8 December, 2023


Sirisena Dissolves Parliament In Stark Violation Of Constitution

President Maithripala Sirisena has dissolved Parliament, a short while ago, in stark violation of the country’s constitution.

Sirisena, when he signed the gazette announcing the premature dissolution of the legislature, grossly violated the provisions of the 19th Amendment to the constitution – which he architected in April 2015.

Strong arguments have been presented against the dissolution of Parliament saying the President has no constitutional power to do so, before four and a half years into a Parliamentary term, as stipulated by the 19th Amendment.

Commenting on the grotesque illegality of a premature dissolution of Parliament, UNP Parliamentarian Dr. Jayampathy Wickremearatne PC, a co-author of the 19th Amendment said, “The Nineteenth Amendment, which was passed with just one Member of Parliament opposing it, reduced the term of Parliament to five years. Provisions that Supreme Court held required a Referendum were amended or dropped. Article 70 of the amended Constitution restricted the power of the President to dissolve Parliament. It now provides that “the President shall not dissolve Parliament until the expiration of a period of not less than four years and six months from the date appointed for its first meeting, unless Parliament requests the President to do so by a resolution passed by not less than two-thirds of the whole number of Members (including those not present), voting in its favour.” Thus, Parliament can now be dissolved by the President in the first four and a half of years of its term only if 150 Members of Parliament so request by a resolution passed in Parliament. The wording is clear and unambiguous.

Those who argue that the President’s power to dissolve Parliament is unlimited point out to Article 33 (2) (a) which states: “In addition to the powers, duties and functions expressly conferred or imposed on, or assigned to the President by the Constitution or other written law, the President shall have the power–
(a) …..
(c) to summon, prorogue and dissolve Parliament…”.

It is argued that Article 33 (2) (a) overrides Article 70. Article 33 only declares some of the general powers of the President. The manner in which and the conditions under which that power of dissolution can be used are given in Article 70. That Article states that dissolution shall be by Proclamation. Then it goes on set down the clear limitation that the President cannot dissolve for four and a half of years unless Parliament so requests by a two-thirds majority. Any power that the President claims under Article 33 (2) must not be in violation of express provisions of the Constitution. The words “In addition to the powers, duties and functions expressly conferred or imposed on, or assigned to the President by the Constitution or other written law…” cannot be used to override expressly laid down constitutional limitations on the powers of the President.

Take Article 33 (2) which provides in sub-paragraph (f) that the President has the power “to keep the Public Seal of the Republic, and to make and execute under the Public Seal, the acts of appointment of the Prime Minister and other Ministers of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Chief Justice and other judges of the Supreme Court, the President of the Court of Appeal and other judges of the Court of Appeal, and such grants and dispositions of lands and other immovable property vested in the Republic as the President is by law required or empowered to do, and to use the Public Seal for sealing all things whatsoever that shall pass that Seal…”

Meanwhile, addressing a lawyers’ gathering at New Town Hall, in Colombo, this afternoon, TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran PC said, Parliament cannot be prorogued or dissolved due to the whims and fancies of one individual.

“The Constitution is clear on Parliament being the place to decide who is PM but Parliament is prevented from doing so,” he added.

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  • 7

    Guys, I know it violates the constitution and all concepts of justice and fair play and blah blah…. If it gives you any satisfaction you may go on calling them all kinds of names. We can even invent some juicy new names too. They deserve that. But nothing is going to stop them.
    My advice: We are going to be screwed whatever we say or do. Do not struggle. That is only going to make it worse. Just sit back and enjoy the screw.
    That is what I am going to do from the safe distance of Bahrain.

    • 4

      Instead of achieving something to walk backward ?

      I am speechless and feel very sad thinking about the future of youth in SL.

      If entire world would stand against Sirisena, how can they face with over 8000 millions of dollars that the govt has to settle alone during next year ?

      Now we know the dollars is over 179 rupees, but they manage is by spending millions of dollars from teh deposits.

