sri Jayawardenapura 1980-1984 held in 1984

Professional Qualifications :
» Master of Business Administration Degree – 2012-2013
» Master of Public Management Degree – 2006/2007
» Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy & Financial Management – 1997/1998 University of Sri Jayawardhenapura Department of Accountancy & Financial Management
» Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management 1996 – The Post Graduate Institute of Management (PIM)–University of Sri Jayawardhenapura
» Diploma in Business Management in National Institute of Business Management of Sri Lanka 1998/1999
» MIOGAF – Institute of Government Accounts and Finance. Associate Membership of the Institute 1999. The Institute of Public Finance and Development Accounting under the Ministry of » Finance and Planning. (Fellow member)
» AAT Sri Lanka – Membership of the Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka Year – 1993- Index No. 1186 (MAAT/SAT – Life Member)
» The Preliminary Examination of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka – 1982
» Course of Sri Lanka Taxation 1993 – 1994 . The Charted Institute of Management Accountants Sri Lanka
» Course on Malaysian Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management Systems 1998 in National Institute of Public Service Department. This course sponsored by Asian Development Bank MOF Funds-Ministry of Finance.
» Selected members of “DBFA” Post Graduate of Diploma in Business and Financial Administration. The Institute of Charted Accounts of Sri Lanka public sector wing
» Certificate in Sustainable Forestry Management-Thailand

Career as Finance Manager

19 years continuous service in Road Development Authority (Ministry of Highways) and Road Construction & Development Co. Ltd.(Fully Own By RDA-Ministry of Highways), ADB Funding Project – Project Management Unit of Road Development Authority (RDA)as follows:

Accounts Assistant- RDA Works Division (1985-1986)- Road Development Authority,
Project Accountant – Samanalawewa Hydro Power Access Road Project (1986-1987) – RCDC,
Accountant – Grade IV – Northern Zone (1988-1989)-RCDC,
Accountant – Grade III – NC, NW, NE and Northern Provinces (1989-1993) – RCDC
Finance Manager/Accountant (Special Projects) – Gam Udawa, Mihintale (1993-1994) – RCDC,
Finance Manager/Accountant – Grade III – NC, NW, NE and Northern Provinces (1994-1999) – RCDC
Finance Manager/Senior Accountant -Grade II -Southern, Western & Sabaragamuwa, (1999-2003) – RCDC
Finance Manager/Accountant-Procurement-ADB Funding Project (2002-2005) -roject Management Unit –RDA

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Latest comments

  • 39

    The selection process should be made public so the citizens know if this was impartial. Mr President, please order some transparency unlike the last regime. You owe that much to the country, to steer clear of the Tangalle nepotism.

    • 17

      I agree. The suspicion that the new President is beginning on the same descent to hell will increase if his son acts in the way he did and the brother, however qualified, is appointed to positions. It is not a good beginning.

    • 11

      Agree. Candidates should not just be impartial, but be seen to be impartial. We need a law that restricts family members to elected positions only. Qualifications alone are also not enough – see G L Pieris who prostituted his brain for MR without dignity or shame.

    • 5

      Agree 100 percent with you. The start does not seem to be good by appointing a brother to telecom. What is the diiference from last regime Mr Maithri

  • 21

    Creditable and be proud to have a verywell qualified brother. BUT
    Why Chairman telecom ???

    Why not a Finance Ministry appointment to keep an eye of that Fox who is avoiding court on 29/Jan to present a mini budget???
    An appointment in the Inland revenue dept.??/

    Why telecom of all places for him ?? He deserves a posting but not at Telecom.

  • 28

    All ” Gamarala Qualifications” and has not passed any Internationally recognised qualification.

    • 14

      I am not for his appointment. But I do not have any problem with his local qualification (seem to be this Psycho is suffering from some kind of imperrior complexity). The academic content of local qualifications are well place with the international qualification (as person got qualification from both end i can tell it without any doubt).

      But the problem is his qualification and experience is not in the telecommunication industry.

      • 15

        This chap is a bookkeeper, a ‘ Kanaku Pillai’
        He got elevated thanks to MR.

