19 July, 2024


Speaker To Convene Parliament Under Special Circumstances Breaking The Current Political Deadlock

If President Maithripala Sirisena refuses to convene Parliament as requested by the majority of lawmakers, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya will take measures to convene Parliament under “special circumstances”, Colombo Telegraph learns.

Karu Jayasuriya

A final discussion to reach a conclusion in this regard is likely to take place between the President and the Speaker today.

This one-on-one meeting will follow Jayasuriya’s second letter to Sirisena reiterating the Speaker’s request to convene Parliament.

In his letter, the Speaker Says over 125 MPs from the United National Party, Illankai Tamil Arasu Katchi, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress have called for reconvening Parliament.

“As the Speaker of the House, I have to heed their request,” Jayasuriya said, expressing disbelief that a leader who sought a mandate to ensure good governance had prorogued Parliament by 18 days.

Jayasuriya sent a letter to the President after a discussion he held with leaders and representatives of all political parties representing Parliament, yesterday.

At the meeting, the JVP requested the speaker to convene Parliament forthright citing a similar decision by former Speaker Joseph Michael Perera who ruled in 2003 that the President’s power to prorogue, summon and dissolve Parliament must be done in consultation with Parliament itself.

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    There is this opinion that the appointment of MR as the PM is illegal. By reconvening the parliament with MR as PM, the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya accepts that the appointment is legal.

    When did you accept the role of a support-actor in the drama Karu?

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      You have raised a good point but for legal purposes whether the appointment was legal or not should be proclaimed by a court of law the way I understand it.
      We all know that war crimes were committed but the war criminals are rewarded and they face no consequence for their actions and will not face any until a court of law makes a determination.
      Having said that I am confused why Ranil has not filed in court asking an injunction on the appointment.
      As is if Rajapaksa fails to show he has a majority in parliament Sirisena could dissolve parliament as the govt has collapsed. In normal times the other largest party will be given an opportunity to muster maximum support and form government but we are not living in a normal time.

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      K P
      Karu is a “farce” speaker; a UNP plant. He appoints Sampanthan from a minority party as leader of the opposition.
      It’s time for new blood to rule.

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    We do not have honest and principled politicians. Only hypocrites, scoundrels, fraudsters and parasites with personal interests. Knowing all their traits and shortcomings we continue vote for them come any election. We are the ones to be blamed. We have got what we deserve due to our own lethargy, disinterest and ignorance. God save our motherland.

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      Amen to that.

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    Libertrian on comment,
    Hope language is very simple. I delivered message base on want is that People sovergerity of Republic of Lanka and Democracy of the majority of People undermined by RW and KJ UNP political governance by misshape called ‘good” governance since 2015 January 8th?. In fact UNP morns of democracy for FEW in politically and Economically has been shown last 40 odd months.

    This first quarter of 21st century ,UNP has no longer role to be play in real terms of Democracy want their behavior is not that democracy, it was ONE RULE PARTY of dictoraships command by Ranil Wicks and KJ . This democracy want be accepts by majority democracy loving people of Island.
    Well to DO that LTTE and TNA , JVP are anti-establishment politics of sepetrsim and anarchism we do not count their forces of democracy framework? UNP leadership working towards new type of dictoraships in Sri lanka.

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