22 June, 2024


Some Notes On Moors Religious Exlusivism

By Imtiyaz Razak –

Dr.Imtiyaz Razak

I would like to sketch some points about Moors to help readers to understand the trend. Note that I am neither hired by external forces, as some alledged, to criticize Moors nor do I hate my own community so I criticize it.

As I pointed on my facebook wall “We need to be critical of our own choices and paths. I know well about my own community, when we think that we are the perfect and others are always bad, we actually contribute to tensions. it is the time for Muslims to revisit their actions for better,… what we all need is space for self-critical. It is hard to get that done, but it should be done to promote peace at popular level. Failure from our parts helps political actors both at home and abroad. I love my country-Sri Lanka. This is the only space I can call confidently as MY country despite my deep respect and love for both China and the US.

Moors of Sri Lanka have been winning significant socio-cultural concessions from the successive governments since the organized rise of ethnic tensions between the Tamils and Sinhalese. These concessions from state were made possible due to Moor political elites’ explicit cooperation with Sinhala ruling elites. Introduction of the market economy by former President JR. Jayewardene opened the way for poor Muslims to seek jobs and other opportunities in the Middle Eastern countries. There was increase flow among Muslims of Sri Lanka, especially economically weaker sections of Moors to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries from the North and East and other parts of Sri Lanka.  On the other hand, Sri Lanka also experienced growth of tensions and conflict beyond the Tamil-Sinhala. Actually, the conflict begun to transfer from the Tamil-Sinhala to Tamil-Sinhala-Moor conflict. Tamil–Muslim riots broke out in April 1985, apparently over an incident in the town of Mannar in the north where three Muslim worshippers were said to have been gunned down by Tamil militants inside a mosque, which ruined the Tamil–Muslim cordiality. During this period, there were religious increase activities by certain groups of Sri Lanka Moors. There were new Islamic organizations and groups. Some of them won generous support from the Middle Eastern Wahabists and their organizations. My interviews for my research on Eastern Muslims suggest that there were explicit helps and communications between certain Islamist groups based in the Eastern Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka’s neighbor country.  The sources outside of Sri Lanka wanted to advance their religious and political agendas among Moors.

Sri Lanka government rather than effectively curbing such organizations either did not pay any attention to these organizations’ communications and contacts with foreign Islamic sources or paid little attention in order (1) not to disturb Moor elites cooperation in its fight against the Tamil Tigers and (2) to gain Moor youth support to fight Tamil Tigers. Some organizations from Moors of the East knew the trend very well and made use of existed vacuum for their advantages.  This paved the way for some Islamic organizations, which calls Moors to follow Islam strictly to consolidate their interests among Moors with stricter and exclusive versions of Islam. It is also important to remember that these organizations were inherently anti-Tamil. Such anti-Tamil slogans in the East helped them to win sympathy and support among poor Moors of the East. Madrasas from this region played key role to breed Islamism among students who joined Madrasas, because they provided totally free education.

I had opportunities to visit and talked to these students and teachers in Madrasa located in Ampara and Batticola districts in 1995, 1996, 1999, 2001 and 2002. I still have close contacts with some of top-level leaders in those Madrasas.  Their syllabus was and is inherently exclusive and introduces Islam traditional ways. Since most of students who go to these Madrasas hail from economically poor families, and parents are deeply religious and thus expect their kids to be “good” Muslims, they pay less or no attention either on curriculum of Madrasas or how they are being run and what they are being taught.  The sad reality is that such is the reality even in 2013. Actually, it is wrong to blame poor people for their choice to send to these Madrasas, which teach narrow version of Islam to kids. The problem is rooted in socio-economic structure of Eastern society.

Though Sri Lanka’s Southern Muslims were relatively free from Wahabists influence, liberalization of Sri Lanka economy also helped them to seek job opportunities. Those who returned to home from jobs in the Middle East, not only came with some decent money, but also stricter version of Islam. Colombo, for example, experienced growth of Islamic movements in 1990 and 2000. Some of the organizations gained blessings and finance from the Middle Eastern sources. They not only begun to spread their competing ideologies among Moors of the south, but also established mosques and other social organizations.  Some of them were functioned pricate homes because they do not want to be identified publiclt for some reasons. These organizations were able to Islamicize Moors of the South very effectively. The growth of hijabis and Moor youth wearing hates in public places, and desire to seek Islamic Politics suggest that significant sections of Moors of Sri Lanka following Islam in a way that would reject compromise and seek exclusivist approaches. 

Generally speaking, societies choices, and its priorities with regard to the way common folks dress, what they study, their world views, their politics reflect the basic nature of society and its trend. In theory, it is very unlikely those who have broader word views and inclusive nature would embrace choices related to dress and other way of life based on religious ideas and exclusive way of life. On the other hand, exclusive approaches like inclusive ways are by product of social reality.  Hence, as I often argue, this trend among Moors was largely made possible mainly for three reasons: first, Sri Lanka Moors became targets of Tamil Tigers, Second, cultural concessions from state and third, global trend against the Muslims.  All three factors significantly played role for the growth of exclusivism among Moors of Sri Lanka.

It is important to point that fundamentalism can be manifested in several ways in any society. One of them is the expansion and advance of symbols such as mosques and Temple. If we notice fundamentalist trend among Muslims, such is also exist among non-Muslims both in Sri Lanka and beyond. The growth of the BBS among Sinhala-Buddhists is the perfect example to this effect. And the  origin and growth  of the Tamil Tigers were prime example of extremism among Tamils. Extremism is by product of social and political choices backed by economic preferences. No society, for that no person was born as extremists. Social and economic conditions contribute to extremism. On the other hand, in deeply divided society, one group’s choices can trigger extremism on other part. It can occur in a organized circle if there was a politicinzation. Hence, Sri Lanka’s ruling political class needs to take following acts as soon as it can to arrest extremism on all sides:

1) Strictly observe activities of all the religious organizations both Moors and non-Moors, including Buddhists.

2) Introduce syllabus to religious schools. Religious schools such as Madrasas should not be allowed to formulate their own syllabus. Syllabus should be formulated by recognized scholars.

3) There need to be committee to oversee religious school activities.

4) Foreign sources should be banned from providing financial support to religious organizations. If foreign organizations would like to contribute to religious schools such as Madrasas, such generous contributions should be channeled through state institutions.

5) Extremists religious organizations, including the BBS need to be banned.

6) Should not promise cultural and religious concessions to any groups, including Moors.

6) Take measures to arrest tensions among all ethnic groups at popular level.