      With all the bunch of debts the govt has to pay, how can they afford an election ?

      Besides, if president himself paves the way to instability, how can he beg for votes form the very same people. Each and every country that has adapated changes had to go through a harder period. Be it Indonesia, Malaysia or any other part of the world that is the same. If people would not tolerate that, how can they improve the living standards in this country.
      Chinese would no thelp SL on long run. If they notice that SL would not be able to pay off their loans, no more loans will be possible with them. That was the case with like minded afro coutnries today.

      • 3

        How come Mahinda/Sirisena afford to offer2.8 million dollers to a UNP mp Rumour was mp’s of all other parties were bribed with the Ministrial post & with300 millionRupees, TheOpposition Leader Hon Mr. Sampanthan for 600 millionRupees.From where was this money flowing? Someone should file a case for this bribery & corruption.This would encrouge more from the underworld gang to become new mp’s

    • 2

      Edwin Rodrigo ,

      ‘My advice: We are going to be screwed whatever we say or do. Do not struggle. That is only going to make it worse. Just sit back and enjoy the screw. ‘

      You may be right , but at least there must be a way to express our anger /frustration towards this gross betrayal . Doing nothing is not an option ;instead, all of the law abiding citizens of this country must be united and show our anger which ever permissible.Hope the Election commissioner will stick to his guns while the supreme court gives its verdict.

      • 4

        I am not angry, but I do understand your anger. Who knows? Things may workout well somehow. If the MS +MR are devils, then Ranil has not exactly been an angel. His first act after winning was to initiate the CB scam with Arjuna. The problem we had with MR was corruption. Then we found out that the replacement was equally bad if not worse. It was like giving up the Hotu Geni and getting the Kehi Geni.
        Ranil seemed to be dreaming in the night and then planning to execute the dreams in the daytime.
        Unless we are going to set fire to ourselves Vietnam style, becoming human torches one at a time, in front of the Parliament or some such Public place, there is not much we can do.

        • 1

          But Edwin,

          does Bond scam that powerful when compared to few hundreds of billions of losse deliberately made by Rajapakshes ?
          Besides, is it the truth at all what is being in the air regarding RW. What has he sold out ?
          Why not people talk about the the REAL SOLD OUT of Shangrilla land and property to china by Rajapakshes ?

          I believe, SIRASA should be made accoutable for the mess. They made a jana mathaya exclusively based on BOND SCAM as if that was the huge scandal ever in this country. Not few dozens but hundreds of the like minded losses were made by Rajakashe mismanagement.
          Is it fair Wimal Weerwanse to be the housing minister against irrepetive high profile allegations levelled at him ? What happened to President SIrisena all of sudden ?
          Why then he behaved that close to RW until lately ?
          Today whatever Sirisena makes and takes are beyond any legal bounderies. Why is that ?
          As Dr Amila thero makes it very clear, SIRISENA should rather go to a psycho specialists and have him better checked what really goes through his head.

          • 1

            Sam, our idea should not be to exclude some names from the suspect list but to include all who are reasonably suspected of wrong doings. My wife has not changed her ideas about Ranil. She would not have me criticizing Ranil in the house. So I avoid it.
            But to do so in this forum would be to lose credibility.

      • 2


        I dont think EC would react accordingly – he is also from SL.

        My brother Srilal, we are so fed up today.

        Had UNP been somewhat strict to their agendas, nothing like this would have been the case. They just keep it for them, but not much was done. Sirisena should have been like this from the begining on. Perhaps, RW is the victim here. However, not much was broadly discussed intern within UNP, that was a real mistake.

  • 20

    This president is an imbecile.Should be dumped in the Garbage Bin with his rotten followers.

    • 0

      Why rotten flowers?? With s***

  • 21

    Sri Lanka must say goodbye to democratic elections. All elections will be rigged and this illegal government
    with its robber president who came to power with the UNP votes and the cheat and murderer Rajapaksa with all greedy fake ministers will take Srilanka as their property and rule for life until they all go the way Hitler went out of this earth. They will get mad before they die. This Sirisena has written his own history as the president who cheated 6 .2 million voters and the WORST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIMES.