        He cannot coin a word in English.

        May God save telecom.

        He worked under my suborordinate of subordinate of subordinate.

      • 6

        Lalith you look are haraya. You might have got your overseas qualifaction via postal service.

        • 4

          Man, you may be correct. because, you haven’t get into local university even for a rain. Otherwise you may know. I can understand that you were not able to pass the local AL to get into a local uni.

      • 6

        Just like Gamarala is trying to show off his goda ” dingiree” you are trying to show off your “puss dingiree”

        He should has published his grade 1 , 2 , preschool etc on his CV.

    • 1

      Trying to validate our foreign degree are we ?

  • 26

    A person with a higher education in telecommunication or relevant field and proven management skills in similar industries should be appointed to the SLT. This appointee doesn’t qualify for the job. Our politician, just appoint somebody and doesn’t seems to have a clue to appoint qualified person who can do the job. In the previous government, Sri Lankan air line was run by a tea planter and end-up accumulating debt year after year.

    • 7

      I worked for Hewlett Packard. As I know non of HP CEO appointed in the last 20 years are IT professions. I guess IBM is the same. Japan and Taiwan are the only countries I know where number of big technological companies are run by technical professionals, this is very uncommon in the West.

      • 2

        that is down under with the ones who stole the sheep!

        Japan & Germans alike are the idealist others look for realist Brits and Jewish like Yahoo.

        English School Teacher Ma (AliBaba) sold his whole lot unable to buy Yahoo as his end product from Taiwanese American due to customer pressure for a staggering $21 billion.

        What is this man planning to head that business started by individuals like AYS Ghanam, Harry J (Gibraltar zone funded) have achieved in a lifetime??

  • 8

    Quite a large number of interested parties have submitted comments on this subject as of date. I took a little time to consider this problem of “NEPOTISM” from various angles. Till now I have been very critical of this “Nepotism” of the the previous Government, because of the examples of people who have been appointed to various positions who have been found to be “square pegs in round holes”. That was my theory, apart from that of “favouritism shown to relatives”.

    Now with this appointment of the “Brother” of President to be the Chairman of SLRT, I tried to put myself in his shoes. One question that cropped up to me was: “If I have studied hard to get qualified to contribute to the Nation and worked hard to get my “hands-on” experience in varying fields to be a “professional; is it a a “SIN” or my “KARMA” to have been born to be the brother of the President of Sri Lanka, to be denied to enhancement of my professional career?” I had more questions than answers to this question. Ultimately having gone through the “responses” from the public, I have to resolve myself by being disgruntled on the whole system of political operations in the country. As per the present system and the psyche developed into the society, any person who has achieved academic qualifications and work experience and resolved in “serving the country”, but have any relationship to Politicians, let all those people leave the country and find refuge in some other country.

    Is that what this country needs? Also is it what we mean by “NEPOTISM”? To me this “Nepotism” coming from French /Italian terminology means: ” favouritism shown to relatives” without heeding to their suitability in assigning positions of trust and responsibility”. For example when Ex President MR appointed his own Brother-in-Law to be the Chairman of Sri Lankanair without even the basic minimum educational qualification of GCE (O) Level or any experience in the aviation industry OR when Mr.Jaliya Wickramasuriya was appointed to the High Commissioner position in USA, without any suitable academic qualifications or relevant experience, I considered and categorized such actions as “Nepotism”.

    Having read through this particular “Sirisena’s” CV and experience, I still have a problem of categorizing it as “NEPOTISM”.

    • 0

      Agree, but some other positions might have been better even.

    • 1

      One need not go into definitions of nepotism. Firstly we must find out whether the appointee is suited for the post. Qualifications play an important role. Mr. P. G. K. Sisrisena is qualfied to hold a senior position but whether he has the sagacity to be the Chairman is yet to be seen. It would have been preferable had he been the chairman of Medium or large company. Being the General Manager of State Timber gives some exposure but not adequate. (I say this after consulting those knowledgeable.). On one hand the appointment right away in 13 days after swearing in may not be agreeable to decent folks. Some were pondering just before the elections, whether they required to choose the better devil, one has five brothers the other has 12 brothers. On the other hand the leader must have people whom he trusts, to man places which he considers to be vulnerable. Therefore all in all the sensisble thing is to affirm his appointment and let him be assisted by able professionals in the board.