Sri Lanka needs peace. Extremism and fundamentalism from any side would not contribute to promote peace and justice. Since Sri Lanka is known for competitive elections, it is very likely political forces can utilize trend of extremism. This is truly dangerous and would potentially damage ethnic harmony at popular level. Hence, Sri Lanka’s ruling class should come forward to protect all the people regardless of their deadly brand loyalties. Such inclusive actions from state should be dead blow to growing extremism, including Islamic extremism.

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    Dear Dr. Imtiyas

    Your six proposals are excellent which has to be applied generally for all community without any discrimination, having said that it does not mean your observations and examples are up-to-date, I wonder why you add few drops of poison to the milk. If you see this comment, could you please let readers know ONLY ONE MADRASA in Srilanka which operates free of charge (apart from an orphanage), your articles have a hatred against wahabis, it’s much better if you could gain knowledge of their activities in Sri Lanka before accusing them because definitely it will misguide other communities those who not much aware about Srilanka muslims…misunderstandings among communities are always be the cause of communal calamities.

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      I think KArunathilake is a sinhala – Wahabi.

      Because Wahabism has earned lot of criticism and wahabism has created lot of fear among non-believers.

      If wahabism exists people hatred towards islam will only increase.

      Just google and see how they are killing and destroying.

      Wahabis are anti-Islam and they are ridiculing the Quran.

      • 0

        Dear Mr. Jim

        If I am not wrong you are talking about the wahabism in Afghanistan; comparing the wahabist in Srilanka to them is similar to comparing Srilankan peaceful Christians to Lord Resistance Army in Uganda or peaceful Srilankan Budhdhist to Myanmar thugs….I had only one question for Dr. Imtiyas if he is true on his observations let readers to know ONLY ONE MADRASA (apart from orphanage) in Srilanka which operates free of charge as he pointed out…..
        Mr. Jim, I too believe so called wahabism in the form of Afghanistan or Saudi definitely disaster for islam and mulims in this era….

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          I think, karunathilaka is a Muslim, having a sinhala name for this comment purpose. It is a shame.

          • 0

            Having said that, it doesn’t qualify to discredit Karunathilaka’s straightforward questions to be replied by Dr.Imtias.

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      Dr Imtias,

      The Wahhabis have an Agenda. Everybody Follow Wahhabi rules. See that is happening in Saudi Wahhabi Arabia. Wahhabis follow the Satan, Shaitan, and cause all types of trouble to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

      In the Quran it says, there is no compulsion in religion. However Wahhabis compel to follow their version of religion, not Islam. It is called Shaitanism, Satanism, and the Wahhabis call themselves Salafis.

      Even in Egypt, the Muslims do not like the Muslim Brotherhood.


      Even at mosques, the tide seems to be turning against the Muslim Brotherhood, according to one man who spoke from Cairo.

      “They gather around mosques, from five to 100 of them, to show they are important and the goal is to go and cut off the roads and rally to get more supporters,” he said.

      “Sometimes during Friday prayers, the sheikh wants to push people to support the Muslim Brotherhood, but modern Muslims are dominant and not deceived anymore with fake words that defending the Muslim Brotherhood is defending Islam,” he said.

      One former jihadist and Salafist cleric who spoke to MidEast Christian News said the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to focus anger against the nation’s Christian minority, which did not support Morsi, but was hardly alone in that stance.

      “The Brotherhood lost everything, politically and economically,” Osama el-Quossi told MCN. “They lost the citizens’ sympathy, so they used religion to gain support of ordinary people.”

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    Dr Imthiyaz

    Don’t you know most of the muslims don’t waste their money on alcohol?
    Many present day Muslims don’t go for even interest based financing.

    According to statistics Buddhists are one of the worst drinkers in the world.

    Economically the differnce and descrepancy arises between the two communinities because of the above two reasons

    Muslims have been traditionally and historically very good with sinhalese.

    BBS bent on destroying this good relations.You are adding fuel for this process

    they have not been given any significant concessions by the rulers in the recent past as you say.

    The curriculam followed by madurasas is matter for ulamas to decide.

    Maduras most of them follow very old curriculam have not created any misfits as you say.

    Thanks for the services of ulamas in reducing crimes in muslim community in the same way as other religous leaders in other communities
    Madurasa issue is a creation by BBS. Are you an agent of BBS?
    Can you disclose your level Islamic education?

    • 0

      Come on guys, listen to the good doctor, He is only asking you to think. He is no Agent of BBS, He is a true Sri Lankan with love for his country and his people. I will concur with him on many things. It is true many young Muslims who traveled to Middle East has come back as religious nuts, unfortunately due to their socio economic standard in Sri Lanka they have not even seen or known their own country and people. All they know is poverty. It is no surprise when they see money and affluence in Middle East they get dazzled.

      If Middle Eastern Society gave financial aids for Madrasas in Sri Lanka I am very sure they have no clear agenda to propagate Wahabi indoctrinations in Sri Lanka. All I know there are multitudes of charitable organizations in GCC they collect funds and send to poor countries in the belief they will be rewarded heaven in the hereafter. That is a good thought.

      I will not agree the Arabs and Saudis in particular has a clear agenda like CIA, The Church and Communist parties to subvert cultures, societies and bring revolutions in third world countries. The Arabs are not that well organized people, see the current status of Arab countries what a mess.

      here is a popular Arabs joke when people travel to distance countries to acquire knowledge ” Go like a donkey and come back like a horse”. Too bad most of our young Muslims went to Middle East to earn and then they acquired some bad habits So ” they went like a donkey and returned worse than a donkey”

      These youngsters blindly followed the donkey Arabs and do not know to differentiate the universal message of Islam from Arab desert culture. Boys who grew up with me on their return from Saudi kept long beards, forced their brand new brides on the wedding day to stand fully covered in Burka with only two holes for the eyes for photo session. Such a crime. People were shocked.

      The worse part now these donkeys start forcing their ways on other Muslims. The doctor is right in telling that these mindless army has forced major changes to Muslims community in Sri Lanka. I have faith this is temporary. Let us give good education and opportunities to the young, they will see the truth and walk all over and trample these donkeys. I am waiting for that day.

      yes it is true part of this problem came from Muslim Elites. As always they attended to problems in proper showmanship and superficially. They too did not know this is going to be a deep problem in the future. Yes they did fight back in Mosques and in many organization but they were mostly old farts. They could not fight with the young studs so eventually they gave up. The children’s of elites could not be bothered. Today you can guess who rules the mosques and social organization. You will find most of them are not very educated but Zombies.