    • 5


      How can elections be rigged when the elections commission is fully geared?

      Utter not nonsense man.

      It might be reasonable to say MS came to power with UNP vote base but the same thing is applicable to RW as well for using MS’s small vote base plus grabbed SLFP votes.

      • 6

        Dear RR
        Election will definitely be rigged just because the rigged way it was brought forward. This is not the election time but the time of saving the economy and making the lives of Sri Lankans less -wretched.It is the fact that the warped minded people like you do not want to accept.

      • 0

        Well 2 elections ago I know of a three wheel driver who was paid Rs.500 for his vote.

        Don’t be naive – plenty of rigging going on in elections in Sri Lanka.

  • 8

    For the purpose of interpreting the constitution a situation brought on by the indiscretion of a president is not likely to be regarded as a crisis for justifying dissolution of parliament. A crisis can be said to be when people rise against the government, not when the president acts unconstitutionally with sheer malice and handling a series of events displaying utter pigheadedness.

    This has only heightened Ranil’s chances. I think Ranil should now get his ducks in a row. He should come off his alleged arrogance and have his feet firmly on the ground. He should also openly promote Sajith as a worthy successor and take advantage of Sajith’s charisma.

    At the moment a resolute Ranil would be preferred by the people than the backstabbing Sira. That’s for sure.

    • 4

      Ranil must hand over to Sajith within a week, as soon as this current crisis has passed.
      Don’t write off the three member Election Commission – they may be more stubborn than My3 bargained for.

      • 1

        Sinhala Man,

        Sajith is no means experienced person. How dare you to ask him to take over ?

        If Sajitha is that expereienced, I have no doubt AKD is even better.

        Sajitha can talk but that is not everything okay.

        I believe UNP should first get together and join hand with all civil society groups to stand against highly abusive Rajapkashe-Sirisena bunch of thugs.

      • 0

        Dear Desperate Sinhalaya,
        I don’t think that you meant to be confrontational but that’s what it reads as, and it’ll warm the cockles of the hearts of the “Rakapaksa-Sirisena bunch”. I’ve never met Sajith, know him only through media.
        He may be unsuitable, but “inexperienced”. Isn’t he over 50 years of age? In politics for long; travelled a good deal. Very fluent in English and Sinhalese. Your objections need to be credible.
        We certainly cannot go forward with Ranil. Do you disagree? I’ve already suggested Nagananda. Imtiaz Bakewell Marker will sound ridiculous only because he’s classified as “Muslim”. This is why we may lose; we abuse one another.

  • 4


    Daring Hon. DR. Mervyn Silva

    The history told perfectly.

  • 7

    Sirisena took State Printing Corporation under his control. This is to secretly print fruadu ballot papers.

    • 4

      Yes. And the Police Department too, so that he can rig votes.
      We are heading for a triple dictatorship!!! The President, The Prime Minister and the Parliament.
      Every country has a Constitution to avoid the state power being abused, misused and converts into politicians’ favour.
      When the State violates the Constitution using dictatorship, the only option for people is to seek the intervention of the Supreme Court which is regarded as an independent body.
      I should be the happiest of the turn of events. But I DON’T.
      If this type of violation of the Constitution and undemocratic acts are allowed, hereafter no other citizen can become the President, Prime Minister or even top Ministers other than Rajapaksas.
      This is not for the country.
      This is keep power in the hands of Rajapaksas forever passing it from father to son to grand son to nephew to cousin to ……
      Sri Lanka is not Sirisena’s or Rajapaksa’s private property to be misused in their favour like this.
      Sirisena and Rajapaksas staged a coup to grab the power illegally for their own benefits.
      Sirisena is doing this because Rajapaksas have agreed to field him as the next Presidential candidate.
      Rajapaksas have agreed because Sirisena has agreed to appoint MR as the PM and dissolve the Parliament even illegally so that they can rule the country forever.
      Clearly both the parties are NOT for the country, but for themselves!
      If they act like this without even having power, when they secure power, Presidential, Prime Ministerial and Parliamentary, all three, what wouldn’t they do? We are heading for an unbelievable state of absolute dictatorship.
      Use you brain people!
      In the meantime, there are all the signs that Maithri will be settapochchi before November 16th.
      Therefore, whoever who wants to go to the SC, please do it immediately to get this gazette annulled as even at the face value President’s decision to dissolve the Parliament has no legal basis. This gazette is only a cover up. Alright, I think I am reaching 300-word limit. The rest is later.

