2 December, 2021


Exclusive: UK Strongly Snubs Sri Lanka Over Visa Requests For Daham Sirisena Whilst President Orders News Blackout

Sri Lanka demanded an explanation from the United Kingdom government why the request of President Maithripala Sirisena’s son Daham and his three friends to travel to UK was subject to long delays. This unusual protest received a right royal snub and a strong telling off from UK officials.


President and his son Daham |File photo

This is while President Sirisena, who speaks of press freedom, telephoned newspaper editors and proprietors to request them not to print any news report in this regard. Like the power blackout, there is also news blackout in the Sirisena era that is ordered by him. His explanation was that he was unaware about the son’s matter. The same President Sirisena told a meeting of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress in Kalmunai this week that there was media freedom in Sri Lanka now and the media could report on anything without fear or favour.

Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chitranganee Wagiswara summoned Laura Davies, Deputy UK High Commissioner in Sri Lanka to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to lodge a strong protest on behalf of the government and the President. Davies has been told in strong terms this should not have been done.

Davies has challenged the Sri Lanka government’s claim and emphasised the proper procedures have not been followed. At first, Daham Sirisena’s application together with the ones from his friends have been sent to the British High Commission with only a request note by the Chief of Protocol M.R. Hassen. It was only after they asked for documentation some were forwarded.

The female diplomat has said thereafter Daham’s visa was issued. However, Davies has declared other applications had to be processed in the normal course and revealed something shocking. One applicant had been debarred from entering the United Kingdom five years ago for forwarding false documentation. The British diplomat has said it was not the right of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to demand visas for third parties without proper documentation in keeping with UK laws. The issue of visas were at the sole discretion of the UK government.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where cut throat infighting is the order of the day, the story had been leaked to the media by one faction. On finding this out, Chief of Protocol M.R. Hassen, who worked earlier at the Presidential Secretariat (before becoming protocol chief), had conveyed to President Sirisena that the story embarrassing him and his son was going to appear in all the media. This is why Sirisena made the urgent calls to Sinhala, Tamil and English newspapers.

Chief of Protocol Hassen is identified in the Ministry as the one who has been conveying matters against Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera to the Presidential Secretariat. It was he who was responsible for Hotel Taj Samudra giving bills to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and his party who came to Sri Lanka. No proper instructions have been given by him to the hotel and Hassen has been blaming the Prime Minister’s office during meetings with those in the Presidential Secretariat.

One leading Sinhala journalist said there was no difference between former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and present President Maithripala Sirisena. When Sajin de Vass Gunawardena physically assaulted Chris Nonis, Sri Lanka High Commissioner then to UK, it was Rajapaksa who telephoned newspapers in Colombo not to publish the report. The Colombo Telegraph brought this out. Now, it is Sirisena, who is after Rajapaksa’s own children, who is preventing the wrong doings of his son being exposed. “There is no difference between the two sides. In fact President Sirisena is turning out to be much worse,” the journalist said.

Correction: The original version of this story said Chris Nonis, Sri Lanka High Commissioner then to New York. 

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  • 37

    Mr. President! You’ve so far opened a few cans of worms without even a can opener. Will Sri Lankans tolerate this type of ‘good governance’ any longer?

    You and Premier RW have already hidden the truth behind the crowd who came to the chest beater’s rally at Hyde Park! Is the Chest beater with his Joint-O catching your ‘fish, school after school’ even without enough hooks and worms? Even RAW sharks cannot find out why? I’m just curious!

    • 12

      Ruwan whatever you utter from your orifice will not hold him being taken to custody in the days to come. Man is entwined with high corruption issues. Peacock mansion and its ownership is being investigated right at the moment. ….. wait and see. Decent me would not react to your bla bla they will take time, i have no doubt, this govt will teach MR et al a lesson very soon. That is more than the certain to us. We wait patiently.

      • 30

        this subject is about Daham Wimalasena and the poor fool his father who cannot get his house in order.
        If you are unable to discuss the topic to the point then keep your FOUL MOUTH shut and if you are living in the UK then once again direct your loyalty to HM the QUEEN and COUNTRY.

        You Sri Lankan GORAKAYAS come into the UK enjoy its benefits and direct your loyalties to some poor fool back in your grassland who cannot get his house in order.
        You must be same for it looks like you too cannot get your house in order.
        Daham Sirisena is a disgrace to your country and so are you.
        If the bugger comes to the UK and shows that he is high and mighty he will get kicked out lock, stock and barrel.