      Once again I agree with the Doctor. In order to protect our country and our people the government must take the lead in identifying these problems and come up with long term strategies. We have enough educated Muslims who will gladly help the country and protect the interest of our own community. The government should build an Independent think Tank consisting of scholars not just Lebbes and Politicians.

      Remember how Sirima massacred young people accusing them of being JVP. I even turned down a scholarship offered to me to study in Russia. I was afraid upon return I will be put in to jail.

      May be the government should make it compulsory for all Muslims going to work in Saudi Arabia to attend a special class in Sri Lanka before sending them to these countries to work. it should be a one week course to show them the difference in Arab customs vs Islam. We are Sri Lankan Muslims we have our own culture. Of course when you are in Rome you can be a Roman but when you come back to Sri Lanka, be a Sri Lankan.

      For those Muslims who may not agree with me, I can tell you even the Saudi elites dont know how to solve this problem. That country is on Auto Pilot. The Saudi Government is willing to spend big money to invest and build Universities in other friendly Muslims countries and send the Saudi youngsters to study in those countries so that they will mix with those societies and learn more tolerant cultures.

      Look around today the Saudi Government is willing to back financially the Egyptian Army for a knockout punch the Muslims Brotherhood. Do you think the Saudis can be moral guardians of Democracy as stated in Islam ?

      I can only hope my Muslims brothers will open their eyes and mind and throw what ever rubbish they learned in Saudi Arabia and respect our Culture.

      On an end note, Sri Lanka does not need BBS. It should be banned just like LTTE period.

      • 0

        Ahmed, I presume you to be Muslim going by your name. You have opened up a can of worms with your long articulated epitaph on Muslims in general in support of the writers characterizations and observations. It seems that you lack the Islamic knowledge to know and understand what it means to be a Muslim. It is not to please others, but yourself to be in obedience to your Creator Allah. It is a shame that you have passed scathing remarks involving the Saudi Arabia as a nation and the birthplace of our beloved Prophet to prove a point. It may be true that political machinations may be going on to secure its borders from unhealthy, unwanted militancy groups, that could pose a threat to its own stability and security, but that is internal politics. Nothing to do with Islam and its teachings. We need to focus on problems faced by Sri Lankan Muslims due to aggressive posturing and sabre rattling by many elements who are fascists and racist bigots like BBS in our own back yard. As far as we know, the Wahabbis are or were never a threat to undermine Islam or its teachings. The aid to build Mosques is based on gaining spiritual benefit(Sadaqat-ul-Jariyah, actions that outlive a lifetime and accumulate merits even after death), and not with ulterior motives to inculcate extremism into religion. That is the line used by the BBS to attack the flow of such aid to Muslim NGOs. You write of people going to the ME and coming back with beards and women covering themselves up. Surely don’t you know that the Prophet had a beard, and about the revelation that came from God (Holy Quran 24:31-32, 33:59) on women guarding their modesty. It is a basic human right of anyone to sport a beard if he wishes, and for women to cover themselves modestly, and is not a custom imported by working immigrants from Saudi Arabia. Muslims should not feel ashamed to display their religious identity like cowards and to please others, but must stand up for what is their basic rights irrespective, since there are no laws to govern dress codes in this country.

        We don’t need an unfriendly Buddhist government to tell us Muslims what is good or bad for us, since our religion Islam has our Prophet as our spiritual leader, and the verses of the Holy Quran as our divine leader, to guide us through our journey in this world and beyond. Everything else becomes secondary. That does not mean to disobey the laws of the land we live in, but we need to ensure laws are in harmony and compliment each other, and not to be in conflict. If there is a danger to Muslims unable to practice their religion as expected and required, then agitation and Jihad is the answer, where becoming a martyr for the religious cause is the highest sacrifice a Muslim can make. Islamic history has recorded many such instances. Islam, its growth and its protection for future generation is embodied into the teachings itself. The modern world, or western media including so called democratic values will never be able to grasp Islamic morals and ethics, and will always label it as medieval.

      • 0

        Dr. Imtiaz,

        Looks like you are trying to extricate yourself from the corner you have painted yourself into.

        Well there is really no way out than a mea culpa! I think its better if you own up to your stupidity and stop writing senseless articles that are puts the Muslim community in peril.

        There is a pithy Sinhala saying that aptly describes what you are doing. vandurage athata deliphiya dunnawage. Rough translation ” Its like give a razor blade to a monkey”

        • 0

          This Marikar belongs to kind of a disgruntled stock.

  • 0

    A muslim intellectual, an american academic, a PhD no less.
    Attempting to Present himself as the voice of moderation.
    He aims to achieve credibility by pointing fingers at his own community,
    no he is not a quisling , no he is an acadamic an intellectual presenting an
    Unbiased opinion. Behold a mediocrity attempting
    to pupate as an intellectual via the well trodden route of sucking up!
    imtiyaz, please focus on the core issue, which is the manipulation of social cleavages to
    Move electorates and Win more votes.

    • 0

      Your core issue, you can write an article about, friend. This exposition is about mediation and mitigation – not about creation or fermentation of conflict.

    • 0

      If and when the Sinhala-Buddhist vote is split, then the election will be decided on the votes of the minorities. Voila!

  • 0

    Very pragmatic view

  • 0

    A very sane impartial analysis by a Muslim. I am sure fellow Muslims will use all kinds of vile vocabulary to vilify him.

  • 0

    Meaningless article which achieves nothing. This is a white man’s view of everything Sri Lankan. Please write a book on your thesis so that it can gather dust in some library. This is a good conversation piece after a bottle of beer.

  • 0

    Mr. Razak,

    I assumed you understood what right of free speech and right to practice religion meant. Your article indicates you think the government has a role in declaring the extent a citizen enjoys those rights. As much as a Buddhist can go to a temple, church and Sai Baba, a Muslim should be able to choose what ideology he chooses to follow. Having a govt. appointed Mufthi make that choice does not make it better!

    If and when violence is instigated, the criminal justice system should take care of it. When criminals are in charge of justice, that is likely not a possibility. Don’t pontificate in a vacuum. It is very easy to do that. A Madrasa teaches the Quran and allied subjects. Good! When it starts to teach political subjects, then the law should takes its course. The same should be for any institution be it a Madrasa or an Institute. Selective justice is a sign of injustice.
    Sri Lankans have become accustomed to it on a daily level.

    • 0

      Religion can not be a cult and religion should not bring disharmony to the society.

      Wahabis can not think that they are the chosen group and choose to destroy every one else. Wahabis don’t have any harmony, co-existence in their language and they only destroy ever one else in the name Allah.

