16 May, 2022


Sri Lanka: Are We Heading Towards A Militarized Society

By Upul Kumarapperuma –

Upul Kumarapperuma

Upul Kumarapperuma

The definitions given to the word militarization in dictionaries state it is an “act of assembling and putting readiness for war or other emergency”.

When the word militarization is defined in the context of politics it gives a more complicated and terrified meaning as much as a tool capable of dismantling political, administrative and social structures of a society.

Apart from the annual budgetary allocations to the military in comparison with budgets of other important sectors of the country, there are several other indicators to identify a militarized society, such as;

a)    The subservient role of the military is converted to a stake holder of the State;

b)    The effort to glorify the military and its personnel;

The subservient role of the military is converted to a stake holder of the State;

The conventional role of the military is a limited role which is strictly limited to the issues related to national security. If the military is placed in a position, which is more than the matters related to national security, the character of the military is then changed from its conventional role to a more powerful stake holder of the country.

The Sri Lankan military had throughout performed a subservient role and its mandate was very clearly restricted to matters relating to national security.   However, there was huge propaganda machinery launched to boost the image of the military and to attract the public for the employment in military sector after 2005. Programmes like “Api Venuven Api” were introduced directly under the Supervision the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence to achieve the afore mentioned publicity campaign.

UpulIn addition to the glorification of the military through media campaigns, retired military personnel were placed in key positions in the State during the period of war and huge publicity was given to those appointments.

The image of the military has been inflated and simultaneously the mindset of the public have been nourished with nationalist ideas and interests during the period of the war and afterwards. A belief was created as a result in the society that the military was far superior than other sectors of the country.

UpulFinally, as a result of the placement of the military and due to other strategies, the character of the military has now been changed and it has become a stakeholder of the State. The following factors can be considered as evidence for the change of character of the military from its’ conventional role to the role of the stakeholder of the State;

a)    Playing a role in the administration of the State

It is common now that military personnel are employed in key positions of the State. It implies that the State has more faith in the military than the officers of the conventional services.

It is important to note that most of the military personnel who are employed in services such as the Foreign Service, Administrative Service, and Engineering Service are appointed to other State entities while they are on active military service.

UpulIf we take the Foreign Service as an example, most of the missions are now filled with military personnel and retired military personnel. The said appointees can be classified as political appointees and senior Foreign Service officials have been sidelined by the State in order to treat its war heroes. The following table clearly shows how military personnel in the country’s foreign missions.

The other important factor is that most of the above mentioned military officers played a key role in the 4th Eelam War and there is now a serious discussion nationally and internationally about the last phase of the 4th Eelam War, where accusations have been leveled against the Sri Lanka military that they have committed war crimes during the last phase of the war. However, the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) is still keeping them as its representatives for the world disregarding or ignoring the said allegations of war crimes, which clearly demonstrates that the GOSL is heavily dependent on the military and the non compromising attitude of the government with regard to the military.

The same situation can also be seen in the civil administration, where military persons have been placed in key administrative positions. An example is the Governor of the Northern Province who is a retired Major General. He is still being kept in his office by the President despite protests by the provincial government elected from an election. The basis for the demand of the ruling party TNA is that the province and the Jaffna peninsula is heavily militarized due to heavy military concentration in the area and that the civil administration always takes place under the supervision of the military command which causes an oppression of the ethnic minority.

The said situation is even common in the South. Key positions of the civil administration such as ministry secretaries and other institutional heads are appointed on a regular basis by the military, which has changed the character of the civil administration.

Considering the totality of the sequence of events, the overall picture is that the country is moving towards a more military style administration rather than a civil democracy.

a)    Playing a role in economy of the State(Mil-Economy)

The countries heavily dependent on the military recognize the military as another stake holder of the economy and the military also plays a significant role in the country’s economy.

MilitaryThe military of the United States plays a key role in the US economy. In some states, the US military is the key job provider of each state and there is a significant amount of revenue that goes to the US Treasury through economic channels of the US military. The contribution made to the US economy by the military is mainly based on military technology and expertise, which is an exclusive area that the military is possessed of.

After defeating the LTTE, the manpower and other resources of the Sri Lankan military have been used in various activities; those have been called as development activities. The manpower of the military and its civil engineering and architectural resources have gradually become a key component of town planning and other activities. Initially the sole reason for getting the services of the military was cheap labour and discipline. However, the said intention has now changed, with both the service provider and the master now taking a deferent context with regard to their capabilities.

