22 May, 2022


Sirisena Makes Another False Promise: Pledges To Appoint New PM If Parliament Follows Standing Orders

President Maithripala Sirisena, who reneged on his promises on the no-confidence motion against Mahinda Rajapaksa multiple times, now says he is ready to appoint a new Prime Minister if the legislature follows Standing Orders.


Sirisena, addressing party leaders on a previous occasion, said he would accept the no-confidence motion against Rajapaksa if Parliament passed it minus the first clause. When the Legislature passed the NCM against Rajapaksa for the second time as requested by Sirisena, the latter refused to fulfil his promise.,

Speaking to Sunday Times yesterday, Sirisena had stated that he would appoint a new Prime Minister “if Parliament follows Standing Orders and shows a majority.”

“If Mahinda Rajapaksa has the majority in Parliament, he can continue with the government without any obstacle. If it is proved that Mr Rajapaksa does not have a majority, I believe he will take a decision,” he told the Sunday Times.

“I have no possibility of re-appointing Mr Wickremesinghe. I will stick to that principle,” he said. The newspaper also reports that Sirisena, at a UPFA meeting at the Presidential Secretariat on Friday, has requested Mahinda Rajapaksa to continue in office, despite two no-confidence motions being passed against him in Parliament.

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    Sira cannot bear the weight of the presidency. He has no personality at all. We cannot expect anything greater than this from a low profiled, ungrateful person like him.

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      Let’s hope that Sira sticks to the promise not to re-appoint Bondscam Ranil PM again.

      Bondscam Ranil should have been impeached for looting the people of Lanka while IMF -WB which is supposed to be in charge of global financial governance looked the other way, by clown Sira when the PCOI into the Bondscam and looting of the Central Bank by his cronies Mahendrana and Ravi K who did not live in Aloysius’ rented Penthouse came out..

      Better late than never!

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      at least by setting fire to the paddy field/country he is doing something while presidents like Dingiri banda did nothing.what do you prefer something or nothing?

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    Prez Sirisena did not realize that he was digging his own grave when he opted for Mahinda Rajapakse,
    his one time arch enemy, who wanted to eliminate him from politics, as the new PM ,as against the
    current PM Ranil Wicremasinghe, who was elected and has a majority of seats in the parliament, supporting his position as PM. He never thought there will be strong retaliation from International community, so soon, during a period the world is in turmoil and he never fathomed that the hue & cry will go far beyond the expectations. The frog in the well attitude he displayed, thinking that there are
    no watchers and he could over ride democratic principles by suppressing the constitution ,failed him
    and became the ‘paraya’ of his own people and the other governments and earned the worldwide reputation .of destroyer of democracy, which will go down in the history books in many countries but
    may not be in our history books. He was misled by his advisers normally referred to as stooges and never expected this turn of events like opposition parties UNP, TNA,JVP, Muslim & hill country Tamil parties getting much stronger and more likeable as they stood firm for protection of democracy and rule of law. rather than involving in horse trading practices as expected by the Prez and his lackeys. This normal practice common to South East Asian countries failed miserably and this is an indication that MPs are
    no more ‘YES” men of any Party/govt.
    Now that there is a stalemate, the supreme court, under special circumstance, may decide to ask the President to hold elections soon, although unconstitutional, citing non functioning of a govt.and cabinet.
    as the main reason, which is reasonable as no country can be governed without a parliament, PM and the cabinet, unless we have a dictator .

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      He said he selected a candidate who would walk over Ranil. In fact, if Ranil was fired, there would have no one left to walk over. He did know what he was talking about. He meant he had selected a man who would walk over the IC on March 2019. Things didn’t work out as he expected.

      His whole expectation was, as soon as Old King is appointed as the PM, the whole Island was going to celebrate it. He miscalculated this based on falsely interpreted LG election results. In that election Old King had only his usual 43%, Island wide support. The rest were pure opponents on, without any compromise with him. So the opponents of him were more powerful.
      Though he claimed he saved Old King from UN Electric Chair, now Ranil is feeble minded and he didn’t want to face the March, 2019. He was willing to leave it to Old King to take the responsibility of going to Geneva with his Sinhala Cinema supporting actresses and the baby lawyer, GLP. But inside the parliament, Ranil’s hidden agenda it was not accepted. Many had died hard to dislodge that Hitler. Sampanthar fired his first rocked. He said “Hold on Hold On… it is we (parliament) who have the authority to accept or reject the EP’s appointment”. JVP, who always suspects Ranil’s hidden agendas, took their own lead. Muslims feared to Old Guy after Digana. They think he staged that on Muslims only to topple the government, only to capture the power. So they see this as his alternate technique. Seeing his dream was dissipating, New King had to undertake all the rest of the constitutional violations, to bring back the escalation to the original plan. He prorogued parliament, leaning on Old King for help to shield off minority parties’ rockets, inside the parliament.