    • 5

      I will try to solve your dilemma. Read on:

      Examine the credentials of the other (competition) candidates. If they are less qualified, experienced and acceptable, then it is clear that Gamarala is the right man for the job.

      But apparently the post was not advertised, the intention clearly was to hand over the job to the President’s brother, and there was therefore no competition. In these circumstances the overwhelming conclusion must be that this is a case of NEPOTISM.

  • 14

    And so it begins…….

  • 10

    since when do people believe whats on wikipedia and why in the first place does this guy have a wiki dedicated to him???? I am pretty sure 95% of Sri Lankans didn’t even know about him until this appointment and why does his entire wiki contain his education and qualifications? Something doesn’t seem right, doesn’t it? It takes no genius to see that the dude himself created the page but that aside, as people in this thread have pointed out, what qualifications does he possess to handle one of the biggest public corporations in Sri Lanka! It could be justified if he did something related to forestry or some geography related industry but why something like SLT.. Nepotism even at the lowest levels is still nepotism! SLT may not be as big as an entire ministry or even Sri Lankan Airlines like the positions which MaRa’s nominees held but MY3 should keep to his word and plan! I have nothing against his brother but I hope he does a good job considering how much we have been gone through in the past few years!

    • 6

      We outside see both sihala and tamils as `patriots`
      Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel- Samuel J the bombastic one.
      The scoundrel licks the face at will.

      During Commonwealth summit you folk obediently stayed indoors when everyone expected a protest of some sort- cowards/patriots.

      Now how we see is, its not even a change of knickers but wearing the same tainted knickers turned around- election of a president.

      Letting the thieves fly away with the loot like Theravada Buddhist Thailand PM to Dubai.

      Who won the war for you has been answered by Goo bayee Goota Boo`ts-
      2007 the IC helped in destroying supplies.(during the first pak/india war American pilots were shot down by the Indians)

      Shit Bucket Sihala buddhist have a cultural problem you are still `werewolf` licking and following the master. JT’s showed the same sense under Hole in one fatty VP who really won the war locally for the island.

      The worse is yet to come.

  • 6

    Sinhala Intellectuals are really a smart Race.

    This election has really made a record! For the 65 years old history of FP, in this election TNA which is using it symbol wrote a bogus election statement. Didn’t the new King and Prof.Laksiri say the EP will be removed within 100 days? So, now what is the problem?

    New Royal Family has already beaten the police, already beaten the public, all past thugs are in the same camp. Here a man who could not pass a Accountancy exam is Chief of an organization.

    Long Live the Second Royal Family.

    • 2

      No royals in the country anymore.

      This you should have heard .. if listend to them. Label was expired from the day – 9th.

  • 4

    Clearly some commenters on this sad appointment are distracted by the fact that MS’s brother may be qualified for the job. Rooting out nepotism was one platform of My3 and here justice must not only be done but also seen to be done. If one of his first acts is to install his brother as Chairman/SLT we may well ask what next? Weren’t the brothers RaJapakshe brought in under a similar justification?

  • 3

    with all these loads of position why he need another one there are enough educated people in srilanka who can be posted to positions other then giving all to one person like a reader said have more transperency also have other educated people in the country who deserve these positions too

  • 7

    “The Preliminary Examination of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka – 1982”

    This is the only qualification this guy has.

    “Master of Business Administration Degree – 2012-2013
    »Master of Public Management Degree – 2006/2007″

    These are toys old king bought for this guy when he was buying one for his son. Still these are not as good as Russian PhD and Bahrain Caliph.

    • 6

      ““The Preliminary Examination of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka – 1982″ This is the only qualification this guy has. “

      You are right but not quite… that is not a Finance Qualification. I guess he gave up Chartered after that exam and switched to AAT after 10 years and qualified AAT in 1993!

