24 June, 2024


Sirisena Brother, Pallewatta Gamaralalage Kumarasinghe Sirisena Appointed As SLT Chairman

President Sirisena‘s brother, Pallewatta Gamaralalage Kumarasinghe Sirisena also known as P.G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena has been appointed as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom.

Following details are from his Wikipedia page;

Kumarasinghe Sirisena

Kumarasinghe Sirisena

Kumarasinghe Sirisena

Pallewatta Gamaralalage Kumarasinghe Sirisena also known as P.G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena, (Born 18 February 1962) is Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom and He is the CEO/General Manager of the State Timber Corporation (2006- To date) and also he is working as post of Board Director at Land Reclamation & Development Company Ltd. (From 18/01/2013 to date) and L.R.D.C. Services (Pvt) Ltd. (From 18/01/2013 to date) And also Mr.Kumarasingha Sirisena is working as Financial Consultant at Araliya Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. (From 2007 To date)

He was the Coordinating Secretary to the Leader of the House -Sri Lanka Parliament (From March 2005 to August 2005), Kumarasinghe Sirisena was the Working Director of State Development & Construction Corporation and Managing Director of State Timber Corporation And He served at various times as Board director of various organizations such as Mahaweli Engineering Services Ltd, State Development & Construction Corporation.


Academic Qualifications :

Bachelor of Science (Public Administration Management) B.Sc. (Management) Special Hons. Degree – Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce – University of Sri Jayawardenapura 1980-1984 held in 1984

Professional Qualifications :
» Master of Business Administration Degree – 2012-2013
» Master of Public Management Degree – 2006/2007
» Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy & Financial Management – 1997/1998 University of Sri Jayawardhenapura Department of Accountancy & Financial Management
» Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management 1996 – The Post Graduate Institute of Management (PIM)–University of Sri Jayawardhenapura
» Diploma in Business Management in National Institute of Business Management of Sri Lanka 1998/1999
» MIOGAF – Institute of Government Accounts and Finance. Associate Membership of the Institute 1999. The Institute of Public Finance and Development Accounting under the Ministry of » Finance and Planning. (Fellow member)
» AAT Sri Lanka – Membership of the Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka Year – 1993- Index No. 1186 (MAAT/SAT – Life Member)
» The Preliminary Examination of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka – 1982
» Course of Sri Lanka Taxation 1993 – 1994 . The Charted Institute of Management Accountants Sri Lanka
» Course on Malaysian Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management Systems 1998 in National Institute of Public Service Department. This course sponsored by Asian Development Bank MOF Funds-Ministry of Finance.
» Selected members of “DBFA” Post Graduate of Diploma in Business and Financial Administration. The Institute of Charted Accounts of Sri Lanka public sector wing
» Certificate in Sustainable Forestry Management-Thailand

Career as Finance Manager

19 years continuous service in Road Development Authority (Ministry of Highways) and Road Construction & Development Co. Ltd.(Fully Own By RDA-Ministry of Highways), ADB Funding Project – Project Management Unit of Road Development Authority (RDA)as follows:

Accounts Assistant- RDA Works Division (1985-1986)- Road Development Authority,
Project Accountant – Samanalawewa Hydro Power Access Road Project (1986-1987) – RCDC,
Accountant – Grade IV – Northern Zone (1988-1989)-RCDC,
Accountant – Grade III – NC, NW, NE and Northern Provinces (1989-1993) – RCDC
Finance Manager/Accountant (Special Projects) – Gam Udawa, Mihintale (1993-1994) – RCDC,
Finance Manager/Accountant – Grade III – NC, NW, NE and Northern Provinces (1994-1999) – RCDC
Finance Manager/Senior Accountant -Grade II -Southern, Western & Sabaragamuwa, (1999-2003) – RCDC
Finance Manager/Accountant-Procurement-ADB Funding Project (2002-2005) -roject Management Unit –RDA

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    No matter what ,it is deeply regretful that Silly Lankan poli-Trickers somehow have something of following the heard as more integral than force of habit .

    Why should such a powerful post which was occupied by a henchman of Rajas,which was highly criticised then, be now handed over to the President’s brother out of all people ?

    who says there are no qualified and competent people other than him to be appointed? is this a begin of another family taking over the reigns from thee other?
    This is totally unacceptable, we need to nib it in the bud with such matters, tim for strong protests , h must go immediately and replace by a commoner ,who can work without pressure , w do not want our lines to b continued to be monitored and our Fb and emails to hacked .


    Now what about the saffron moneys ? the BBS (Big balls syndrome) have their balls shrunken ? or are they in a process of taking up a new appointment to do the washing of the new Raj’s AXXXXXXSE aftr he uses the toilet? These buggers are murderers , why have they not been arrested and put behind bars ? how come not one politician is talking of these thugs and their proxies ?

    SRI LANKA WON’T MAKE IT BOYS – Sorry there are only about 5 to 6 % of the population who are right in their minds , the rest are all crooks .

    Do not gt carried away with what you see on media , look at who has been placed as Aviation minister the biggest crook in the Island , is maithree loosing his senses? or Ranil going bananas? what abugar to handover the aviation to? as if handing over a sheep heard to a wolf . (everyone knows this burger is the worse crook in the Island) he needs a petrol bowser a day to run his jaguar.

    Already disappointed with the new government I doubt they will last long. I think thy too want to to make a quick buck in 100 days and vanish, I see an arab style spring in the making.

    Three Wheelers in Colombo have all switched off their meters and after the petrol has been reduced ,now they charge rs.60 pr Km and 95 if you want a drop from anywhere from Galle road to pettah . Budget takis have refused to reduce the price and flees the customer by tow ways ,on is taking a long route ,or purposely getting into traffic jam routes and fleeing on waiting time ,normally a return trip is charged half the rate and now it is the same amount , people are spitting beetle out of the buses , throwing shopping bags, prostitution is thriving ,village girls working in factories are selling themselves in colombo and suburbs in whole sale. (something unheard during Rajapakshg regime .

    Smuggling is done in larger scale now , 50 to 60 Container loads cleared with under valuation in huge scls now than ever, Gold , and fauna and flora smuggling doubled.

    A 100 days have begun to fail already..

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    BBS , WAITING FOR THEIR NEXT TASK, ELIMINATE ALL MUSLIMS WHO CAN NOT PAY THEM, M3 ,SO CALLED , will give them the green light after 100 days .with the blessing of JVP,SLF ,UNP and ofcoz JHU ,mama mia.

    now know why everyone is silent on BBS.. BBS has the piles on everyone and thy had mahinda’s balls in their hands , every time he tried to speak they squeezed it , now he is impotent .

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    Many who commented here did not know at that time that this chap will try to increase his salary close to one million LKR / month

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