5 July, 2022


Special Committee Appointed To Investigate Ven. Sobitha’s Death

A special committee headed by Director of the Colombo National Hospital Dr. Anil Jasinghe has been appointed to investigate the death of influential Buddhist Monk, Ven. Maduluwave Sobitha Thera.

Ve. SobithaThe commission was appointed following a directive issued by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya. The five member committee includes; Chief Judicial Medical Officer (Colombo) Dr. Ajith Tennakoon, Senior Anesthetic Dr Kumudini Ranatunga, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Iresh Wijemanna and Cardiology Specialist Dr. Nimali Fernando.

In March this year, the CID commenced an investigation into the death of Ven. Sobitha after several groups, including Buddhist Monk Uduwe Dhammaloka made a formal complaint requesting a thorough investigation be conducted to verify if foul play was involved in the death of Ven. Sobitha, who played an important role at the 2015 Presidential Election.

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  • 2

    It is true the Yahapalana health Minister got scared of our Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons more than the massive infarction..

    And rushed to Singapore to get the by pass at Yahapalana Income Tax payers expense.

    I am glad our Dalits don’t pay income tax.

    But after denigrating one of the best and most descent Doctors in the country and taking him to task for not towing the Yahapalana line, , he had good reason to be frightened of them , although our Doctors I am sure do not stoop to the same level of these Politikkas like Rajitha and some of his colleagues.

    Ven Sobitha on the other hand may have had political enemies.

    But our Doctors wouldn’t give a shit about them, let alone harming a patient under their care , even if the politikkas try to force them. .

    This is a Yahapalana Ploy to capitalize on the poor Hamudurn.

    Most probably he died of severe depression which his ailing heart couldn’t handle..

  • 5

    For crying out loud, the guy was 73 years old with all sorts of medical complications.

    Some crook gets caught keeping an elephant for his personal-prestige without a licence and to get off the hook starts this carp. And you guys falls for it.

    Is there anyone in Yahapalanya with balls to say enough is enough? There are more pressing things in the country to attend to than waste time and money on this claptrap to pacify some idiots.

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    What ever the elephant rogue says, I do not think that a reputed hospital in Singapore will release the body without ascertaining as to what the cause of the death was.On the other hand why does not the elephant rogue ( two elephants) explain how Soma man died very fortuously for these rogues to capitalize on his death and enter the Parliament.

    Few years ago, one of the Sinhala papers reported that a novice monk who entered the robe was found dead the following morning.Suspected of bleeding after the senior scoundrels seduced him. It was covered up by the Chief Doctor in the area.Why was not that death investigated and what has Sumane got to say about it?

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    Yes enough is enough of wild goose chase.
    Why who would have killed this innocent soul. Stop the stupid game! The same kind of game was played when Soma Thero died when he visited Russia?? 10 years ago?? Stupidity of Srilankan Modayas.

    There are millions of unfinished tasks for Yahapal… To do , instead just wasting time and the Tax payers money.

    By the way why the Ministers and commanders and their families flying around in First class using Tax payers money??
    Expose all these jaunts whether they fly on state Business or private jaunts we are not a prosperous country to fly all these people First class.

    Yahapal…..? Minimise the expenditure and use the Tax payers money wisely.

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