      If one carefully reads his CV there is nothing to be a Chairman of one of the biggest companies in Sri Lanka!

  • 3

    Being a brother of the president should not be an automatic qualification for an executive position nor should it be a disqualification. But it is impotant to follow a merit based selection process where all applicants have an equal opportunity to contest and the successful applicant is selected by an impartial panel. That is what is expected of good governace. I would have thought that the experience in telecommunications industry was essential for this role.

  • 8

    Aiyo Sirisena – [Edited out]. We have no reply to give MR’s supporters and now we are the laughing stock. This will be a trump card at the next election. Remember you won with a tiny majority

  • 4

    This most certainly is nepotism, and a bad sign of things to come from the very same man who came to power on an anti-neoptism agenda. We can only hope that this will be raised in parliament. This man’s qualifications did not come out of his skills and hard work or any internationally recognised degrees. His assertions of an MBA and MPA need to be verified because he does not say whether he got it from an accredited institution and his English as demonstrated in this write up is too poor. The ‘work experience’ that supposedly qualifies him according to some posts is gained from 2006 onwards, when MR came to power and started allowing his supporters (of which MS was one) to give plum positions to their own families. He is in fact a product and beneficiary of the very same nepotism that MS has criticised. The same nepotism that MS family has also enormously benefitted from in the rice mill monopoly in Polonnaruwa. The choice of Telecom is extremely disturbing, this is a powerful institution that has the capacity to surveil and spy on citizens en masse. Sri Lankans do not protest now, it will be seen as a green light for future such appointments.

  • 5

    Passing the first part of Chartered Accts Course is not a professional qualification. Acquiring membership of professional associations is not a professional qualification. Serving several years in government institutions in a top position is not a professional qualification. The last two you can acquire if you have political support.

    This appointment, in the absence of information regarding the competition for the job, should be deemed to be an act of NEPOTISM.

    We had the misfortune to have a Mr & Mrs Rajapaksa who littered like a rabbit. Now we have a Sirisena.

    Your Excellency Maithripala, here’s to hoping you have not embarked on that long slippery slope. Beware of the hangman’s noose at the end of it.

  • 1

    If this Gamaralage clan get 1% of the commissions is something I can still sleep with other than the Rajapaksas getting 40% and then leave few generations to pay back with the debt.

    You cannot expect 5 Star democracy is a place like Sri Lanka at this moment.

    What matters is the masses should get some feeling that the country is governed by their representatives and not a rogue family with royal stable breed horses and Lambos and night races etc.

    • 1

      Mati-Lda Ela Polla

      There is a saying “nip the bud before it becomes a large tree”. Corruption statrs in minor scale and becomes alike sky. If you think this appointment is right, I would say “Hail Yaha Palanaya of Vanni Gamaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before it soon becomes “Gava Palanaya”!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8

    Shame on you, New Government! And shame on you, the President’s Brother, for taking the job.

    As one of the posters here said, “and so it begins”. And so indeed it does!


  • 1

    His credentials says why he is being appointed but, in respective of moral obligation towards the hoi polloi, is it justified ?

  • 2

    Before comment on this appointment, better to make aware of,
    1. Is this appointment going through all process of recruiting!
    2. Whether the appointee is suited for the post!
    3. How Mr. P.G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena worked in his past posts!
    Don’t think this appointment is only due to Mr. President’s brother. Appointment is not only a matter, how he is going to work in future, how his talent, how is behaviors, his suitability, capability, skilled level, experience, what is his action plan! and etc… are the matter of appointments. Without analyzing those just commenting is unfair.
    If compare with early era, how many CEO’s have foreign degree/Master/PhD? And, to be a CEO or CTO, foreign degree is compulsory? Is it mean, locally educated people are not capable?
    I’m sure, if monitoring system in all sectors in the new government is strong enough to make decision and action, then nothing to worry.

    • 5

      You are putting the cart before the horse. It was Sirisena’s responsibility to demonstrate to the country that his brother was the most qualified for the job, out of all the other persons that may have been interested if the post was advertised.