  • 6

    Very Important for all to note:

    “President Sirisena has, by his unconstitutional actions, also now exposed individuals in all sectors, who acted honestly and in a forthright manner in furtherance of their duty towards good governance, to grave risk of retribution at the hands of a potentially repressive regime, which would derive its existence and de facto power by unconstitutional means.”

    “The collaborative/collusive role and hand of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa in all these events, is beyond doubt.”

  • 2

    From: Mihirini de Zoysa – A heartbroken citizen
    “I didn’t read the title deed to my home when I signed it. Because it was legal jargon, it was hard to follow. I hoped and trusted that my lawyer was looking after my interests. That is why I hired her. I vested my power in her, because it was her job, to look after my interests.
    When I voted for the current President, I didn’t read the constitution. I wanted to believe he would do the job we hired him to do, not only to govern this land and her people fairly, justly and wisely, but also to change the rules of the land so that no one person can arbitrarily make decisions on my behalf, on behalf of a whole country.
    In the last few weeks, I have read bits and pieces of the constitution like my life depended on it. It does. Maybe I should have read it before I voted for the current President, to understand all the loopholes he could use, twist or even lie about, to take away my democratic right, my freedom to be part of a process to have a democratically elected Government.
    I voted for someone, who was supposed to deliver us from an oppressive, corrupt and dangerous regime. Instead he, as he implies in his own words, climbed back into bed with the man we voted out by voting for him. And I realised that while I am cynical about all (yes all) politicians, their greed for power and the lengths they would go to keep it, I naively thought my country and my freedom to exercise my democratic rights would be protected by the words that tell us how our land and people will be governed and protected. Democracy is a pretty flawed tool, but it is still better than all the options out there, and certainly better than whatever form of governance our President is using.

    • 1


      The next time we want people to draft a constitution let’s get a bunch of schoolgirls to do it. With their
      characteristic tendency for nitpicking they will make sure there are no loopholes anywhere. They will also avoid legal jargon like “and whereas” and “provided however”. For translation, let’s get some sworn translators who operate under trees in the vicinity of courts. The simpler the people we employ the simpler the language of the constitution will be.
      In fact, simpler all legal documents will be. You will know what you sign.

      The 19th amendment which was intended to make the president less powerful has in fact made him claim more power than his predecessor. It’s very distressing to note.

  • 4

    The man, Srisena does not know the constitution of the country and cares less for its values. The current
    poilitcal crisis which is against democracy has been created by Srisena and Srisena only.

  • 6

    He He He
    Cursed Sinhala buddhists have become international laughing stock as well as this cursed land.
    Modayas vote for liquor can`t understand constitution or democracy .
    Better Chinese take this dirty land and apply their rules.
    British have made a biggest blunder by introducing democracy to these stone age guys.
    Soon military rule will be here .
    Who cares?
    Modayas dance for free liquor.

    • 3

      Cholan, you forget it was the Tamils and Muslims who ensured Sirisena’s victory in 2015. Enjoy what is to come.

      • 1

        Taraki, Paul, …………. who cannot make up their mind

        Was it not the case where the noisy minority Sinhala/Buddhists always made sustained campaigned that the Tamils never supported Sinhala/Buddhists governments, however when they do support and fall flat on their face you derive perverted satisfaction from their disappointment.

