25 May, 2022


Sri Lanka-India Resolution Row Goes Nuclear

Sudha Ramachandran

By Sudha Ramachandran –

BANGALORE/ Asia Times Online – Sri Lanka’s Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka’s recent announcement that Colombo was considering raising the issue of the safety of India’s nuclear power plants with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been widely interpreted in the Indian media as retaliation for India’s vote supporting an anti-Sri Lanka resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) recently.

“We respect the right of India to have nuclear power stations,” Ranawaka told journalists in Colombo. “But our concerns are on the possible radiation affects they could have on Sri Lanka,” he said.

Ranawaka drew attention to nuclear plants located in southern India and pointed out that in the event of a nuclear disaster in India, Mannar in Sri Lanka’s northwest would be hit hard.

Just a narrow, 20 kilometer-wide strip of shallow sea separates Mannar from the Indian coastline. It is a mere 250 kilometers from the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district.

Coming in the wake of the UNHRC resolution, Ranawaka’s statement was interpreted in the Indian media as aimed at embarrassing India.

India’s support of a UNHRC resolution that urged the Sri Lankan government to “credibly investigate” allegations of violation of international humanitarian law by government forces in the final stages of the civil war has raised hackles in Colombo.

In the run-up to the vote in Geneva and in the wake of the resolution’s passage, Sri Lanka has been engulfed by a tidal wave of nationalist emotions especially among the island’s Sinhalese majority. Demonstrations led by monks and Sinhala nationalists have hurled abuse at the United States, which sponsored the resolution, and India for its “betrayal” of Sri Lanka.

Commentators in the Lankan media have accused India of “backstabbing”. Reports have sought to malign India. The Island, a pro-government English daily, for instance reported that 150 terrorists trained in Tamil Nadu “have returned to Sri Lanka and are hiding in the north and the east to carry out a destabilization campaign” in the island. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the eastern city of Batticaloa was damaged recently.

Ranawaka’s comment on the safety of India’s nuclear plants comes at a time when Delhi is struggling to quell a mass protest in Tamil Nadu over the safety of the Kudankulam nuclear plant. The protest, which has captured global media attention, has embarrassed Delhi.

An Indo-Russian collaboration, the Kudankulam nuclear power plant has been beset with delays. Then August last year, just months ahead of the scheduled commissioning of one of its units, a mass protest erupted. Villagers in its environs went on fasts to pressure the government to shut down the nuclear plant.

They blocked roads and laid siege to the project site to prevent employees from entering. In a highly publicized campaign activists claimed the plant was unsafe and called on the government to make safety analysis and site evaluation studies public. Local residents raised fears that radioactivity from the plant and unsafe disposal of nuclear waste would endanger their health.

Fishermen expressed concerns that water used to cool reactors and flushed into the sea would contaminate fish in the Gulf of Mannar. Villagers said that in the event of a Fukushima-type disaster, a rapid evacuation would be impossible as over one million people live within a 30-kilometer radius of the plant.

The government deployed experts to convince locals that the nuclear plant was safe and extended development packages to the region. But locals are unconvinced and the agitation continues.

Ranawaka’s raising of the nuclear safety issue in such circumstances is bound to have irritated Delhi, particularly since talks on nuclear technology-related issues, including that of nuclear safety, are reportedly continuing between India and Sri Lanka at the bilateral level.

Both governments have clarified that contrary to Ranawaka’s claims, Colombo taking the issue to the IAEA is not on the cards.
It seem Ranawaka was engaging in some empty muscle flexing aimed at impressing his Sinhala Buddhist supporters, who are livid with India for its support of the UNHRC resolution.

Ranawaka is general secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), a party led by radical Buddhist monks that is part of the ruling coalition and has been at the forefront of the rallies opposing the UNHRC resolution.

The JHU has called for a rethink of economic ties with India. “We should not grant favors to countries merely because they are our neighbors. India was the only Asian country that sided with the US” in voting on the UNHRC resolution, JHU spokesperson, Udaya Gammanpila, has said.

