28 May, 2022


Special Presidential Commission To Probe Into Rajapaksa Regime Corruption

President Sirisena today announced that a special Commission will be appointed within the coming week to probe into the massive scale corruption that had occurred during the Rajapaksa regime.

Maithripala Gampola 2014Speaking at an event in Aralaganwila last night, President Sirisena while admitting that there has been a delay in bringing those who engaged in corruptive deals to book, said nevertheless those who are found guilty will be duly reprimanded legally as promised in his 100-day program .

As per the schedule noted in the 100-day program, this commission was to be appointed on February 5. This promise comes midst rising criticism from various quarters in the country concerning a reluctance of the incumbent regime to stick to the promise made to hold corrupt individuals accountable for their actions.

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    All commissions are intended to cover up serious crimes, deflect the seriousness of the crime, buying time, bark without the bite, eventually bury the report, absolve the perpetrator innocent from crimes, ……

    If Maithiri is serious he should send in the police to investigate, gather evidence before the files being made to “disappear”, allow the investigators to follow the money trail and paper trail, if necessary liaise foreign institutions.

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      President Sirisena,

      You are dealing with a ‘aseelachara’ family in a ‘seelachara’ way ! This is not going to work !

      You are getting soft for whatever reason. This is not what you promised at the ‘Lets Unite’ business forum.

      We the people voted for you with the understanding that you will take action on anybody who broke the law !!!

      You owe it to your 6.2 million people. Treat them as any other common criminals. NO to commissions.

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    Mr President,
    With all respects sir, I have very kind request for you today

    If you have the guts, leadership, word of man, and vision show the country that you can put at least one Rajapakse(s) in jail due to their corruptions in their following categories:

    Corrupted Presidency – MARA
    Human Rights Violation – MARA, GORA, BARA, NARA
    Corrupted Defense Ministry – GORA and MARA
    Corrupted Development and Economy Ministry – BARA
    Corrupted Samrdhi – NARA
    Corrupted Rakna Lanka – GORA
    Corrupted Nil Balakaya – NARA
    Corrupted Nelum Pukuna – MARA
    Corrupted Mihin – MARA
    Corrupted Colombo Port City – MARA
    Corrupted Road development – GOTA and MARA
    Corrupted UDA – GORA
    Corrupted Air Plane deal – MARA
    Corrupted Hambantota Port – MARA
    Corrupted Chinese Money Deal – MARA, GORA, BARA
    Corrupted Casinos – GORA and MARA
    Corrupted Over 180 cronies of appointments in all around the world embassies – MARA Racing cars – NARA
    Corrupted and False Law Degree – NARA
    Corrupted Helicopters deals- NARA, YORA, RORA
    Corrupted Horse deal – RORA
    Corrupted Multiple Presidential Palaces – MARA
    Several thousands of wall clocks deal – MARA, GORA, BARA, GORA, NARA
    I can go over million issues like this.

    Tell us whether you have guts to get at least one of these guys into Welikada. Then we can talk about good governance.

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      Good question. Even if they are at welikada they will be endup in prison hospital like tissa With all the facilities. Daughter says he is doing good and perfect, but all are going to meet him at prision hospital. Typical sri lankan politics. when they get money from drug dealer they wil say borrowed money from drug dealer and freely roaming. Legal system allows them to go free after recorded statement. ordinary citizens will be in prison even if there is an unusual transactions in their own account with their hard earn money.

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    President Sir,

    PLEASE PLEASE be quick in arresting all these snakes mentioned in the reply above
    by Worry. Give a dead line to the commission.

    Please read the article by Granville today.


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      Bad part is, politicians including president know anything while ordinary citizen can list down corruptions and who involved. As of police, when the government change, they will become an infants. What happened to helicopters which srisena mentioned during the election campaign? Stil need a proof? I think current president and gov think that people of sri lanka are still fools. People of this country wil vote for best candidates in the Parliament election.

      Gov may put some dummies into jail at the last moment to win votes. while let the actual culprits to go free. Sure, present government will follow the previous gov as most of the politicians are from previous regime. So no action will be takes on corruptions, if they take most of the current ministers will need to go home.

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    You already have a Commission to investigate allegations of Bribery or Corruption. They can investigate, and even prosecute in courts which would punish the offenders if found guilty.

    Special Presidential Commissions do not necessarily investigate but if evidence is placed before it, then it can report its findings should the terms of reference permit it. But it is the parliament with a two thirds majority must if at all expel members of parliament and / or deprive civic rights for seven years in the case of a politician and bar a person from holding public office for life. NO PRISON TERM.