        Don’t forget hadn’t Muslims and Tamils supported the formation of national governance and regime change immagine …. the funeral parlours would have made hefty profits with expansion of white/black vans, … freedom of speech, Right to Information, no more Gota’s Grease Yakkas, the armed forces are being mostly confined to their barracks and don’t gate crash into homes where aged attained ceremonies are being conducted, …………………..

        Your perverted mind …………………….

    • 1

      Hillarious comments, and these Tamils call US racists!

  • 1

    Dear Editor, I dont want publish this comment here rgds to the above article. I want to share you something can be important to you abt A.S.P.Liyanage, SL Ambassador to Qatar. According to the reliable sources of MFA Colombo the former Secretary/MFA Mr P.Kariyawasam has Handed over the Recall lettter for the ASP, under the pressure of SL community in Qatar and the MP’s of the SL Parliament such as Harin, Buddika.
    But this ASP has used his closeness with Sirisena to get revoked this Letter. Therefor I like to ask you to follow this up ..ASP is in Sri Lanka for quite long time for now..

  • 4

    If Karu.J or Sajith.P refused the offer to be PM, then the current UNP is useless under Ranil.W.
    Its better if the UNP face the public under a new leadership.
    Is it going to be Harin F’do who is seen in the forefront. Anaswe is No. He seeks cheap gung ho populari
    Come before the people. BUT,
    President must ban all Public Rallies and Poster Campaigns.
    Only permit Election Party Manifestos to be printed by the parties participating elections.

    Ranil need to face what had to. He lied, looted and ignored the general public. He need to be punished because he never learnt what Ranasinghe Premadasa showed.
    Finally what we saw in Ranil was his support base through a vehicle parade. That too enraged the ordinary masses even more. Ranil waits until everything falls on his lap. This time he has proved he is thoroughly imcompetent and more over unimaginably a Rogue as well.

    For the better or for the worse, let the public speak.
    Jayampathy Wickremeratne the exam cheat fails UNP because of hidden agendas

  • 2

    Hey, wow, you are on holiday after 24 years! Have fun! One day I will meet your family.
    Look at this. People think I have changed. How could they say that? I supported MR and JO because they “acted” like nationalists and patriots. I never thought they orchestrated a coup to grab the power illegally.
    Rajapaksas want to stop a non-Rajapaksa becoming the next President. That is what is all about.
    But can they stop it by using an undemocratic and an unconstitutional path? Absolutely not.

  • 3

    A while ago i saw on tv Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena declaring before an array of microphones that ” 94 …. no 95 percent of the people want election”. I dont know how a man who couldn’t count to 113 managed to count 95 percent of the voting population.

  • 2

    There’s an emergency in the country to end executive presidency and also
    control stray dogs entering parliament premises , especially MAD DOGS
    among them . Sending a Vet to check SIRA would be a good first step .

  • 9

    Maithripala Sirisena is a fool and has forgotten Subramanian Swamys warning/prediction. Mahinda Rajapaksa will probably even kill Sirisena to become President Judging by the level of desperation in the Rajapaksas camp these days.

    Is this what Subramanian Swamy predicted when he said Mahinda Rajapaksa will become the President!?

    Sirisena you have put yourself in a dangerous situation by joining the Rajapaksas. What a foolish president we have voted for!

  • 3

    In a democracy, shouldn’t it be the people who decides who should govern them? If so, what is wrong with asking the people to make a decision? First, the dismissal was wrong, then the prorogation was wrong, now the dissolution is wrong. Isn’t asking the voters to decide who and what is right, the right decision?

    • 1

      Outsider ,
      Come inside mate , from outside it is smokey to see things clearly.
      It is the people who made the decision that has another one and
      half years for the expiry date ! One Mad man is playing funny
      with that People decision . All on the scene are reasonably mad
      But this man’s condition is life threatening that needs Emergency
      admission ! Clear mate ? Hope that helps .

