28 October, 2021


Sri Lanka Turns To Japan And Germany Over Electricity Crisis

Sri Lanka has sought expert assistance from Japan and Germany to discover the reasons behind the ongoing electricity crisis which resulted in two transformers exploding. Accordingly, a group of German experts arrived in the country today to inspect the two transformers that exploded within a span of just one week.

Ranjith Siyambalapitiya -Ministry of Power and Energy

Ranjith Siyambalapitiya -Ministry of Power and Energy

Another group of foreign experts from Japan are already in the country and will hand over a report on the explosion of the transformers this week to the Ministry of Power and Energy.

The government has not ruled out sabotage, and currently all installations of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) are under protection by Army, Navy and Air Force personnel, on the direction of President Maithripala Sirisena.

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    At Last, a Non Political Solution to our Technical Problems.

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      As Sri Lanka lurches from economic crisis to energy crisis, due to corruption and incompetence of Ayahapalanaya Govt. Mahinda Jarapaksa who is devious and power hungry, is getting bolder and trying to win the battle in the street through rallies.

      MR wants to start Red Shirt protest Campaign in Sri Lanka as in Thailand to distract people from all the financial criminality of his family and cronies.

      Sabotage of the economy and distraction of the Sinhala Moda masses with Sinha Le and a Buddhist conspiracy theory that Sobitha Thero who despised MR more than he Sira- Ranil Ayahapalanaya was done away with by them, farmer protests, is all part of Mahinda Jarapassa and thugs in saffron robes plan to destabilized the country.

      MR is desperate to take back power and build a corrupt dictatorship with Gota as the new SLFP leader!

      Unless the RIGHT TO INFORMATION BILL is passed and the financial crimes of the Jarapassa family and regime are revealed soon, and they are held accountable and the looted funds brought back to pay off national debt, Sira-Ranil and their 100 plus cabinet of corrupt clowns will also soon be out on street..

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        But the most joke of the day is the very same man made everyone a harm – repeatedly make public statements asking begging for power

        ” if you cant govern, give me I can govern “.

        What goes through the head of Meeharaka is no clear to any sane ones.
        That alone proves the man is gone beyond all levels when it goes for power.

        People sent him home not once but twice.
        But the bugger looking at the way FCID works against them right at the moment, he may think all could further be made going under carpet, if he could return.

        Peacock mansion is beleived to be one of his own properties bought to the name of the donkey Liyanage. but lanken reporters painted it in favour of Rajakashes. This is the ground reality of the country left by Raja. That was the reason him to leave that swimming pool filled with sand. No where on this earth you will hear the kind of acts – but astrologically rotten mentalities such as of Medamulana meeharaka is controlled by silly guys that would never rise the head. Sumanadasa the man who beared several directors just becasue former President was close to him – revealed his knowledge in a recent TV discussion. Even an office pion would have better knowledge than Royal astrologer- who did not even passed grade 8. – but a man of that kind owning low qualifications to be offered those director positions, Mr Medmulana should have been even more unqualified. People s mind sets were so twisted by giving the bon bon to them – all because of the tricks being played to grab their votes. All or not is the nature but this seesm to be working with gullible folks but not with colombo educated ones anymore.

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        Yes all folks together with JVPs backing should make the govt clear that we have been waiting for Right to INofmration bill for such a long time.

        Once it is in function, Meeharaka et al will find no grounds in lanken society.

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        We cant expect the unexpected while knowing lankens tick this way.

        So there are no options MY3 and Ranil than going with the entwined corrupted men and women: Pawitra may abuse her bed pan styled mouth peace, SB will do the same while sitting with the current men, UNP young politicians have to suffer not knowing how they could go with their clean politics – all in all is mixed since the folks are srilankens – srilankens that favourise corrupted, abusive men. Vote eligible srilankens are not knoweldgeble enough to filter good from the bad yet. Ohoma yang is the choice before politicians and the public.

        Loans and high interests left by MOST ABUSIVE President of the history – are the burden right at the moment, but there is no other options either, since those contracts were made with foreign countries. No matter everything would have gone wrong, the men enjoyed their pvt life. that is the truth of previous regime.
        In the days to come, I believe, bill for rights for information will come to act – there we will see how journalists question former HIGH men. Until then we have to wait patiently.

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      Ranjith Siyambalapitiya -Ministry of Power and Energy

      Hamlet Says:

      “At Last, a Non Political Solution to our Technical Problems.”

      We know we cannot solve our political problems, yet.

      We know we cannot solve our ethnic problems, yet.

      We know we cannot solve our religious problems, yet.

      We know we cannot solve our educational problems, yet.

      Now, you are the Minister of power and Energy.