While providing the aforesaid resources to the State activities the military itself has started their own entrepreneurships such as hotels, restaurants, farms etc. on a commercial scale. With the said investments and entrepreneurships, the military has managed to step into the commercial sector of the country and at present the commercial ventures of the military is in competition with other contenders.

When the military becomes a competitor in the market with privileges and other reliefs granted by the State, serious issues arise in respect to maintaining the balance of other State enterprises and the private sector enterprises.

The following areas should seriously be considered when the military is given a slot in the economy as a stake holder;

a)    Whether the military is subjected to tax structures of the country;

b)     Whether the commercial ventures run by military are bounded by the  red tapes imposed by the State in respect of similar kind of businesses;

If the Military is freed from the aforesaid areas with other benefits and privileges from the State, the Military has the power to change the balance of the industry.

Therefore the intervention of the military in some business industries such as hotel and restaurant industries will one day cause a serious threat to small scale and midscale sectors of the industry.

The difference between the US example and ours is that a majority of the US projects are limited to military related businesses and it does not affect the smooth functions of civil life or their livelihood. In our case, the military is gradually taking over the civil establishment of the country utilizing its enormous resources with the blessings of the State, which would definitely create a serious impact on the livelihood of the citizens. 

Invade society through economic channels

The most serious part of the military economy is the invasion into civil life through economic channels.

It is better to explain this topic with an example. Soon after the war the members of the Civil Defense Force (CDF) were deployed into the retail business of selling vegetables and other agricultural products that had been grown in the farms belonging to the military in major cities and towns of the country. The visible motive on the surface seems to be to provide fresh agricultural products to the public for a cheaper rate. Several soldiers attached to CDF with military fatigues used to sell products in the heart of the town and since it was a new concept they managed to attract the general public to the business.

However a thorough analysis shows that it was not such a simple and bona fide act of the military. The action had directly challenged the local trader and his business and had created a confrontation between the trader and the common man. It had managed to place more faith on the military as a supporter of their daily life.

The following issues had arisen with the said business ventures of the military, though those were not brought to the notice of the authorities;

a)    No rules and regulations are applied to the military, where as the local trader was tied down with rule and regulations;

b)    The local trader was unable to compete with the military trader since the capital investment of the local trader was much higher than the military;

c)     Products of the CDF mainly came from farms belonging to the military without third party involvement in the trade, where as normal retail dealers get their products through third parties and has to place a higher price for their goods as a result;

The main intention of involving the military in small and middle scale businesses is to create a military friendly society targeting lower middle class and middle class communities and compelling them to think that the military is an unmatchable component with the other elements of the society.

The Glorification of the Military and its personnel  

During the time the LTTE was in existence, a major allegation raised against them was cultivating a military mentality among Tamil citizens, especially among the children and youths with the aim of dragging them to a war.

Photograph No1

Photograph No1

There were numerous articles published criticizing the techniques adopted by the LTTE to attract children to the war. The following photograph (Photograph No 1) shows how the LTTE used military hardware and military sentiments to attract children.

The same strategy is now being used by the State to cultivate a military mentality in the minds of the public.  The State has been utilizing old and decommissioned military hardware with the intention of creating an attraction towards the military. The intention of the State is clearly reflected in the recently commissioned Nugegoda Wet Park, where an armoured car is installed for the pleasure of the public.(Photograph No2)

With the defeat of the LTTE, the military has acquired enormous power in society and the public was trained to think that the military is beyond the common man.  The State has openly promoted the quality of life of military personnel and their families introducing many welfare programmes to the military with enormous publicity and propaganda. The following projects have been launched in support of the military, which clearly show that the placement of the military in the society is very much higher than in the other sectors of the country;

  • New schools have been set up to provide education for the children of military personnel,
  • An allocation was made for the children of military personnel at school admission,
  • New villages have been set up for military families,
  • Reality TV programmes like “Ranaviru Real Star” has been introduced with lucrative prize money for military personnel,
  • The military is employed to manage newly built leisure parks and only the military is allowed to organize leisure events in these parks;
  • The appointments to the diplomatic service and other services;

It is important to mention that while the military is being glorified, the authorities have now started a process to introduce the military discipline and nationalism to civil life. It was introduced by giving military training to the university students, which decision has been challenged in the Supreme Court. However it was not successful.