The UNHRC resolution has provided an excuse for hardline Sinhalese politicians, several of them ministers in President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government, to burnish their “patriotic” credentials as “defenders of the motherland”. Each is seeking to outdo the other by announcing punishment to be meted out to those who “betrayed the motherland” by supporting the UNHRC resolution.

If the JHU wants Sri Lanka to downgrade its economic ties with India, the Jathika Nidhahas Peramuna wants the US to be punished. Its leader Wimal Weerawansa, who is minister for housing and common amenities, has called for a boycott of American brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and Google’s e-mail service Gmail.

Minister for Public Relations Mervyn Silva, who belongs to Rajapaksa’s party, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has gone a step further and warned certain Sri Lankan activists and intellectuals at a public rally that he would break their limbs in public.

Contrary to claims that they are true “patriots”, some analysts say the politicians and parties calling for defiance of the UNHRC resolution are harming the interests of their “motherland”, while others have drawn attention to the perils of a confrontationist course.

“Hereafter Sri Lanka will be an agenda item of the UNHCR and if it defies the Council, the Council will refer the matter to other UN bodies with more teeth,” warned Kumar David in The Island. “It is dangerous for Colombo to defy the international community and set itself on collision course; the consequences will be drastic,” he writes. “Make no mistake, going before the Council next time with a fail grade on its report card will reduce its support to zilch; even the Chinese and Russians will duck as they are now doing at the Security Council about Syria. Defying the UN High Commission is the road of self-immolation.”

Economic boycotts and a downgrading of economic ties are options that Sri Lanka can ill afford.

While confrontationist calls for “taking on India” may boost support for help Ranawaka, Weerawansa and others, India remains Sri Lanka’s largest trade partner and source of FDI. Every fifth tourist to Sri Lanka is an Indian. The US accounts for 21% of Sri Lanka’s export market. “Teaching them a lesson” by downgrading ties is bound to boomerang on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is in the midst of an economic crisis. With fuel prices rising by 40% in recent months, prices of food and other essential commodities and transport have soared. The Sri Lankan rupee has fallen by 15% since the beginning of this year and is showing no signs of stabilizing. There have been mass demonstrations protesting the economic crisis.

The UNHRC resolution might be a headache in the long-run for the government but for now it’s likely proving a vote winner.

It “came at a good time for Rajapaksa”, R V Radhakrishnan observes in Frontline, an Indian fortnightly news magazine.

Sri Lanka was roiled in anti-government protests against price rises when the UNHRC resolution came up. The ruling coalition then focused on mobilizing protests against the “external enemies” and “internal traitors.” In the process, it was able to turn public attention away from the government to “enemies of the Sinhala-Buddhist people.”

Thus the UNHRC resolution provided the government with an issue to deflect public attention away from its own shortcomings.

The question is, how long will public attention remain diverted?

“There is only so much of diversion that people can put up with,” points out Radhakrishnan. “Conventionally, a full stomach produces a vocal patriot. As pressure mounts on the common man to make ends meet each day, he is unlikely to bother about what the man in the White House is up to in the cozy comforts of climate-controlled hotels in Geneva. He might just decide to trek to Temple Trees – the Sri Lankan president’s official residence – and demand his meal. And, he is unlikely to be alone.”

Rajapaksa’s popularity in Sri Lanka remains high for now. Sri Lanka’s “victimization” at the UNHRC has helped tone down the heat at home.

The president’s cheerleaders should realize that steps to downgrade ties with Sri Lanka’s main economic partners would deepen the island’s already serious economic crisis, providing momentum to more power protests against the government in the future.

“Bigger economic protests” will surface in another year or two, warns David.

Sri Lankans are hailing support Colombo received from its “true friends”, China and Pakistan at the UNHRC. They are saying that India must be made to pay a price for its treachery. They are calling on the government to “teach Indian a lesson” by deepening relations, especially military ties with China.

Given the geographic proximity between Sri Lanka and India and the close ethnic and other ties between them, working with Delhi rather than baiting or defying it would be Colombo’s best option.

However tempting it might be for a jilted Colombo to court China this would be a perilous path. “If thumbing its nose at the international community is slow asphyxiation, a military game with China, such as a naval base, will be sudden death,” warns David.