        Have a good day and enjoy the coming summer season.

        • 9

          What went wrong with your ORIFICEs at the time, Rajakshe moronic sons ran amok in lanken roads ? Where had you been ? Man ANYONE of the lankens are gorakayas for real English people. I am not living in the UK but in an another destination where even the English guys dream of – which is Zurich/Switzerland. But for me this is for a week since I travel across the Europe and the Gorakayas of your kind I have met in Rome – most of them have left srilanka being unable to digest Rajaakshe politics.

          Just becase the offspring of the most decent president is met with te problem, you guys make the kind of comments, but Rajapkshes idiots were given all support why ? Come with constructive arguments you dimwits.

          • 18

            Simon Gunasekera,
            if you are living in Switzerland then direct your loyalties to the Swiss Govt and Swiss people for allowing a [Edited out] like you to settle down in that country.

            2. Nobody wants to know where you travel, and if you do then you must standing out very clearly amongst the europeans as another illiterate [Edited out] from a asian country.

            3. Brush up your knowledge of the english language and do yourself proud to show those around you, Yes ! i am from Sri lanka but not another YAKKO.

            4. Refrain from discussing about other’s orifices for that is not your concern. Try to keep your orifices clean because like the politicians you support your orifice must be like their’s unclean.

            5. The english guys need not dream of where you are because they can come and go when ever they like to. Not like yakkos like you who need to beg for a visa.

            6. The idiotic offspring of the so called decent pres you support is like his father, spineless faggot and moron.

            Sri Lanka as a country is a blessed land of plenty, but the satanic politicians and people like you are the cause of its downfall. Below is the first verse of the SWISS NATIONAL ANTHEM.
            IF you are intelligent you will know why SWITZERLAND is prosperous.

            “When the morning skies grow red,
            and over us their radiance shed
            Thou, O! Lord appearath in their light
            when the alps grow bright with splendour
            Pray to God, to him surrender
            for you feel and understand
            that he dwelleth in this land.”

            So! Mr Gunasekera, when you awake every morning recite the anthem, pray God that he will bless the Swiss people for tolerating a [Edited out] like you, and direct your loyalties to the Swiss Govt and people. Not to a spineless moron and his buffoonic son who have done you no good.

            Take care and improve yourself by getting out of that lankan YAKKO attitude you hide behind.

            God bless you.


            • 3

              I really dont want to waste my valuable time answering each of your thoughts. But EU people are well aware of the standards. I have real good English people to share their thoughts with me as colleagues (in pharma world/Novartis/Roche). And I dont belong to the catergory ever begged for my visa either. So there you are fully misinformed. Anyways, dont want to add more to this.

              One thing is clear as one of the good kind commentators said it clearly having spoken with a visiting Japanese who spoke SINHALA langauge very good lankens in general are obsessed with their ” Manaya_superiority complex” and that is the main reason the folks to stay so stagnated.Most of them are swollen headed (sometimes not knowing who they really are ) as you give it here.

              Anyways, as added to my previous post- I am so grateful to Mr. Sirisena et al to have come forward to chase away the most dangerous man.-Mahinda Rajapakshe. Indians never attacked their leaders as spineless even if they have their choices. And I truly know a larger majority of academics in and out of the country will agree with me.

              quoted from previous post:
              “I am not Pro Daham or any other young men of today s srilanka. But his issues must not be mixed with lanken ongoing politics. Basta. His father is theperson who drove away the most dangerous Rajapakshes from our sights. There I respect him that much. There are millions respect him only just for that reason”

              Thanks for pieces of your advice. Then I have to beg UK,Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Srilanka. Cool, this opened my Eyes really :)

            • 3

              WOW; you sound to be an another idiot to attack anyone that go against Rajapakshes.
              But sound to have well experience in cleaining orifices of others rather than doing anything else. Man, believe or not Uk is not a heaven today the truth as it is – the country has currently been struggling to maintain their standards. Angela Merkel is pushed for any issues, when it comes UK to bear the weights. Why ? I heard next bankrupt nation on the list are Portugal and UK.
              As Simon made it very clear in his comments numbers of profesisonals from UK but seeking any kind of job opportinities in Switzerland and Germany are on a rise. I also got to know few gentlemen from UK worked with me in Germany denied to return to London since the job situation as professionals for them is not acceptable for them. But guys that belong to the category you get on – may be UK is a heaven.
              What is this Yakko mentality, – I am not aware of the mentality- hving lived on the west for the few decades. But seem to be so pompous not second to real royal blood. Why ? why .

