26 June, 2022


SLFP Split Widens As Dullas Quits

Amidst an allegation from former President Mahinda Rajapaksa that President Maithripala Sirisena is attempting to split the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), Parliamentarian and Rajapaksa loyalist, Dullas Alahapperuma announced his resignation from his post as the SLFP Matara District leader.

Dullas Alahapperuma

Dullas Alahapperuma

He told a news conference today that he will submit his resignation to Sirisena, who is also the leader of the SLFP. Citing reasons for his decision, Alahapperuma said that he made the decision in protest against Sirisena’s decision to remove several SLFP front-liners from their organizer positions recently.

On August 17th Sirisena appointed 40 new district and electoral organisers to the SLFP. Sirisena removed several Rajapaksa loyalists from their organizer posts and appointed his loyalists in an effort to strengthen his hold within the party.

Meanwhile, Rajapaksa in a statement issued yesterday said that the current leadership of the party is carrying out the second phase of their plan to destroy the SLFP. “The first was the dissolving the local government institutions the vast majority of which were controlled by the SLFP,” he said.

Rajapaksa also added that this was Sirisena’s method of punishing MPs who were loyal to him and were supporting the Joint Opposition.

“Several SLFP electoral organisers including Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Rohitha Abeygunawardena, C.B. Ratnayake, Gamini Lokuge, Keheliya Rambukwella, and others have been removed from their electoral organiserships by the president. This is the latest round of reprisals against SLFP members associated with the Joint Opposition. On earlier occasions, Dilum Amunugama, Salinda Dissanayake, S.M.Chandrasena, Geetha Kumarasinghe and Prasanna Ranatunga were similarly removed from their organiserships. Puttlam district parliamentarian Sanath Nishantha has been suspended from the party. This persecution has effectively caused a split in the SLFP,” he added.

Rajapaksa said that popular organisers of the SLFP are being removed and replaced with less popular politicians in order to weaken the SLFP and to confer an advantage on the UNP.

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  • 62

    Well done Dullas, all what we have to say is good riddance of bad rubbish. Srilanka can well do without the likes of you lot.

    • 18

      Dullas Alahapperuma

      “Amidst an allegation from former President Mahinda Rajapaksa that President Maithripala Sirisena is attempting to split the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), Parliamentarian and Rajapaksa loyalist, Dullas Alahapperuma announced his resignation from his post as the SLFP Matara District leader.”

      That is the right decision. Say goodbye to MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa and move on. MaRa cares only about himself, his Ego and his Family, not the people or the party.

      Everyone is Born Here, Everyone has to Contribute, but some selfish Politicians exploit differences for personal gain Their Own – Anura Kumara Dissanayake .


    • 11

      This kind of comment will only come from someone who enjoys divide and rule others. Colombo Telegraph is operating from the UK. Do you want me to believe that CT won’t be bias towards the West?

    • 6


      Well done.

      Come to London and let us form a new Sri Lanka Free-will Party (SLFP) and appoint Mahinda Percy as Chairman, Basil – General Secretary, Baya-Gota -Defense Secretary, Chamal-Legal Spokesperson, Namal – Shadow Central Bank Governor, Yositha – Offshore investment Secretary, the mouth strapped Shiranee – Dolly marketing Secretary etc., etc.

      What will be your role? Your surname is like Tamil name. In Tamil Alagu is beauty. Perumal is Lord Vishnu. This can make you Tamil/Hinduism Secretary. Before you take up the role, you must break 1,001 coconuts in front of Gnanasara at his BBS office in Colombo. The one extra coconut must be sharply aimed at Gnanasara’d forehead and the vihara-temple-church bells and mosque loudspeakers must be ready to sound spontaneously when the hit is a real hit.

      Please ensure no positions for half Tamil Gamanpillai, Dinesh, Modawanse, Rambukbukwela and other useless cronies.

  • 35

    Dear Dallas,

    Sri Lankans are ever so grateful to you for this symbolic gesture.

    It is a well thought out action. Makes you look like a ‘hero’, while you do not sacrifice noen of your perks.

    Now that you have resigned, please make sure you stay away. Forever. Please do not return using some fake, lousy reason down the road.

    Thanks a lot for the show from grateful nation! However, fake it may have been.