Colombo must heed these voices of sanity. It is in danger of cutting its nose to spite its face.

Sudha Ramachandran is an independent journalist/researcher based in Bangalore. She can be reached at sudha98@hotmail.com

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    The Indian journalist Sudha from Bangalore writes a very confused message. Me, being a Tamil and a strong activist, for the first time supports the JHU Minister in his position on the nuclear plants in Tamil Nadu located just 25-30 miles from Sri Lanka’s border.I go as far as stating, that Minister Champika Ranawaka as Minister of Power to prepare for the inevitable nuclear disaster which will affect Sri Lanka, and not only just Jaffna and Mannar. There should be a nuclear free zone 2oo miles from Sri Lanka’s border. There has to be control of what type of polluted nuclear water that are released from the plant into the Indian ocean. Especially, being so close to our rich fisheries waters.
    There has to be restrictions on what nuclear waste that are allowed to pollute the air.
    It is unfair for the Indians, politicians or journalist, to attack Sri Lanka saying this is Sri Lanka’s revenge for the Geneva vote. That is utter nonsense, and a cover up by India to distract the seriousness of the potential nuclear disaster which Sri Lanka is facing for it’s entire population and not just the Northern Province. 10 times more Sri Lankans will be affected if and when there is a nuclear disaster or slow radiation poisoning of Sri Lanka over the next 30 years.
    The plant could not only be affected by natural disaster such as earthquakes, Tsunami, and Cyclones, or human errors causing accidents, but a target for Indian or foreign terrorist, or India’s enemies such as Pakistan and China in case of war.
    The nuclear fuel will also be used to produce nuclear weapons, which will be stored in secure silos, along the SSC just 20 miles from Sri Lankan borders. A secret submarine base is being planned in the SSC. (Sethu Samudram Canal). All this, and the power plant producing 40% of India’s nuclear power, a serious target of India’s enemies. The danger is Jaffna could become a victim of an wayward going missile. (Ahakey Yanna Missile).
    Minister Ranawaka has done more than Foreign Minister Lakshman kadirgamar and President Chandrika BK combined in 2005, 7 years ago, on this Nuclear problem. Minister Kadirgamar was well briefed in 2005, and I can confirm that fact. The IHC in December 2004 was questioned repeatedly by the editor of Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickramatunge in December 2004, weeks before the Tsunami and the Nuclear plant in Kalpakam was flooded/damaged by the Tsunami waters. (See December 16 2004 -of Sunday Leader re KKNP and IHC).

    This is not Tamil-Sinhala politics or the UNHRC. This is real danger to all the people of Sri Lanka, and a Fukushima type disaster, or slow poisoning over 30 years. India and the rich industrialist have all the benefits of cheap electricity, and Tamil Nadu CM JJ is playing into their hands and GOI-Congress, while she benefited on behalf on TN 500 crores and other unannounced benefits. Sri Lanka bears most of the risks and potential disaster with zero benefits other than Indian domination in every field.

    The Sinhala and Tamil opposition in Sri Lanka should jointly support minister Ranawaka in his efforts to seek protection from a nuclear disaster. TNA, DPF, UNP, JVP and Dr. Bahu led leftist should call for more stringent restrictions, protection and a nuclear free zone, which will protect the whole Island. This is just not Tamil areas or Sinhala areas. All live in the Island, but Tamils in the North are the primary target. The increased degree of cancer, and other related diseases will affect the whole country.

    India needs to be fair and just towards it’s weaker neighbor which includes the people in the North and the East, which is right next to Tamil Nadu India. Unfortunately, many Tamil housewives in the diaspora watching Tamil movies of Jayalalitha and former CM MGR, as well as too much of Jaya TV, blindly support Jayalalitha hailing that she is not only a great CM but the greatest.

    All have forgotten how she was so nasty and cruel towards the Tamil struggle from 1988-2008. Now she has changed, and certainly better than the Karunanithi family. I will refrain comments about “corruption” since it is “subjudice”. immaterial of court verdicts, the Tamils know about the corruption both in Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka. No ministers get jailed or their illegal wealth confiscated.
    Tamils For Justice

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      If the Indians read your comments they will not deliver Mahinda’s head as you expected earlier.So watch your tongue.