            • 2

              This man should have clicked on ” thumb up” by himself to show that more on his side _ real jokers that work for Rajapakshes. Bell pottinger did the job for them sending Yakkos that hard up. Now they the people are on a life struggle being unable to meet with sky rocketed costs of living. In german it is called Schmarozertum = parasitism.

            • 3

              Royal highness:

              Like or not – German exchange programs prove how poor the average English guys are. For slankens of your kind it is though a heaven as one other commentaor clarified.

              what an idiot you should be to add the kind of thoughts.
              Srilanken refugees that found their greener pastures in the UK have no right to abuse this country (UK)- they are all YAKKAS to us. Even UK Gipsies woudl behave better than you guys.

        • 6

          I am not Pro Daham or any other young men of today s srilanka. But his issues must not be mixed with lanken ongoing politics. Basta.
          His father is theperson who drove away the most dangerous Rajapakshes from our sights. There I respect him that much. There are millions respect him only just for that reason.

        • 4

          You sound to be so obssessed being living in the UK…

          dont you know that UK is the next country to go down ? While Germany is giving all shelters to the sysrians, UK is biting their nails right at the moment. Lanken idiots of your kind cant know it better since pompoous nature will not allow you guys to see it beyond.

        • 7

          You should be an another jealousy bugger who only talks about Daham and his activities – making it a big issue – He is still young and he can learn. FOr me even high criminals are not life long criminals. Typical idiotic nature of some sinhala GOdayas.

          Sounds so pompous Omg. Typical low educated Sinhalayas sought refuge in the UK. Srinath Gunaratne is an another donkey to continue his supprot to Meeharaka Rajaakshe so diehard.

        • 0

          Dont abuse calling you as ” England” that alone is a disgrace to us.

          Truly saying you re all Gorakayas that abuse our social funds by coming and begging us over here.

          Please leave us from your issues.

      • 6

        Saman Gunasekara, What has your comment got to do with the subject. The subject was about Daham Sirisena and his visa refusal. get to the point please. Enough of MR bashing.

    • 11

      Sure, srilankens will tolerate it. Just because few idiots make every effort to paint the picture in favour of them. Even Basil accepted lately on a TV show that International Community is backing the current gov. He did accept that the blunders may have done by his big brother et al being unable to sense it. So what more acknolwedgments we need more ?

      You buggers instead of standing on the way, need to do the due from your part too. Else, the curse will you turn on you. We will get Rajapakshes soon. You will nt surprise.
      As SF makes it clear, we are ready to do everything within the current power to eleminate Rajaakshe kalliya. which is the biggest headache to each and everyon sane ones of the soil.
      Jaya niyathai.

  • 13

    Absolutely spot on ‘passel’….this appears to be CT’S FAVORITE past time now….. “Sirisena Bashing”, they have forgotten very quickly the recent past, a Sri Lankan trait.

    • 1

      I have to correct ELDORADO, It is a predominantly sinhalese trait.

  • 30

    I see a lot of readers question if MR’s clan could do these why cannot gramasevaka’s? Just knock on your empty heads and ask yourselves, is this what you wanted. If you justify every illadvised act these goons perform by saying MR used to do this and that, why you elected a MY3 governance. You might as well kept MR at power so we could have at least seen some development. No, what you really want to do is justify the mistake you committed on 8th Jan when you appointed an incompetent godaya to the main chair of the country. Just accept his gramasevaka mentality is incapable of doing what is best for the country. But taking revenge, yes for sure! You guys appointed a joker so he can fulfill his sick desires of ending Rajapaksha family. That’s it! In other words, you’ve screwed the country.

    • 19

      A better thought? Really???

      What’s so good about a ‘thought’ that wants to bring back a gang of criminals to govern us? You may well be right about the “incompetent godaya” and “gramasevaka mentality” terminology, but please spare us your “better thoughts” if they are about getting us back from the frying pan into the fire.

      And talk about “screwing the country”! Just try to justify how the Rajapakse siblings (of both generations) accumulated so much wealth and assets with their salaries and rather modest backgrounds, not to mention their alleged murderous activities!

