14 August, 2022


Sri Lanka Calls For Tamils To Return

By Daniel Flitton / The Age –

SRI LANKA has offered Immigration Minister Chris Bowen an escape for Tamil refugees branded a threat by security agencies and locked in indefinite detention in Australia – saying they are needed back home.

”Help is required in Sri Lanka now,” the country’s top envoy to Australia, Thisara Samarasinghe, told The Age.

Admiral Samarasinghe and the President

”Those who have got a negative assessment, please come back to Sri Lanka. Even if you have been sent out from the place, you will be treated justifiably and fairly and you will be permitted to meet up with your families. Of course, law of the land will prevail.”

Admiral Samarasinghe said he spoke to Mr Bowen several months ago about the impasse created by the several dozen Tamils who fled Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war and were recognised as refugees, only to be deemed a threat by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

He reiterated the offer to bring them home in a telephone conversation last month ahead of a visit by Mr Bowen to Colombo.

The Tamils – who make up the majority of the 47 refugees given an adverse assessment by ASIO – have been refused a visa for release into the Australian community. They are not permitted to see the evidence against them and are effectively barred from appeal.

But the offer of return is cold comfort to Australia, which would be breaking its international obligations under the refugee convention to send them back to Sri Lanka.

Rachel Ball, from the Human Rights Law Centre, said any diplomatic assurance was meaningless after a person was found to be a refugee, with Sri Lanka already found not able to provide protection.

Mr Bowen’s office also made clear yesterday the government would not be pursuing Admiral Samarasinghe’s offer.

But the legal limbo created by the ASIO ruling has taken a toll on those in detention.

A spate of suicide attempts among those black-banned by ASIO have occurred in the past month, including by two Tamil men in a detention centre in Melbourne’s north and a third who threatened to take his own life before being restrained.

Admiral Samarasinghe said the option to return them home should not be ruled out given Sri Lanka had ”rehabilitated” nearly 11,000 people said to be former Tamil Tiger fighters.

”This is a record that no country in the world can match,” he said. ”That is the extra mile that the Sri Lankan government is going in reconciliation, but the West doesn’t unfortunately appreciate that and give any credit.”

He said Sri Lanka was now free of suicide bombings, unemployment was low and the economy was growing, with the country aiming to become the ”jewel of Asia”.

Admiral Samarasinghe also dismissed the controversy surrounding his appointment as high commissioner to Australia last year, with protests by local Tamil groups over his war record as a naval commander. ”I was credited for rescuing the civilians from terrorists,” he said.

– Meanwhile, federal police said a boat carrying 63 passengers had been intercepted at the Cocos Islands. It is the first boat to arrive at the islands in at least two years and comes as the number of people seeking asylum in Australia continues to surge.

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    Tamils who returned after refugee claims were rejected by other countries are a) arrested at the airport and held in detention, or vanish without trace,after arrest b)are arrested on return to their former homes,c)harassed when they try to resume livelihoods and, d)are abducted for ransom.
    There are no suicide bombers now,but unemployed persons including 50,000 army deserters are engaged in crime. Economy is in a mess and cost of living is high and becoming worse.50,000 poor women have fled to the middle east for employment, and their earnings prop up the economy.
    About “controversy sourrounding his appointment”, there is evidence that the navy fired on boats in which civilians tried to flee during the last days of the war, and naval soldiers committed atrocities in the north and east.
    “Jewel of Asia”…Ha Ha.

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    “treated justifiably and fairly and you will be permitted to meet up with your families” ….what crap and who is going to believe you anyway.

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    I am not ready to come back in a casket. I always travel with a return ticket not one way. Sorry! Thanks for the invitation nevertheless.

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    For an overstay GoSL abduct australian citizen in white van and torture sexually

    Without international and national protest Kumar´s story has ended like Prageeth and thousands of others

    How do they treat SL citizens?

    This Samarasinghe is a big joker

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