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    wow shocking

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    Indian journalists should not Minister Ranawaka ‘s comment as a retaliation to 22.03.2012 Geneva voting. Even if there was no Geneva Resolution, Ranawaka would have taken this issue regarding “future nuclesr disaster.”Now it reveals that Russian Technology is taken. Can you remember “Chernobyl”? India can you remember”Bhopal”?

  • 0

    The Koodankulam nuclear plant is a reality.
    It will never be shifted or closed down.
    Sri lanka should have objected when it was in the planning stage.
    Now it is too late to protest.
    The minister woke up too late from slumber – would he have protested if India had voted against the UNHRC resolution – I think not.
    Nuclear plants are now sophisticated with built in safguards, and disaster possibilities due to faults in the system are almost zero.
    Ecological causes like earthquakes are possible,but indian planners would have considered such causes.
    We have to live with it and not make it a political issue because of the Geneva setback.

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    Hey Max, You do not seem to understand the nuclear dangers, and write rubbish about Indians delivering the head of Mahinda Rajapakse.. That is nothing but nonsense. No one can deliver Mahinda’s head, and the ICC has no jurisdiction over a President of Sri Lanka, since Ranil did not sign the Rome Statute. So mahinda is quite safe and he does not have to be running like a “scared rabbit”.

    However, this does not apply to the 4 US citizens, and two of those are his two brothers, since they come under the jurisdiction of the US courts and DOJ/DHS. Nobody is asking for anyone’s head, but want both the UN and US not to abdicate their responsibilities. The US need to investigate the possible crimes committed by their own citizens. Just an investigations and not “delivering heads” like a pizza. If GOSL feels no war crimes were committed and no civilians killed why are they so scared of an investigations which might even praise GOSL for their self claimed “humanitarian operations”.

    Focus on the dangers of this impending nuclear disaster, and once again I support Minister Ranawaka’s position. I want him to prevent the nuclear plants, and if he succeeds then there is one guarantee, that there won’t be any disaster.

    You all must remember that the whole island belongs to all citizens and communities. Some of us, do not blindly support India in everything they do, and do not forget it was the Tamils who fought the foreigners and kicked them out of the country, 25 years ago, brought in by the GOSL. You fellows and specifically the JVP, and UNP ministers like Lalith instigated the Sinhalese to kill their very own selling Indian medicine and Parripu, as well as riot and destroy billions of rupees worth of property.

    Mahinda Rajapakse at that time, not even a MP, supported the JVP in July 1987. It is the Tamils who bravely sacrificed their limbs and lives fighting the foreign army or peacefully opposing them. Thileepan, really fasted until death, unlike Gandhi or your Veeraya JVP Wimal Weerawansa who was eating on the side.

    • 0

      I don’t disagree all the time for the sake of disagreeing.I totally agree with you on the TN nuclear issue.That was one of the reasons why India voted for the US resolution,not that they cared a damn about the interests of Srilankan Tamils.But the problem is if we take the lead,they will always say that we are trying to settle the score regarding voting for the US resolution.It will be best if you Tamil diaspora guys start it.Of course we will support you.For starters you could have demos in UK and Europe.If you could get one or two of your guys to pour petrol and burn to death it will hit world headlines.WE can provide you with effigies of Manmohan,Karunanidi,Jayalalitha and even Vaiko.Pl let us know if you need further assistance.We must act before the Tamil Nadu nuclear monster activates it self.

      • 0

        If Karuna,Pillayan,KP,Daya Master is good enough for us why not Donald?You could even get Rudra Kumaran,Surendren,nedivadan and the rest on board.I am sure that it is more beneficial than wasting your time on war crimes issues.I am pretty serious.WE have nothing personally against you.You ask your former Military commander,Karuna.He will tell you what a nice bunch of guys we are.Do you know that Karuna is in the process of putting out his own CD,which comprises both Tamil and Sinhala songs.What else do you want for reconciliation?

  • 0

    If I remember right this Donald and his brother in Australia had some vested interest in this South Indian power plant. They had other business plans that conflict with this plant. He can explain what it was.