    • 1

      Yes you are right Outsider!
      In Lanakwe democracy, you tweak the constitution to force the people to vote for, you finetune the election laws and process to make the people vote to, you make the electorates’ boarders to make people vote for and you perfectly time the election to make the people to vote for to establish Sinhala autocracy to control and rule the Tamils. So far the Lanakwe style democracy has been working very well for the strange species of the Wildlife Sanctuary Lanakwe of SinhaLE.

  • 1

    [Edited out] writing in capital letters are discouraged – CT

    • 0

      Come, come Charlie, you from the Capitalist Class?

  • 0

    Gamarala is going to heaven next week for sure.
    Going by the sequence of events, it will happen on a Friday night.
    There could be change of plans. When it happened people will replace the name Gamarala with 4 prominent capital letters.

  • 1

    Does our constitution provide all safety nets that we need to protect ourselves
    from crooked politicians like MARA , SIRA and Ranil ? I put Ranil in the third
    place as some of his actions are circumstantial and had lesser opportunity to
    wrong ! Now , how is it allowed for anyone to belong to one party , contest from
    another party and win from the votes of a third party ? Why are we forced to
    accept this folly ? How come an M P wins from one party that sits in the
    opposition , works for the government without neither losing his party
    membership nor accepting the party he joins ? Another folly ? Before taking the
    cane to correct the general public these CROOKS must first clean their own
    house ! This is long overdue and now in need of EMERGENCY ATTENTION .
    when you stand for the election and at all other times and you stick to it or
    leave for ever even if you don’t agree afterwards . IF YOU CAN NOT STAND
    countries can not tolerate loopholes in the law that facilitate wrong doing by
    the legislature itself ! Now it is such a loophole that is playing hell today by none
    other than the head of state . Abolish it or plug the holes !

  • 2

    The person who should take the blame first for the act of the President to remove the PM and also to dissolve the Parliament is none other than Jayampathi Wickremaratne. It was Jayampathi who authored the 19th Amendment, unfortunately he did not do it properly, there are conflicting clauses in the Amendment. There is also a possibility that there is a deep state in operation which has been working with Mahinda. This deep state is responsible for the translation issues. Even on this Jayampathi should have checked the translation. This is a good lesson for all. Sri Lankan eminent lawyers have worked on various African country constitutions in the past. Unfortunately the law association of SL or even the GMOA which today has become a political party or the 223 MPs who voted for the constitution all are responsible for the errors and omissions seen in the 19th amendment as all of them including Mahinda Rajapakse and the baby lawyer Namal Baby raised their hands in favor of the 19th amendment..

  • 0

    As Jesus said to the crowd gathered to stone the woman caught in adultery “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8, 7). The Dhammapada has similar words of wisdom: Nahi Verena Verani—Sammanti dha Kudacancam
    Averenacca Sammanti—esa dhammo Sanantano. “Hatred never ceases through hatred, but through love alone they cease. This is an eternal law.” These universal truisms state that its best not to be judgmental about others and perpetuating hatred creates a vicious cycle. The protagonists have violated both these norms repeatedly and now call for understanding in the face of payback.

  • 4

    This question is directed at readers who comment sensiblely..

    Attention :Native Veddah
    (I prefer to refer to you as Native Sri Lankan, to call red Indian is the worse insult one can make to Native Americans, same with natives of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the natives of the rest of the world to call them Native with adding the name of the country is what is respectful. Not veda or bada)


    3) Edwin Rodrigo

    4)Sinhala Man


    5)Ben Hurling


    What do you guys think the people must do now?

    Refuse to vote until Excutive presidency is abolished or West Minister Constitution is adopted ?

    Refuse to vote until the Parliament is reconvened with the same old members and allow democrtic precedure to decide?


    What do we as Citizens do?

    These are not mere speculations but well thought reasoning based on the most unfortunate actions taken by a President who have broken the hearts of many who loved him, especially the common man who recognized himself with The President.