    • 17

      folk like Gamini Lokuge, are former UNP.
      After November American elections Sirisena and Lankawe, are in for the shock of their lives.- begging bowl has no soul.

    • 6

      Dear Dullos

      you did the correct decision and hereafter keep out of MARA’S circuses.

      MARA and his alibabas want to come to power to save their families from corruption charges.

      • 9

        Higanno,Higanno, Higanno,

        unuth ekkai munuth ekkai.

        village lad you are no different.

        he kept his word and had elections before time Unlike BodhiSira who renegaded on 100 days.

        unuth ekkai munuth ekkai.

  • 10

    What a Joke this is. Two Factions of the same Party on Opposite Sides!

  • 2

    I remember not so long ago a certain president suspended a certain party secretary from a certain party and he later became a anti SLFP candidate. And he won, helping immensely the opposition party at the time to form a government with their own PM.

    So an SLFP man helped the UNP get into government with a major share of the power. Very loyal.

    So it is the same rules that allow MS to make the party in his own image, however, please note this is not the party that we voted for a year ago to date, that party included all these people in their nomination lists.

    The party has changed. Hopefully the party is not ‘over’.

  • 23

    Good old Dullas can now head off to Dallas!Good riddance.Sri Lanka will be a far better place by at least a notch with him gone.Congragulations President Sirisena.We think you are doing the best by both country and Party by getting rid of these scum bags.

  • 10

    Omans are looking good for Sri Lanka.
    Hope MR follows Dallas and make a turning point so that SL can have bright future.

    • 2

      What have the Omani’s got to do with all this????????????????

      • 6

        neither a good omen or bad omen but sinhalese/tamil village idiots with english as a second language and attempting to correct others who never look back because of childhood confidence.

        BodhiSira government had reneged on its election promises- presidency null and void – 100 days cool.

  • 15

    the quicker this ar…..le leaves the country the better. He can go back to washing latrines in the USA which he is very good at. These scumbags returned to SL to join the other scumbag Gota who used his connection as a brother of MR to rape, kill and rob this country. These shits should be sent to Gitmo for life. Uneducated, uncouth ruffians and mugs who can only survive by thuggery and pillage.

  • 14


    At last you have done something honorable. Politically you have been nothing but a self serving opportunist but at least you can be proud by the fact that you walked away when things got sour, instead of hanging on like some of your pals, knowing very well you are not wanted.

  • 22

    What a relief!

    However, it would have been preferred if Dull-ass quit the country and buggered off for good.

    • 3


      “However, it would have been preferred if Dull-ass quit the country and buggered off for good.”

      It is not the best way to deal with the problem head on. The problem might come back to create more problem to the people at a later time.

      • 1

        So what do you suggest, NV?

        Tar and feather the bass-turd???

  • 15

    The politicians surrounding the Rajapaksas are starting to see the end for the family is near. The smarter few have already distanced themselves. More will flee leaving those blind to what is to come still clinging onto a sinking ship.

  • 2

    For those who are convinced Gamarala Sirisena is a mediocrite and an unnecessary burden, here is one reason why he is not absolutely useless.
    From 1952 the SLFP has been the one factor that divided and slowly destroyed this country. It ruined the racial, religious and language plurality for which the country enjoyed an unenviable reputation in the region and world since the British days. It destroyed the unity in the country and turned the people against each other. It destroyed our fine quality of education and notably English education. Fortunately, for the children of the leaders at their time, they sent their children to England to be proficient in the language to take over as political leaders in the country as they returned. The children of the yakkos had to do the lesser jobs.

    When the history of the land is written Gamarala will be remembered as the man who rescued the country from demagogues and religious bigots.


    • 6

      “”When the history of the land is written Gamarala will be remembered as the man who rescued the country from demagogues and religious bigots.””

      So we all say that was the reason he never ever asked for the tamil vote.
      He is Bodhi Sira the liar of 100 days son of Sobita the former terror.

      From 1952 the SLFP- SWRD died on his own race sword.One does not need university education to do that Modawanse is an entity like Kim Jong Un.
      Did VP go to any top school?

