28 May, 2024


Sri Lankan Courts Can Conduct Credible Investigations: Namal Rajapaksa

Sri Lankan courts have already demonstrated that they have the resources and the capability to conduct credible investigations within the existing legal framework, says the former President’s son Namal Rajapaksa.

Updating his Facebook status Namal Rajapaksa MP said; “I believe the OHCHR’s call for the creation of hybrid court in Sri Lanka is a complete insult to the entire legal system in this country. Sri Lanka is fully capable of conducting any domestic inquiry that may be needed and should be allowed to proceed without foreign interference. Sri Lankan courts have already demonstrated that they have the resources and the capability to conduct credible investigations within the existing legal framework. The double standards practiced by certain sections of the international community is injustice in itself.”

Namal Rajapaksa Facebook

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Latest comments

  • 19

    Modaya Namal,

    you are not qualified to even appear in a lower level court. What do you know about International Courts. Get lost you FOOL”

  • 20

    Namal….you must shut up because you are not educated lawyer.
    You are synthetic lawyer and pseudo lawyer.

    You, your brothers and your father along with your whole Rajapaksa family completely destroy our country.

    Numerous rape cases, murder cases and numerous corrupted incidents happened during your fathers time.
    You have no rights to say anything now.
    Your father is completely dead now.Powerless.
    You all must be incarcerated for life.

  • 2

    [Edited out] Please avoid typing all capitalized comments – CT

  • 14

    He was a liabilty to his father during elections, now he is opening his mouth again, nobody takes any notice of him, and a thief, runs in his family

  • 17

    Namal Baby, must keep his mouth shut. He passed his law examination, by sitting for it in an air-conditioned room, with his lecturer helping him.
    His father prostituted the judiciary, by appointing his lackeys. Like The Hon. Minister say’s they have no moral right to talk about our judiciary today.

  • 5

    While I have no sympathy or respect for the Rajapaksas, and especially this one, neither do I have any respect for the UN. I have said this many times and will continue to say it: when the UN conducts a credible investigations into the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq then they can trumpet to the world about an investigation into Sri Lanka.

    • 8

      John take it is. Wait for the outcome and then grunt like a pig. You look like a butt scratcher for the Jarapassas.

    • 6

      @John Stewart Sloan, forget the damn UN. This is about us Sri Lankans bringing justice to the victims murdered by the respective governments of SL. Not only the U.S., also the USSR invaded Afghanistan.

      So if your neighbour beats his wife, does that give you the right to beat your wife as well? So if other countries commit atrocities against it’s people, that gives SL the right to massacre their own? Common grow up and think. Also don’t pull the dreaded LTTE into this comment as LTTE is a terrorist outfit which has done more damage than anyone else to the Tamils.

  • 7

    Name one Sri Lankan judge who would find a senior government politician (past or present) or a senior army officer (retired or serving) guilty of war crimes?

  • 7


    Can u kindly shut d f… Up.

    There was a time that some were listing to your orders during MR regime.

    Now that’s dead n gone, you better follow the truth from our saviours’ the only saviours MS/RW.

  • 6

    Hey Namal[Edited out], get back to Hambantota and till the paddy fields you [Edited out] You are in no position to advise anyone. We saw the law courts while your [Edited out] dad was in charge. They pandered to your dad due to fear of reprisals. So shut the [Edited out]. Now it is Sirisena’s turn to govern the country, not your gamay family.

  • 7

    Namal- your knowledge of justice and fair play- we all know. When you entered law college the Principle comes to greet you with betle leaves. When you sit the exam- it is in the Principal’s room. When you swear in as a lawyer- entire supreme court is present.
    Just reflect on these three basic accusations against you.

  • 6


    We all know what an imbecile you are. Its written allover your face. Its not your fault you were born that way, so no one goes out of his or her way to insult you.

    But when you make statements and twitter or facebook posts, it reminds everyone how stupid you truly are, so they make all sorts of remarks. The truth of-course!

    So unless you are also some kind weird sadist or a deranged pervert who enjoys being ridiculed; do yourself a favor, stop making utterances or remarks. You are incapable of saying anything sensible.

    In future people may resort to using whips and canes instead of words, I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you? You sick pile of shit.

    • 4

      Namal Jarapassa, please put everything what Lasith has said to memory and devote your time in taking care of the babies you produced during your father’s tenor of office as dictator! Don’t issue any more statements prepared on your behalf by the family tuition master G.L. Pe is.

  • 2

    Modaya Namal, (Stupid idiot),
    Where were you when your Father (as President), illegally impeached CJ Badaranayaka
    in 2013? As a disgraceful Lawyer (unqualified Lawyer), what did you do? Did you protest? How disgracefully was she insulted by your SLFP parliamentarians? Now you are talking about the latest UN report? Get lost for ever. Do not sit in Parliament.
    Sit at Mattala airport and count paddy bags which are stored there until your jail term is announced. Good luck.

  • 2

    The entire message, wrong I copied wrong thru massaging blue balakaya behind me correct is
    “Sri Lankan courts have already demonstrated that they have the resources and the capability to conduct incredible investigations within the non-existing legal framing work”
    “Sri Lanka is totally incapable of conducting any domestic inquiry that may be needed and should be allowed to proceed with foreign expertise”

  • 1

    Hey Namal, your days of parading the streets are over.[Edited out]

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