      It not for each individual citizen to do research about the suitability of this Gamarala, and compare with the suitability of others that are available for the job.

      I am getting more and more convince after reading the CT readers’ comments that this is NEPOTISM.

      If Maithripala had a sense of long term strategy, he will use this incident to his political advantage, cancel the appointment, declare to the country he made a mistake and that he will never again make such a mistake.

      He will do that, unless Yahaplanaya was to him nothing more than an empty word. I am beginning to believe that it was.

      Sad, sad.

  • 2

    However qualified ,he is a wrong appointment.
    To get the peoples confidence ,the relations or friends must be kept away ,from these temptations.
    What a big tamashas all ministers are having with their wives ,children mothers ,gracing the ministries,on the occasion of their taking over.
    All are the same,what a shame for Sri lanka,our mathru bhoomi.

  • 1

    This man looks like mahinda or prabha with that moustache.He should have been made the bodyguard for maithri.Then anyone will think twice if they see him next to maithri and are thinking of any funny business.The advantage of having your family member as a personal and trusted body guard is that he won’t turn on you like what happened to Indira.

    what a waste at srilanka telecom.Who the hell is interested in it.After so much difficulty getting maithri elected and getting bumped off.

    The next best thing is to appoint him as the defence secretary.Only a very trustworthy person should be in that role and mahinda had the advantage of having gota whom he could trust absolutely.

    Another good role for this man from his CV is to get involved in the administration of the government in some way.He with his public sector experience and karu with his private sector experience will be a good pair to get the adminitration right.In fact when karu tried to appoint grama sevekas on merit,mahinda called him in and scolded in filth.now that donkey learned the hard way why a country should be administered properly first to lay the correct foundation as Lee kuan yew did.

    • 2

      Hooo Hoo Hooo call of the long eared Owl,

      primarily he is an arselicker like the majority who vote and canvass.
      21 million mostly 4 legged patriots licking away to glory no mind of own.
      you can be assured the worse is yet to come- keep on keeping on.

      • 0

        javi the skeptic,be sure to not throw the baby out with the bathwater.When we have people with the skills we have to use them to the maximum to benefit the country,especially as we have a skills drain out of the country.When it comes to net migration we are the 157th while even your india is better at 112.So you donkey you can see that skills is the biggest problem we are facing at the moment,next to media freedom ranked 162,which of course thankfully now will get better,whereas the skills shortage will continue.

        So don’t talk like a arse without looking at the whole picture.This is the problem with most people,they look while passing in a car without taking a helicopter ride and looking at the whole town and how everything is interconnected.

        Coming back to Mr mahinda look alike(both are born on the 18th too,no 9)just because he is the current presidents brother is not his fault and he is not his brothers keeper.All i see is a impressive qualifications and experience and impressive moustachioed face too that reminds me of mahinda and prabha.

        I have not heard of any allegations of corruption too which by itself is impressive if you have been working for 20 years in this shithole called the public service.I only feel that man like this is wasted at telecom and should instead be used be used to make the public service efficient and ranked within the first 10 in the world.Unfortunately there are no rankings in this regard and my guess is we will be definitely not in the first 100 if there is one today.If this regime too falls at the next election that will be one of the reasons.That is why this chap should be helping his brother without sitting with a big fat remuneration in airconditioned comfort at telecom.That’s what i would have done.

        Another person who seems to be out in cold storage is karu jayasuriya,with his immense private sector managerial skills and experience to put the private and public sector right and make it functioning as one of the best in the world.However it cannot be done whoever we have at the helm until and unless the brain drain is arrested and little by little srilankans start to come back.

  • 7

    As if this is not bad enough the number of ministers has now reached 51. Disgusted that it’s business as usual.

