22 May, 2022


Yahapalanaya Misuse Continues: Minister Duminda Yet To Relocate To 1 Billion Worth New Ministry Building

Even though it has been several months since signing a contract worth Rs. 1 billion for a luxury building in Rajagiriya to relocate the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry is yet to relocate to the new building resulting in a colossal waste of public money. The Agriculture Ministry comes under the purview of Duminda Dissanayake, who is the Secretary General of the SLFP and a close confidante of President Maithripala Sirisena.

Duminda Dissanayake

Duminda Dissanayake

In February, the cabinet granted approval to relocate the ministry to a new building, at a cost of Rs. 21 million a month. According to Dissanayake, the Agriculture Ministry was asked to vacate the Govijana Mandiraya in Battaramulla and make way to house the offices for oversight committees of Parliament.

However, even though the contract was signed several months back and an advanced has already been paid for a period of two months, the ministry is yet to relocate to the new building.

According to sources, there was no proper tender procedure to select the building, and Rajagiriya building is owned by Upali Jayasinghe, the husband of a popular actress.

It is reported that even though the Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts had earlier rejected the lease agreement on grounds that the Rs. 21 million per month rent was too high, the Ministry had gone ahead and signed the agreement for a period of five years.

Meanwhile, the National Freedom Front has lodged a complaint with regard to the deal signed between Dissanayake and Jayasinghe. The complaint has been made by NFF Parliamentarian Jayantha Samaraweera to the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC).

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  • 12

    Leave this new “Dumi’ alone! Please!

    According to his own twisted SLFP logic, he is not guilty of any wrong doing. He has not been convicted in any court of law. This is just an allegation. An accusation.

    Precisely the reason why corrupt SLFP appointed that unsavoury character, Toy Pistol Eraj from Beliatte as a SLFP Organizer.

    We see a brand new doctrine in the making under Yahapalanya too. They have a bright future.

    I am not so sure about the nation though.


  • 13

    One set of crooks have been replaced by another set. It’s just business as usual in SL.

    The bottles may appear to be more appealing but its the same vine & it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  • 15

    A very sad reflection of MS and RW and their idea of ‘Yahapalanaya’.

    But then this was on the cards from the time ‘malli’ was appointed to head SLT and Mahendran instigated that infamous bond deal!

    Looks like crookedness is the criteria for our politicians and trails of broken promises their legacies!!

  • 6

    Sri lanka imports twice the amount they export. Because of that the money they spend is earned by poor women working in the middle east.

    Only thing these people are capable of is spending that money, import luxury cars for them in order to live flamboyant lives at the expense of the poor maids.

    when he talks about the whole episode, it looks from the beginning to the end it is scadle and every politician who OKEd this is dishonest. What they say and what happened is not exactly the same.

    I am pretty sure, MY3 OKed this transaction too as it has cabinet approval. they OKes each others budget. So they plunder the country as a team.

    this is not the properway to spend others’ money. When they rent the building they agree even to reparit he building. That looks fishy every where.

    Most probably, the building owner will spend to the SLFP election. some of that money will go to these peoples personal wealth.

  • 8

    Yahapalana Mom, Whiskey Madam and agent Bodhi Sira keep Dumiya busy writing infringement notices, to good SLFP party members.

    Now Dumiya has progressed to the next level to write even Termination notices..

    Where can the poor bugger find time to get a removalist even, let alone packing his Yahapalana Ministry things..

    Have mercy on him please.

    Batalanda Ranil wants two Opposition parts of the SLFP even at the Podi Election.

    BTW, Is this Jayasinghe dude doing a Mahendran to prime the YSLFP Faction’s Slush Fund?..

    Or is it just Dumiya’s EPF?..

  • 4

    OH poor Srilanka when will move into a correct path?

  • 1

    The president and the PM are deaf and blind to this misuse of funds and corruption to save the so-called yahapalanaya govt:They can see only the corruption of the joint opposition mps.

  • 1

    Why does he want such a `Super Luxury`building? May be another SLFP Komis Kaakka!Citizens of this poor country can`t afford this type of Super Ministers. We don`t need the services of Bloody plunderers! Let him hand over the ministry to some other person.

  • 1

    In stead of one, two rings of crooks are busy taking the advantage of being the runners of Yahapalanaya; ring-leaders take turns too; Sirisena covers Ranil’s bond and other scams. Ranil covers Sirisena’s multiple scams. Both sound like angels in front of the microphones, and are trying to bribe God Thirupathy too. I hope the real God (the General Public) will punish both sets on time!

  • 1

    Hello- This fellow is KIRI Berty’s son – our notorious Heroin container and Paki Drug dealer had breakfast at Gampola man’s son in law. You people now know his background. There are so many things we can add to describe this man – when he was at a place called Holmesglen etc. He should be reported to the Bribery Commission or FCID. This is not Yahapalanaya?. This is like a day light robbery in Chicago. Inquire how he bought Apartments and Houses in Colombo!! His father built a very nice Hospital in Anuradhapura. Now this building is part of Ancient Heritage bye- Sabeetha

  • 1

    This is the same man who speaks of Yahapalana and corruptions of the previous regime. This is the result when uneducated people with no status and class are appointed to run the country . We only hope that this bunch of jokers are wiped off soon.

  • 1

    It is disgraceful for him to wear the Suddas suit to show the world that he is a clean ma.. Get in to Amude

  • 1

    Oh my my this is Kiri Berty’s Kudu Dumiya?? Is it true? Is this the caliber of people Bodi Sira is hiding inside his redda?

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