    • 1

      Please do not insult gramasevakas. They are qualified government servants who had gone through proper recruitment process. MR’s earned his first job as assistant librarian at a known Piriwena near Nugegoda getting in through the back door. Worship Sirima B for allowing him to sit for the law college external examination without qualifications and was completed by someone else.

  • 15

    Look at the two idiots grinning (behind MS and Daham) !

    Every time, Daham was upto mischief, these idiotic friends were with him. Daham should know better not to tarnish the image of his father and be careful of cunning friends. If they were good friends, they would have stopped him making a fool out of himself.

    • 4

      That is srilanka. Let them grin.

      It is the lanken society btw- they learn backstabing and all kind of ill ways from school age on. No enough examples to follow They have no good examples than get trained to backstab and get the work done.n No system at all. Yakada malla dirala (a bag made of iron) – but what about Pan malla (a bag woven by plant materials)?
      This was the nature of country until last 8th Jan 2015. So, now the current admin has been making every efforts TO DO THEIR best, it will take some more time to see tangible changes. That is normal even to Germany.

      • 4

        They do nothing but waiting others to do the due for them.

        Self initiatives are far from their mentalities.

        I have the feeling even colombo popular schools are not to the level of germany s village level average. I mean in terms of disipline and schooling.

  • 18

    Daham and friends were arrested for exposing manhood in Pasikuda when MS was a minister. Now as President’s son he wants to do it near Thames? Otherwise, what the hell is he going to do in London with his friends and who are going to pay for it?

  • 6

    Yahapalana Architect Whiskey Madam never thought this would happen.

    Not this Visa refusal by the UK HC to Daham Gang..

    But her lovely Sunny & pretty Daughter would get shafted by Bodhi Sira and his Yahapalana Rent a crowd.

    It was only a couple of days ago that the the Madam threw in the towel saying that his Sunny never ever wanted to do politics.

    It is a Statement of the obvious , Isn’t it?.

    How can Whiskey Madam’s children get SLFP nominations against Daham & Chattau, when Bodi Sira has stacked the Exec Committee and whole District Organization with his stooges.

    Unless Hyphenated Bandaranayakes want to contest in Mannar and Kaththakaddy if the TNA and SLMC give them consolation seats.

    That is why Bodhi Sira is now wielding his power to ensure his son and daughter are protected from Paparazzi.

    • 7

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “But her lovely Sunny & pretty Daughter would get shafted by Bodhi Sira and his Yahapalana Rent a crowd.”

      Is the same crowd (mob) which took part in the “Power in the Park” farce at Hyde Park, 17 March 2016?

      Was it the same crowd (mob) which took part in the Nugegoda uprising?

      Isn’t like extras appearing in Epic Dramas, and getting paid at the end of the day?

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        If they had to pay that crowd like Batalanada’s mates did in Union Place, even the Singaporean’s SIL’s Bond investment would have been not enough.

        By the Way , I bought a loaf of bread in Wellala Gardens this morning and ran short of LKR because it has gone up by extra four bucks.

        And the POl Rotti eaters are even worse off, because Batalanda’s Yahaplana budget has jacked up the American flour by seven bucks.

        • 3

          KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

          “By the Way , I bought a loaf of bread in Wellala Gardens this morning and ran short of LKR because it has gone up by extra four bucks.”

          Alright let us bring back Siri Mao who was able to import free rice from moon.

          Alternatively, you can sit in front of Vellala temples in and around Wellala Gardens and beg for food.

          Here is a list of temples that may be of help:

          Sri Iyswariya Luxmi Temple – 11 A, Ramakirishna Estate, Colombo 6

          Arulmihu Nagapoosani 26/18 A, Fernando Road, Colombo – 06

          Sri Koneshwari Maha Davi Temple 38, 42nd Lane, Colombo – 06

          All you have to do is to recite “Amma Aiya Passikkudei” (Madam Sir I am starving).

          • 1

            Dear native,

            You mean Ramakrishnan gardens?..

            But i like the Hole in the Wall one in Marine drive,

            Not only dalits can pray there, but also the Buddhist monks have leased its space on their Parapet wall.

            Still the vellalas want reconciliation by jailing our soldiers and clearing them from the Northern Federal State..