    1. Maithripala Sirisena, Minister of Defence and Minister of Mahaweli Development and Environment
    2. Ranil Wickremesinghe – Minister of Policy Planning, Economic Affairs, Child, Youth & Cultural Affairs
    3. John Amaratunga – Minister of Public Order, Disaster Management & Christian Affairs
    4. Gamini Jayawickrama Perera – Food Security
    5. Karu Jayasuriya – Minister of Public Administration, Provincial Councils, Local Government and Democratic Governance and Buddha Sasana
    6. Rajitha Senaratne – Health and Indigenous Medicine
    7. Joseph Michael Perera – Minister of Home Affairs and Fisheries
    8. Mangala Samaraweera – Foreign Affairs
    9. Lakshman Kiriella – Plantation Industries
    10. Rauf Hakeem – Minister of Urban Development, Water Supply and Drainage
    11. Champika Ranawaka – Power and Energy
    12. Duminda Dissanayaka – Irrigation and Agriculture
    13. Mohamed Kabir Hasim – Minister of Highways, Higher Education and Investment Promotion
    14. M.K.D.S. Gunawardana – Lands
    15. Sajith Premadasa – Housing and Samurdhi
    16. Gayantha Karunatilleke – Minister of Mass Media and Parliamentary Affairs
    17. Navin Dissanayaka – Minister of Tourism and Sports
    18. Ravi Karunanayake – Finance
    19. Wijedasa Rajapakshe – Minister of Justice and Labour Relations
    20. Arjuna Ranatunga – Ports, Shipping & Aviation
    21. D.M. Swaminathan – Minister of Resettlement, Reconstruction and Hindu Religious Affairs
    22. Thalatha Athukorala – Foreign Employment
    23. Ranjith Maddumabandara – Internal Transport
    24. P. Harrison – Minister of Social Services, Welfare and Livestock Development
    25. Chandrani Bandara – Women’s Affairs
    26. Rishad Bathiudeen – Industry and Commerce
    27. Akila Viraj Kariyawasam – Education
    28. P. Digambaram – Estate Infrastructure Development
    29. A.H.M. Haleem – Minister of Muslim Religious Affairs and Posts

    State Ministers

    30 Nandimitra Ekanayake – Culture and The Arts
    31 Faizar Mustapha – Aviation
    32 Palitha Rangebandara – Power and Energy
    33 Rosy Senanayake – Children’s Affairs
    34 Ruwan Wijewardane – Defence
    35 S.S. Radhakrishan – Education
    36 Rajiva Wijesinha – Higher Education
    37 Niroshan Perera – Youth Affairs
    38 Dilip Wedaarachchi- Fisheries
    39 MT Hasen Ali – Health

    Deputy Ministers
    40 Champika Premadasa – Industry and Commerce
    41 Harsha De Silva – Policy Development and Economic Affairs
    42 Eran Wickramaratne – Highways and Investment Promotions
    43 Sujeewa Seasinghe – Justice
    44 Wasantha Senanayake – Tourism
    45 Vijayakala Maheswaran – Women’s Affairs
    46 Ajith P Perera – Foreign Affairs
    47 Ranjan Ramanayaka – Social Services, Welfare and Livestock Development
    48 Anoma Gamage – Irrigation
    49 Wasantha Aluvihara – Mahaweli and Environment
    50 Ameer Ali – Housing and Samurdi
    51 S.Thowfeek – Internal Transport

    • 3

      Following the path of thigh smooth as silk

      Teravada cold Blood tatte katte motte.

      consoling fact is if you beat up the mussies the west would intervene swiftly.

      BBS hi hi!

    • 3

      “Disgusted that it’s business as usual.”
      Wasn’t this to be xpected you fool? Now drink your wine and be happy that at least the bottle is new.

  • 2

    As far as Sirisena’s international backers are concerned it was not MR’s corruption (that was for local Sinhala consumption) , war crimes (Tamil diaspora’s and the local Tamils’ consumption) but MR’s dangerous liaison with China.

    They understand very well that corruption is well entrenched and little can be done to remove it altogether.

  • 3

    There is a saying in Tamil “Oru Kuttayil Ooriya Mattaikal” meaning coconut husks soaked in the same pond would reflect the same character.

    Sirisena and Mahinda are both SLFP politicians and no wonder Sirisena has started practising what Mahinda did during his two term rule as President of Sri Lanka. Sirisena has now appointed his brother as the Chairman of SLT in the same way Mahinda appointed his kinsmen to various powerful positions in his government. They are all the same coconut husks soaked in the same pond.

