22 May, 2022


Speaker Officially Confirms No Confidence Motion Against Mahinda Rajapaksa Adopted By Parliament

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya confirmed officially that the No Confidence Motion against fake Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has been adopted by Parliament, this morning.

He also confirmed that 122 MPs in Parliament have signed the motion and he had received it. Copies of the motion and the signatures of MPs would be sent to President Maithripala Sirisena, for further action, he said.

Explaining the proceedings this morning, Speaker Jayasuriya said TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran presented a motion to suspend Standing Orders allowing the House to proceed with the No Confidence Vote.

The Speaker said the No Confidence Motion was moved by JVP Parliamentarians Anura Kumara Dissanayake and Vijith Herath. the UNP, the JVP. the TNA, the TPA and three MPs of the UPFA namely A.H. Fowzie, Manusha Nanayakkara and Piyasena Gamage also supported the No Confidence Motion.

Subsequently, the MPs who voted in favour of the NCM also signed a motion reconfirming their position and handed it over to the Speaker.

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    These guys are like cockroaches but with venom, they have hundred lives, so as long they are around this will not be the end. Also there are enough despicable people in Lanka who keeps reviving these crooks.

    • 9

      Sirisena’s balls dissolved a little more, along with Mahinda’s, the Fake lawyer’s balls. That is what happens with quack lawyers and quack Gamaralas.

  • 13

    Why did the President act like a lawless freebooter is a serious puzzle to me!
    I think it is temporary insanity that drove him to rob the Parliament!!!

    • 1


      “I think it is temporary insanity that drove him to rob the Parliament!!!”

      Mervin Silva says Sirisena is insane, and Mahinda fell for the insane Sirisena.

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    The Supreme Court has given Interim Orders and matters have to be finalised before end of December 2018.
    The Mahinda Rajapakse government has been terminated by a motion in parliament.
    Appointments made by the interim government need to be declared null and void – in parliament and in public service.

  • 16

    Do not for one minute think that Sirisena and MR have learnt a bitter lesson.
    Power hungry politicians always try to desperately find another way.

    They put this country through unnecessary turmoil and utter chaos. Shame on them.

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    At the next Parliamentary session an impeachment motion against the President should be moved and voted. Its the President who created all this trouble. Thank God, voters are civilized and respect the rule of law and order, a very good change compared to our history. This shows very clearly how the masses behave under the Yahapalana Govt and the previous regime. Let the law and order prevail in this land.

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    Lets steady the ship. Bring all the allegedly lost FCID files back to judiciary or face charges; A report must be submitted to the parliament on the high-handed work of the alleged criminals who subverted the police inquiries and putting the life of witnesses in jeopardy. Expedite the cases awaiting trials including “central bank robbery”. President’s known cases of bribing, intended killings and misleading advise must be brought to books and tried.
    The state should cost the damages and claim from the relevant individuals responsible for the disruptions and damages caused. The alleged criminal activities of parliament that is not-so-parliamentarian should be exposed. Most importantly, THOSE FOUND VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION MUST BE STRIPPED OF CIVIC RIGHTS AND PREVENTED FROM HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICES.
    A new inclusive constitution that started its journey in this parliament must exorcise Executive Prime Minister or Executive Presidency. Pave the way for a free and fair society empowering people with participatory democracy. It should also make law-makers (MPs) more accountable and stripped of undesirable privileges and unaccountable responsibilities.

    Unless people reject these bloodsuckers, they will go on to live by privileges afforded to them without any remorse and compunction. Such sycophants will sustain any ill-system that benefits them!

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    The NCM drama is a massive game without ends on any direction. If March NCM was won, then then EP would have removed Ranil. But in this NCM EP is not removing Old King. He will continue as PM. Nobody will bring NCM on EP. This drama will continue for months.
    The problem clearly detonating finger to British Parliamentarians who recommended Universal Franchise to Lankawe as the source of it.

