27 June, 2022


South Africa Taken For A Ride By Rajapaksa

By S.V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

The present desperate situation of Rajapaksa’s regime has compelled it to seek the friendship of some popular and powerful countries. They have tried everywhere from NEWS – North, East, West and South, but are unable to find the right ones. They have found China, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Venezuela, etc., but these are in the same boat as the Rajapaksa regime, on human rights, war crimes or crimes against humanity.

If we summarise the recent foreign visits by President Rajapaksa and his Minister of External Affairs, Prof G. L. Peiris, we see that they cover a very small circle of powerless countries – Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Maldives, Seychelles, etc.

Among the countries whose friendships were sought by Rajapaksa are South Africa and India as well. These two countries are part of the Commonwealth, the Non-Aligned Moment – NAM and both are members of the UN Human Rights Council. When the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting – CHOGM took place in Sri Lanka in November 2013, Rajapaksa used maximum influence and his usual bogus promises, pleading with the Heads of States of South Africa and India to be present. But India has burned its fingers several times in the past, and this time did not get into Sri Lanka’s trap. The Prime Minister, Head of state of India did not attend the CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

Even though the South Africans are smart, unfortunately they believed the crocodile tears shed by Rajapaksa. The South African President Jacob Zuma attended the CHOGM. Rajapaksa’s strategy did not work out as he expected though! He thought that if the South African Head of state attended, all the other Commonwealth countries from Africa would do the same. However the Heads of States of Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia didn’t participate in the CHOGM. They sent their representatives.

Soon after the CHOGM, the 25th Session of the UN Human Rights Council – UN HRC was about to take place in Geneva. Rajapaksa used South African’s influence with the African members in the UN HRC. Here also Sri Lanka faced the same fate as in the CHOGM. Five African states including South Africa, ‘abstained’ during the voting on the resolution on Sri Lanka, rather than voting against it.

Sri Lanka used South Africa

While international pressure was mounting against Sri Lanka on matters related to accountability and reconciliation, Sri Lanka used South Africa as a vanguard for a new initiative. They secretly informed a few countries that they were closely working with South Africa on reconciliation and that they were learning from the South African experience and its model of conflict resolution.

To please South Africa, they requested Jacob Zuma to be involved in the reconciliation. This led to Jacob Zuma appointing his Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa as his special Envoy to Sri Lanka.

Yet Rajapaksa’s regime portrayed South African involvement in reconciliation, to the people of the South of the island, in the same way as they had managed the portrayal of negotiations with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – LTTE, in the past. On one hand the Rajapaksa regime negotiated with the LTTE in foreign countries, while telling the locals that the LTTE was a terrorist organisation with whom they would never negotiate. They informed neither the Cabinet nor their coalition partners about the South African role in reconciliation.

However, South Africa took everything very seriously and did their initial preparations, inviting the government representatives as well as sole representatives of Tamils, the Tamil National Alliance – TNA to South Africa and conducted a thorough study on the political situation in Sri Lanka.

When the South African government had completed its preliminary work, they informed President Rajapaksa of their willingness to visit the island. As soon as the South Africans informed him of their intention to visit, he motivated his coalition partners –National Freedom Front – NFF (Jathika Nidahas Peramuna – JNP) and National Heritage Party (Jathika Hela Urumaya – JHU) to speak out against South African involvement.

 Arrival of South African delegation

Even at this stage South Africa did not understand that Rajapaksa was simply using them to prevent international pressure. However after a few cancellations and postponements, eventually the South African delegation, led by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, arrived in Sri Lanka on 7th July for a two-day visit.

While they were in Sri Lanka, the government spokesperson, the Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella who has broken the world record on telling lies, said there was “no agenda or official programme” for the South African Envoy’s visit!

This was followed by the Minister of Housing and President of the National Freedom Front – NFF, Weerawansa, telling the press that the “South Africans were coming as tourists.” The General Secretary of another coalition partner, the National Heritage Party, Minister Champika Ranawaka, said “there would be serious consequences if there was foreign involvement.”

While all these were happening, President Rajapaksa’s siblings, the Secretary of Defence, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and the Minister of Development, Basil Rajapaksa, who were supposed to meet the South African delegation, kept away from meeting them.

In fact, disasters and humiliation faced by the South African Vice President and his delegation were well manipulated by President Rajapaksa himself. For Rajapaksa, the impending Presidential elections are far more important than the reconciliation process and the South African initiatives.