    This Donald once said in Los Angeles that the Boston Tea Party was connected with the Indian Tamil tea coolies in Ceylon. He fooled the Americans to believe that 1770s is same as 1840s.

  • 0

    When Fukashima Nuclear power plant was built Japanese Government had confidence of safety and never consider a disaster that brought down the giant nuclear plant and poluted pacific ocean.

    Koodankulam nuclear plants scale is much more bigger than Fukashima, The disaster would be in a larger scale than Japan. As we know India doesnot have the capacity of resources and finances as much as Japan to address an disaster situation.

    It is time for Sri Lanka to stand up aginst this power plant thinking the disaster that it could do to whole region. This plant can polute indian ocean with in seconds after disaster. sri lankans heavily depend on Fish as main food source. these resources could vanish for 20 years or so until radiation is decaed.
    india is a large country they do not need to build the power plant near Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    I have no time for fun and jokes.
    Do not wait till something bad happens at Kudankulam due tp Murphy’s law, Human error, domestic or international terrorist attack, India -China or Pakistan war, or accident due to nature. Which is an act of God. It is not only the Tamils of the North will get affected, but the Sinhalese as well. Having disaster management for nuclear disaster is not the issue.

    Buying life insurance or other kids of insurance is not the issue. This project of grave danger to the whole population of Sri Lanka as well as Southern Tamil Nadu. That is why GOI planned the location which will have minimum affect to it’s population as well as fishing and agriculture. The location was no accident, and nuclear energy is no accident when they planned it 25 years ago. For lesser costs they could have built coal, thermal, and other power plants, and at that time nobody predicted 150 dollar oil prices. It was 20-25 dollars, and there is plenty of coal in India with new technology available. GOI wants to build a coal plant in the HSZ of Sampur where Tamil homes and schools were located a few years ago.

    If nuclear plants are that safe and efficient, India can scrap the Sampur project, and build a nice nuclear plant in Hambantota and resolve the oil crisis from Iran for Sri Lanka. India, World Bank, ADB, and the MOD’s 4 year military budget of 10 Billion dollars can easily finance the nuclear plant project? Now that Rajapakses have built a wasteful 3 Billion dollar port with no ships using it, other than by military order the car carriers by force, nuclear plant is ideal. Then the Sampur Tamils can go back to their Sinhala army destroyed homes.

    If accidents occur in Hambantota NP, most of the pollution and radiation will go out to the Southern seas where there is no habitation or no coastline. Why would India and Sri Lanka risk tourism in Kalpitiya, coastal areas in the North and South, Fishing, and agriculture to the whole island? You fellows are just waking up and Uda Balaganee waiting, especially C J Wijewickrema who is good at plucking hair from eggs, amd telling lies. We have no business interest in India for the past 30 years and never into power plants at all.

    As for the Boston Tea Party, I still talk to the DOJ and State D about the Tamil tea. That might be one reason the US initiated the UNHRC resolution? And soon the war crimes investigation of it’s 4 US citizens in Sri Lanka! Keep watching. More later.. but no reconciliation without accountability, truth and justice. Silva “White Wash Report” is not the answer. There is no alternative of finding the truth what happened where, exact # of Sri Lankan citizens killed, what happened to the bones which should be returned to the families, what type of chemical weapons, cluster and phosphorus bombs used, and who supplied them. Same for the legal and illegal landmines and what is the balance stock pile etc.

    If some of you all want to perform “self immolation” that is your prerogative. But I won’t recommend it. or any other form of suicide except to save your self from torturous death and possible rape.. Rape suicides should not be encouraged and you’ll should lobby your armed forces and police to desist from rape and molestation as well as torture. (Sexual torture too. Kumar Gunaratnam style).

    Karuna, Pillaiyan, KP, Daya Master, Douglas, and now new entrant Chandrahasan are quislings. You all can keep them and enjoy them, and they are absolute deterrent forces for reconciliation.