      Racism is unique to Lanka for survival. unlike any sensible like UK or Singapore.
      remember after premadasa you are still left governance going but hoodwinking your democracy,
      do you hear arab spring cries of – we want democracy freedom? its not for islam and uncivilised. Its not for you.
      the voter must be disenfranchised for any change.

      “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

      ― Albert Einstein

      SLFP/UNP my foot.

  • 6

    Good luck in your future endeavors; but do not come back to politics in order to swindle and hoodwink the people. Enjoy the share of your ill gotten fame.

  • 1

    I think he is thinking about FCID visits. He is trying to leave Sri lanka for USA before FCID catches him.

    If SLFP is to stay alive this kind of party splitting is essential. Even CBK and Mahinda Rajapakse need to be removed. CBK is well known “CHAURA RUGINA”.

    If SLFP is to face elections as a respectable party, more People need to be removed in order to restructure the party.

  • 1

    This does not say, he submitted resignation. I think, he is waiting untul MY3 says don’t resing, I keep you. After that he uses it for his advantage.

    MY3 should remove him, if he doe snot resign.

  • 4

    I support the Dullas’ decision, because the Rajapaksa loyalists supported MR who is a SLFP member. If they supported the different party member then President Sirisena has done the right thing.

  • 1

    With the transit of Jupiter-Brahaspathi good times are ahead for Dallas,at long last!

  • 0

    Dullas has shown his displeasure by publicising his intention to resign from his post as “the SLFP Matara District leader” – (whatever that means). What is the furore? He has not resigned from SLFP.

  • 0

    MR and Co. virtually was splitting the party but did not want to take the blame for it. Now Sirisena has given them a ruse to proclaim that he is splitting the party. It was MR who gave Sirisena the reigns of the party and expected the regime to go soft on the investigations. However, when there is no let up in the hounding of the Rajapakse clan, MR has no other option but to try his luck with a last ditch attempt at coming back to power and save himself and his colleagues in shame.

    Now the party will spit and MR and Co will lose a lot.Under this government people are at least free to criticize and shout out loud. So MR and Co will shout a lot but I guess people will not heed them. The whole group have to be taken to the courts!

  • 0

    The Mathripala Sirisena cross over to UNP+TNA+JVP+ Muslim Congress candidature he become represtantive of counter-revolutionary camp of anti-sovereignty and anti-democratic forces back by USA-CIA , UK and Indian-RAW.

    What is discipline of Party the politics of democracy?

    How can MS claim that he was SLFP -Chairmen of Party exist since 1951?
    Well, 58 Millions of People votes against MS led UNP camp, then that how is MS being the NOT represtantive of another 58 millions of voters.

    What is his logic of democracy practices count on what ground?
    MS is poor on reading of democracy, he is under the US and Indian surveillances of politics, that is not will and voice of democracy norms accepted by Democratic world .

    The way of MS reading democracy and people understanding is dramatically opposites of two policies of ruling and opposition parties and classes.

    MS been overnight shifted to UNP that cannot be expected from majority of People of voters to follow you@. Think that People of Sri Lankan are not humbugs, we believe democracy of consent of will of majority masses. We are tested democratic of politics of JVP and LTTE ruthless terrorism but we have overcome by will of people.

    Our civilization is over 2600 years. We have been guided by that norms of values of Buddhism and its outlook. Modern democrat values was here before colonial -democracy came to our Island. So democracy has been part and parcel of life style. We have go far that fact I do not denied.

    He(MS) betray SLFP and its policies ,that is not endorsed by 58 millions of people of sovereignty right of elected their leaders of policy matters.
    The People are in different direction of policies ,they are not your lackeys or not any super-power ,they decide on the nation and people interest first. Learn that people are motive forces of democracy. There may be temporary set back of People movement, but decisive facts of democracy is PEOPLE.

  • 0

    Ours the matter key of issues is not that personal rival between MS and MR the leadership of SLFP ?

    In fact MS has betray policies of SLFP by that himself join with US and Indian road map of surrender sovereignty and democratic task very vested interest of US pivot Asian hegemony.

    We are small nation been bully and occupied by US and Indian foreign powers. The key issues are not “corruption” but occupation of Island by US and Indian -RAW.

    He( MS) no longer having right to represent the national cause of democratic movement advocated by SLFP.

    MS is man lost confidences and credential of National forces and their national aspirations.

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