Photograph No 2

Photograph No 2

The training course of the said military training programme consists of Physical Training, Theory and other practical subjects. This course is used to introduce nationalist ideologies and pro government mentality into the minds of the participants. As an example, in one training session, the participants were asked to write a comparison about King Dutugemunu and President Mahinda Rajapaksha.

The 2nd phase of the process is providing military training to school principals and commission them with military ranks.

The reason given by the State for providing military training to civilians is to create discipline in the society. The existing social discipline in the society has existed with social values, traditions, operation of laws and regulations. The military discipline is totally different from social discipline, where it is basically confined to the command and respect to the command and no space is given for dissent or any other opposition.  Therefore, the process of disciplining the society through military means is to create an illogical master friendly society.

Considering the above mentioned circumstances, we are now in a process of becoming militarized in all aspects and the State is smoothly placing the military beyond all other layers of the society and giving it supremacy of the society, which is a systematic move to place the military with the power to disable the public power.

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  • 17

    We are not heading towards militarization of the nation, a “SILENT MILITARY COUP” has already taken place and the President is only a rubber stamp like William Gopallawa when he was a President.

    • 8

      Gota the Goon is planning to fight the international war crimes investigation by militarizing the land of the Sinhala Modayas!

      He is destroying the military which is involved in MISSION AND MANDATE CREEP that DESTROYS DISCIPLINE in the forces and opens the way for massive CORRUPTION as the military gets into BUSINESS. The uneducated and corrupt Rajapaksa brothers do no understand the meaning of the SEPARATION OF POWERS and SECTORS. They have politicized and corrupted the Judiciary and military.

      Also the military is a SINHALA RACIST ARMY and this mission and mandate creep of the SINHALA MILITARY into civilian life is particularly dangerous for the minorities and this must be stopped.
      The question is why are all the international donors and world bank and ADB funding the Ministry of Defense via UDA and giving massive loans rather than refusing to lend to it and asking for GOOD GOVERNANCE?

      • 6

        Api army – Gota’s slogan not too long ago.

        Have you all forgotten it, or simply ignored it as OK, but he doesn’t say it now for fear of the international community from castigating him.

        Don’t you remember Api army killed Sinhala youth in their tens of thousands, and killed Tamils in their hundreds of thousands?

        What did you all say then, or to those atrocities? Sweet nothing!

        Now the message has reached your home and you wake up like rip Van Winkles!

        Shame on you, all the same.

    • 7

      Civil administration, trade unions and society MUST fight against militarization of Sri Lanka. The military today only serves the Rajapaksa regime. It does not serve the STATE ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE.

      It is above all a RACIST and therefore Dangerous military that is stealing and land grabbing lands from the minorities. This militarization and mission and mandate creep is destroying discipline in the military and leading to massive corruption.

      Gotabaya Jarapassa the Goon’s voluntary army – the Api Militia must be disbanded immediately. The joint opposition, civil society and the civil service should educate Sinhala Modayas on the MILITARIZATION and DESTRUCTION of democracy under the Jarapassa criminal and corrupt dictatorship.

    • 5

      What about the North and the East?
      It’s hundred times truer there – Retd military officers as Governors, military grabbing huge swathes of farmland from people, administration under the control of the Governors, schools staffed by teachers from the military, Saturday classes by the military, large numbers of civilians in ”Army civil units”, NGO help through army functions, …….

    • 2

      SL King has a schedule to go to Pakistan soon.. Will there be an accident or collateral damage in preserving Sinhalese supremacy while MR in Pakistan.. who knows? Duminda’s kudu connections, KP’s international money laundering, drug dealing contacts are in Pakistan..who knows..

      • 1

        Or may be he is taking his ill earned money to be deposited in Pakistan. Pakistani bankers are well known all over the world for laundering money. In fact a Bank BCCI was closed all over the world because of international money laundering.

  • 11

    Upul Kumarapperuma –

    RE: Sri Lanka: Are We Heading Towards A Militarized Society

    When most are sheep, and kept by the Sheep herder, The MaRa and its cronies, the sheep will be slaughtered and sold for meat one by one or in groups.

    The sheep herder and his cronies will enjoy life.

    It is called sheep farming… Sri Lanka para-Sinhalese “Buddhism” style.