    Max, wake up and smell the coffee or Tamil tea, and seriously worry about the potential radiation effects, even if there is no accident or incident in Kudankulam. There is what you call slow poisoning of the air, water, food chain, water table and land. Even when it rains there could be poison and dangerous chemical elements pouring down. We will only know about the after affects in 30-40 years. By that time it will be too late. Even if you all do not care about the Tamils you all better worry about the 17-18 million Sinhalese, and “fear the bad karma”. Jayawardene, Premadasa, Athulathmudali, Chandrika and The Rajapakses and Fonseka have sewn the seeds for bad karma to follow you all for generations.

    As for Tamil Nadu, my friend S P Udayakumar and others have been working on the agitation for the past 8 years. At least they are being noticed, and GOI trying to bribe them with 500 crore development gift. More is in the pipe line. Like how the SSCP project was stopped KKNP will also be stopped if GOSL wakes up, and study the dangers of the potential disaster and health and agricultural/fishing problems. They can build the plant in Andaman Islands or Goa, off the mainland and more importantly far away from my backyard. But for India, the key factor is where to store the nuclear weapons from the Pakistanis and the Chinese safely and securely.

  • 0

    There’s no doubt that the Italian Mafia is behind it.You can take on Rajapakse later.First concentrate on getting the Italian Mafia out of our front door.No use negotiating with the puppet Manmohan unless the Italian mafia is wiped out.I am sure that there’s enough leftover suicide vests in your arsenal.
    Never trust the foreigners with their promises of making Rajapakse sit on the electric chair at the Hague and the rest of the forces top brass being hanged. Haven’t you realized that their promises are too good to be true?These buggers know that they have got in to your hearts and fooled you in to make believe in realizing your pipe dream Ealam.Unfortunately you guys have not realized that you are being taken for a right royal ride.You guys are partying with a false sense of security.You will be taken by surprise when you hear the dreaded knock on the door.Even your buddies at channel four will look the other way.A couple of weeks ago your kingpin in human smuggling was arrested in France and most probably will be deported to Canada.Channel four and your other friends in the western media maintained a stony silence.Not even a mummer from your HR INGOs.Who will be next?
    Why don’t you take a leaf from Karuna,Pillayan and KP.Buddy come back to Srilanka.But not in Bomba Gunda fashion.Come through the front door,Rajapakse will provide you with the goodies,Super bungalows,bulletproof vehicles,five star security plus unlimited money as expenditure.Don’t trust me but ask KP or Karuna.They will tell you what its like to live in paradise.

  • 0

    Hey Max,
    You certainly have your Victoria Secret jungies all knotted up. You have no idea about war crime and crimes against issues. You have no idea or clue about Simon Wisenthal or my attorney Bruce Fein. I will post the Tamils For Justice 5 part interview on how Tamils For Justice objectives began in 2007, and finally we have got somewhere with the USA picking up some of the pieces. Your Gota, Basil from Los Angles, (My home for 30 years b4 they got their green cards through the Montersoori teachers)and Fonseka/Moragoda who are US citizens know about it very well.

    Mahinda Rajapakse has immunity and SL is not a signatory of the Rome Statute thanks to Ranil. So there is no need to get scared, about Rajapakse sitting on the electric chair in the Hague, in his sarong and having diarrhea. They need not be so frightened. Send Fonseka home to America, because America needs the truth from it’s 4 citizens. That is their duty and responsibility and that cannot be abdicated my friend. You too need not be scared about the dreaded know and have sleepless nights. Nobody is asking for the unused chemical weapons and phosphorus bombs. Just relax and take it easy. There is no need to panic. These investigations to begin will take a long time. But eventually the IC and the world will get the truth. That is all what we are demanding.

    Some Tamils too have got the jungies all knotted up and speak loosely. Hey Max, there are 1 Million Tamils outside, and nobody taught them war crimes in Jaffna schools. I can vouch for that. This is also a new subject for the likes of Weerawansa and others who are googling with their US made IPADS etc. lol. Nobody is going in the electric chair my friend.