    It is very important that correct persons should advice the President and His Excellency should not be made to look an His Oxcellency in making him to swallow dead ropes. I cannot expect Prez Sirisena to know everything but his advisers should be very well informed. One of the maladies of the previous regime was that the Presidential Secretariat was swamped with Civil Servants who became class 1 officers from class 3 without serving in any post in class 2. Quite a lot cannot even write a proper English letter. All they know is to put through deals.

    Coming back to the original subject it is important to quickly collate the evidence against the corrupt, solid evidence. The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is directly under Prez Sirisena. According to certain web reports it has spent Rs 600 million on textiles, presumably on cloth for “Sil redda”. Why cant that be corrected. The offenders are right inside and still sucking the blood of the organization. If you catch a few things there then the link to the then big man should become clear.

    It is pertinent to note that in South Korea, one of the former Presidents were sentenced to death many years ago for wrong doings involving corruption. WE ARE GOING ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH.

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    It is too late Mr President. You gave them ample time to hide their ill gotten wealth.
    Was it deliberate?.

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      Yes of course. What president promised to the people during the election campain was all will be arrested within weeks of they come to pover because he knew all the corruptions and people behind them. But now he is investigating. So president too failed on his statements and prooved he too gave false promises just to make people excited. So people will vote for him. I can remember he told they wil close BIA on 8th January. Most of the people left on the same day and still inquires are going on how they left. So funny…

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    These so called anti corruption campaign by US backed Rani/Chandrika/Maithree regime is a political witch hunt to make sure Anit imperialist Rajapaksa coming back to power. None of the allegations against any of his cabinet ministers, family members etc are provable in an impartial court of law.

    All these efforts are part of US’s “pivot to Asia” agenda.

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    We have seen commissions and commissions and easy to way to get out of the situation without doing anything is to appoint a commission. We never see the reports and the sittings may not be over within 100 days. There is so much of evidence and from the reports we can charge lead personalities in the government. A very easy way is to arrest the President and his navy son for desertion and hiding a deserter. What is needed is filing charges according the law of the country and you can have commissions in addition to make statements to the media. Appointing a commission is a big joke

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      Sri lankans people have seens so many commissions and most of the reports will go missing after sometime. What sri lankan people still dont see… A commission to appoint a commission. No surprise if srisena would make a one. Still we are living in the miracle of asia….

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    Good Governance – you hit the nail squarely on the head! Let’s just hope this ‘commission’ isn’t like all its predecessors that kind-of evaporated into the ether and weren’t heard of since.

    No more bogus BS – let’s keep those promises!!

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    Do not bull shit people, Empower police and judiciary to punish wrong doers.
    Including you!

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    President Sira himself investigated Dr Mervyn, whom the Elite and the Anglican party supporters used to call Kudu Mervyn.

    Sira’s investigation however was on the allegation that the Dr, attacking a Public Servant in the open in front invited Media Guests,

    Attacking or even abusing a Public servant is a felony in the state of New York..

    Attacking a Muslim Public servant must be a double felony.

    But Sira couldn’t even cancel Dr Mervyn’s membership card, let alone charging for Felony.

    Wonder what Sira has done with the file, let alone the report.

    Has Sira handed it over to Srikaotha because its Boss was totally in charge of arresting the crims and the corrupt on the 9th, the day after Sira scoring.

    • 5

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Sira’s investigation however was on the allegation that the Dr, attacking a Public Servant in the open in front invited Media Guests,”

      Sri Lanka minister Mervyn Silva threatens journalists
      23 March 2012.

      You are almost three years late.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        You obviously missed the Media Scrum giving our Dr Mervyn super star treatment, when Dr Mervyn, the new crusader against Rajapaksa corruption appeared before the cameras just before handing over the “reveal all Murder and Corruption charge sheet” to the Bribery Commissioner/ CID.

        And it was only last week ..

        Probably your mate Galleon Ravi,who is Dr Mervyn’s long time bosom pal was in the background.

        Wonder whether Dr Mervyn still collect protection money from the Elite, Anglicans and the Vellalas in Kelaniya?..

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    UNPers and a few SLFP defectors, hijacking Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera’s important proporsals,came to power after making all kinds of promises. Not only these politicians haven’t yet even tried to bring the people engaged in corrupt deals to book, they are busy making constitutional reforms for the sake of their own welfare rather than the welfare of the people. It is extremely sad to mention that this government like the previous is not at all concerned about the expectations of the people. Maitripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe’s priorities are mixed up.