  • 0

    This article is more to save the writer from the wrath of the fanatics within his own community. We must, however, give credit to Dr. Imtiyaz for his moderate views and his courage to engage in some self-criticism. But his long analysis here bear many faults.

    He suggests Lankan Muslims became radicalised because of some of the Tiger attacks on them. The suggestion is Muslims would have otherwise remained peaceful and non-violent – as in previous years. How come then some Muslims in Tamilnadu, under no such threat, engaged in
    serial bombing, explosions in trains etc in various parts of the State. TN Muslims have no cause for complaint at all against the predominant Hindus in the State. The answer is they too were answering the call of global Islamic fundamentalism to create terror and fear in their societies for an eventual global takeover of Muslims. The idea was to show the world when it becomes necessary global Islamic terrorism can strike anywhere.

    Admitted – terrorists are not born. But in the case of Muslims the teachings in the Quaran and the religion are such they are conditioned from birth to hate “all different religions/adherents” as infiddels and saithan. Their Children are taught to kill and harm them whenever they can???

    If you insist the Buddhists are so bad how do you explain in many areas in Colombo, Galle, the Hill country and elsewhere they welcome – and even participate in ceremonies – of Hindus among them. Recently, large number of Sinhalese took part in Kovil celebrations in Slave Island and at Havelock Road – both in Colombo. The media gave these much coverage. By the way Hindus don’t go about building temples every hundred yards – although they have been in the South for long. This sudden arrival of Mosques almost everywhere creates suspicion in the minds of others.

    Some Muslim writers suggest it is the Islamic religious influence that keeps their men from consuming liquor. This is nonsense. It is more the
    compulsion and threats of the Fundamentalists that make their men from drinking. In Sri Lanka many Muslims took to a social drink – and still do. Although they may not keep liquor bottles at home now. But many Muslims still are members – and senior office bearers – in leading social Clubs where liquor is served. I see nothing wrong there. It is common knowledge today, in the Palaces of rich Arabs, they proudly display their liquor collection to visiting foreign journalists and VIPs. Former Bangladesh President Ershad admitted to have had a collection of Bohemian Crystal liquor glasses worth millions of Dhaka takas – when he often entertained his friends from the army and foreign

    Therefore, please don’t waste your time calling me names merely because I expose your hypocracy.


    • 0

      ADJP, no one wants intends to call you names, but we can only try to put the facts across to be more in line with the correct perspective to the many distorted differences of what you know about Islam and have been made aware, and the true religious teachings of Islam. You need to shed any pre-conceived notions of Muslims and their behavioral patterns, if you are to fully grasp the essence, so as to differentiate between the chaff from the grain so to speak.

      Islam is a religion practiced by approximately 2.6 billion Muslims worldwide and growing. It is supposed to be the fastest growing religion in the world. Surely there must be something compelling to drive all these people of varying intelligentsia to understand and accept Islam and come to accept it as their religion of choice to guide them through in their daily lives, and on into the hereafter?

      True, Islam is a no-nonsense religion which is strict in its code of conduct, but gives respects and reverence to all the other religions irrespective. No one can be forced to accept a religion against their will and choice, but will only accept it if they realize their is Truth and salvation in it. During the time of the Prophet of Islam, there were many battles fought against the non-Muslims, since they did not keep to their part of the bargain in the peace deals, persecuting those who accepted Islam, dealing with infiltration of hypocrites into the fold acting as Agents for the enemy, there were many such problems which needed to be addressed. Thus laws were promulgated. There are two types of laws. The Sharia or divine laws by God Himself as recorded in the Holy Quran, and the actions taken by the Prophet to resolve issues as and when it did crop up, now known as Sunnahs and in recorded or written form, the entire collection known as Hadiths. Both Quran and Hadiths english translation available throughout the internet. This should be the only source of information which will make you understand true Islam, not what Al Qaeda or Taliban or Muhammed Ershad of Bangladesh did or what Sri Lankan Muslims are doing. These are individuals or groups who happened to be Muslims, or have hijacked Islam to fight for their version of justice against those oppressed Muslims or oppressive regimes in many of the hot-spots around the world. Also, there are also many websites which are very critical of Islam and feed wrong and distorted versions and writings, which to anyone reading could send wrong signals, thus realizing their sinister objectives of destroying the true teachings.

      You mention that Muslims don’t usually drink alcoholic drinks, due to compulsion and threats from Fundamentalists, rather than their own religious convictions, which is totally wrong assessment. That is a cruel way of putting it. Of course in Islam it is a moral binding on all Muslims to shun evil and promote goodness. The Quranic statement ‘For those who follow the Messenger (Prophet of Islam), We enjoin upon them what is right and forbids them what is wrong, and makes lawful to them the good things and prohibits for them the evil..’ – Quran 7:157. Now anyone can understand why we care of one another when someone goes astray, and make every effort to put them back on the right track. It is our duty and responsibility to look after each other for the sake of our religion, and for that reason, we call ourselves brothers and sisters of Islam. Like parents duties towards their off-springs, it is a Muslims duty towards well being of their community, which is quite different to all other religions. From what I can perceive, you must be a social drinker and keen to understand why Muslims fear to socialize in same manner, and you’ve finally made up your own conclusions to be in line with the most extreme circumstances of attack from fundamentalists. By the way, you also need to understand who are the Muslim fundamentalists. Simply put, they are those who follow the fundamentals of Islam.

      All the rest is just harangue and insult unworthy of a retort.

      Just doing my bit for my Deen-ul-Islam.

      • 0

        Dear Marwan,

        Please spare us this boring, long, misleading and meaningless lectures on the greatness of Islam. The people of the world are no fools like the Muslims/Arabs and tired of your lies

        Much of your comments are in the marketing methodology – but deeply flawed. “Islam – the fastest growing religion of 2.6 billion” is a false statistical claim. Look at the USA – where Black Muslims were growing and were a fad in the 1960s – your largest market then. They have gone back to the Bible disappointed with the emptiness of the religion. In fact Christianity is growing there. Where else is the growth, friend?

        Tell me, why is it that of all major religions today it is Islam that is under severe attack all over the world – including the
        countries in which it is practised in large numbers? Where is this love of Muslim to Muslim you praise as the Islamic Assad Govt is killing its own people, including thousands of little children, using poisoned gas in Damascus – even today? Your own Muslim brothers slaughtered each other in the Iran-Iraq war where over a reported 3 million were massacred and where for the first time WMD was used by both sides.