    Dear President you have let’s us down and mocked at our love and respect we had upon you Sir. Your excellency
    Today we the citizens trusted you and gave you all the power you need, it’s not to late to correct your mistakes, crush your ego, be a good Buddhist and do what is right to your concience. We the people are helpless today, we can not do anything to stop your actions.
    Hope you will undo this blunder, you are a simple man and a good bhuddhist, I still have faith in you. , no need to become a pawn to feed others ego.

    • 5

      Confused Citizen, Thanks for including my name. It has been one of my principles not to join any group that would accept me as a member. But I’ll make an exception in this case (just joking). I was telling even before that we should think of what to do rather than criticizing. Here is my idea:
      When planning an attack on enemy territory, we should select a weak point and start there. We know that Ranil’s government failed in many aspects. But they have done very well in allowing dissent and media freedom. On the other hand, media freedom and dissent has never been or would be tolerated by MR + Gota etc. (Just forget about MS. He is a nincompoop and a coward). MR + Gota are thugs. Thugs don’t like others putting pus part in their territory. We know what happened at Rathupaswela.
      On the other hand, our people love to protest for a simple excuse such as a fart being too smelly. They like appearing on TV channels and some participate in protests just to appear on TV. These should be promoted. Having got used to the demonstrating, our people do not need any encouragement. But we should give them that.
      What will happen if the new government ignores them. They will go on and make an impact internationally and one day they will have to do something. If they attack, then it is going to show the difference between Ranil and Mara. Either way they lose, and we win.

      Peaceful, lawful protest – if it is effective – is innately disruptive of ‘business as usual.’ That is why it is effective. (Naomi Wolf)

    • 0

      Confused Citizen,

      Now I know you are a Muslim guy..he..he

    • 0

      Confused Citizen

      “I prefer to refer to you as Native Sri Lankan”

      Thank you.
      Sri Lankan means nothing to me.
      Lanka is Sanskrit name which is completely alien to us.
      Sri Lanka (whatever it is) came into being in 1972, enforced on people without their consent received in a referendum.
      However is it possible for you to define Sri Lankan and comment on it?

      “What do we as Citizens do?”

      Stop the politicians being smart ass clever dicks.

  • 2

    One most important point I wanted to write in my earlier comment, which I forgot – The 19th Amendment was presented by then Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse (Dealdasa). Its now very clear how inefficient and incompetent he has been as the buck has to stop at his desk for all the errors and omissions in the 19th Amendment. Now where is he, he is on the other side, and we have been saying over the years that he is a Rajapakse plant on Ranil’s cabinet. Now he is advising “Ado” Maithree and I am 100% sure he has lead “Ado” Maithree through the garden path with the help of President’s advisers. So Wijedasa you are to be blamed 100% for not being able to draft a proper, error less, 19th Amendment and you should give up politics and in case you come into the Parliament again, you should never hold the position of Minister of Justice ever again.

  • 4

    The new cabinet has been decided with no other parties except members of 30 Ministers from. SLFP AND 17 MPS FROM UNP..

    Does this mean if the government pass any new regulations it would be accounted as legal? Because the UNP will stand without a majority to oppose? Should the UNP go to. Parliament with this arrangement? Or can it legally refrain?
    Seems like a new trap

    Why has the UNP not opposed this yet??

    • 5

      If UNP does that, it would be partly a recognition of what I would describe as an illegitimate cabinet. Either you reject it lock stock and barrel or you just keep quiet. Keeping quiet does not mean that the UNP is acquiescing. They have already rejected the whole gang as illegitimate and that should suffice.

  • 0

    What difference will It ever make who is The President, Who Is The Prime Minister? or Ministers or MPS?
    As long as we have a system that has no transparency, that allows complete impunity to suppress the oppressed, complete impunity for successive governments to approve mega projects of infrastructure that does not address the immediate and desperate needs of the people, continue to keep the back door open for money laundering even after shamefully being declared as one of the top country notorious in the hub for money laundering.