      “Sri Lanka has sought expert assistance from Japan and Germany to discover the reasons behind the ongoing electricity crisis which resulted in two transformers exploding. Accordingly, a group of German experts arrived in the country today to inspect the two transformers that exploded within a span of just one week.”

      Good move. Does Sri Lanka have an Institute of Electrical engineers? They may may be able to assist you in this endeavor as well?

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      Simple solution is privatize the CEB.

      Break up generation, transmission and distribution into different entities.

      Get the Trinco coal project up and running.

      Stop the corruption ,

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        Jagath Fernando

        Utilities are monopolies. They have no incentive to be efficient. However, allowing competition will force them to be efficient.

        But how do you create competition?

        Privatizing, without competition is bad. The owners will simply harvest windfall profits at the expense of the consumers. At the same time, one should not drive market participants bankrupt. So, there has to be a balance of the market forces.

        The big question is will the political forces disrupt the market forces? It is like the Iblis, Satan following Wahhabis and their clones, like ISIS,the literalists, who disrupt the “normal” practice of religion or religious myths.

        There is some rumor that goes on that says 25-50% of the cost of electricity produced is due to political interference and commissions. How far is that true? Need to ask Anura Kumara Dissanayake of JVP to get a reading on that.

        MaRa and cronies will not supply that information. Will Yahapalanaya supply that? Do they have any clue? Hopefully the Germans and the Japanese will tell us that, if given the task.

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    So is this the beginning of MR2 dictatorship??

    Ranil has been talking about his revolution.

    The Japanese or the Germans won’t have anything new to say.

    Perhaps MR2 regime needs aid for electricity generation
    Is it sabotage?

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    What a stupid situation. First allow foolish politicization of the CEB and create a mafia, then stand like a stupid watching their tragic blunders, now look for foreign help. Same like war crime inquiry.

    If you want to preserve the hydro power capacity, issue solar panels to the households who are willing to install them, deduct the cost from their monthly bills, you will not only will get more production, but conserve the energy wastage. If the CEB cannot do their job, then dissolve the board and privatise. How many stupids can the country tolerate?

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    People are getting fed up with Ayahapalanaya incompetence. Ranil-Sira will soon be booted out, and JVP needs to present an alternative to Mahinda Jarapassa soon.

    The economy is a mess and electricity and water scarce.

    It is only now that Sira-Ranil have set up a committee to find out the NATIONAL DEBT incurred by Mahinda Jarapassa’s looting of the economy?!

    What gross incompetence that they waited so long to find out the national debt generated by last regime! The failure to look at the true state of the economy is because corrupt crooks like Arjuna Mahendran and Ravi K who lack necessary qualifications and expertise are running it and also continued the corruption and looting that Nivard Cabraal was carrying out at the Central Bank.
    People are fed up with CORRUPTION of ALL the Politicians, and the policy of selling Lanka to China and India, just as Jarapassa did.

    If the Port City project which will be another Chinese funded Financial and environmental disaster in Sri Lanka – this time in Colombo and not Hambantota – starts again and Ranil goes ahead with the Services pact with India, the protests on the streets against the AYAHAPLANAYA regime will grow exponentially!

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    ” Sri Lanka Turns To Japan And Germany Over Electricity Crisis”

    woudn’t it be better to turn to mahinda and cut a deal that yositha and namal won’t go to prison in future.

    power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.So if you want to have the power without interruption you have to share the power with those who have been used to having it absolutely at one time or the power cuts will take place.

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    Bloody shame to our world class engineers – couldn’t resolve this minor issue – dismantle one and find out it there is any major problem or someone is lighting – if someone is lighting, then even the Japanese or Germans can’t find the fault – because there is no fault.

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    Foreign experts to inspect transformers when the CEB is full of tons and tons of Engineers and TOs? Isn’t this a bloody disgrace to the organization? Couldn’t the chairman himself who used to work for Lanka Transformers do the inspection or our expert engineer Mr. P C Ranawaka?

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    This is what makes all our own engineering profession discouraged! I recall that after the tsunami, the railway department engineers relayed several miles of rail track along the Southern Line. Then the politicians handed over the “refurbishment” of the Coast Line to an Indian company that made our own utterly disgusted and also, we found flaws in the Indian workmanship. Tell me, Mr. Minister do you know that the German power system is 110 volts and ours is 220/240 V? Do you know the difference and the way it applies? What can the Germans and the Canadians tell us about our problems caused by politically motivated flaws over the last several years? If you want foreign assistance, ask them for a loan on terms less than LIBO, exercise rigid fiscal control, have one good Finance Minister, stop waste etc. Then we will see this nation rise to the level we were in 1956.

    BTW, its a good thing that you realized that asking for higher pay and perks for yourselves is not appropriate !!

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