        As to your boast of Sharia are you ashamed to admit it is in gradual decline. Saudi Arabia, the biggest mischief maker using religion as an attack weapon – drunk with arrogance by bankrupting the world with criminal increase of oil prices –
        will soon give up your celebrated punishing with death by the sword. That sport you practise in Mecca throwing stones will soon vanish. World opinion has forced these beasts to allow women places in governance and also allow them to drive automobiles.
        They will rise up from their medieval ways gradually. Liberal Egypt and Turkey are once again expected to lead the Islamic world towards reform. It is in fear of this the Saudi Wahabis and Salafis are pouring billions of dollars in the different countries with Muslim populations to keep Fundamental Islam alive.

        Forget this dream of making this an Islamic world as the world is
        becoming wiser to the treachery of Islamists. The best would be for you to boast of your religion among yourselves in the safety of your mosques. Keep your religion at home and in the mosque. Don’t mutter Qaranic verses as you start your speeches when you come for social and political meetings. You will then see a change of attitude in other people towards you.


        • 0

          Sour grapes or finding it difficult to digest ?

          No wonder, this country has gone to the bloody dogs because of racists like you. No respect for another faith, jealousy of minorities, superiority complex – although living by begging from around the world, sending the mothers and daughters to work as servants to Muslim countries. Shameless !!!

          This country will never prosper !

          • 0

            This country will never propoer becs of

            1) mulslims
            2) Mahinda Rajapaksha

            • 0

              This country is surviving because our mothers, sisters and daughters are cleaning the toilets of the Arabs !

        • 0

          ADJP don’t you understand that what is going on in Syria and Egypt is nothing short of a political struggle against oppresive regimes?
          These are both Muslim countries and therefore the two camps fighting each other so happens to be Muslims. It is not a case of religious tolerance as you make believe.

          You have referred to the Iraq and Iran war, and described the killings of innocent Muslim men, women and children as effects uf using WMD, whereas the American forces in Iraq found no WMDs to support their claim as reason to go to war. They were mislead with false information (lies) told by an Iraqi mole who was a defector wanting political asylum in the US. You either have no knowledge of these facts and need to catch up, or hiding behind it to deny the truth. Or else why else would you bring this up?

          In reference to your claim that Black Muslims going back to the Bible, you hasve not identified the source of your claim. Just look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUFlEazexds, Another good read is http://frontpagemag.com/2013/david-solway/conversions-to-islam/, along with many many more sites out tere. About 50 countries in the world have Muslim majorities, second only to the Christian world population, and you poo poo that as a marketing ploy. Get real at least now and know what’s going on around you in the world.

          Your claim of Sharia in gradual decline is a figment of your imagination. I don’t intend to speak in support nor against Saudi Arabia, but did you know it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world? You need to know the statistics of jail birds serving in other parts of the world including our very own in Sri Lanka. Then you will understand the effects of Sharia. Ask anyone been to the Middle East, keep your brief case in some prominent street location, go somewhere and discreetly watch what happens. Your brief case will be untouched. No one will take a second look at unattended brief case which does not belong to them. This is what Sharia has done. Can you even dream of such safety and security under so called democratic Roman-Dutch or Buddhist laws?

          I don’t understand what is it you understand about Wahabism that you fear so much. Some blabber about extremism in adherence to religious practices – but that should affect Muslims, not Buddhists nor any other faiths. This is a false flag fear psychosis brought about by BBS army, and people have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. People in this country should have the freedom to wear what they want, eat what or how they want, sport a beard or shave their head whichever way they want, speak freely and openly what they want whilst respecting the rights of others. As long as these freedoms are not infringed who cares about Wahabis, Salafis, Alawites and Ahmadis. We don’t expect you Sinhalese people to come forward to sort them out.

          A Muslim’s weapon is his prayer to his God of Mercy and Compassion, and He will answer that call when we unite and become sincere in our efforts. So don’t underestimate that strength. All what you believe as Buddhists is in what you physically see what is in front of you, such as the worship idols made of clay and stone. For the Muslims, there is always the hidden hand of God’s help that has brought us thus far in the world in numbers, and will continue to take Islam and Muslims further on until the whole world is overrun with Muslims. So it would be wiser for you to know them better than to discard them with contempt.

          • 0


            I agree with other bloggers here who complain there is too much of time, print and talk wasted by “Muslims experts (apologists)” in these pages in their weak attempt to justify the universal condemnation of their practises under the name of religion. You appear to be one of these paid watchers of this blog.

            My mention of Syria and the Iran-Iraq war is to illustrate the lack of humanism in the people there. Need I say more.

            You ask for statistics on the decline of Muslim converts in the
            South of the USA. But, Sir, empirical evidence is sufficient to
            see the rejection of Islam in the USA that was on the ascent in the 60s.

            You mention the lack of Crime in countries following Sharia. Well, let me tell you there is hardly any crime in that slave-State of North Korea too. In societies that place a premium in individual freedom one has to expect marginal excesses.

            I am not in fear of Wahabism but cannot notice the revulsion it produces the moment it is mentioned. Why any human being wants to go back to the medieval and savage system of “laws” in a modern world where the Western legal system has brought us so much of good and safety, baffles me. I had a recent visitor from Canada coming here for a holiday. She said in the residential outskirts of Toronto, the moment it was known some Muslim residents, from different countries, are planning to build a mosque the land values had dropped by 15% and still on the decline. Such comments are heard regularly from the UK, Europe, Australia. Why????


  • 0

    A very thoughtful piece Imtiaz. There is much that I learned from it – thank you :)

  • 0

    1) Strictly observe activities of all the religious organizations both Moors and non-Moors, including Buddhists. – Who is going to observe? The Govt, CID, TID ?

    2) Introduce syllabus to religious schools. Religious schools such as Madrasas should not be allowed to formulate their own syllabus. Syllabus should be formulated by recognized scholars. _ Who is going to introduce this syllabus? They already have suitable standard syllabii which are very comprehensive in line with international standards.

    3) There need to be committee to oversee religious school activities. – Another committte for what?

    4) Foreign sources should be banned from providing financial support to religious organizations. If foreign organizations would like to contribute to religious schools such as Madrasas, such generous contributions should be channeled through state institutions. – Will the Govt provide the neccesary funds?

    5) Extremists religious organizations, including the BBS need to be banned. – Why dont you get this done?

    6) Should not promise cultural and religious concessions to any groups, including Moors. – What are concessions? Do you mean human rights?

    6) Take measures to arrest tensions among all ethnic groups at popular level. – Be more specific.

