26 September, 2022


Six More Students Interrogated By TID In S’gamuwa Uni Following Attack On Tamil student

Six more undergraduates of the Sabaragamuwa University have been detained and interrogated by the Terrorist Investigation Department (TID) since yesterday – they are the third set of students to be arrested since the attack on a student of Tamil identity within the university premises on August 3.

SB - Minister Higher Education

SB – Minister Higher Education

Six first-year undergraduates of the Social Sciences and Languages faculty had been arrested yesterday at the Bandara hostel and have been detained and interrogated at the University guest house. These fresh arrests are made following a series of similar arrests made since the attack on a Tamil student named Sandheer Kumar Sudharshan – a resident of Muhamalai. He was found gagged and unconscious in the morning on August 3, with cut wounds all over his body. The victimized student initially told the Police that he remembers a group of five masked men attacking him.

Another third year student of Tamil ethnicity was arrested and interrogated by the TID on August 5, while he was sitting for an examination and the charge made against him was downloading downloaded images of wounded Sudharshan. Thereafter a group of students who held a press conference on August 6 to raise public awareness on the incidents in the university had been followed to their homes and attacked by the TID.

Soon afterwards, Sudharshan upon being released from hospital is arrested and detained by the TID on August 9 during which he backtracks on his original statement to the Police and confesses to inflicting the cut wounds on himself. It is 23 days since his detention and neither his parents nor his colleagues have been permitted to visit him.

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    Our Terrorism Inflicting Division sets an example in Law Enforcement to all other nations.
    The newly appointed Commission of eminent jurists – please note.

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    Ah, another case of self-inflicted wounds. Just like that Buddhist priest from Mahiyangana who circumcised himself with his own hand, with his own hands tied behind his own back! What wonders of self-implications and confessions victims of political crimes in Sri Lanka further inflict on themselves after a little friendly chat with the Sri Lanka Police. Help us Oh God, or at least help us Oh UNHRC, to live as law abiding citizens in a law abiding land.

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    What is this? The police spokesperson has already said that the Tamil student has confessed that his injuries were self-inflicted, because he wanted to be transfered to Jaffna university. Are we going to sack the police spokesperson? Who is the BLOODY lier here, the Minister or the Police spokesperson???

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