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    Dear readers and CT, wonder if you aware they say The president prorogued the Parliament a few minutes ago,

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    President sira’s son was about to be arrested for collecting a bribe, the permanent secretary was collecting to give the bugger. Bribary sluths raided the place. Son was in the next room waiting to collect.sira got angry with ranil.next is history.

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    It’s unofficial & deceptive.

    People don’t tolerate such behavior.

    Do it again.

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    A hint was passed by a UPFA member that The president is preparing to get the Tri forces and The Police together to declare emergency law and endorse special Presidential law indefitely (to a private ,news)

    Note:Wimal refers to Tamils as Sakeeliyas, when talking about the The Tamils who supported the vote

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    I do agreed with that no-confidence motion against any govt. having no majority members of Parliament in Sri lanka should be exit from governance institutions. Of cause majority of democracy accepts by Parliamentary democracy since 1947 by UNP that headed governances in Ceylon .
    Nowadays that current UNP leadership on different norms of ethics exercise by mode of democracy that Ranil Wicks of UNP having new game rules that so-called that of Democracy by speaker of house?

    Therefor that UNP politics has been upside down by Old democracy while promoting that New game Rules of governances since 2015 January 8th.
    Being a new political phomnnomone came into being, which is that political situation is exploited by TNA, MC, Progressives Tamils of Up country and JVP support of UNP leadership.

    This an a new prespacatves 0f the Parlimreantry politics towards that is New era of Democracy of Capitalism. !

    Indeed that previous norms, convention and standing Orders of Parliamentary has been scrape by Speakers of House.
    Because of wrong policy move by Speaker is that he is hard core members UNP politics, while he lost all
    credentials of Impartiality of post of Speaker of the House! In fact Karu J… played role of undermined sovereignty function of the Parliament.

    The Parliamentary democracy’s having values & morals of ethic has been rejected by TNA +JVP that inside Parliament has jepodozies accepts norms rejected by Speaker of Karu J…..!
    This is an Undoudeatly is violation of fundamental principle procedure of democracy by Speaker of the Parliament?
    In the shake of democracy we are compelled to removed speaker of house immediate effect by consent of that members of Parliament

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    I rememer the previous arrangement that Athul Keshp ha said. an ABSOLUTE NO NO TO rAJAPAKSES, may be speaker was informed about that. On the othr hand, from SLPP side, Mahinda Rajapske had saiid that the difference between democratic sri lanka and another country is, Mahinda Rajapkse should be the only president.

  • 0

    Wow….. Ranil has done a Lazarus…
    Guess what!!!. Us Ambassador Lizty was in the Gallery applauding , when Uncle Karu appointed Dr Ranil as the PM to replace Rajapaksa..

    And the proposer to appoint Dr Ranil as the new PM was none other than the one time Dalit Party JVP’s Leader Mr Anura Kumara.
    And the the Seconder was the Deputy Leader of the Vellala Elite Party Mr Abraham..

    Now we have a pure Green UNP Government to give us Milk & Honey without those SLFP hangers on, who were sharing the spoils for nearly 4 years of Yahapalanaya..

    Now Dr Ranil can get his New Constitution, Privatize even Sigiriya. Open SAITMs next to all Unis. Get Dr Mahendran back to finance Kiriellas Highway and even Chumpachayas Electric Mono Rail to cart Colombo Elite.

    And make Lankawe a real paradise for the UNPers.. a TNA Vellalas and both Vellalar & Non Vellalar Wahabis withe Baththudeen and Hakeem in one camp behind Dr Ranil..

    Now that Uncle Karu has set a new precedent, Will the Uncle use this 2/3 majority to impeach My3Sira the President?.
    I am not sure whether Sira will accept it….
    In case Sira doesn’t, Will the JVP and the Vellala Party go again to the SC to get a ruling to back Uncle Karu, in the same way they made the ” Ruling ” to help Uncle Karu to sack Rajapaksa?..

    I don’t know why those Do Gooders in the West dis Lankwe for not having Demcracy?….

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