    Imtiyaz has proposed after rambling about a few madressahs he visited in 1995-2002 at the height of LTTE attacks. He does not provide any facts just assumptions.

    “Generally speaking, societies choices, and its priorities with regard to the way common folks dress, what they study, their world views, their politics reflect the basic nature of society and its trend. In theory, it is very unlikely those who have broader word views and inclusive nature would embrace choices related to dress and other way of life based on religious ideas and exclusive way of life. On the other hand, exclusive approaches like inclusive ways are by product of social reality.” – Can you make any sense out of this?

    He assumes

    “Hence, as I often argue, this trend among Moors was largely made possible mainly for three reasons: first, Sri Lanka Moors became targets of Tamil Tigers, Second, cultural concessions from state and third, global trend against the Muslims. All three factors significantly played role for the growth of exclusivism among Moors of Sri Lanka.”

    A totally confused and senseless article.

  • 0

    This articles is wishy-washy and based on opinions.

  • 0

    Dear Dr Imtiyaz,

    These days the modus operandi of West is not ‘hiring’ an academic to do the job for them but awarding scholarships and fellowships at reputed universities in order to shape up Muslim academic’s mind set the way they want. An academic friend of mine recently told me that he was given an opportunity to become a research assistant to an eminent professor, who is a dubious researcher in the Islamic field. But my friend declined the offer. This is one way but there are many new ways. I have observed many your posts for some time and can’t help feeling that your writings masqueraded as ‘self criticism’ are not far off from the writings of Islamophobes like Daniel Pipes, Christopher Hitchens, Douglas Murray and Irshad Manji. Self criticism is extremely important and the Quran says “Allah will not change a society until they change themselves” but it should be done constructively.

    Although, I don’t want to delve into the fallacies of what you write, I like to just point out a few. The wahabies never in Sri Lanka advocated violence. Neither do they engage in politics until very recently.

  • 0


    When you get yourself into a shit-hole! Stop digging! No amount of verbosity will make your opinion generally acceptable. It is not the personal clothing of Muslims, or the meat they eat or the cars and homes they own that bothers the ruffians and thugs!

    The manipulators know ‘ownership’ has a direct bearing on the feeling of ‘self worth’. So, they point out what the ‘idiots’ amongst our populace yearn for, and cannot manage to acquire or enjoy. Rather than showing them the way to get there, they show someone who has it already and say…that was ill-gotten or stolen!!! So, the ‘idiots’ go on a rampage. Since ‘I’ cannot have it, neither can you….

    This is not a Sri Lankan Muslim problem. This kind of manipulation and exploitation has taken place from time immemorial. In management its called motivating and incentives. Someone’s loss is another’s gain!

    The colonials did it, the pukka sahibs did it, the Chelvanayagams, Bandaranaikes, Senanayakes and rest of the hangers-on all have done he same. Its just that these days, its much more apparent because of the methods of communication being more visual.

    They say Dudley died a poor man. Can you say that about anyone else?

  • 0


    The problem in this country recently has been one of law and order. There was clear reign of terror unleashed on muslim and christian communities. Any body cannot search or reseach for justifications for clearly commited crimes and human right violations.

    Now a ministry has been set up for law and order. You can get out.People like you won’t have any morework in this country hereafter.
    Our MR is not so foolish to allow the current terror compaign to continue.

    • 0

      Dr. Imthias (REL Patriot Comment)

      Yes. The primary Probable is that of Law and Order.

      The SL State was not doing its job, because they were and are licking the a***es

      Thinks were getting out og control n Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists and the people and the Military took care of it and taking care of it.

      Sri Lanka State needs to do their Job. Take care of Law and Order and deal with the yellow roved terrorists that has nothing to do with the Buddhism. They are exploiting Buddhism.

      The Triple Gem? Make it Double Gem.

      1. Buddha OK he is was the founder

      2. Dhamma- the Teachings- OK Those are teachings.

      3. Sangha. NOT OK. For the Sangha it is about Monk Hegemony- Monk Terrorism. Why the Hell do you need such Terrorist and Racist Sangha and pollute pristine Buddhist Teachings?

  • 0

    Dr Imtias,

    The Wahhabis have an Agenda. Everybody Follow Wahhabi rules. See that is happening in Saudi Wahhabi Arabia. Wahhabis follow the Satan, Shaitan, and cause all types of trouble to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is not much different. They tried to sneak in their Islamist Agenda. The people and the Military took care of it.

    Beards, niqab become liability in Egypt after crackdown
    By Haitham El-Tabei
    Published August 22, 2013


    Those affected range from actual Brotherhood members to those who have no affiliation with the group but happen to sport a beard.
    One Western news photographer decided to shave his beard after being repeatedly accosted in the street and even threatened by Egyptians who mistook him for a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    A bearded taxi driver, meanwhile, admitted customers were increasingly reluctant to use his services.

    “This is possibly the beginning of a campaign to boycott bearded taxi drivers,” he told AFP.

    Mohammed Ibrahim, a pharmacist who also has a beard, has changed his route to work and the hours he keeps in order to avoid “tension with the popular committees.”

    As the crackdown continues, reports have suggested that some preachers have even offered religious dispensation to the faithful who want to shave their beards to avoid being targeted.

    “The hostility of the people is even worse than police harassment,” said Mohamed Tolba, a Salafist Muslim.

    “We are observing a tenet of Islam, but we face the hatred of the population,” said Tolba, who has recently launched an online comic to try to break frequently-held stereotypes of Salafist Muslims.

    “The targeting of those with beards is deplorable behaviour which threatens peaceful coexistence between Egyptians,” warned Nivine Messad, another political science professor at Cairo University.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/08/22/beards-niqab-become-liability-in-egypt-after-crackdown/#ixzz2cu3tsbsw

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    Imtiaz Razak, seems to be having issues with facts ;

    Factual distortions can destroy the fundamentals of a community

    Noor Nizam Tamil Guardian 18th., October 2008

    This is a reply to the opinion published last week by Dr. A.R.M. Imtiyaz, titled “Why Tamil-Muslim unity crucial for peace”

    It is with deep concern and understanding that I made a comparative study of Dr. A.R.M. Imtiyaz’s “Tamil-Muslim Relations and Unity for Peace” a paper presented during the conference “Ending the war and bringing justice and peace to Sri Lanka” held at the Steelworkers’ Hall in Toronto, September 13, 2008 and the article “Why Tamil-Muslim unity crucial for peace –”excerpts” which was published in the last issue of this paper.

