4 December, 2023


Special Cabinet Meeting: Desperate Sirisena Throws A Tantrum, Demands Suspension Of PSC Proceedings

A desperate Sirisena had thrown a tantrum at the special Cabinet meeting today, demanding a suspension of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing the Easter Sunday attacks. He had even threatened to boycott all government activities and meetings until his demand is met.

A desperate Sirisena embarrassed by the information that is unravelling before the PSC probing Easter attacks, had put all cards on the table just to be met with rejection from the Cabinet who duly informed him that decisions pertaining to the PSC are made by Parliament and there was nothing they could do.

He had said the PSC was a political witch hunt against him, aimed at tainting his image and added he even wrote to the Speaker, asking to put a stop to Committee proceedings as they obstructed five ongoing cases linked to Easter attacks. He says he was disappointed to see the Speaker did not take it up before Parliament today as per Parliament tradition.

Sirisena had added he is ready to answer any questions levelled at him, not just by the PSC members but all other Parliamentarians but that he is not prepared to do it in front of media.

Sirisena has sought Attorney General Dappula de Livera’s ‘opinions’ to also try to impose barriers on the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to prevent the truth from getting out; that he is directly culpable in the loss of over 250 lives in the Easter bombings.

The PSC had come under heavy attack today even during Sirisena’s meeting with Police chiefs in the evening.

Sirisena had said he will not permit a single security officer currently serving in active duty, to appear before the PSC and that he will take full responsibility for them.

Funny claim coming from a man who in the aftermath of the Easter attacks tried to coerce suspended IGP Pujith Jayasundara to accept the blame so he can clear his name.

Meanwhile, its puzzling what Livera’s concerns must be, given the three bench judge at the Supreme Court, that took up suspended IGP’s Fundamental Rights petition today had not raised any such concerns and decided to take up the Petition for consideration on June 24.

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Latest comments

  • 24

    if he does not want to preside at govt functions so be it
    the less he is seen the better
    ranil can do the needfull by stepping into his shoes
    any fool can see that he does not want nilantha to spill the beans
    why is the good cardinal patabendige don albert malcolm ranjith silent
    is he waiting for mahinda to tell him what to say

    • 14


      You are irrelevant.

      You are a Traitor, Sevalya (sleaze), Pachaya (liar), Naka-Perethaya(living off the dead) etc., the Titles you have earned.

      Don’t attend state functions, There are plenty of others to attend.

      What you can do is hang yourself, or ask Parliament to impeach you, and ask the people to hang you.

  • 4

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  • 3

    Select committee is to divert public attention and white wash Muslim politicians involved in 21/4 Easter Sunday carnage and to corner president. President realized it and fighting for his survival. Anyway beneficiaries are Islamic extremist like Hisbulla, Asad sally & Baddudeen I feel Real culprits behind this Easter carnage though temporally lost their posts & privileges. Government may try to white wash that doctor as well. Sinhalese should realize it and do needful in next presidential election & parliamentary election. In Myanmar political power can not do any thing as temple hierarchies are far above politicians as such Rakkin Buddhists have big say in their activities. as such politicians of pro west like Aunsan suki is helpless.No citizenship rights for Muslims but refugees of in Myanmar & in Bangladesh still. Citizenship rights only a dream for them . For Libyan refugees in West Europe may be same story as far rights politicians are not in favor of granting working rights for them. This Islamism & its followers become headache for every country It seems. Separate location in Antarctic may be only solution. Then they can say Allah, Allah only god. It may feed them create foods & Animals for their consumption. Muslims are not suitable for living with others in harmony.Making trouble is only their target.

    • 5

      The anti Muslim troll makes another BS comment, which makes no sense. CT should ban these racists.

      • 1


        You are Absolutely right. He is Not the only one. There are some others too like the KeKeKe Thamilan, Retd. LT., & Gay Chambers, to name some.

    • 10

      You must he a bitter looser who is looking to take out your frustrations.
      Sorry to bust your bubble. For your information if the President and chief of defense did nothing to stop the attacks then he is as guilty as the people who did the bombing. Anyone can say that he is working them.
      We have put our trust in this bastard sira for leadership and he is acting very strange. Should he not be investigated?
      Unless you have a pea for a brain you should be able to figure that out.
      Please don’t pull the race card to justify everything, it only exposes what a narrow minded nitwit you are.

  • 4

    Having no soft corner for President since his commitment to UNP of leader Wickramasinghe life-long Chairman of UNP ? Is that national democratic political party of UNP by appoint 50 members of executive by Wickramasinghe clan of that ” friendly with feudal colonial leadership of democracy”!
    The politics advocate by UNP that ‘Liberslim’ Island which that manipulated of by handful of few Colombo 7 seven rich of lazy guys. Is that’ good governance’ claim by for FEW RICH is that will of UNP democracy ?
    The UNP voice is NOT the voice of millions of Rural or Urban poor ? UNP-policies are has not reflected aspiration of People of majority of Islands since 1948> Since UNP being policies that leaders were representatives of Rich and few of local rich>
    That was roots of politics of UNP 71 years.
    What has happen 15/1/8 which that UNP won majority by themselves. NOT THAT ALL.
    But it was that the mandate WON by MS ; that not by UNP having own victory win by choice of voters . Even now UNP lack of Presidential Candidature by themselves in 2020!
    This are facts of truth denied by UNP current leadership of Ranil Wicks, Karutahan Jaysooriya , Milak S..Sgala R,,, The Samarweera of M of (anti- Buddhist) and Sajith P…, Nalin Dissanayake and Ravi Karunanayake
    Current UNP run by other mandate for against democracy of nation protected last 71 years.
    Who are friends of UNP alliance ??? +++++JVP of arch-Terrorist of Southern attacked by 1971 April 5th and 1988/89/90 are that responsibility and accountability of lost of 700,00 to 800,00 youth of south.
    Then TNA are proxies of North ruthless Tamil Terrorist of LTTE claim for Tamil Homeland in Sri lanka.
    By the way that their forget Tamil Nadu is homeland Tamils of Indian by TNA, TULF and FP.