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      On the Old King side, he was dreaming to redo the earlier game of drawing 75 PMs from JVP and UNP. But the current situation is, other than Vasantha like absolute idiots, all others are watching the IC’s opinion. So they were very reluctant to cross. The haggling of Rs 500M per donkey didn’t work.

      New King’ dream of Old King firing his powerful rockets at IC in UNHRC is now disturbed. He fully knows who Old King is. He wouldn’t have surprised, when, as soon as Old was appointed as PM, he immediately split New King’s SLFP and went to his long brought up Slap Party. But he went for this risk, because when Ranil reluctant to face UNHRC, and UNHRC start firing in March, he though if Old King is being PM, Old King would open his umbrella to protect him from UNHRC missiles. That time he too can stand under that. It has not become reality yet. They both are war criminals. INGO have to know that, They both are going to face the ICC.

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    I heard Old King is lining up more ministers to take oath. If it has become a caretaker government and an election date is set up by EP then, where (Which Provision) the constitution is allowing to appoint new ministers? There is no court verdict yet whether to cancel or up hold the dissolution of parliament. EP had not recalled the gazette notification that dissolved the parliament. Then, are they using the injunction also for their advantage? Are these rotten idiots understands that the injunction is on the parliament and cabinet didn’t get any authorization from the Court to return to normal mode, where it was turned into care taker cabinet?
    The worst farcical comedian, former CJ, Buffoon de Silva has said the dissolved parliament cannot be reinstated even by EP. Then didn’t the Old Royals comedians don’t want to accept Buffoon De Silva’s word this time? Only to self Help (Hambantota) project?

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    “I have no possibility of re-appointing Mr. Wickremesinghe. I will stick to that principle”
    Will someone kindly elucidate for me the ‘principle’ on which the president has based his position?

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    To HE.The President
    Sri Lanka.
    Dear Sir.
    With utmost respect I state your allegations against Mr.Ranil Wickremsinhe is null and void though I agree with your opinion on the voice Vote of The Speaker ,but regret not your oral narration of the allgations against your Ex-PM.
    Infact it has zero bearing ,Sir at least The Voice vote had many witnesses while your voice have only you as a witness.
    Sir ,as head of the state you are obligated to refer everything in writing official letters to your Prime Minister detailing all your concerns on all matters .
    Is that not how all official matters should be dealt with ? by written form.and with copies in file ?
    As much as the NCM should go through all written or electronic proceedures,so must all
    important matters of the state.
    This will reflect badly on your political career,none of your allegations of your oral comminication with the PM or anyone else for that matter will qualify in any court of law ,this is bad advice you have been fed with .
    It seems someone or some group is leading you with dead rope.
    The only thing that will stand valid between you and your ex-PM are all commincations either in written on hard form sent to him officailly and he having acknowleged it or in.soft form via your official electronic Mail system which confirms it has been delivered with date, time and location ,infact electronic mails does not even need a signature.
    Sir with respect as our President I still hold for you ,I kindly request you to be alert ,you are being lead to darkness.
    I am not a fan of Ranil Wickremsinghe , but Justice even to my bitterst enemy and commen sence matters to me above everything, including belief and practice of my faith.

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    If his comments are right, then it is very autocratic. It is very evidence that Sri Lankan politician and small minority of people have no patriotism. Patriotic does not mean, Sinhala / Buddhist first and rest does not matter. Patriotic means irrespective of race or religion ; “Do not ask what the country has done for you, ask what you have done for the country – John F Kennedy”.

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    T. W I M C

    Fahim Knight

    The above reader has always only commented under the above mentioned nick in the past & and will only use the above nick to comment,
    it would always include The full nick along with the pencil lined knight image ,and also never the first name only and has never used any other nick to comment on CT articles and will not.
    If the comments do not display these it is not me.

    Tks and Regards

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    during the 3 centuries of european rule in SL, the leadership quality of the sri lankans was lost 100 percent.that there is a severe shortage.. the present situ is the culmination of this trend and ultimately my3 has proved it. leadership cannot be imported. it is not inborn, some thing we have to cultivate.

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