    Who says one cannot kill in Buddhism? Not in Sinhala ‘Buddhism”

    • 6

      The funds spent on the military should go to health and education sectors after the war.

      Sri Lanka is being militarized to keep the corrupt and criminal Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapakasa military dictatorship safe from REGIME CHANGE.

      SInhala modayas should wake up and vote them out of power. Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP and SF have failed to EDUCATE SINHALA MODAYAS on this grave threat to the country.

      Today the corrupt and criminal Rajapaksa brothers are the biggest ENEMY WITHIN Sri Lanak but the Sinhala Modayas do not know this because the opposition under Ranil Wickramasinghe is useless.

    • 0

      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 4

    Today, in Sri Lanka we have a government of Mafia. All who got political influence get maximum benefit , post, jobs, careers and diplomatic post and so on, if you are a friend of MR, his relatives, his close cricle people you will be on the top of all posts and influence. You do not need any qualifications, look at some oversea jobs, higher position in government department all are his relatives and friends. All graduate and career base professionals are down graded and will be demoted or even ousted from jobs. We could give hundreds examples look university posts and positions today :MR ruines the country and the country will pay the price for this in long run. All itiots will run the country as it is I gulf countries : productivity will go down and it mere waste our rich human resource at expense of politics and things .
    These thugs do all dirty works in politics
    It is like thanks giving for these people to enjoy these posts.

  • 5

    Militarisation is already there in full force. It started in the North and East and has slowly spread its tentacles over the whole island. Unless the people awake and act without delay, it will be too late to reverse the situation. Some form of military dictatorship will become entrenched and democracy along with all the freedoms that it showers would have gone with the wind!

    Sengodan. M

  • 0

    Not much difference in democracy and militarocrazy anyway.

  • 2

    Nice of you to notice this trend Upul.

    This phenomenon manifested itself more than ten years ago when the brothers shared their dreams. Everybody knows of Mahinda chinthanaya; militarization is the Gota chinthanaya.

    Gota dreams of a day when every Sri Lankan will march to the same drum beat, and follow the orders of the Commander-in-Chief, who will follow the orders of the Defence Secretary. How nice!

    Ideally, Gota would love to have CONSCRIPTION of all eighteen year olds. They will undergo good, old fashioned training, especially in following, unquestioning, all orders from above. Only thing, some of those in the regime are worried that their children will not be able to opt out – a bit like during the war, when their children went overseas (to study, ofcourse) while the local boys and girls fought for the country. Api wenuwen!!!!

    But soon we will have the perfect soldier who will be able to work in an armed forces force holiday resort (make a bed, serve tourists), grow vegetables, sell pathola near Dehiwela market….and if required, put down an uprising ….over a bit of drinking water, whatever, etc etc etc Even find time to take part in some entertaining ‘grease yakka’ nadagams.

    Our children will all end up going ‘nikang kakulla’, ‘laensu kakulla’.

  • 3

    Beside Rajapaksa, the next line of defence to protect the great majority of the inhabitant population who now live in peace and harmony is the Srilankan Military Forces.

    The Forces not only protect them in their day to day lives, but also act as the defence against threats from outside the country who are the supporters of the defeated forces and their friends who pushed the country down the gurgler for three decades.

    Regime change to hand back the power to the same destroyers , allow the nation to be divided physically along communal lines, and get a share of the proceeds from the current booming Economy are the agendas which drive these local political forces and their backers overseas.

    These are formidable enemies with the clout in big Western Governments and Organizations and access to big money to do as they want.

    An elected Government which is backed by the majority who are poor rural inhabitants,can not survive on its own when these forces take the blow torch to it..

    A classic recent example is Egypt, where the elected rulers were thrown in to jail and the minority elite were installed in power.

    This was possible because the Armed Forces betrayed the majority inhabitant population in exchange for favours from the West.

    Fortunately it is not going to happen in Srilanka as the Armed Forces are now totally with the peaceful majority of the inhabitant population..

    And all peace loving Srilankans who want to remain as Srilankans must thank Mr Prabakaran for making our Armed Forces strong and determined to work for the betterment of the whole inhabitant population..

    Involving themselves in all aspects of of life besides protecting it, seem to work well looking at the magnificent development which we witness today when compared with the misery, death and destruction of the 30 years to 2009.

    • 6

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Beside Rajapaksa, the next line of defence to protect the great majority of the inhabitant population who now live in peace and harmony is the Srilankan Military Forces.”