    Just consider the following proposal put forward for constitutional reforms.
    “The number of Ministers shall not exceed 30. The total number of Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers shall not exceed 40. Where the parties with the highest and second highest number of seats agree to take part in a Government of National Unity, Parliament may be resolution increase the above mentioned numbers to not more than 45 and 55 respectively for the duration of the Government of National Unity”.
    If it is a single party government the total number of ministers is 70 and if it is a national government of UNP and SLFP, the total number is 100. One can not understand the logic behind this proposal.

    The questions that arise are:

    1. Why can’t the number of ministers remain at 70 and distribute the 70 among the UNP and SLFP MPs in the ratio of the number of MPs in UNP and SLFP. Surely, the party with the higher number of seats will have to make a tiny sacrifice by going into a coalition. However, if these MPs are honourable people who do politics only to serve the people of the country they should not fuss about the sacrifices that they have to make.

    2. Why can’t the party with the highest number of seats go into a coalition with a minority party(say JVP) and form a government in a similar fashion distributing the ministries as above.

    What is clear is that neither main UNPers nor SLFPers are sure of winning a majority and they are trying to make a constitution to suit both Ranil and Maithri’s parties.

    If the present government does not deliver the goods, it is high time that the people need to change their attitudes towards the main parties.

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    I hope that the word ‘reprimand’ in the main text of what the President is supposed to have said is a mistranslation. The Dictionary definition is, if you’re reprimanded, someone in authority speaks to you in an angry way because you’ve done something wrong.

    Is that all that is going to happen? A reprimand and a sermon on bad karma from MS? But on the other hand, what else can we do? Surely, we cannot drag him on the road in Libyan style? Sri Lankans are too civilized for that. But the biggest problem is that MR supporters will not keep quiet. There will be riots.

    The best solution therefore, would be to replace MR by someone like WW. No one is going to cry for him, leave alone riot for him. And Sri Lankans have done that sort of thing in King Kekille’s time.

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    It is getting a bit tiresome – talk talk talk and more talk. We voted MS in with the hope that we will finally see justice served on ALL those who plundered the country and bled it to death. We have commissions and we all know that these are commissions of omissions. The crooks are still out there roaming freely!
    Cry my beloved country Cry!

  • 4

    its all getting a bit tiresome now – speeches are beginning to sound very hollow . Its all talk talk talk only …………. MS only knows too well who the crooks are. He knows who plundered and bled this country to death. And what is being done about it? Initiate a commission! What a brilliant move! I don’t think any other country in the world has more commissions to look into issues than Sri Lanka. The only outcome of this commission is going to be more omissions – so why bother at all Mr President?

  • 2

    During the last few weeks, there was wide publicity given to the use of Air Force Helicopters by VIPs of the previous Government for election work. Even, we were surprised by the use of these helicopter rides by the First Lady to commute ten km. Among the other users were ex Minister Weerawansa and sons of the ex President. Even it was brought to our notice the cost of such helicopter rides. Well if those usages were “official”; then Ari Force authorities must immediately refute the reports and bring a closure to the news circulated. In the absence of such a clarification, we believe that usage was not “Official” but “Private” that must be charged and paid for.

    To inquire into this, surely there should not be a “Presidential Commission” or a complaint to the Bribery and Corruption Commission. If anyone thinks that way, I consider it to be a “Big Joke” and also that would be an attempt to throw wool over our eyes.

    What is needed is simple. Air Force authorities must draw out “Invoices” and send “Bills” to the respective persons who used such services and request that the payment be made within a stipulated time frame. Also must include a clause to say that if the “Dues” are not settled withing the time limit given, legal action would be taken to recover the money.

    Mr. President, this Air Force is under you. Do you think that a “Special Presidential Commission” is needed to recover the dues?; OR has anyone advised you to take that course of action? You also have a Deputy Minister who can look into this. What is he doing? You also have a Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, and what is he doing?. Please do not “drag” your feet on matters that can be settled in a matter of a day or two and handled very effectively and efficiently administratively. Please do not underestimate the PEOPLES’ patience.

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    My humble suggestion is to make K A Sumanasekera as the President for the Commission to investigate the corruption of the former Government!

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    President please appoint a comission to appoint commissions. We sri lankans dont see a such commission. Are you still cleaning temple trees before allow people to visit and see? This is what rajitha told in a gov weekly press conference. So do you think MR was living under such condition where ordinary people cant visit? Then MR wasnt wasting money even to clean temple trees. Story doesnt add up and weall know whats happening… you came to power by the name of corruption but not to hide later.