  • 20

    President Maithripala Sirisena please discipline your son and teach him to be a humble human being. He is young and reckless as most have been in their youth. Don’t wait till he does something as serious as the Rajapaksa sons.

    • 6

      Dear Readers,

      With such a lot of nonsense written, Sunil’s simple straightforward statement makes so much sense. In all matters that concern the public, which really are the only ones that should be discussed in a forum of this sort, please stick to the point, trying to identify the issues, and suggest a Way Forward.

      There is so much of insults and name-calling that I find appalling. When our current president talks, what he says is clear, and comprehensible to those who know the language that he is speaking. I am not at this moment using the keyboard, I am using what is called voice typing. When I do this, after posting I sometimes find the most surprising words have gotten in, but never a spelling mistake. Also I have to avoid proper nouns.

      Our president is well-educated, and sensible. Where he came from, and what job he was doing almost 40 years ago, surely has no relevance. He always speaks from his heart, and he speaks sense as he sees it. What he says may sometimes appear to be naive to those who live in other countries now; because of your spurious sophistication you may not understand his simple wisdom.

      Of course it would be good if he could comfortably use the current Global language which is English. I am sure that he can read it quite effectively. The other important issue for us today, is how we interact with the other ethnic group in our country. The way he interacts with the Tamil Community is way better than anybody else we have.

      The other subject of this article, is his son, Daham Sirisena, not WIMALASENA, as someone had carelessly called him. We do not want the father to disown the son. That would be inhuman.

      However, it is true that the son is proving to be a major embarrassment to this country.

      • 7

        This has been common to all those offsprings of the politicians of the day – except CBK s. She could manage hers to guide on the manner way. If his son behaves no well, no doubt, President as a father should react accordingly. Basta.
        Better to send him for higher education somewhere. I can just say this I know myself how difficult it was with my nephew. My brother lost all his energies being unable to control him any more. That is the tendency of todays youth in the country. Each time travelling ot lanken I notice the way the youth down there behave. Sometimes beyond all abusive levels. Be it in the bus, bustop, station, market or anywhere. I thought young europeans are worst. But lanken youth specially in colombo suburbs the manner they behave is beyond all bearing. The club culture should be controlled by parents.

    • 1

      So, this is how people assess comments. I understand how Selawathie and me have got a red thumbs down each. We have both written longish and fairly complex responses.

      But the simplicity of Sunil’s is beautiful. How could anybody give it a thumbs down?

  • 12

    He made an idiot of himself before a few days back by appearing on the presentation party stage at the 137th Royal-Thomian. Supposed to be uninvited. Didn’t even congratulate the Royal Team his old school when they came up on stage to be acknowledged as winners by the Prime Minister. Why the hell did he ever go there? Who is advising this young man on the basics ? Something is wrong somewhere. Sad but true

    • 1

      was he not invited by anyone ?

      • 0

        How come a meeting where also PM takes part to have been organized not a proper manner ? I really dont think. And the fact, can anybody please bring the facts about turn up of the President s son.
        Why to make this a big issue – how would they have reacted if anyone else turned up ? Is this because all the royalists lost their breath for a moment being unable to react ? Or why this has gone this far ?

        Can you guys (royalists) explain about the incident ?

        I wonder for an article of good kind, not even this much of comments could have been read- but just for petty issue, these men and women spend so much of time ? Why ?
        as if we dont have alarm issues to talk about … Thajujdeen killers are scot free to this day.

        Duminda SIlva and his crime records are still far from people s knowlege

        Namal Baby and other babies how wasted the sums of tax payers are not clear yet.

        Billions eaten by BeUTY queen and his brother are not even documented. …

        All these need the attention of general public and backing to feel that perpetrators get the due punishments.

  • 2

    If Sri Lankans are able to discuss and report about the current Yahapalana government without always focusing on the Rajapaksas, there would be some hope for good governance! No one is capable of uttering two words of analysis or criticism of this government without the usual claims about the Ranapaksas being put forward and clouding the issues! Good luck for good governance!

  • 2

    If Sri Lankans are able to discuss and report about the current Yahapalana government without always focusing on the Rajapaksas, there would be some hope for good governance! No one is capable of uttering two words of analysis or criticism of this government without the usual claims about the Rajapaksas being put forward and clouding the issues! Good luck for good governance!

