6 July, 2022


Sri Lankan Parables: 3. The Greatest Product Of Our Own Political Laboratory

By Basil Fernando

Basil Fernando

Mr. Thinking Citizen asked the ruler, “Why don’t you make a law against forced disappearances? It is such a terrible and ugly thing.”

The ruler replied, “You Mr. Thinking Citizen, you make me laugh. You cannot understand what a great political laboratory our Sri Lanka has been and you try to undermine the greatest achievement that has come out of that laboratory?”

Mr. Thinking Citizen asked, “What is that achievement?”

The ruler replied, “It’s our own utopia. Not the one you are educated about. In your utopia, reason is the king or queen. But what we have demonstrated to world is that there is a better way to rule. When every mother or father knows in their hearts that their child is not immune to be counted among the disappeared, we have the key to control the young. When we control the young, we can rule forever. See how we control insurgencies since 1972. Who else has been so successful? We have a lesson for the whole world.”

“What is that lesson?” asked Mr. Thinking Citizen.

“It is that the body is all that there is. No soul, no sprit. See this UN and other pundits come and demand inquiries, prosecutions. When there is nothing to found by way of exhumation, what comes of their demands?” The ruler laughed. “There are no souls to come and tell tales. Only the body tells tales. That is the lesson, you fool, that we have found from the experiments in our own laboratory. Fellows like you do not know how to be proud of our own great achievements.”

Pointing his finger at Mr. Thinking Citizen, the ruler said, “I want to be alive so that I can illustrate the contrast between your utopia and mine. So few of you are around. Others have been  dispatched or fled to other worlds… Do not worry, I will let you live, so long as I need you… But don’t take too much liberty, my guarantees are conditional.”

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    Basil, tireless writer and patriot. Let us have more parables from you!

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    Basil,Now you are safe to raised questions from any one in the Country.Because you head of NGO running on your own office,out side Sri Lanka.You also fled the country due to fear of persecution,during that period(1989.But you have to satisfy your funding organizations.That why you act as a guardian of democracy now.Well done.O.k. You and some NGO Lawyers appearing in TV,press and other media in order to full fill your pockets.One NGO man always in the Hulsdorf News they talk always to the International community.Sorry Basil not personal but it is reality.1972 insurrection of JVP is the 1st that type of experience in Sri Lanka.Politically JVP used Hand made guns,Home made hand bombs.Gul katus(rural area farmers wepon0like very primitive methods.Most of the JVP activists not even rained properly.so , they never used any force to kidnap them.But today any part of the world this is the story.You never talk about American,British or any western nations Human Rights violations.our Country rulers are not matured like westerners.But we cannot accept wrong procedures adopting in their political processed. Your remarks “See this UN and other pundits come and demand inquiries, prosecutions. When there is nothing to found by way of exhumation, what comes of their demands?”They all are guilty, because USA,and rest of the World leading countries all are playing same game.UN always bias organization.

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    Kumar mahaththaya….. Yes.. yes.. you are spot on. he ran away due to fear of persecution of who ??
    Can it be…. he behaves like a true Lyon now.
    Kishalis, Catholic Clergy, Shelton Reids, Firths and host of them make port calls. He also visited the North at the height of terrorism.
    Catholic Church always protect their prodigalsons & Basil is one of them.

    Of Course. he has to satisfy the Denmark Foreign Office.
    It is interesting to know Denmark acts as whose proxy as their Intel is handdled by Israel.
    he has become a good cyber critic as well.

    But there is small issue. He writes though he has medicine for all ills.

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