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    Sirisena should get going on corruption without yelling about it at meetigs .people who supported his victory are getting confused.some wonder if the nurses union Preist’s comments about Sirisena’s abilty to be a minister is correct!

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    Aiyo Sirisena: How about your Araliya rice mafia? That is not corruption???? Ask the poor paddy farmers you have duped for years… LMAO..

    You will be kicked out in April 2015…. The ‘gawapalanaya’ will last only till then. enjoy………….

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    LOL. This 100 day program is falling apart with nothing achieved after 1/3 of the time has passed. When people questioned (and many mocked) the 100 day plan as unrealistic the My3 gang went to town claiming such people were corrupt and power greedy and they did not want to bring “good, real change”. My3’s gang made it sound like SL can be transformed over night and it was so easy (hence why it could be done in 100 days). Unsurprisingly: They LIED.

    Of course the lies haven’t stopped (but not a real surprise when you have Mangala around -a well known liar who’s only purpose on My3 gang & UNP was to manufacture and spread lies).

    We were told MR had Aston Martins and horses from the UK. What happened? That turned out to be a lie.

    We were told MR had built Palaces all over the country for his use. What happened? That turned out to be a lie.

    We were told MR had a “private army” as per his coup attempt. Turned out it was a legitimate business/PMC, recognised not just legally in SL but also abroad including by the Gods of the UNP and Colombo in the West.

    We were told the Colombo Port City project and the Northern (plus) other expressways were all corrupt and SL was being robbed. What happened? That turned out to be a lie. And comically the projects are going ahead!

    We were told MR had built a private “luxary” meditation center which some UNP thugs “raided”. Turned out it was not a “super luxary” place nor was it built by MR nor was it funded by SL, but donations from Buddhists in Taiwan and was a temple open to everyone.

    We were told a fleet of luxury cars were “found” in some yard, which MR had abandoned after secretly and illegally aquiring them. These cars belonged to the country and hence why they had been “abandoned” in some yard post election. Some of these cars were from the 1980s (lol).

    We were promised good and clean Goverance. But we have Ravi K as Finance minsiter (how is the “good governance”?), UNP thugs launching raids looking for corruption (shouldn’t it be the police doing raids?) and UNP Government Minsiter (John Amaratunge) and his thugs carrying out digusting political violence, which this UNP Government REFUSES to punish. What kind of “good governance” is that?

    Oh well, UNP is well known for its corruption and violence, but its ok if its UNP.

    So long as this attitude exists, Sri Lanka will never change.

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    Mr. President,

    Commissions, commissions, commissions and when are they going to start work and finish with the probes.We reliably understand that in some commissions, the investigators are not selected yet tho’ 1/3 of the 100 days dead line has passed. We would appreciate if a presidential statement is issued on the current situation on these probes and commissions as people who voted your H.E. to power are anxious to know who & who are the culprits who emptied the treasury and other institutions and they are all walking freely in the country and some have taken off to other countries to enjoy the loot.

    Commission heads should be given a deadline and defaulters should be punished in some way as suspicion engulfs the minds of people that there are people at work to destabilize the country.

  • 2

    Port City Colombo

    1) China Blackmailing and Bullying Sri Lanka ?
    2) The New Government & Gang clicked a deal with The Rajas?
    3) The New Government afflicted by The Rajas Virus ?
    Which one?
    How can a government fulfill a minority’s Vision ( Here the term minority does not mean an ethnicity or religious group ,but rather a very thin segment of the Country’s true sons of the soil ,who have a strong conviction based on pure ethics, justice and love for the motherland.)
    When they have a clear voice of 47% who think otherwise? The 47% sent a strong message that no matter what ,they believe , corruption is okay , rape is okay, killing is okay ,drugs okay, Casinos are okay, one family rule is okay, selling the entire Island off to foreigners is okay, destruction of the entire environment is okay , everything the voters voted against for is voiced okay not by 1% or 10%, but for the sake of balls on toast man it’s a fxxxng 47% of fxxheads decision …
    Not my3 any 3 , can go against that and hope to b alive on this Island. So forget about the abolishing of the executive Presidency , forget about corruption, in fact things are going to get worse, more drugs , more crime , full scale smuggling , full scale rape of the country and not to forget the promotion racial and religious hatred to be continued in a different pattern ,so to keep the 47% quiet and happy.
    Nobody following any rules now in the Country ,Three-wheel cost raised to Rs.100.00 first KM , mak comedy country ekak ,maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay comedeeeeeeeeeee ,fxxxxxng cunt try yakak, LOL

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