  • 2

    What Namal is for MR is what this chap Daham is for MS. MS should realize this before its too late, keep his house inorder and under control. It is not MR, its his family that was mainly responsible for the down fall of MR. Ms, if you are thinking that you are great……………..donot dream

  • 8

    Mr. Sirisena

    You ordered the Police to stop arresting former President’s wife for committing various crimes.

    By doing this you have stopped the administration of justice. You are not allowing law and order to punish the criminals. Is the your Yahapalanaya.

    We did not elect you to introduce your jungle law in our country.

    Please put things right or leave with respect

    • 1

      This is good – we the civil society folks should not be passive anymore

      Yes, president, if you are in the mind, justice should be given to the due… you need to act now.

  • 0

    Native Vedda

    You asked me earlier:
    ‘…If it is indeed spoiled political brat syndrome, please take his dad to aside and have a serious word or two with him….’

    And the problem with the solution is this; none who has the ear of the MS (or his poor wife) is willing to call a spade a spade ie tell Dad (and Mum) straight that Daham (in particularly) is a pain in the neck and should be reigned in. They will only bow and scrape.

    I am afraid it is too late anyway because the boy was already infected from Dad’s ministerial days with the inevitable ‘spoiled political brat syndrome'(so prevalent with those of many of our political offspring.

    To late now to put the little bugger across the knee and give him a few sobering whacks with the cane. Daham is a yoik and a coward, and like all of the breed he has developed a small pack of good-for-nothing-bastards who have the time on their hands to go looking for trouble.

    If only he had brains, he could have been given a worthwhile job.

    He wants to take his supporting cast to the UK. I do hope the British keep an eye on the shit – just for OUR sake. Because if he and friends behave badly it will leave a bad smell for ALL of us.

    AS an aside, I must confer with many of the comments that have been made about how decent and well behaved were/are CBK’s children. Her children, Vimukthi and Yasodhara, are indeed not just bright but well-behaved too. They are also not as unpunctual as Mummy was. To be fair, Ravi J was also a decent guy – you would if you had gracious lady as Elina was as mother. Finally, whatever we say of SWRD and Sirima, Chandrika, Sunetra and Anura were also taught their place, and were well-behaved as children.

  • 2

    Spring Koha, you’re spot on with regard to the children of the previous leaders you mentioned.

    Just goes to show: BREEDING TELLS!

  • 0

    The Visa issues are very sensitivities for since 1948 under UNP regime.
    By the 150 years of Oppressing our people by British Empire has been granted tiny concession had been given to us for the British visa until 1983 on that arrival basis.

    Due to that UK New Colonial policy-1983 against Sri Lanka by that New “divide and rule” policy of Island by UK which that whole hearted support for Tamil Eealm, that UK authorities has decided to abolished on arrival visa concession to majority Sinhalese race by the order of House of Hanover headed by Queen Eleshbarth II.

    Time to time UK being take issues of overstay visas by Sri Lankan (specially Sinhalese) but not that Tamils Eealimist or separatist that is not against Tamil Terrorist leaders in UK?

    Overstay for large number of Tamil Terrorist in UK that an intentionally ignored by UK authorities.
    For examples Anton Balasingham and his wife of LTTE theorists as well as, Who has been train suicide bombers Tamil Terrorist! That is politics of visas work indeed.

    That new policy of New Colonial -of UK visa process metholodlgy since 1983.

    Dr Daham Sirisen and his Father(MS) is very good allied of UK politically ,who served for their vital interest in surrender that
    Sri Lankan national sovereignty to UK moribund Capitalist.

    The an issues of visa for Dr Daham not critical for UK ! Other Visa issues are uncertainties due lack of their services to UK! That has to be under the an investigation.

    Do not, get that surprise Daham Sirisena (DR) will obtain New Doctorate from UK very soon.

  • 0

    It is truly sad that UK is making it difficult for people in the third world visit the stable and good country like UK where they could observe and learn a thing or two about the decent people that are going about in their daily lives.
    However important it is for border controls, to exclude people visiting a country of interest to their dreams is wrong. People in UK will not like if their access to other countries are severely restricted.
    Countries like UK is capable of controlling any foreigners doing any criminal activates or living at the expense of the state without ever contributing to it.That’s what the some EU citizens are doing who have uncontrolled access to UK.
    I think our leaders must dissolve the Commonwealth group of nations as a protest. Truly sad and I will lobby against these restrictions, not that it will have an effect.

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