South Africa learned a lesson

Now a South African high level delegation has seen and experienced the seriousness which the Rajapaksa regime places on a reconciliation process. Also they have heard many facts and realities from the horse’s mouth. It is a pity that South Africa spent so much money, energy, time and manpower on Sri Lanka to earn so much embarrassment and humiliation.

However they must be thankful to Rajapaksa for not allowing them to face the same humiliation and insults that the late Prime Minster of India, Rajiv Gandhi earned on 30 July 1987. When Rajiv Gandhi went to Colombo to sign the Indo-Lanka accord, a naval soldier tried to kill him with his Lee-Enfield rifle.

Now South Africa is another country which has followed India and Norway in knowing the actual thinking of the Rajapaksa regime about his political solution, which is none other than the Colonisation and Sinhalisation which the regime has in mind for the Tamils in the Island.

Therefore, now it is time for South Africa to tell the truth of its involvement in Sri Lanka to the international community. If Jacob Zuma is really interested in peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka, South Africa should speak out about the realities his delegation has seen and experienced.

This is the only constructive path South Africans can take to contribute to reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

If the visit of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa was regarding reconciliation, soon after meeting with President Rajapaksa, there would have been a press release by both or at least by President Rajapaksa. But as this never happened; now everyone is confused. Why were Cyril Ramaphosa and his delegation in Sri Lanka? A ridiculous news item contradicting what was said by the government spokesperson, the Media and Information Minister, appearing in the official website of the Sri Lanka President, about the visit of the South African delegation, is given below.

South African Deputy President calls on President Rajapaksa

Official Website of the Sri Lanka President, Tuesday, July 08, 2014 – South African President Jacob Zuma’s special envoy to Sri Lanka, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees last evening (July 7).

Ramaphosa arrived in Colombo yesterday on a two-day official visit to meet Sri Lankan government, and opposition officials and discuss Sri Lanka’s reconciliation process.

“What we are going to do there, we are going to listen to the Sri Lankans,” Deputy South African President said before leaving for Sri Lanka.

Mr. Ramaphosa is accompanied by the Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Ms Nomaindia Mfeketo. http://www.president.gov.lk/news.php?newsID=2347

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  • 4

    South Africa taken for a ride!!!

    Not as much as India……..because they are being taken for ride again and again.


    • 5

      It is okay for the Indians. They will sell their country for a gold chain. Remember Bhandari?

  • 4

    How long this joker could hoodwink the international community by playing his usual Hambanthota comedy show. Not so far.

    Infact he has brought more humiliation to Sri Lanka, and now the joker who is the head of CW cannot even go to Glasgow CW opening ceremony. What a shame after spending Billions of Rupees on the show off CHOGM in Colombo.

    The Satakaya Pig shit eating Joker whose only ambition is to hold onto power has already revealed his true nature to the world and the world knows about it.

    His comedy trick days are numbered.

  • 4

    “They have found China, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Venezuela, etc.,”

    Kirubaharan, for your information of the countries mentioned (by you above) Russia and China are super rich and are super powers. So if Sri Lanka has got the friendship of China and Russia one can say that Sri Lanka does have two very powerful and rich friends.

    USA is strong but the rest of Europe are “Beggar Nations”. They all go with the begging bowl to China.

    Who including USA care about Human Rights? Look at Israel and the Middle East today, you think the US and Europe care.

    “Human Rights” is a relative term. For different nations it has different meanings. For TNA, the Tamil Diaspora and for the likes of you who cry and talk big about Human Rights, your buddy Prabhakaran gave a lesson in Human Rights when he heralded 300,000 tamils like cattle and marched them at gun point on a joy ride around North and East when he used them to form a human shield around him. In fact towards the end he and his goons shot and killed over 40,000 of the human shield when they tried to flee to be protected by the Sri Lankan Soldiers. That is Human Rights Prabakaran style.

    It seems that you have wasted valuable time writing your rubbish. Please find something else to write about.


    • 3

      Jay Pathbey:

      After lying for more than five years that there were no war crimes, since the soldiers carried the human rights charter in one hand and the gun in the other, the tally, according to your lying Mahinda mama was zero. Under pressure, he appointed the army to investigate its own atrocities, just like asking monkeys to look after bananas. When he got whacked again, he has now expanded a current commission investigating missing persons to investigate war crime, too. The sad thing is while MR and the regime was getting whacked from all sides, you the zavior was neither nowhere to help him or is powerless to do so.