      Its time the great majority of the inhabitant population are protected from Clan, the Armed forces, Policemen, the bureaucrats, the politicians, drug dealers, rapists, war criminals, ……. above all from the Sinhala/Buddhists, most importantly from you Abhaya, Banda, OTC, Navin, Thondamanaru, wathie, Ramu, Lal loo, Maveeran, ……….. KP, Karuna, Pillayan, ………

  • 2

    “It is the form of the Oppression that determines the nature of the Resistance” – Nelson Mandela
    The above is the reality. The mentality of oppression is well entrenched in the minds of the Government, policy makers and the social architects of the Sinhalese community. Denying this truth is the root cause of the festering turmoil. When the LTTE claimed to ‘silence the guns’ at the end of the armed resistance not a single bullet has been fired from the ‘other’ side. Only the government is trying to resurrect the Tigers time to time when it wants to for its destructive purposes. Are the Sinhala writers so blind to perceive this phenomenon to interpret it correctly? LTTE either did not or could not militarise the Tamil community as the community is well aware why its youth took up arms and what direction it should go at the bitter end of the armed struggle since the struggle has been brought to the attention of the highest world body for Resolution. SriLanka has not honoured its commitments to the international community and next March we will know how far SriLanka is going to go in smoke-screening the real issues blaming it all on LTTE and the Tamil community.
    “ We shall compose a poem, with songs,
    To explain these truths: even kings, if they break
    The law, have their necks wrung by dharma;
    Great men everywhere commend
    Pattin̪i of renowned fame; and karma ever
    Manifests itself, and is fulfilled. We shall call the poem
    The Cilappatikāram, the epic of the anklet,
    Since the anklet brings these truths to light.[12] ”
    Ilango Adigal

  • 4

    RE: Are we heading towards a militarized society ?

    Absolutely, we are taken there by force and cohesion.No doubt about it !
    The ultimate goal is to keep the military ready for a ‘take over’ situation if anything like loosing in the polls happen. Very smart move indeed. It has become so easy to manipulate anything and every thing under the prevailing condition. They are ready to go that extreme to do anything to survive and sit on top. Whether one murders one single person or thousands, the maximum punishment is only one death. So rule. ruin, kill, manipulate,loot but the punishment will be one and the same.
    So long as you have sadistic siblings hooked up with power hunger and pervert bunch of parasites, it’s natural to get mad ideas and worst dreams.

    Militarization is here,rapidly,rabidly growing and it seems unstoppable.

    In another news: Jaliya Wickramasuriya was not recognized as the island’s High Commissioner elect by Canada. Of course he will be posted to another country by the boss to do more looting. He is, after all the cousin of the big boss. Nize going Lanka..

  • 1

    What a dumb question to ask after this country has been turned into a dictatorship long time ago?

    • 2

      Much less people -tamils, sinhalese, others are killed and maimed under militarization than during the un-militatized 30 year horror period to May 2009, so what ae you complaining about?

      • 4


        “so what ae you complaining about?”

        Even one death is too many whether before or after 2009.

        Am I the only one wondering that people like you and there are too many who have not grasp the implication of militarisation in this island.

        • 1

          Gee Veddha you moron please write a petition to Mara (your god of death)



          • 2


            “Gee Veddha you moron please write a petition to Mara (your god of death)”

            Thanks will you deliver it to Mahinda Rajapaksa (MaRa)?

        • 2

          “Even one death is too many whether before or after 2009”

          NativeV, go tell Pillai, Americans, Poms and the Israelists.
          You are either extremely bias or living in Utopia. Get real man (or woman).

          • 0


            “NativeV, go tell Pillai, Americans, Poms and the Israelists.”

            Lets discuss about the premature death of innocent people of this island.

            Americans, Poms and the Israelists are not my immediate problem. On the other hand MR seems to support both the Palestinians and Bibi, he is the ideal candidate to convey your displeasure (whatever that may be) with Israelis.

            “You are either extremely bias or living in Utopia. Get real man (or woman).”

            If I say I am pro life or biased towards preserving and protecting life including yours do you still believe I am wrong?

            Please note I have a wife who is also my partner, ….

      • 0

        You -Paul- seem to be a real apologist for the government. High time you cease to be a stooge

  • 2

    You call it militarization. I call it recognising the role played by these group of people in the single-most greatest achievement in Sri lankan history since independence – eradicating terrorism and preventing the breakup of the country.