    Keep enough access for smuggling, drug peddling, consume our natural resources without any controls thus destroying our ecosystems and risking the whole nation for a Kerala disaster in the future ,contract killing, racism, bigotry of all forms,religious to gender bias etc. endorsed from top to bottom, with no Intention of eliminating poverty, no hope for the estate worker & his family, keep them as slaves within poverty lines and let their master continue to suck. their blood, deny the rights of the Jaffna Tamils, demonize the poor segment of the Muslims living in poverty or on borderline by making them Scapegoats to cover the sins and crimes of a certain class among all religions and races, unfair distribution of financial aides, from. World Bank, ADB, etc among the selected lot so that the commissions can be syphoned out through money laundering and finally power to one individual or a group to abuse the mandate of the people to keep feeding only a small portion of the population,


  • 0

    Continued -change system not the politicians or political parties

    Then so be our fate we have decided upon us. but if the entire population realise that the only way to change and save the nation is only by changing the system and taking
    control, then there is hope,

    I am consistent change the constitution that protects and gives equal opportunity to all people approved by the people.

    Until we have a constitution like that no one should vote, every other election should be put on hold.

    Some honest group must come forward prepare such a constitution and request the Supreme Court to block all elections and request the commissioner to call for a vote for a referendum on The new constitution, burying the curse of executive presidency once and for all.

    And thereafter prohibit crossovers of MPS and not permit any changes or amendments should be allowed except through referendum by the people by voting – – – PERIOD.

    If This does not happen, maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not in my lifetime, but please note it down CT in your archives
    this carefully for the future generations the nation of tomorrow, all the money of the country syphoned out will bankrupt the country, like many others you will
    have fancy infrastructures that will become massive white elephants and that is when the worse bloodbath happen unfortunately
    and paradise will be lost forever.

    I request the JVP to take onto its shoulders this responsibility, I beg the Mahasangha to support it and the other religious dignitaries, civil society and activist to support The Mahsangha to protect and support The JVP to do it and rightfully Madam Chandrika must once again move in to encourage UNP and SLFP to support it.

  • 1

    With all due respect to the situation and the legalities, whatever the circumstances, any major decisions concerning the People of Sri Lanka by whoever – MUST be ratified by the PEOPLE or the different people’s representative – preferably in Parliament.

    Both the Friday proclamations of the current President MUST be ratified by Parliamentarians!

    Should the People’s voice NOT be considered as in a situation like this, it tantamount’s to a failed Democracy by treachery.

  • 0

    Doing 1 wrong thing to put 10 other things in the right order should not be blamed. If parliament not dissolved, MR’s premiership will be defeated, unhappy marriage will continue without any developments in the country, MS, under pressure, will be counting days to dissolve the house, RW will be struggling to impeach the Prez without success. We wasted 3.5 years already. We need a stable govt

  • 0

    My point is quite simple, i.e. How can holding an election be unconstitutional when the “Yahapalanaya” government has been postponing several provincial elections for over three (03) years?

    What is the better definition of democracy, is it delaying elections with very petty reasons such as not being able to agree on the “provincial delimitation commission report ” in parliament with a new drafts being introduced @ every session in parliament, which is a clear indication of “delay tactics”, as seen by the intellect community or the ruling party being too afraid to face any elections (either provincial or National)

    As such I do support the stance taken by MS in dissolving parliament subject to the legality of that move, since the government of RW, et al was on a path of economic destruction to our country.

    In essence, whilst I am in favour of the final outcome, I leave it to the relevant authorities to justify the means to the end.

    A foot note to say that I worked strenuously to bring in the Yahapalanaya government to the when everybody was behind the curtains, since I and my team developed the website for the NMSJ (National Movement for Social Justice) with the capability to receive foreign remittances without being detected by the CBSL and I and my team was in constant fear of being abducted by ” White vans” then.
    The so called leaders of the now NGO of NMSJ of the likes of Sarath Wijesuriya was no where in the NMSJ movement then.
    I had to work with the Rev Sobhita Thero and Messers Sisira Jayamaha , and Nimal Abrew to enable the process.

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