      Of course, human rights is a relative term as you have eloquently stated. We learnt that too from your Mahinda mama. Even your own politicians were scratching their heads on the zero civilian casualties claim.

      By the way, where would you slot the more than 70,000 Sinhalas murdered by your own regime and president in the 70s in your book of relative human rights?

      Hello mister, Prabhakaran was not only our buddy but also your buddy, too. You shameless cheat, didn’t Premadasa, the president himself, who piled up guns and money on Prabhakaran’s lap? The next time you pass a big tree, go and knock your head into it, may be your mind may start working again.

    • 1

      “It seems that you have wasted valuable time writing your rubbish.” JP/USA


      You are inviting us to reveal the true biography of you and your late blood-brother.

      There is a limit for your jaundiced eye and slander.

      Mind your business and allow others to enjoy their freedom of expression.

      If this continues, get ready to read your true biography and your late blood-brother.

    • 1

      You are another dumb idiot uneducatard [Edited out] os a sri lanka for saying russia and chiana are rich and powerful. YOU [Edited out].USA is the most power fulk richest country on earth. CHINA RUSSIA wont wurvive without USA. YOU DUMB MUTT!

      • 0

        Why are you irritated DUMB MATTA?

        Does the below given comment rattled you?

        “It seems that you have wasted valuable time writing your rubbish.” (D.G.,this is you trade mark)



        You are inviting us to reveal the true biography of you and your late blood-brother.

        There is a limit for your jaundiced eye and slander.

        Mind your business and allow others to enjoy their freedom of expression.

        If this continues, get ready to read your true biography and your late blood-brother.

    • 0

      S. V. Kirubaharan’s says that,

      “They have found China, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Venezuela, etc., but THESE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT AS THE RAJAPAKSA REGIME, ON HUMAN RIGHTS, WAR CRIMES OR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY”

      Jay Pathbey says that, “Kirubaharan, for your information of the countries mentioned (by you above) Russia and China are super rich and are super powers. So if Sri Lanka has got the friendship of China and Russia one can say that Sri Lanka does have two very powerful and rich friends.”

      Russia is no more a powerful country.

      However Russia and China are shameful countries which have no support in the United Nations Councils. In the Security Council and Human Right Council they can’t win anything in a ballot.

      They always use their Veto power in the Security Council.

      Therefore, Jay Pathbey’s comment is a good effort but totally wrong.

      Many write their comments just to mark their presents or through their emotions; but not to points said in columns.

  • 3

    Surely, Kiruba can’t be PM Rudra’s Foreign Minister .. Can he?…

    Few points however are interesting.

    Kiruba probably hasn’t seen the non Vellala Douglas, accompanying the Lady Ambassador in recent times…

    Kiruba hasn’t heard or informed about his sole rep of the Inhabitant Tamils going to the High Court to give an affidavit and swear that they are not asking ” separation” anymore.

    And the LTTE proxy Sambanadan himself making the trip to the HC.

    And the same LTTE proxy TNA Leader now saying that their only hope is to form a coalition with Left leaning Sinhala Buddhists and Muslims.

    Not sure whether the latter have any Left Leaning politicians.

    But the most important clue in his statement is,

    With the looming Prez Election, Have Ranil and the Christian Faction let the LTTE proxy Vellalas down?.

  • 2

    K. A. Sumanasekera!!!!

    I can presume your cast by reading your comment, but for your information, Douglas Devananda is pure Vellala chap.

    I was told that Kiruba’s ambition is to be the next UN Sec Gen, when the next Asian turn comes.

  • 1

    China will pull out at the last moment, they know that all regimes will fall, MR regime is against the wall and will crush soon.

    China will not want to loose their investment and will support the international community for MR to the Haque, just wait and see. China did it in South Sudan.

    • 0

      China and Russia cannot be trusted at all.
      That’s what they did not only to Sudan but to Indonesia as well and before that they both abstained from voting in the Iraqi crisis as well. It was only German and France against attacking Iraq.

  • 0

    South Africa taken for a Ride by the rajapaksas
    But you guys tried for 30 years, even with guns and suicide bombers, and failed to take the people for a ride, even with the aid of Norway and millions of dollars extracted from the Canadian tamils.
    Sheer incompetence on the part of you and your handlers.

  • 0

    Apart from Bodin’s comment,

    can you explain to the readers,
    how the below sentence can be made in bold?

    This is the first I have see a line among the comments is in bold.


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