26 May, 2022


Sri Lanka Is The 9th Most Dangerous Country In The World

Using data from the Geneva Declaration’s latest report, London- based Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) infographic reveals surprising facts about the global burden of armed violence. Half a million people die violent deaths every year, but only one in 10 is killed in conflict zones, according to the infographic released June 25, 2013.  El Salvador is the most dangerous country in the world, followed by Iraq. Sri Lanka is listed as the ninth most dangerous country.

The Global Burden of Armed Violence reports, released on 2008 and 2011, take an integrated approach to the complex and volatile dynamics of armed violence around the world, bringing into sharp focus the wide-ranging costs of conflict and crime on development.

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    If you look closely… This report is with data from 2004-2009…this was at the height of the war… This report is out dated, irrelevant and mischievously and blatantly painting a picture that is not true today in Sri Lanka!!!

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    Wait & see -once the Casinos come up, & the next Gen & Presidential elections are done with , it may become impossible for people who are planned targets of the future to be used as cattles for sacrifice to even live in their homes , the master minds can continue milking the most willing COWS — .. .

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    i never agreed with that report sri lanka is much safer country in the world today,we have some problems which all other countries face but we can settle our self.don’t trust on those reports,visit the srilanka see the difference.

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    What a load of garbage. This was during the war and Sri Lanka is actually safer than countries that Sri Lankans love migrating to such as Australia, England and New Zealand. This story is the biggest load of garbage in all of history, to pull out a report from the height of the war and then say it’s relevant for 2013. People like this should be wiped out. Sri Lankan journalists must be the stupidest morons on the planet. Damn right truth is process, a process that obviously will lead to nowhere for morons such as this.

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    Israel is one of the dangerous country. Curse country

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    Sri Lanka is one of the most naturally beautiful ,safest country in the world. Sri Lankans are brilliant people. I don’t agree that it is dangerous now.

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    Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful county in the world and It’s very peaceful and safe. This writer must be wrong.

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