    Yes, there is Hira Gedera for Fonseka and Raja Gedera for KP. Shame on you fellows and the GOSL. Shame on those who gave their votes to Rajapakse. Do not worry about the Italian Mafia. They are all on permanent holiday in the Maldives or Goa.The Indian voters have to take care of that. Karuna and Pillaiyan are powerful ministers who can do anything they want. That makes Max Silva a Ponaya. You deserve to be a Minister or Chief Minister than Karuna or Pillaiyan. How many young MP’s want to be Ministers and deputy Ministers including murderer Kudu Silva, whon might never return to Sri Lanka even if he recovers in Singapore. He will become like Mahinda W the minister, or may be like Keheliya. They all have one thing in common. They were good high jumpers and pole vaulters. Don’t you think that “Bad Karma” was followling them?

    Hey Max, If some human smuggler got arrested in Paris, that is what you call a French affaire. It is a criminal matter. But desperate Tamils running away from State Terrorist do desperate things to save their lives and their children’s lives. Many have died escaping the tyranny. They spend $50,000 for that risk. What is your problem with them and other refugees who are running away from the cursed island as they say? Let them go in peace and settle down any where.. Leave them alone. They were one time Sri Lankans. Like the Jews who left Egypt and walked to Israel. What is wrong with you fellows…These boat people endure a lot of pain and suffering and risk their lives. Why are you so full of hatred. Not only you as demonstrated in your writing but the entire GOSL. Shame, shame, shame.

    • 0

      My dear Donald,
      I am going to like you a lot.You start off with making my hairs stand on ends.In fact you made me horny.Pl Donald don’t talk about Victoria’s secret Jungies ever again.I nearly exploded myself with pleasure.This is the first time that i’ve come across a Tiger who share similar pleasurable views.Are you married?You dirty fellow.My gut feeling is that you contribute to porn.In that case pl let me know which.I’d love to join you,it’s more enjoyable than dealing with a bunch of defeated and sobbing Tiger terrorists.
      Donald,it’s true that i have no idea about Simon Wisenthal and Bruce Fein.Is the latter related to Bruce Lee?To be a buddy of these two i will have to start my own drug cartel.The only attorney i can afford to hire is attorney Perera down Sebastian lane,Hulftsdorf.This is the guy who saved me on a half a dozen occasions when i was caught with a pint of moonshine each time.
      Then you come out with your usual Rajapakse agony stories.To save both our precious time,lets skip it,shall we?
      Then you mention about one million Tamils living abroad who have no idea about war crimes,i hear.Donald,here also i agree with you.Most probably they know only of Mahathma Ghandi and non violence.How about asking Grandma Adle Balasingham to give them a few lessons on Barbarism?Even GTF could help you there.Make sure that they are taught how to cut the bellies of pregnant women with swords.
      Then you talk about Karuna and Pillaiyan.There’s no doubt that here it’s a case of being jealous.
      Next what?Oh!yes you call me a Ponnaya.No comment here.Why don’t you talk to those lovely ladies who wear nothing but Victoria’s secret lingerie,and whose only occupation in life is that of craving for the company of “Fast Max”.
      Other than whining there’s nothing new from you.Stop sobbing my dear Donald,we can’t bring back to life that wonderful human being “Velu”ever again.Till then,here take this LLRC Popsicle and keep on sucking,my poor boy.
      Hey,have you forgotten about that Nuclear business?After all we(you,me and Champika) are supposed to teach those damned Indians a bloody good lesson,isn’t it?Next time pl write something positive other than your usual agony stories.Bye!
      PS:Don’t forget to send me info on that porn blog of yours.Looking forward to a pleasurable relationship with you!

  • 0

    Mad Max,
    You are hallucinating and the moonshine is certainly affecting your thought process. I cannot contribute to such crazy conversation. I am sure you will find some one from Hulsdorf. May be the new plastic attorney Rajapakse could be useful to you. Nuclear issues ball is in Colombo’s court.Fonseka should be transferred to the Rajagedera of KP.

    Can you see how international events have developed among the IC? David Cameron the British PM is visiting Burma the first time a Britis PM is doing in it’s history. No one is coming from Britain to Sri Lanka. Your President had to runaway from Britain at midnight 2 years ago after the Oxford debacle. Wake up Mad Max and face the harsh reality…

  • 0

    Sri Lanka takes precautionary steps. They need to do more to protect the people and the Island.

  • 0

    Now Minister Ranawaka has sold out like the Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha on the KKNP.

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