    In fact, I attended a panel presentation on Sunday, September 14, 2008 where Dr. Imtiyaz highlighted some of his views on his presentation.

    While respecting Dr. Imtiyaz as an academic, I am much concerned about the credibility of references and citations presented by selected academics and their vocal presentations with regards to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka .

    I am particularly concerned with the references made to the Sri Lankan Muslim community of the North and North Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, to which I belong though currently domiciled in Canada .

    Cause of conflict

    In page 1 of his circulated hard copy and e-mailed paper presented at the conference Dr. Imtiyaz states:

    “However, Sri Lankan Muslims claim majority in Amparai district of Eastern province, and regularly develop social and political tensions with the Tamils of the East. Muslims of the North and East became regular victims of ethnic instability that generated ethnic civil war between the Tamils and the Sinhalese”.

    But Dr. Imtiyaz gives another contradictory view in para 4 of the Excerpts published in the Sunday times article by stating:

    “However, they claim they are the majority in the Amparai district of the Eastern province, where exist social and political tension between the Tamils and the Muslims. The Northern and Eastern Muslims became victims of a vicious cycle of ethnic instability that led to the ethnic civil war between the Tamils and the Sinhalese”.

    These two statements are highly contradictory of each other in the comparative study of academic understanding.

    Later in his original presentation, under the sub-heading “Tamil-Muslim Divide”, Dr. Imtiyaz states:

    “Sinhalese politicization of ethnic emotions by the Southern parties of Sri Lanka failed the country and it eventually drove the Tamils and the Sinhalese into grisly ethnic civil war.

    This statement again contradicts and nullifies his claim that it was the vicious cycle of ethnic instability that led to the ethnic civil war between the Tamils and the Sinhalese

    There had always been harmony between the Tamils and Muslims, specially in the North and North Eastern Provinces . This was true even before the island gained independence from the British. As even Dr. Imtiyaz notes:

    “Sinhalese politicization of ethnic emotions by the Southern parties of Sri Lanka failed the country and it eventually drove the Tamils and the Sinhalese into grisly ethnic civil war.

    So the alleged ethnic instability between the Muslims and Tamils – which did not exist – in no way contributed or led to the Sinhalese-Tamil conflicts.

    Further analysis of Dr Imtiyaz’s statements reveals that one (that Muslims became ‘regular victims of ethnic instability that generated ethnic civil war’ between the Tamils and the Sinhalese) is a accusation against the Tamils, while another – that there was social tension between the Tamil and Muslims – is an assumption.

    The Tamils and the Muslims were in the best of cultural, political, socio-economics and territorial rights relationships at all times and were not in conflict as argued by Dr. Imtiyaz. Various researchers have proven this.

    The Muslim identity

    Further in the presentation, Dr. Imtiyaz states that:

    “Muslims have their own concerns and issues pertaining to their identity and security. A notable feature of the Tamil-Muslim relations in contemporary Sri Lanka , according to McGilvray, is Muslim desire to develop a non-Tamil identity based on Islam, a religion which strictly calls obedient only to Allah, a profound emotional message that relentlessly resists any forms of obedience to all other human and spiritual powers. Muslims’ decision to seek own identity based on the Islamic religion triggered Tamil anger.

    But in the excerpts published last week, Dr. Imtiyaz states:

    “A notable feature of the Tamil-Muslim relations in contemporary Sri Lanka is the Muslim desire to develop a non-Tamil identity based on Islam, a religion which strictly calls obedience only to Allah, a profound message that relentlessly resists any forms of obeisance to all other powers. The Muslims’ decision to seek their own identity based on Islam triggered Tamil anger.”

    These statements are contradicted by other researchers. For example, Dr. Imtiyaz has not referenced Dr. Dennis B. McGilvray, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Colorado , in his original presentation. Dr. McGilvray in the publication titled “Muslim perspectives on the Sri Lankan Conflict”, written with Mirak Raheem, contradicts Dr. Imtiyaz’s statements.

    In Policy study 41, 2007 of the East-West Centre in Washington , Dr. McGilvray states that: “The essential point is that Sri Lankan Muslim politics is not infused with religious ideology or sectarian jihadism. Humanitarian solidarity with fellow-Muslims who are endangered or opposed is strongly felt, as when the 2004 tsunami tragedy struck the east coast, inflicting roughly a third of Sri Lanka ‘s tsunami deaths on a community that is 8% of local population.”

    Therefore, Dr. Imtiyaz’s statement that the Muslims sought a non-Tamil identity based on their religion, and that it was this that “triggered Tamil anger” is, in my opinion, defamatory of the Sri Lankan Tamil-Muslim political relationship.

    Muslim political alliances

    In his original presentation Dr. Imtiyaz states:

    “The political establishment of the Muslims supports the Sinhala political leaders for political and commercial purposes: they vigorously oppose the Tamil demand for self-autonomy in the merged North and East and support successive Sinhala-dominated governments’ military actions against the Tamils.”

    The facts arguably contradict this statement. Indeed, in the North and North-East, Muslims were supportive of Tamils and federalism – then.

    Again quoting Dr. McGilvray and Mr. Raheem:

    “The Federal party retained a degree of popular support over its Muslim population in the North East until the goals of the party became confrontational. Yet even in 1960’s and 1970’s not all Muslims distanced themselves from the Federal party. For instance at the Vaddukoddai Resolution meeting in 1976, M.H.M.Ashraff, who was to later establish the SLMC as the first successful Muslim political party, reportedly said “If elder brother Amirthalimgham [then Tamil leader of the TULF coalition in Parliament] failed to get Tamil Eelam [a tamil-speaking homeland in North east], the younger brother Ashraff will get it”

    It is further stated by these two academics that:

    “The Federal Party even adopted a resolution at the Trincomalee Convention in 1956 in favour of both a Tamil State and a Muslim State with a Federal set-up.”

    Another of Dr. Imtiyaz’s defective view is his statement in both the presentation and the article is when he states that the Muslims had “deep distrust in S.J.V. Chelvanayakam’s federal demand”. Again this is countered by Dr. McGilvray and Mr. Raheem, who report of a “Muslim-Tamil Alliance … [that] emerged in the North East”.

    Further, Dr. Imtiyaz makes no reference to the fact that it was a Muslim parliamentarian who won the parliamentary seat of Mutur (Trincomalee district) in the 1950’s. He made his maiden parliamentary speech in the Tamil language, which is arguably an expression of Muslim-Tamil solidarity, understanding and respect which still remains to date.

    It can be argued that some academics are trying to forget this longstanding accord, with the possibility of fanning discord between the two Tamil Speaking communities in Sri Lanka .