    • 18

      U criticize all the parties except SLPP which is nothing but a property of Ra..kse clan. It is also the only organization that has most corrupt politicians from top to bottom! Remove “Paraala
      in your own eyes first before trying to remove tiny dust in others!
      It is obvious that MY 3 is trying so desperately to prevent Nilanatha Jayawardena appearing before PSC b’cos he is the only person who holds the direct evidence most damaging to MY 3. It is now very clear that MY 3 handled important security matters directly with Nilantha leaving all the other including Def Sec as secondary. Even though all the available circumstantial evidences support the hypothesis that MY 3 was briefed on the very first day Indian tip came in (Apr 4), the direct evidence has to come from Nilantha or from a leaked document from Nilantha’s briefing notes, if he had any.

  • 27

    This modaya has to be impeached and civil rights removed. He is not even fit to be a cleaner

  • 24

    Impeach this mental case before he commits further damages to the nation.

  • 23

    ●What kind of leader tries to obstruct the course of justice in his own country?
    ●What kind of leader breaches the constitution of his own country?
    ●What kind of leader travels out of the country while the country is on fire?
    ●what kind of leader would not care to stop a terror attack on his people so he could perhaps gain political milage in the confusion?
    ●What kind of leader has selective amnesia when it come to taking responsibility?
    ●What kind of shameless pig ? have no qualms in doing all of the above and still feel entitled?
    ●It is time for us to put a stop ✋ to all these cheap nonsensical activities of gamaya and punish him for what he has done, he is indeed an enemy of the people.
    This man should be made an example of so that others will never try such lousy stunts in the future.

  • 0

    He is acting like a Hanumantha

  • 0


    I have replied to u anout being bombed. It’s under the artucle about Zaharan…not archived as I thought

  • 11

    The country needs to know the truth behind the failure of hierarchical responsibility for the Easter Sunday tragedy. The truth can only come out through independent truth finding. Parliament is peoples’ democratic voice and through it and its independent committees only the truth can be searched. It is shameful to demand shut down of that voice for personal agendas of politicians and leaders.

  • 14

    Even a kid might take warnings of these kinds of threats seriously but Sirisena took it easily with lot of fun and jolly rides all over the world with his family and boots lickers to boot. We don’t want him at that place any longer. It’s high time for him to say good bye and get out for good. If he contests again that going to be his biggest Waterloo for he would loose miserably.

  • 3

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 3


    Modayas are genetically weak.
    Look how they govern
    Intelligence service has no clue how many churches are in Colombo. How can these jokers save their own people?
    Land ruled by jokers. And Clowns.
    Give the security of S-W to Greater China..N-E to Americans.

    Bring Mossad.

    This country will be divided into pieces one day.

    If it is another country people will go to streets look at Venezuela. and Sudan today .

    But Modayas have no backbone.

    Should they allowed Federal states in 50s or self administration to merged N-E in 80s this country would have been like Singapore or Hong Kong today.

    Modayas missed the boat now going to allow foreign powers to divide the country.


  • 0

    Presidency is the” ultimate” in any country. ..

    So Sira took it with both hands by betraying 5.8 Million Sinhala Buddhist voters and many more millions of their dependents.

    In the process Sira also helped Dr Ranil, Mangala Samraweera ,Dentist Rajith , Kandy Kirra , Galleon Ravi and a whole host of other crooks in the unholy alliance of the UNP to f+++++ the Country and the Sinhala Buddhist Majority, who are the rural poor in the Nation.

    But the biggest losers unfortunately happened to be the Sinhala Catholic Community at the hands of the UNP’s Muslim Faction , although the Catholic Community also helped Sira to become the President.-

    Now Dr Ranil and his Crooked mates are opening up with Both Barrels to finish off Sira using the Easter Sunday Tragedy which was inflicted on the Catholic Community by the Muslims ..

    Sira deserves what he gets, because no thinking person in Lankawe believes that Sira didn’t know what a deceitful, Foreign sucking Greedy bunch of Politikkas ,Dr Ranil and his Buddies in Kotte are…

    Didn’t somebody say Karma is a Bitch…

    • 4

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Didn’t somebody say Karma is a Bitch…”

      If true it will catch you by your B***S and throw you in prison without changes and keep you until your dying day along with your mates Dayan, entire clan, Wimal, Gnanasara, …………….other saffronstays, Vasu, and all those hoodlums in the same cell.

      AKD will conduct early morning, noon, evening, and night sermon along Senathirajah.

  • 9

    If he does not want a probe then take responsibility for the fiasco and resign.

  • 3

    A very brave and intelligent lady petitioned the Supreme Court to order President Sirisena to submit to a psychiatric examination to get his mental state evaluated. She was prompted to do this because of the wild and erratic behaviour of this man, who was tearing pages from the Constitution and using them as toilet paper. But the back boneless judges who were also lacking in wisdom dismissed her case and unfairly ordered her to pay the costs as well. If these judges had taken appropriate action that day the Easter day bombings might not even have happened.

  • 1

    If the speaker does no heed the president’s request to suspend the PSC, he should go to Dalda Maligawa and commence a fast unto death.

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