    It has been the cll of the time. Compared to “pothe-gura” Administrativer Service officers and political henchmen that were posted these positions in the past – who by the way achieved nothing apart from drawing faty salaries – these guys who had first hand on ground experience – for that matter lasid down their lives to protect the country – they could explain Sri lanka’s position eloquently to those who matter on Sri lanka’s war victory and transformation that was going on since.
    so it is the right choice – militarization or not.

    • 3


      “I call it recognising the role played by these group of people in the single-most greatest achievement in Sri lankan history since independence – eradicating terrorism and preventing the breakup of the country.”

      If it is your principle position I have no problem with that.

      However the inconsistency in your argument is that you have completely omitted the Indian Military advisor (quite a number of them) who were in the war front directing the war and eventually won it for the Sinhala/Buddhist state. How do you propose to recognise those outsiders without whose contribution the war would have dragged on for any number of years.

      You have also forget others for example

      VP did his best to win the war for MR

      Vaiko, Seeman, Nedumaran, Karunanithy, ………… Tamil Diaspora, …

      The officials and politicians of USA, Britain, Norway ….. other countries who played crucial roles for about 5 years prior to the ending of the war.

      KP, Karuna, ……… Anandasangaree, ……

      Would they too be recognised and honoured in the fullness of time?

      Remember those war criminals whom you have lavishly recognised didn’t fight and killed foreign enemies but their own people. Some of the war criminals have had blood in their hand since mid 1980s.

      • 1

        nv, there are 2 separate issues here. Step 1 was winning the war in the year 2009. Step 2 is keeping the victory intact since 2009. General SF did a wonderful job in step 1, but miserably failed in step2, almost becoming a traitor. Hence lost his recognition.

        KP, Karuna, Anandasagaree et al, though was not much help inatep , they have been doing a great service in step 2. Hence they deserve to be recognised.

        Getting the help of the Indian military, western help etc. is the pure genius and political strategy of the President, withthe help of many advisors including GR. For this we ought to recognise the President’s capable leadership. No need to recognise them individually – most likely we must be required to return the favour one way or another.

        Simple as that.

        • 4


          “Getting the help of the Indian military, western help etc. is the pure genius and political strategy of the President,”

          As little islanders you need some thing to cherish and celebrate like the origin myth.

          In early 2005 Hindia persuaded Chandrika to go for final war against LTTE. She reluctantly agreed. Soon after training Sri Lankan forces started in India and Sri Lanka. India promised and delivered everything except arms.

          The Hindians gave large loans on a quarterly basis since 2005 so that Sri Lanka could buy its own weapons.

          It provided satellite intelligent, training, Military planners, International and domestic cover, diplomatic support, helicopters, ….

          Hindian fought the war against LTTE without a Hindian being killed. On the other hand Sri Lanka fought a Hindian war for which many Sinhala youth had sacrificed their lives.

          Remember Premadasa fought a war against Hindia without a Sinhala/Buddhist being killed.

          You may or may not know many things that does not give you the right to create more myths.

          It was essentially a Hindian war fought with Sinhala lives. MR and Gota acknowledged both factors publically on TV, that it was Hindian war that they fought and without Hindian help they would not have won it.

          So get over it.

          • 1

            You are talking utter ^%$sense nv. If it was India’s war that Sinhalese faught with thei lives, what is your problem? How many of yor clan – veddas- got killed in the process?

            So may I respectfully ask you to %^&&!@-off leavig Sinhalese and Indians to sort it out their mess.

            • 0


              “You are talking utter ^%$sense nv”

              May for those ignorants who sit on their brain.

              “If it was India’s war that Sinhalese faught with thei lives, what is your problem? “

              I have few problems:

              1. Don’t fight your wars on my ancestral land.

              2. Don’t give an excuse for the Hindians to kick both your Sinhala/Buddhists and their Tamil brethren. Being the Majoritarian Sinhala/Buddhists they need to exorcise their own demons on their own without bringing in the Poosari.

              3. Be wise, enlightened, generous, compassionate, ……. work towards a more egalitarian society, stop hating yourselves, respect human rights and lay foundation for renaissance (rational civilisation) ………….

              4. Stop being stupid and stop killing fellow human beings.

              5. Stop glorifying death.

              “How many of yor clan – veddas- got killed in the process?”