    Other challenges

    The following statements, made in the presentation and the excerpts, can also be challenged as deceptions that could become disastrous and potentially destroy the fundamentals of a minority community.

    1. “The political establishment of the Muslims supports the Sinhala political leaders for political and commercial purposes: they vigorously oppose the Tamil demand for self-autonomy in the merged North and East and support successive Sinhala-dominated governments’ military actions against the Tamils”.

    “All of which goes to show that the irrational approach of the Tamil resistance movement towards the Muslims of the North and East was the key component of the Muslim frustration, and thus some (affected) Muslim youth eventually resorted to violence against the Tamils and joined the state security forces, either as low-level cadres or as informants”.

    “The bottom line is that the minorities in Sri Lanka have some special problems. These problems are associated with the issues of identity and existence, and thus they need special solutions”.

    “During the 1983 riots, a Muslim Minister is said to have disgraced Islam by unleashing his thugs in central Colombo against the Tamils. The Muslims of the Eastern Province were alleged to have got together with the STF in terrorist exploits against the Tamils there”.

    “As a result, Muslims have changed their preferences and strategies to contain the ethnic Tamils’ cultural and political domination. This suggests one key rational for the formation of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) in the mid of 1980’s, when the Muslims also established some informal contacts with the Sri Lanka state forces”.

    Further reading

    The following short list of publications will allow any concerned reader to begin revealing the flaws in Dr. Imtiyaz’s arguments.

    · “The Muslims of Sri Lanka, 1000 years of ethnic harmony 900-1915 AD” by Lorna Dewaraja, (Lanka Islamic Foundation, 1994),

    · The Muslims and Sri Lanka by Ms. Kamalika Pieris, available at http://www.missionislam.com/knowledge/srilanka.htm

    · Sri Lankan Muslims: Ethnic Identity within Cultural Diversity by Prof M A Nuhuman.

    · The article – Sri Lanka ‘s Muslims, Homeless and homesick, Oct 11th 2007,
    From The Economist print edition, An unhappy and forgotten minority,

    · Ameer Ali, “The Genesis of the Muslim Community in Ceylon ( Sri Lanka ): A Historical Summary”, Asian Studies, Vol. 29, April-December, 1981, pp. 65-82,

    · M M M. Mahroof, ” Sri Lanka : the Arab connection”, Journal of Islamic History, New Delhi , 1/2 Oct-Dec., 1995, pp. 305-316,

    · M M M. Mahroof, ” Sri Lanka : the Arab connection”, Journal of Islamic History, New Delhi , 1/2 Oct-Dec., 1995, pp. 305-316,

    · Ameer Ali, “Politics of Survival”,

    · The Article by Farah Mihlar in Britain ‘s The Guardian newspaper titled ” Britain is failing Sri Lanka ‘s Muslims”, available at http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2006/sep/01/post331

    · Dr. Ameer Ali – Politics of survival: past strategies and present predicament of the Muslim community in Sri Lanka, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Volume 7, Issue 1 January 1986 , pages 147–170

    · Article on “Muslims in Sri Lanka ‘s Ethnic Conflict”, by Ms. Farzana Haniffa (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Sociology, University of Colombo ), published in Review 19, Spring 2007 – ISIM, University of Amsterdam .

    The author is a Tamil Speaking Canadian citizen, hailing from Trincomalee. He is a scholar of Communication Science who was a NORAD-Fellow in 1971. He is currently teaching Communication Studies in Canada , where he is also a freelance writer very much involved in the Peace Activities, especially concerning the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka .


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    Another jahil with a PhD.

    • 0

      He is from the stocks of Madawala Marikkar, so do they speculate.

  • 0

    Dr Imtiaz,
    I too love sri lanka. Your article is much like fox news..a mixture of milk and poison. While there are many faults in all the communities in Sri Lanka that has grown over time due to corrupt politicians. This can only be addressed by interfaith communication and understanding. The promotion of a Sinhala only policy gave us the LTTE, I can only dread what the Buddhist only policy of BBS will give rise to. Sri Lankan muslims have never had fundamentalist inclinations despite attacks from certain Tamils and sinhalese extremists. The voice of moderate sinhalese, tamils and muslims are drowned out. The growing of beard and wearing of hijab are a sign of practicing muslims not fundamentalism. Those practising true islam dont persecute or discriminate against non muslims. And please dont compare true muslims with arabs and american puppet regimes in middle east (including the saudis). Dr Imtiaz wants all donations from NGOs to go through the government. We all know what happend to so much Tsunami money that went through government. Also if the government treated all religions as equals and provided funding for all, muslims will not need to rely on help from other muslims abroad. Why are you advocating a police state with government spying on minorities? Will this not create more mistrust of preferential treatment to the majority? Is that your solution…to introduce controls and spying?? What we need to more tolerance, interfaith dialog and fight against corruption. I hope you learnt something worthwhile in your phd

  • 0

    2 countries.

    Islamic Republic of Egypt.
    Arab Islamic Republic of Syria.

    That’s all you need to know to know the whole truth.

    This is what awaits SL if Muslim population grows any further.

    • 0

      Fathima F,

      And you want us to believe you are Muslim??? You are taking the
      congenital deception to new heights, critter.

      Puduma Ledak

    • 0

      Pukasima, is what you should consider in the present vulnerable society, any crow could peck in it.

  • 0

    India can use Navi Pillay’s visit, UN Human Rights Council meeting in September and the CHOGM, to push the Rajapaka brothers to make a U turn. If Rajapaksa brothers decided ignore the world, but decided to go North Korea style, country will end up as Libya. I honestly hope it will not go that far.

  • 0

    Sri Lankans came out of the Westerners’ trick after four hundred and forty three years. Sri Lanlkans came out of India’s trick after thirty years. The billion dollar question is, can the Sri Lankans come out from the dragon’s trick in the foreseeable future? Or suffering is the middle name of every Sri Lankan? According to my calculation China got a firm grip on the Rajapaksa brothers. The Rajapaksa brothers are enjoying all the perks and benefits came from China’s investments, they are not going to let it go. Not only the investments, controlling the media and controlling the people by the SL Army all are China’s ideas.In fact China will push the Rajapksa brothers all the way through as much as it can. Just protects and elections will not help the UNP to win the general election govern the country. It may get uglier than any Sri Lankan’s prediction, unless the Rajapaksa brothers understand what China is doing and decided to take a U turn for sake of their people and motherland.

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    Good Article to read everyone ! Excellent

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