    But Sirisena is one step ahead of Mahinda. Mahinda’s sons were not involved in despicable rowdy acts and Mahinda never had the occasion to intervene on behalf of his sons to prevent jusice. But Sirisena intervened to prevent the law taking its course of action when his rowdy son attacked an innocent boy who only prevented his girlfriend from being photographed along with a gang of Sirisena’s rowdy son who were exposing their manhoods This very same Yahapalanaya fame Sirisena rushed to Pasikudah to save his son from being arrested and charged. Sirisena, according to Jeyaraj, intervened on that occasion to prevent justice. His rowdy son and his friends even attacked policemen and apparently no police action was taken against Sirisena’s son. This was so even when the victim of rowdy junior Sirisena’s physical assault happened to be the son of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Eastern Range.

    Now after Sirisena became President, there is a report that his very same rowdy son went berserk at some night club joint in Colombo Though Sirisena’s government now controls the whole of Sri Lanka’s media, at least one internet newsweb came out with the story.

    So much for Sirisena’s Yahapalanaya.

  • 0

    Is Colombo Telegraph practising political nepotism. My article Re: President Sirisena’s brother’s appointment to SLT was published last week and withdrawn now. You felt my article was good enough to be published, kindly tell me why it was withdrawn, while other articles published ahead of me still remain on the site. I had made no adverse or deragotary comments, are you choosing to delete comments after publishing them, see no reason of over crowding your site. This is absolute political favouritism to president to keep your publication in business. SHAME ON YOU.

    @Tilak, we have not deleted any, please check before you comment, click ‘Older Comments’ in the top – CT

    • 6

      hello atta pirikana skin heads you demand even when you dont pay. That is exactly what the fascist coward SWRD gifted you for free and the nation is in this state of affiars having reworn tainted knickers- mr presidente.

      You dont even know yourself poor man.

      Whenever there is a conflict of issues always look inwards the answer lies there- objective ayn.

      the worst is yet to come just like thailand 8 years on after skyjacking by PM and your gooo`ta with wealth to tel aviv following the dubai man.

  • 8

    Aiyo Sirisena. What you do Aney. ShameNow shame for you no. Again that Wimal Booruwansa fellow going to shout Aiyo Sirisena

  • 4

    As far as Sirisena’s international backers are concerned it was not MR’s corruption (that was for local Sinhala consumption) or war crimes (that was Tamil diaspora’s and the local Tamils’ consumption). What they were really concerned about was MR’s dangerous liaison with China.

    Sirisena, like all his predecessors will continue with nepotism, corruption and allied crimes

  • 0

    New president’s credibility is on the line, special considering this guy is not qualified to run a sensitive network company. Worst case is, Ranil asked former chairman, Welgama to stay on and president put his brother with out knowing Ranils offer.
    Existing Group CEO Lalith De Silva is [Edited out] and [Edited out]Huawei and he advise his mangers to buy Huawei even after technical committees reject Huawei. He gave MR, whole lot of technicians and DSL links to get MR’s election campaign off the ground.

    SLT need a highly qualified technocrat who is well versed in International best practice to lead the countries network to modern area and not these 3rd rates punks as leaders. Same apply to TRC since it is completely out of control with out knowing what is best for the country.

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    Colombo telegraph highly needed

    tell these guys to who is Nimal welagama
    And who is kumarsingha Sirisena

    Nimal welgama got his educatin from st thomas.and this guy is highly educated.we want a article frm u.like a comparison

    • 2


      Where did Teacher of the deaf: Alex Graham Bell get his education- `D` & `d`??

      Where did Harry Jayawardena the tea taster get his education??

  • 0

    I always said and say it again.

    Sri Lankans are a lost cause. No matter how much we beat our chests saying we are well educated, highly literate and are ardent adherants of Buddha we as the Israilis think are a tribe just come down from the trees.

    No matter what MS said prior to the election and since, all what he seems to be doing is taking cues from the Rajapaksa books – nepotism and jobs for the boys. MARA must be quietly smiling.

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