              Many over the past 2,500 years of your occupation of my ancestral land.

              “So may I respectfully ask you to %^&&!@-off leavig Sinhalese and Indians to sort it out their mess.”

              The Hindians and their Sinhala/Buddhists brethren never stopped fighting.

              In fact you find it beyond your ability to stop wars. Please go back to your mother country and continue whatever is left over from the past.

              Not in our name nor in our back yard.

  • 1

    Sri Lanka military troops that had been 40,000 costing Rs.5.3 bn ..2.3% of the GDP in 1987 ..
    now stands at 400,000 costing Rs 320 bn ….2.63% of the GDP
    70% of the troops are below 40 years …which means for the next 20 – 25 years country has to afford this machine..So the Country has to fork out Rs.500 – 700 bn average p.a for the next 25 years….
    Military is used for the defence of a Country…under that scenario whom are we defending from ..?
    who could be our real invaders ? .big military mights like US..Russia..China…India..they have already invaded us through economic means….no other country in the world would invade Sri Lanka even if it is affordable…never under the present World order..
    So this is a master plan of the Coalition to perpetuate their agenda….to stay in power…18th amendment is one of the issues of the plan…. at the next Presidential Election IF MR lose he will not leave..there certainly be mass protest..therefore the Military is certain to takeover under the guise of maintaining peace,Law & Order ..that will be headed by the Defence secretary….which also means there will be bloodshed all over the country for the next 30 years.. WE ARE HEAING TOWARDS MILITARIZATION…..PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THIS REGIME WILL ONLY THEN REALIZE ….THAT JUSTIFIABLE WAR WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER THAN UNJUSTIFIABLE PEACE..

    • 2

      Is there anything called an unjustifiable peace you idiot .



  • 0

    Sri Lanka is already a police State.Bensen

  • 0

    NE is already militarised the Sinhala South is sleep walking to a militarised country. Soon the south will wake up to a militarised country

  • 0

    The north is completely ‘militarised’. The military’s terror groups even harass northern provincial councillors.


    All protests by civic groups, journalists and even individual civilians are banned.
    University students have been earlier sent to remote army camps in the south for “rehabilitation” – which was actually holding them incommunicado, intimidating them while imposing semi-starvation.
    This amounts to imprisonment without any judicial process – this does not happen in the south.
    The military controls all aspects of civilian life including livelihoods – fishing, business, trade etc., worship, travel, gatherings of groups of more than five persons including for family occasions like weddings, funerals etc.
    Most prime arable and cultivable land has been taken over by the military.
    Now even urban lands belonging to civilians, with homes, for many decades are being taken over.
    The northern province is virtually an ‘open prison’.

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      [Edited out] Please write instead of posting links – CT

  • 1

    Gota wants to save his life at any cost – so his seeking a place in many
    a sphere of Society keeps him at the top. But for how long – till he
    make a fatal slip as he is getting power-blind.

    All activity of MR appears to be ostensibly to loose his position in a Presidential Election so that he can effect his Plan B – to face an “arranged Army Coup” so that a Chief Justice will rule that in view of the external threat posed on our elected National Leaders,by the UN, the incumbent President will be guided by its Army to continue the democratic rule here! Army personnel in Foreign Service have been given a rest & all will be summoned to take over, under the new set up. The NP
    has already been assigned to Chandrasiri and Douglas in this Plan?

    With this arrangement all henchmen and the Dynasty will continue to settle down for the next 10 yrs. Trade Union leaders who are not yet
    henchmen of the Regime will be bought over with the hidden Chinese funds.

    My imagination is derived from MR visit to Burma at the end of the war.

    The peace said to prevail as one made by the sacrifice of the Army will
    now only lead to Separation by outside forces, due to the changes one
    can predict as above. Dayans & Rajivas have to fall in line, unless they
    take wings now.

  • 0

    Very well said Punchinilame, Cannot disagree with you ! The indications are pointing that way only. It will be too late for anyone to do any damn thing. The dooms days are around the corner for sure…we all are going to pay for our stupid follies.

  • 2

    Military is mostly rural youth. Now, they are involved in protecting the country as well as developing the country. Not only that, when they involve in the economy, it becomes a less burden to the country.

    So, the Sri lankan military is doing very good job to the country.

    Understand all the ramifications instead of making stupid claims.

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